“Many have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks as did their forefathers that tried Me.”

Been on my face before the Messiah all day praying, in His Word, just seeking after Him and I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me just now and I heard in my Spirit.

“For rebellion and disobedience, many will not enter the promise, for cursing and swearing. Many have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks as did their forefathers that tried Me and provoked Me in the wilderness and did not trust Me, neither did they remember the marvellous things I did for them in times past.… [Continue reading...]

“I saw this crocodile stand up and take the shape of a man.”

On the evening of July 12 2016, while I was in prayer over our nations, I found myself start crying, wailing, and weeping in the Spirit. Then I saw myself on a high mountain where I was shouting my words.

Then I heard, “CRY OUT AND SPARE NOT!”

I looked again in the realm of the Spirit and I saw as it were the moon as it darkened and there were signs and wonders in the heavens. I looked again and I saw as it were a body of water.… [Continue reading...]

“It is the shifting and changing of the guard!”

Humbly I submit to you a Word I believe is from the Holy Spirit of God. I have been questioning the Lord in prayer what is His intentions regarding our nations and the church as a whole and it’s been about three days now.

As I sat here meditating on it, I perceived in My Spirit what appeared to be two sides of the earth. As I looked in between, it seemed as if plates started to peel or fall off forming glass slides.… [Continue reading...]

“Watch as I bring every promise to pass, for I AM not slack. Neither do I lie.”

We are living in a time of transformation and reformation when God’s purposes will be accomplished through shaking and judgment. As we see signs and the birthing pangs that precede the Messiah’s return, I believe Abba Father is moving by His Spirit in unprecedented ways and we shall see tangible evidence of His Presence, divine encounters, and an awakening in His Body of believers to worship and prayer.

I received this word from The Holy Spirit on Feb 22 2017:

“There is a rushing mighty wind of revival that is about to blow over the nations and in the earth.… [Continue reading...]

“My House shall be called a House of Prayer!”

Last month, the Holy Spirit began dealing with me while I was at work and I heard this word in my Spirit,

“My child, My House was made for a house of prayer, a holy habitation, but it has become a den of thieves and a hoard for liars. My house, My sanctuary, which I built upon the foundation of the prophets and Apostles has become one for entertainment purposes, a circus for spectators; My house which I desire to dwell.… [Continue reading...]

“The Camels are Coming! Help is Coming!”

During an exhilarating time in worship, I had an awesome experience, glory to God. I saw as it were in the realm of the Spirit a vast desert land, hills of sand. When I looked eastward, I perceived a sunrise and as I looked again, I saw what appeared to be camels approaching. I continued to “watch” this vision and I saw these animals strapped with baggage, loads of all kinds. Then I heard in my Spirit, “THE CAMELS ARE COMING!” “HELP IS COMING!”

I began to search the scriptures so as to get an understanding.… [Continue reading...]

This Season Will Bring New Life and a Restoration from Things That May Have Occurred in the Last Seasons

Blessings, Grace and peace to everyone. Over the weekend, while I was in prayers for some people, worshipping and giving thanks, I saw as it were in the realm of the Spirit a hand. I had seen this hand before, I perceived it to be the hand of God. That was much earlier in the week.

It was writing, the first time I saw nothing, but this time by grace, it happened again and I got a closer look. This hand I saw was in a cloud and it began to write by a finger.… [Continue reading...]