“2017 will be the Year of the Seventy”

In an article posted in Neville Johnson’s May 2017 newsletter, Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj shared the following revelation he received from God regarding 2017.

On 10 December 2016, as I was waiting on God I saw in a vision the number 70. The Lord Jesus then told me, “Look out for this number 70. The coming New Year, 2017, will be The Year of the 70.”

I pondered much about this vision and was bemused about the significance of the number 70.… [Continue reading...]

“Everything that has been buried for My people under the seas will be given up.”

The LORD says, “My peace will I give to My children in this hour, and comfort. Healing to all who have been broken and restoration to all that have been lost. For I will visit them, I will remove from them every mountain of despair and discouragement. I will undergird them and be their rearguard.”

Saints, this is a season of divine reversal and restoration. Be encouraged, The LORD thy God has not forgotten about you.

While in church yesterday the Holy Spirit showed me in a vision angels, many of them, descending with what appeared to be gold and silver.… [Continue reading...]

““I AM opening the seals and breaking them from off My Word that Revelation may come to My children.”

Today I saw as it were in the realm of the Spirit, books being opened.

I looked up and I saw them, seven in total, books and scrolls. I watched this vision then I heard the Holy Spirit begin to speak to me and said, “I AM opening the seals and breaking them from off My Word that Revelation may come to My children, that they may understand and be able to discern the times and seasons and walk accordingly.

That they may know the things they ought to do.… [Continue reading...]

“It’s for times like these you have ALREADY been trained!”

Hi my precious friends! As I was about to go sleep, I was just worshiping Jesus and I felt so strongly God saying that I must post this word now! It’s so spot on for these times! So once again, I humbly submit it to you. I believe these words are for so many of us….may God touch our lives deeply for His glory through it. Love Angie ♡♡♡

I was just about to go sleep and I felt God suddenly put the words, “sustaining power” into my heart!… [Continue reading...]

“For in these last days, unclean spirits will be stronger than ever before and will enter into many, for their complete destruction.”

For I write this not under the guidance of the flesh, or a fleshly mental state, by which a state no man can worship The Lord God Almighty, but rather I write this under the unction of the Holy Spirit. The same and only true Holy Spirit our Lord and Savior left us with as a comforter.

The same Holy Spirit that was received on the day of Pentecost, where a rushing mighty wind filled all the house, and there appeared to them cloven tongues like fire, and it sat upon each of them.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals a Fierce Storm Coming

I had a very vivid dream in the early hours Monday morning, May 22, 2017. I saw a fierce storm with dark thunder and lightning, but mostly I noticed a great wind and the power of that wind.

I saw buildings that were dark, dingy, and corrupt. There was something evil about these structures that seemed to reach into the stormy night sky. I saw people climbing them, mostly young people, some well-dressed, some not so much, but all were climbing to try to reach the top because they believed at the top was something good and desirable.… [Continue reading...]

“All men will know I AM God, as the days of Revelation are begun.”

My daughter, write these words. It is out of My great love and mercy that I speak from My heart of the things to come. Hide yourselves, if only for a moment, as My anger is kindled and My indignation shall pass. Come deeply into the deepest chambers, the center of My heart, the Holy of Holies, for it is here that you will find safety, peace, and rest while I do what I must do.

My Spirit and My protection cover all who have consecrated themselves to Me.… [Continue reading...]

“Behind the scenes, destruction has been unleashed.”

I have told you the work of My Kingdom is to bring in this final harvest of souls. You may find these souls on the pews at your local church, or singing in the choir. They are in your men’s clubs and women’s clubs, performing good works. Some may speak My Name, but have no belief in Me.

Lost souls are all around you, My children, not just where you think they are. They themselves may believe they are not lost, but read My Word and the distinction will become clear to you.… [Continue reading...]

“The days of normalcy and coasting through life are behind you.”

Nothing in your lives will be quite normal from this point forward, My children. The days of normalcy and coasting through life are behind you. This is the time of the work of My Kingdom to bring in the final souls to be saved. Those who do the work of My Kingdom now and bring in these souls will be greatly rewarded, both on earth and in heaven, as these souls are very precious to Me.

The time approaches when few souls will be saved.… [Continue reading...]

“This will come to pass. This is the Pestilence.”

In early August 2014, I received a powerful and vivid vision from the Lord. A short summary is provided here, but I shared more details in the 41-minute video shown at the bottom of this post, which is also on my YouTube channel.

My perspective was from a slightly elevated position, approximately a foot above the ground. It was winter time, cold and dreary. Where trees had once stood, only brittle dry brushes remained. Everything was mostly gray, eerie, and dark with no color anywhere.… [Continue reading...]

Mighty Outpouring of God’s Presence Coming in 2020

I went to bed Thursday morning around 2:30 AM and slept great for maybe an hour, but then I woke up and was wide awake. I was very tired, but somehow knew I was not going back to sleep because I felt an unusual tension, like something was not right, but I did not know what.

As I laid in bed wondering about it, I knew there was something different about this. It was not like the fears and anxieties I was used to battling for many years.… [Continue reading...]

“This final work may only be done with their permission.”

I’d been praying for months, “Lord, if there be anything in me that doesn’t give you praise, that isn’t pleasing in your sight, take it from me.”

The first week in February, 2017, during a prayer meeting, we all knelt down and submitted ourselves to the Lord as a group.  We told Him we were bringing all we were before His altar, and asked to be emptied of ourselves and filled with Him.

The Lord’s Response:

That night, for the remainder of our prayer time, I heard the Lord say several times:

“I AM Holy!”

“Be ye therefore Holy, even as I AM Holy.”

“Nothing unclean can stand before Me.”

“You must be a living sacrifice.”

“Are you ready to DIE?”

When the Lord asked this, I said, “Yes, Lord, I’m yours. … [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Condition of Prayers for President Trump

After my family and I heard the warning from Brother Sadhu Selvaraj and Z3News regarding President Trump, we started praying earnestly for him.

Then I received a dream where I was in a parking lot of a gas station that had a brick building, but no pumps. I was packing luggage into an old Oldsmobile that was a little rusty. I noticed there were other cars, but they were shadowy. All my luggage was on the pavement.

I thought to myself, “I have to pay the manager.”

As I was about to walk over to the attendant who was outside on the porch, I left my car keys on my cooler thinking, “It’s okay if I leave these here.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Oil Prices Moving Up $7.20

Today I had a dream where an unseen person told me the price of oil had moved up by $7.20. I assume that means per barrel, but they did not say.

This is a market I have not been watching, but I am starting now. For most of 2011 to 2014, prices stayed in the $80 to $110 range before dropping in July 2014 and finally hitting bottom, below $30, in February 2016. Since then they bounced back up. The current price is $49.27.… [Continue reading...]

“Life as you know it is about to change.  Do not despair, do not be afraid.”

I think the Lord is about to move in amazing ways.  I keep crying out to him and hearing, “Watch and see what I will do.”  I’m not sure what that means yet.  I received the message shown below in prayer on August 31, 2016.

“I have opened the door to your understanding to see things others do not see are there. People will be looking for answers when these things start happening. I have gifted people with these anointings so they might be able to provide hope, help, solace and answers.… [Continue reading...]

Things are not what they seem.

Things are not what they seem. There is a whirlwind that’s being created by the spirit of witchcraft to hinder your vision, stall your steps, and abort the birthing and keep you caged in torment. It’s not going to happen! God is blowing away the smokescreen, revealing truth and you are transitioning into a whole new realm fo revelation of who He is, the season that is upon you, and the promised land you are entering into. TRUTH, the REVELATION of HIS TRUTH is going to set you free!!!… [Continue reading...]

“Any sin you participate in now will have a stronger effect than before.”

Sin is waiting for you, My people. Sin is crouching at your door waiting to tempt you. The enemy has set snares for you and desires to see the traps snap shut on you.

Any sin you participate in now will have a stronger effect than before. The snares are harder, the jaws are stronger and you will have to fight more intensely than ever before to escape if you give in, even once. This is part of the end of days and the increase of darkness in your hearts.… [Continue reading...]

New Breed of Commandos Being Sent Forth with Prophetic and Evangelistic Alignment

I see a wave building even now of a move of God that is carrying and thrusting forth in this hour harvesters who carry and have been endowed with the Spirit of Elijah.

I see an amalgamation of mantles for the harvest that is before us in this season. The marrying of the Prophet and Evangelist. The Lord is adding to the prophets and evangelists in this hour. For those who stand in the Evangelistic office, I see a stronger prophetic thrust coming forth, a stronger prophetic angle and expression of release.… [Continue reading...]

“Surround the President with prayer. They need to organize a governmental prayer watch.”

Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj recently shared a prophetic word for the United States. The 8-minute video shown at the bottom of this post was uploaded to YouTube on May 8, 2017. The following text provides a transcript of part of his message.

“The Lord Jesus Christ appeared unto me and I thought He was going to speak to me about this meeting, but He spoke to me about this nation. He said, ‘This is what you need to tell the people about this nation.’

Chiefly, it concerns President Donald Trump.… [Continue reading...]

“Life-giving, Life-releasing women will rise up in the nations in this hour.”

Prophetic evangelist Patricia King received a powerful word from God revealing His plans for women of faith in this hour, as shown below. Patricia King is an apostolic minister of the gospel, successful business owner, and an inventive entrepreneur. She is founder and President of XP Ministries and co-founder of XP Media.

“Women of God Arise! You are ‘Life givers’ – ‘Releasers of life!’ I have anointed and appointed you to create life and impart life in everything that you do.… [Continue reading...]

Mario Murillo: “Mr. President, Just Stop Talking to the Press.”

Mr. President,

Take it from a preacher — you need to stop talking to the press.  They have sold themselves to toppling you.  They are as far from journalism as the east is from the west.

Consider this verse from the Bible the next time you are tempted to answer one of their stupid questions: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him. – Proverbs 26:4

I write this to you because I have heard from people I trust that you love Jesus. … [Continue reading...]

“I shall cause My mighty men to rise up in this nation again.”

“What was sown in 89 by His Sovereign Design was to this nation a sign, of the will of the Divine. But it had to go fallow because the roots were shallow. But the cycle has come around again, and now I’m assigning new men, burning men, intimate men, men that have My heart within.

For now the heart of this nation shall beat a new beat, it shall beat with My seat because those that sit in My seat are the ones that have My heart beat and I shall begin in the heart of this Nation again.… [Continue reading...]

America Now More Divided than Ever, Drawing Closer to Civil War

As I was scanning through the news headlines today, I saw confirmation after confirmation of a dream I received in December 2013. That is not good.

The dream revealed a covert civil war in which factions within the United States federal government coordinated with the mainstream news media to deceive the American public while systematically destroying their opposition, even using military force. I saw U.S. military aircrafts shooting down other U.S. military aircrafts. I saw the news media had prior knowledge of the attack, but reported it as something else, following a pre-arranged false script.… [Continue reading...]

“To redeem My people; seven judgments will be released soon.”

On September 28 2016, I dreamed I was up high in a building in a big office room with lots of other people. There were two huge windows facing the outside wall of the building that went from the bottom of the floor to the top of the ceiling. I knew something bad was about to happen. A great big storm was coming.

Suddenly, the skies burst into unspeakable lightning, thundering, and many explosions, which seemed to be coming from the sky or reflected in the sky.… [Continue reading...]

“It’s time, it’s time, it’s time for the song to rise!”

This morning I heard the Lord saying “It’s time, it’s time, it’s time for THE SONG TO RISE!”

I saw Him looking at those who feel like they have had the life sucked out of them, those that are feeling battered and bruised by the storms of life and situations around them, those that feel they are spinning like spinning tops that cannot stop because of the confusion that surrounds, those whose hearts are hurting, breaking, grieving in the waiting, in the darkness, in the hardship, those who feel they have LOST THEIR SONG, those who feel like they cannot lift their voice and sing because the joy and hope has been knocked out of them by what they have been walking through, those whose hearts are full of fear that to stand has become so wearying and they are looking for the nearest place to hide, those whose hearts are screaming with pain because of what they have faced and the disappointment that continues to build, those who feel the weariness in the “waiting” has just become too much, those who feel like there is no escape, those whose eyes have been searching for the “way out”, the deliverance, the breakthrough to lift them from the pit of despair.… [Continue reading...]

“I want My people to pay attention to the favor.”

The prophetic word shared in the 4-minute video shown below from Bernard Boulton confirms what I have been hearing for this season. We are in a time of transition, being sustained and carried into the next season by the supernatural favor of God.

It reminded me of what Joe Joe Dawson shared about God catching some people up and what Doug Addison heard a couple of weeks ago, “People everywhere are about to reap what they have sown.

“The Lord says, ‘I am giving you favor in transition.… [Continue reading...]

Peculiar Faith Begins with Peculiar Vision

To believe the impossible, we have to see it first. The 2-minute video clip below shows a new ad from Samsung that captures what Z3 News is all about, seeing what others don’t see, causing us to believe what others don’t believe and to behave in the most peculiar ways.

Others look at us and gulp when they see us doing the impossible, even mounting up with wings like an eagle, or how about an ostrich?

[Continue reading...]

Prophetic Vision Reveals Obama Betraying Muslims to Empower Himself

The prophet Daniel saw an evil king arising at the time of the end who will magnify himself above every god. He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers (Daniel 11:36-37). Instead, he will honor a god of fortresses, which is the god of empowering himself by rewarding those who honor him with gold, silver, and great wealth (Daniel 11:38). In other words, he will use people to promote himself.

Today we call it crony capitalism, which Obama hypocritically claims to oppose, but he is actually the worst offender.… [Continue reading...]

Now, God’s patience is exhausted. And many can hear His Roar.

Many things have competed for the attention of the Beloved of the Lord. Religion is ever waving its tentacles, trying to detain her. The Spirit of this age assaults her defenses with ever increasing ferocity. At times, it has seemed like her attention has been completely captured by inferior suitors.

Just this morning, I was taking communion in my study and as I ate the cracker, I became acutely aware of my teeth breaking and crushing this cracker, which represented the Body of Christ, into pieces.… [Continue reading...]

“I have changed the SCRIPT! The SCRIPT declares your BEST DAYS are ahead of you!”

I had a vision today of many of God’s people and they were walking in a garden. This garden was so full of life, so full of the most beautiful flowers, rushing rivers, refreshing waterfalls, songbirds singing a new tune all around and it was as if everything in the garden was shouting, “New life”, “Breakthrough”, “New beginning”, and “New day”.

But many walking through this garden couldn’t engage with the atmosphere that they were in because they were so tightly bound.… [Continue reading...]