Podcast: Heart to Heart – Receiving God’s Promises

God’s plans and purposes for our life are revealed in His promises, as recorded in the scriptures, so I searched the scriptures and found 222 amazing promises to the righteous. Then I studied the original Hebrew and Greek words to amplify the meanings of each promise and grouped them into 16 categories and summarized each one, which I share in this 45-minute podcast and also documented in detail in my book, Remnant. Yet, all these great promises are no help to us unless we know how to receive them, which is the purpose for this message.… [Continue reading...]

Podcast: Heart to Heart – Living in Heaven on Earth

While the world seeks happy pills, alcohol and drugs to cope with the pressures of life, God has already given us everything we need to live in heaven on earth. The 27-minute message shown below explains how simple it is to receive all that He wants us to have.

The audio version is also available on SoundCloud and Itunes.

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Podcast: Heart to Heart – Encountering the Presence of God

In this 45-minute podcast, I share what I believe is the number one most important topic for every Christian to know and experience daily, encountering the presence of God. Yet, it is also one of the most neglected topics because many churches are not teaching their people about it. To make it even worse, many are teaching against it, calling it a “fake revival” and a “kundalini spirit,” despite clear scriptural support. Find out more in this episode of Heart to Heart.… [Continue reading...]

Podcast: Heart to Heart – Prophetic Dream Launches Unique New Series

In this 23-minute podcast, I share a dream God gave me revealing His plan for this unique new podcast series, which I’m calling Heart to Heart because I will be sharing whatever God puts in my heart to share.

The audio version is also available on SoundCloud and Itunes.

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Major shift in seasons requires major change in direction for Z3 News.

Many prophetic words posted here on Z3 News have recently confirmed a significant shift in seasons for God’s people. I’ve seen this shift happening in my own life during the past few years and especially during the past year. It also has a direct impact on the future of this site, as explained below.

Many of our posts have focused on warning about times of trouble and God’s judgment coming upon the world, confirming many warnings recorded in the Bible, but the time of warnings is soon coming to an end as we are transitioning into the season of the fulfillment of those warnings.… [Continue reading...]

“I am causing you to simplify in order to multiply.”

In this new era we have entered, God is releasing the invitation to step into new strategies and His invitation is thundering louder than ever. The old strategies of yesterday won’t work anymore as we have moved into a new era where the Lord is releasing new strategies to navigate and steward what He is doing and releasing in this new era. It’s crucial that as God’s people, we are resting on His chest, listening to His heart and His wisdom in building and moving in this new era.… [Continue reading...]

“Now the Bride will bring to birth the man-child.”

On the 21st September at 2:58 am, I was awakened and heard the Lord speak, “Now the Bride will bring to birth the man-child.”

I knew from the way it was spoken that the birth pangs had been going on for some time, but now the baby was going to emerge into full view. Immediately, I was reminded of Revelation 12 and the description of the woman with 12 stars on her head travailing to bring forth the man-child.

Now when the Lord said to me that it is the Bride who will bring forth the man-child, I was aware that until this event, the man-child company had been hidden within the Bridal company, secretly growing and maturing and that the completion of birthing would in effect bring separation and definition of two separate companies.… [Continue reading...]

“I want you to reassure MY people that I will lead them where they need to go at the right time.”

On September 30th, 2019, I received this message while praying. First I heard this:

“Just as the animals were led to the Ark for safety, shall the people be led to safe havens…“

Then the following message began:

“I want you to reassure MY people that I will lead them where they need to go at the right time. It will be a supernatural experience led by MY HOLY SPIRIT.

Do not harden your hearts when it is time to go.

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“They will pretend to be one thing, but truly they are lying.”

On July 2nd, 2019 I received a word from the LORD while sleeping, “ALIEN DECEPTION.”

The next morning, while praying, I received a message from the LORD concerning it. This was the first time I have ever received anything concerning this topic. It is something that was not on my ‘radar ‘at all, probably because I had not heard anything from the LORD about it… until now!

Though, I am not very familiar with this topic, I do know that aliens beings are not from the LORD, but are demonic in nature.… [Continue reading...]

“There is an earthquake taking place in the spirit right now because of a MAJOR transition taking place.”

There has been a deep rumbling taking place in the Spirit. There has been a turbulence that has increased in the last week and there is a greater urgency in the spirit.

The Lord spoke to me and He said, “Lana, there is an earthquake taking place in the spirit right now because of a MAJOR transition taking place right now. New books for the new era are opening NOW and My people must be PREPARED TO HEAR.”

God is RELEASING and REVEALING new books of revelation for this new era with SPECIFIC HIGH DEFINITION revelation for this new era right now and our positioning before the Lord is crucial right now.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dream warns of coming alien deception.

Z3er Robert W. shared the following interesting dream.

I received this dream about a year ago and have shared it with only a few people but am being prompted to share it with others at this point.

In the dream, my car was parked on the street instead of my driveway for some reason, so I walking down my driveway to my car as I was leaving my house to go somewhere. As I was walking, I looked up and saw an enormous circular craft hovering very low in the sky.

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Prophetic dream warns of bloody racial civil war coming to the United States.

In a dream two nights ago, I saw a terrible wide-scale civil war between blacks and whites raging throughout the United States. For whatever reason, none of us seemed to have access to guns, so the war was being fought with knives and it was gruesome and bloody. The fighting seemed to go on and on with many casualties. I recognized the knife I was holding as a steak knife from my own kitchen.

At one point, a man in our camp was very troubled by what he saw, so he started questioning whether or not it was right to participate in the fighting, even for self defense.… [Continue reading...]

Persecution of Iranian Christians provides a preview of what’s coming to the United States.

Based on what God has revealed to me in several dreams, I believe the same kind of persecution now happening to Christians in Iran is soon coming to the United States, as shown in the following testimony of Iranian citizen, Dabrina Tamaraz.

“Our family was being followed all the time by Iranian authorities. They even broke into our house. We had spies within the church and at times soldiers standing in front of it. I was detained so many times I’ve lost track of the number,” said Dabrina Tamraz in an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya English.… [Continue reading...]

An unstoppable army IS and WILL arise in the earth unlike the world has seen.

Recently as I was sitting with the Lord I heard the Lord say, “Lana, it’s the FAITH OF ABRAHAM”.

Immediately, I knew that in this new era the Lord was increasing the body of Christ into a level of faith unlike anything we have walked in before. There was an invitation from the Lord to walk in greater realms of faith and trust in Him and His Word.

Two Scriptures resounded loudly to me as I sought the Lord.

“No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.”

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“The great refining of My called out ones comes to its close.”

Speak daughter of Zion, tell My remnant, in a moments notice, I will call you, My anointed ones to your greatest service yet. The great refining of My called out ones comes to its close. I have brought My portion out of the fires of purification and molded them into specifically refined and tailored instruments of truth, righteousness, holiness and justice. The sacrificial lives of My remnant laid on the altar of purification have produced a yield of the most well armed laborers who will now be sent into the fields to reap the great harvest of the end of days.… [Continue reading...]

My Top 50 Favorite Worship Songs: Download or Play Online

During my prayer time in the early morning on September 26, I believe God put it on my heart to share my favorite worship music with the Z3 family. I had questions about how to do it, but the answers came to me quickly. However, I then got started with my day and didn’t do anything with it. The next day during my prayer time, the same impression came to me very loud and clear, so I moved it up to the top of my list of things to do.… [Continue reading...]

My Top 5 Favorite Happy Praise Songs: Download or Play Online

The Bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength, so we’re spiritually stronger when we’re full of joy, and there’s nothing like happy praise songs to help us get filled up.

Listed below are my top 5 favorites. If you can can’t get any joy after listening to these, you might need to check your pulse.

These songs were all recorded at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City. Their musicians play live praise and worship music 24/7 and broadcast it free on their website.… [Continue reading...]

“All with pride and haughtiness shall be burned up and consumed!”

This morning, while awakening from a restless sleep just after 3 am, I immediately saw a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ before me. He was wearing fiery robes and seemed to be about four feet off the ground, so I was looking up at Him from my sleeping position.

Still half-asleep, half-awake, I said, “What meaneth this?”

I was half holding my breath and being very still. Then the Lord said of Himself,

“The Lord is coming in flaming fire!

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“The Lord is sending His prophets in this hour with words of alignment.”

Recently, I had a dream that a person called “Judah” was going deaf. I began to cry and say, “Nooooo!! He can’t go deaf. It will effect his destiny! He is called to music, his destiny entails sound.”

In the dream, I was so distraught as to how I could fix his problem as I knew that if he couldn’t hear properly, he couldn’t walk in his destiny.


The Lord showed me this dream was speaking to the House of Judah.… [Continue reading...]

The Latest Numbers Tell Us That The Global Economic Slowdown Is Accelerating Dramatically

Economists are already predicting “the world’s lowest growth in a decade“, but it is beginning to look like what we will be facing will be much worse than that. In recent days, numbers have been coming in from all over the planet that are absolutely abysmal. The “global economic slowdown” is rapidly transitioning into a new global economic crisis, and central banks seem powerless to stop what is happening. They have already pushed interest rates to the floor (actually below the floor in many cases), and over the past decade they have absolutely flooded the global economy with new money.… [Continue reading...]

“Some of the greatest alignments of your life are going to take place at Rosh Hashanah and in the entering into of 5780.”

The Lord has been speaking so much about alignment in this last year. As I have positioned myself before the Lord as we lead up to Rosh Hashanah and entering into 5780, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper.

“There will be an ACCELERATION OF ALIGNMENT that will take place at Rosh Hashanah and in the entering into of 5780.”

As I continued to lean into His heart, these words thundered around me:

“Some of the greatest alignments of your life are going to take place at Rosh Hashanah and in the entering into of 5780.”

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The modern day Noah’s are arising.

The Lord has been speaking to me since last year about this new era being one that requires greater faith and radical obedience. The Lord has continued to say that in this new era there is a very definitive line being drawn in the sand for the body of Christ that asks the question “Do we wholeheartedly embrace His ways and obey Him completely, or not?”

In the journey of seeking His heart regarding this, the Lord has been highlighting the story of Noah in Genesis 6:8-22 often.… [Continue reading...]

“It is time to come forth and shine My Glory to the nations!”

My husband recently dreamed he was in a church and the pastor looked like John Ritter, the actor from “Three’s Company.” This pastor was selling items during the sermon, and my husband was a little disturbed by this.

A few people had been healed during the service, so after the service was over, a woman was going around interviewing some of them. As she was interviewing one man, he started feeling like he was having symptoms of pain again, so he said something to the effect, “Well, I think I was, maybe, I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t healed…”

From across the room, my husband heard the man say this, so he stood up from his seat and almost shouted, “Finish the Race!… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dream reveals church members practicing unrighteous deeds.

Z3er Jared G. shared the following dream he received on September 15 2019.

In this dream, I was in the town where I currently live and was inside an old church I attended on occasion as a child. It’s one of the original churches in this town. There was a lot of celebrating going on in the town, including carnival rides, and everyone was having a good time.

The scene changed and I was inside this church building. It looked different than I remembered from many years ago, but I could still tell it was the same church.

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Prophetic dream reveals sudden destruction coming upon global financial markets.

In a dream today, I saw the word gibbor, which I recognized from my Bible studies as a Hebrew word. My attention was focused on the two b’s as I was thinking it was misspelled because I thought it was supposed to only have only one, but after awaking and checking into it, I discovered what I saw was correct, two b’s.

As I was looking at it in the dream, the two b’s suddenly changed into numbers, 66, so it became gi66or.… [Continue reading...]

New study reveals 64 nations now using facial recognition software for government surveillance.

Millions of us have already scanned our face into facial recognition software utilized by our mobile devices to conveniently unlock them without requiring a passcode. However, there’s a hidden cost for that convenience as those scans are being used by our government to track us wherever we go.

A new study by The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace shows an alarming growth rate in governments using facial recognition software for surveillance purposes. Although China’s use of AI technology receives a lot of news coverage, the report identified governments of at least 75 nations are currently using it and 64 nations are actively using facial recognition software for surveillance purposes.… [Continue reading...]

“This place will now be an open heaven.”

“He’s the one who brings peace to your borders, feeding you the most excellent of fare.” (Psalm 147:14 – The Passion Translation)

“He makes peace in your borders; he fills you with the finest of the wheat.” (Psalm 147:14 – ESV)

The Lord has been showing me so many in the body of Christ toiling the ground and the land He has given them, but there is a constant feeling of ‘chaos’ that is filling the land. We are in a significant time of transition in the body of Christ and that can cause turbulence, but what many were facing was greater than turbulence.… [Continue reading...]

“I am raising up prophetic seers who will have eyes to see just as an eagle sees from an elevated height.”

Yesterday as I was driving in my car, a tractor trailer passed by me with the word “VISION” written across the side. I noticed that it was traveling at an excessive speed. Not long before I saw this truck the Lord was telling me that He wants to increase the spiritual vision of every believer, not just prophets and prophetic seers. Jesus wants us to develop a personal relationship with Him and allow Him to set us free from anything that would hinder the flow of the Holy Spirit through us so that we could see in the Spirit and hear His voice unhindered.… [Continue reading...]

“The question is no longer, ‘Am I on the list?’ It is, ‘What’s my rank on the list?”

Former NSA agent turned whistleblower, Edward Snowden, sent the following tweet yesterday.

“Systems of mass surveillance strive to record all people, in all places, at all times. The question is no longer ‘Am I on the list?’ It is ‘What’s my rank on the list?’” (Source: rt.com)

Mass surveillance efforts increased significantly after our federal government orchestrated the attacks on 9/11, allowing them to deceive the American people into voluntarily surrendering our liberties, which allowed them to build fusion centers in every state and territory in the United States with the goal of fusing intelligence data from all agencies into one giant database.… [Continue reading...]

Coming harvest will look different than what we expect.

Rapper Kanye West helped lead last Sunday’s praise and worship service at Atlanta’s New Birth Baptist Church. In the 55-minute video shown below, he sang and shared the following messages:

“You sent your son to die for us and all you ask is for radical obedience to you. You’re not asking us to do the least. You know how people are like, ‘At least I…,’ how are we gonna do the least when He did the most?

I’ve seen Him work miracles in my life.

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“My people are going to weep over sin again, and that will usher in the greatest move of holiness we have ever seen.”

For the last year or so, the Lord has been speaking to me about the fear of the Lord being restored to the Church. I believe in this new era, the fear of the Lord is and will be restored to the Church.

Recently, I heard the Lord say, “A WAVE OF TRAVAIL is about to crash into the Church.” And the Lord then showed me that this wave of travail is going to prepare the way for the fear of the Lord being restored back to the Church.… [Continue reading...]

Vatican launches campaign to indoctrinate the whole world’s children.

In the 4-minute video shown below, Pope Francis announces the Vatican is coming after our children. He is promoting the Vatican’s latest plans to implement a global indoctrination and mind-control program targeting the whole world’s younger generation through the education systems of every nation. To that end, they are launching a program called the Global Educational Alliance. The video was published on September 12, 2019.

The transcript of his speech is shown below, but since there seems to be a language barrier, I have provided my interpretation of each paragraph to help clarify what he is really saying.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic insights reveal silver prices moving above $21, then down sharply.

After reviewing several different prophetic insights, it appears silver prices will soon be moving up above $21, then dropping much lower before ultimately moving much higher.

Z3er Patricia shared the following vision she received recently regarding silver, which seems to confirm prices going way up in the long term.

What I “saw” was very brief (several seconds). It was a picture of two hands pushing a large pile of silver coins across a table. (I saw once, in a movie, someone playing roulette and pushing their chips across a table, to bet it all on a certain number.

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“Few will be ready for the magnitude of what is coming.”

Around 4:30 am this morning, as I was praying and listening for anything that was on the Lord’s heart, He said this,

“I desire all men to repent, but many will not. Regardless of what I do, many will persist in wickedness. Therefore, I have no choice but to judge. My judgment will come swiftly when men are not expecting it. Few will be ready for the magnitude of what is coming.

Many will say, ‘Oh, it’s always been this way’, but NO!

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Large Danish ministry forced to shut down after slanderous attacks from Danish government and news media.

Danish Evangelist Torben Sondergaard, shown above with his family, founded and headed a ministry in Denmark called The Jesus Center, which trained disciples from thirty nations. His ministry recently came under attack by the Danish government, which launched investigations by six different government agencies. After the investigations found no evidence of wrongdoing, Torben was approached by Danish reporters claiming they wanted to do a profile of his ministry, leading him to believe it would be a positive story, so he agreed to allow them to come and interview him.… [Continue reading...]

“The Spirit of Yahweh is lifting you up out of your place of concealment and into the skies.”

Deborah Waldron Fry shared the following prophetic word she received yesterday.

“Beloved. You have been totally immersed in the Waters of The Spirit for a set time, like a baby in its mother’s womb. I have kept you and taught you and concealed you in My Grace and Love. My Eagles can breathe under Water, for My Water is supernatural. My Living Waters have filled you to overflowing. You are now FULL of Revelation from the time spent in the Waters of the Holy Spirit.… [Continue reading...]

“I wondered what was different about the people in the valley.”

In a dream I received in about 2011, I was sitting in the back seat of a convertible being driven by a popular radio host and his sidekick. They were talking and laughing as we drove up the side of a mountain. The higher we got, the narrower the road became. I knew that eventually, we would fall off the road because it would be too narrow to drive on. When I looked behind us, I saw that the city we had just left had been taken over by the enemy, so going back down was not an option.… [Continue reading...]

“Groups of men with machine guns and hand guns were shooting people who were trying to flee.”

Over the past ten years, I have had a few dreams about our nation and our city being attacked by the enemy. It wasn’t until I started reading about other people having very similar dreams that I began to wonder if these dreams were from the Lord to warn us. I have hesitated to share them because they can be quite scary. At first, I found myself actually trying to prepare mentally for something like this to happen, but I have come to the conclusion, I don’t know if we can prepare mentally for something like this, so I have focused on prayer and reading scriptures to find comfort.… [Continue reading...]

“Soldiers were going door to door, demanding the homeowners hand over their guns and their children.”

Several years ago, I had a dream that I was at my father’s house with my husband and young daughter. It was night time and we began to hear low flying planes in the area. I asked my dad if he knew if there was some kind of military drill happening and he said he hadn’t heard of anything. When I went to the window to look out, I saw several low flying planes with men jumping out of them. They were dressed in black with black hoods over their heads.… [Continue reading...]

“This is the great REVEALING!”

On August 5, 2019, the Lord said to me, “This is the great REVEALING!” I was reminded of Romans 8:19 and scriptures around it, referring to the revealing of the sons of God.

18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.
19 For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.
20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope;
21 because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.… [Continue reading...]