“I will comfort MY true children in these days of chaos and confusion.”

I heard in my spirit to get this message out today because HIS people are in desperate need of encouragement as they are weary and feel down-trodden.

I received this wonderful word from the LORD JESUS on November 27th, 2018.  In it, HE mentioned love three times because HE truly loves HIS children and HE wants them to KNOW HIS LOVE!!!

While praying, I saw JESUS and myself walking through some thick woods.  All the trees were bare and it was a bleak looking day with a dreary looking opaque sky peering through the tall tree branches. … [Continue reading...]

There were no other warriors to be found in this place. I was alone, standing watch.

In a dream on July 29 2018, I was in Jericho, standing on top of a great mound of earth in a graveyard. I looked out, surveying the territory. It was night and the sky was black with only a few stars shining through. The wind touched my face, it was cool and I inhaled deeply.

There were no other warriors to be found in this place. I was alone, standing watch. A part of me trembled as I waited; sometimes the waiting was worse than what would eventually come.… [Continue reading...]

“I knew we were in the tribulation. There was no doubt about it.”

On September 1, 2018, I dreamed I was standing in a field with many others when a swarm of locusts was suddenly everywhere. As the swarm left, we were vomiting and coughing up locusts. I started yelling to everyone, “This is the end-time that is talked about in Revelation.”

People looked at me with disbelief. I even had some disbelief about this. I said, “Haven’t you watched the news… birds dying and dropping out of the air suddenly, fish dying in the sea.”

Right as I was saying this, the next plague hit.… [Continue reading...]

“An all out battle will wage between demons and those on the earth. Who will prevail?”

I received a dream on the 9th of June 2018, showing an all out battle is coming between demons and those on the earth. Who will prevail?”

In the dream, I was riding with my dad as he was driving. I saw outside on the road something like a fleshly spiky pinkish ball on the ground then it disappeared. I noticed my dad saw it as well and he was shocked. I told him “That was a demon”.

We kept driving on a main road with two lanes in each direction.… [Continue reading...]

While darkness engulfed earth, there were some, not many, who radiated light and peace.

The outline of the earth’s circular sphere was barely visible to the eye because of extreme darkness upon the earth; regardless, I saw a very faint distinction between its outline and the vast universe that surrounds earth. As I contemplated earth, I was very aware that it is one planet of many others that the Creator, Yahweh, has anchored in place.

Darkness covered the earth, removing the beauty we have become accustomed to when viewing it through satellite images. Unaware of the reason for its darkness, concern for those living in such darkness found me standing in the midst of a society never seen before in my lifetime.… [Continue reading...]

“The Mighty Wind I told you about several months ago is here.”

I received an email yesterday from Byron Searle, sharing the following prophetic warning, which he received recently.

My son, the Mighty Wind I told you about several months ago is here. Much damage will come from this wind. My spirit will come across this nation just as this wind blows. My judgments will happen, but at the same time, a mighty move of My spirit will sweep across this nation. My son, this nation will fall and great will the fall be, but greater will be the move of My spirit in America.

[Continue reading...]

Ancient Scroll Reveals One World United Against Christians

Just as I saw in a previous vision, which I shared in my post, Ancient Scroll Reveals the Future of All Nations, I again saw the same ancient scroll in another vision, but this time it was already opened and coming down from heaven following along a spiral staircase.

I knew what was written on it revealed events coming in the end-times. I knew it was meant for each of us because it was the story of our future, yours and mine.… [Continue reading...]

The Simultaneous Glory and Falling Away

One morning number of years ago I had an experience in which I heard the audible voice of God speaking to me.  I was just waking up – you know those few seconds where you know you were sleeping, and are now waking up, and I heard God’s voice very clearly and distinctly.  The moment I heard Him begin to speak, I snapped myself awake, and as I was getting ready for work this is the word-for-word message He gave me:

“And as Moses, who when he came down the mountain from having an experience with God, put a veil over his face to hide from Israel that his glory was a fading glory, so will many of My people be, especially Spirit filled, who are in one of these categories;

Trusting in past experiences;  Trusting in a fading Glory;  Trusting in the rapture

Very soon they are going to wake up to find that their glory is a fading glory, and they will look across to groups and individuals whom they have classed as:

Satanic, Heretic, or just plain ‘Stay-away-from’,

and they will see the glory coming in their midst, and they shall hide away in shame and defeat.  

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Great Persecution is Coming to My True followers

“The remnant’s strength is inadequate to face the onslot of evil and devastation quickly approaching. She must arm herself in My Word, in My strength. She does not understand what is coming, how powerful the pull of evil. Many will fall away, faith will grow weak, the task will be too great if they battle in their own strength.”

“Barack Hussein Obama has made a deal with the devil that will soon surface as a liberal agenda to silence voices of opposition.… [Continue reading...]

Three Reasons Why the Sixth Seal is Not the Wrath of God

Here are three reasons why I believe the sixth seal is the beginning of the day of the Lord, but not the beginning of the wrath of God.

When the sixth seal is broken there is a great earthquake and the sun becomes black as sackcloth and the moon becomes like blood. The stars of the sky fall to the earth and the sky is split apart like a scroll. When the inhabitants of the earth see these things they try to hide themselves from the presence of the Lord saying,

“Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand” (Revelation 11:17).

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Prepare An Army of Martyrs for the Lord

The rapture is not going to take place before the antichrist, you know? (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4) Sorry for the bad news.

I used to think like that. I used to preach that for twenty-something years of my life until the Lord appeared to me one day in the year 2006 and he said, “All of your theology is wrong.”

And for one and a half hours, he explained to me from the book of Revelation, the timelines and then he said, “The church will go through the fire.… [Continue reading...]

Proof the Four Horsemen Appear During the Birth Pangs, Not the Tribulation

The events happening in our world today are recorded in the Bible. Although we have not yet reached the end, we have already entered the birth pangs leading up to the end.

This post provides scriptural evidence that the four horsemen of the apocalypse appear during the time of birth pangs, which comes prior to the tribulation, along with links to my previous posts, which provide evidence the first three riders have already been released, which means the birth pangs have already started.… [Continue reading...]

Twelve Differences Between the Tribulation and Great Tribulation

No wonder there is so much confusion among Christians regarding the timing of the rapture. We have been so focused on getting out of here before the trouble starts that we have completely missed an important key to understanding the end times. After decades of debate, almost no one seems to realize there are three distinct periods ahead, not just one.


The first period identified by Jesus is called birth-pangs. These include a series of troubling events prior to the start of the tribulation period, including false messiahs, wars, rumors of wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes (Matthew 24:4-8, Revelation 6:1-8).… [Continue reading...]

Ken Peters: “I Have Seen the Tribulation”

In 1980, Ken Peters had a long, detailed dream about the coming tribulation period. This article provides the transcript and video of his amazing testimony. I took the liberty of moving a few of his comments to organize them by topic so the transcript is not exactly the same as the video.

Today, Ken Peters and his wife Tonya are Senior Elders at the The Gathering @ Corona, which is an Apostolic Prophetic Reformation church.

There have been rumors circulating that Ken Peters no longer believes his own dream.… [Continue reading...]