God Now Giving Keys to Unlock Door to New Season

In the past month or so, a flurry of prophetic words have been posted here on Z3news.com revealing a significant shift is coming soon, a changing of the guard, the end of a long season of waiting for many of God’s people, and the rise of those whom God will use as Josephs before the Lord returns.

I believe these words all reveal different aspects of the same events. By putting them all together, we can see more clearly what is coming.… [Continue reading...]

“Many have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks as did their forefathers that tried Me.”

Been on my face before the Messiah all day praying, in His Word, just seeking after Him and I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me just now and I heard in my Spirit.

“For rebellion and disobedience, many will not enter the promise, for cursing and swearing. Many have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks as did their forefathers that tried Me and provoked Me in the wilderness and did not trust Me, neither did they remember the marvellous things I did for them in times past.… [Continue reading...]

11 Facts That Prove That The U.S. Economy In 2017 Is In Far Worse Shape Than It Was In 2016

There is much debate about where the U.S. economy is ultimately heading, but what everybody should be able to agree on is that economic conditions are significantly worse this year than they were last year.  It is being projected that U.S. economic growth for the first quarter will be close to zero, thousands of retail stores are closing, factory output is falling, and restaurants and automakers have both fallen on very hard times.  As economic activity has slowed down, commercial and consumer bankruptcies are both rising at rates that we have not seen since the last financial crisis. … [Continue reading...]

“The words from your pulpits have not prepared you for that day.”

Thus says the LORD, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD. (Jeremiah 17:5)

Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits: (Isaiah 30:10)

“Many will leave the cities on that day. Many will be lost in confusion. For some had hoped that the nation would have risen to new heights. But a handful, a remnant will have known all along, that these things will come.… [Continue reading...]

Two Prophetic Dreams Warn of War Approaching, but Not Yet Starting

The Lord Jesus told us one of the signs of the last days would be wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:6).  Lately, we have been hearing lots of rumors coming from news reports as well as many prophetic warnings.

Two Z3ers posted comments today sharing dreams they had last night, which both have similar warnings of war coming, but not quite starting. The first was shared by sgd:

“I had a very vivid dream last night of a war. There were fighter jets racing low through the sky and smoke and people were running.… [Continue reading...]

“The birth pains come closer and closer now, as We are ready to give birth.”

You are in the fire here to be transformed, so that My heart and My perfect love are manifested in a dying and fallen realm. The birth pains come closer and closer now, as We are ready to give birth. You, My holy vessels, the sanctuaries of My Spirit are being prepared to receive My glory. My oil of anointing will fall upon you, igniting a passion and a desire in you, My people that will illuminate the earth like never before.… [Continue reading...]

“The drums of war are beating. Will you come now, or will you wait to be ravaged?”

“To My children, I say this: Awake. Awake now. The time for sleeping has past. I am not calling you into labor, but into rest in Me. (Hebrews 4) You have been resting in the ways of this world, slumbering through this life. You forget that it was I that made you and it will be I that calls you to account for your life lived. (Romans 14:12)

I am raising up an exceedingly great army. (Ezekiel 37:10) Will you enlist?… [Continue reading...]

“My glory will spread across South Africa, Africa, and will then continue to flow to cover the whole earth”

After enduring an extended period of severe trouble, including economic hardships, a weakening currency, racial violence, and murders, South African Christians have gathered today in large numbers on farmlands in Bloemfontein asking God to heal their land. The event is called “It’s Time” and was organized by Evangelist Angus Buchan. According to some estimates, over one million people are attending this event.

Earlier today, Cape Town resident Angie Van Greuning shared an amazing prophetic word she received yesterday and this morning concerning what God is doing through this prayer event.… [Continue reading...]

“The nation will be split in two.”

Then he who hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take warning, and a sword comes and takes him away, his blood will be on his own head. (Ezekiel 33:4)

“Do you truly think that I Am going to bless this nation? Do you think that I am going to reward those who continue to ignore the warnings that have been going out for years?

This nation will be brought to its knees. The plans that some have made, to make this nation great, will fall to the ground in humiliation.… [Continue reading...]

“The Forgotten Will Be Forgotten No More!”

Last night I had a dream where the Lord was sending His word into the ears of those who have felt forgotten, those who have felt overlooked, those who seem to be in a place of feeling washed up and finished with. Those that feel like they are too old and they have passed the ‘use by’ date, like Sarah, for the promises of God to be fulfilled in their lives.

I see there is a place where many are, where many have resigned themselves to the fact that the season for those promises to be fulfilled in their lives has come and gone.… [Continue reading...]

Spiritual Preppers Will Plan Ahead to Learn the Ways of the Lord

Yesterday morning, I received a confirmation that the Lord is giving me revelation and visions for the new book I am writing, “A Prepper’s Guide to the Last Days.” I am not writing about gathering food, building hidden dwellings or preparing defensive tools as many others have already written these things. I am writing about the spiritual preparations we need to make to be ready for what is coming in what the Bible calls “the last days.”

Actually, the Lord began to answer my prayer the day before I lifted it up to Him.… [Continue reading...]

“I am now making divine connections in your lives to help you survive this Age of Chaos”

You have asked Me to prepare you for what is coming. I am now making divine connections in your lives to help you survive this Age of Chaos, and the wars that are coming to many nations.

My children, you struggle to understand why things cannot go back to the way they were – to the times of peace and prosperity, but it cannot be so now, for all scripture must be fulfilled. This will be a difficult time, as many of you wonder what has become of loved ones, as many do without basic needs, but remember the end is upon you and you will soon be home with Me.… [Continue reading...]

Some things and some people are about to come crashing down.

This morning, the Lord was showing me things which are out of balance. I saw things in the nations and in homes which are not level or balanced. I began to understand that some things and some people are about to come crashing down.

Then I began to see people being caught in infidelity. Some of these people were well known as celebrities and leaders. Others were unknown, but what was common to all was that they will soon be exposed.… [Continue reading...]

“I saw this crocodile stand up and take the shape of a man.”

On the evening of July 12 2016, while I was in prayer over our nations, I found myself start crying, wailing, and weeping in the Spirit. Then I saw myself on a high mountain where I was shouting my words.

Then I heard, “CRY OUT AND SPARE NOT!”

I looked again in the realm of the Spirit and I saw as it were the moon as it darkened and there were signs and wonders in the heavens. I looked again and I saw as it were a body of water.… [Continue reading...]

Vision of Hell: “I was in that terrible place of torment.”

For several weeks now, I’ve contended with the Spirit of God dealing with my heart about the message of hell. As Christians we preach, teach and sing of the splendors of Heaven and eternity with Christ, but do we also have the same passion to tell men that although hell was never made or intended for man, many, in fact most will spend eternity in that dreadful place?

Yet the American pulpit does not warn. It largely stays silent about this more than uncomfortable topic.… [Continue reading...]

“I warn you now, your enemies are at the gate!”

“The sounds of war are in the air, armaments and military might stand and stare; ready to move, ready to dare! These are the signs of the times that I revealed to the world. These are the warnings that I revealed to you My Church, but are you heeding them?

Confusion reigns in your country and your churches. Leaders sworn in to proclaim truth but live in lies, and practice deceit!

My Church has become a playhouse for puppets, moved by the strings of politicians and hidden agendas of wicked men!… [Continue reading...]

God Sounding the Wake Up Call for Sleeping Americans

When America was attacked on 9/11/2001, the numbers 9-1-1 were already well-known as an emergency telephone number, but they took on a whole new meaning after the deep state successfully orchestrated their false-flag attack on New York City and Washington DC.

9/11 marked a significant turning point in history as the American people began to willingly surrender their liberties in exchange for increased security and surveillance, which was the whole purpose for the attacks. The deep state prospered because of the deep sleep of the American people.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Guidelines for New World Government

I had the following dream on April, 17, 2017. I was standing facing a countertop. On the countertop was a packet of papers. I picked them up and began to read. They were detailed guidelines for a New World Government.

I then understood some things about this and said, “This information is about a New World Government that will be a cooperation among the nations to form one unified government that will encompass government, economics, religion, healthcare and education. This new form of government will be taught to young people in schools beginning in kindergarten and continuing at each stage of their education.… [Continue reading...]

“America will fall to the hands of her enemies because she has turned her back on Me.”

A great storm comes to the land of America, a storm that will bring much chaos, and much indecision in high places. America is on the brink of war, but its’ general is not ready.

Fires will burn across America and much unrest shall abound. A people divided cannot stand, and the enemies of America will seize that moment to invade. America will fall to the hands of her enemies because she has turned her back on Me, and no longer has My protection.… [Continue reading...]

“Many will be deceived and believe and follow them blindly to their own death.”

In the 3-minute video shown below, Sister Barbara shares a prophetic word she received yesterday regarding the little horn, the son of perdition.

“Daughter, speak of the little horn. As kingdoms change power from one man to another, ten final kingdoms with ten earthly kings, except one, the little horn, whose kingdom has come. The little horn is not an earthly king. He has been numbered and he will deliver his evil and terror on the nations. They do not know where he comes from, but it is written, ‘He has the eyes of a man and yet he is a beast.’ His wickedness and evil has never been unleashed.… [Continue reading...]

“He’s Coming Through the Cracks!  I Am Revealing the Cracks!”

The attack is on!  Many in the Body of Christ are going through intense trials right now, like nothing we’ve seen before.  It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, the remnant Church is feeling the growing pressure.

I myself have been hit with a multiple pronged attack, and just about every Saint I know personally is being assailed with trials of every sort imaginable.

As soon as the first punch landed, knocking me completely off my feet, the Lord began to speak to me about what was happening. … [Continue reading...]

“Have I not stated My victory? Refreshing will come.”

I received the following word on June 24th 2015.

“My beloved don’t you see My fingerprint on all this? Don’t you know I have said, that what I started I will finish? Have you said that I am a good God? You have heard the screams and have discerned a battle going on. Why then do you fret?

Have I not stated My victory? Refreshing will come. I will change the economy. I will change the guard over you.

I am judging the earth’s people and I have promised refuge cities to go to (Isaiah 61:4-6).… [Continue reading...]

“Now is the Time. Breakthrough is at hand. Jesus is ruling in your favor.”

In the 13-minute video shown below, Pastor Joe Joe Dawson shares a powerful testimony of an encounter he had with God last night. Joe Joe Dawson is the Staff Evangelist for First Assembly of God in Texarkana Texas. His encounter started when he cried out to God saying, “God, I must have a breakthrough. I must have something from you tonight.”

He then went to sleep and had a vision that was so strong it woke him up. In the vision, he was looking up into the clouds and saw a war going on in the heavenly realm.… [Continue reading...]

“The battle has shifted, My children.”

The battle has shifted, My children. You are at war and the war has intensified. The battle for your souls is very strong and you must choose which side you are on. When you choose sin, you choose Satan’s side and you will be given over to that side.

In this time, whichever you carry more of – light or darkness – will increase. If you have much sin, it will fight for mastery of you. If you have much of My Spirit, good will fight for mastery of you.… [Continue reading...]

“It is the shifting and changing of the guard!”

Humbly I submit to you a Word I believe is from the Holy Spirit of God. I have been questioning the Lord in prayer what is His intentions regarding our nations and the church as a whole and it’s been about three days now.

As I sat here meditating on it, I perceived in My Spirit what appeared to be two sides of the earth. As I looked in between, it seemed as if plates started to peel or fall off forming glass slides.… [Continue reading...]

“There is a remnant that I have hidden in the earth.”

Word from the Father to His remnant:

“My chosen ones, listen to your heavenly Father this day.  Do you not know, nor recognize just how much I desire to be one with you? For I tell you; this has been My plan and desire since before the foundations of the earth.  And now, I am thrilled to share with you that the season is now upon you to become one with Me in the fullness of Spirit and truth.

I do not speak merely of a judicial truth, yet an experiential truth.  … [Continue reading...]

“It’s time for a mighty move of the Spirit of God in Texas.”

As I was landing in Dallas Texas a few days ago, I saw angels in the spirit and they were stirring the waters. It reminded me of the story in John 5 where an angel of the Lord would periodically descend into the pool to stir the waters and the first person who stepped into the pool after the wave swirled would be instantly healed. The story goes on about a man who had been disabled for 38 years and was lying with the others who were sick.… [Continue reading...]

TD Hale: “Do not fear North Korea”

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have increased significantly in the past week or so. In an April 12 interview on Fox Business Network, President Trump said, “We are sending an armada, very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you. And we have the best military people on Earth. And I will say this. He (Kim Jong Un) is doing the wrong thing. He is doing the wrong thing.… [Continue reading...]

The Lord is Fortifying You!

Last night I had a dream and the Lord spoke very clearly and highlighted the word “FORTIFYING”.

FORTIFYING – (and some synonyms): to strengthen (a place) with defensive works so as to protect it against attack, strengthen, secure, protect, invigorate, strengthen, energize, enliven, liven up, animate, vitalize, rejuvenate, restore, revive, refresh. (Source: Google.com)

The Lord showed me specifically how He is FORTIFYING His people and what they carry, from the INSIDE OUT.

Many of you have been knocked around, tossed to and fro by attack and opposition that has come against you lately.… [Continue reading...]

The Lord says He is coming in this season and He is breathing upon those dry bones.

Can these bones live? I just really feel like this is the word of the Lord in this season. These are like the days of Ezekiel when the Lord is breathing upon the dry bones. He’s breathing upon loss. He’s breathing upon things that look shattered.

When Ezekiel went down into the valley of dry bones, it says the Spirit of the Lord was upon him and took him down into the valley (Ezekiel 37). Valleys represent times of trial, times of hardship, times of crisis, times of battle, and that is where Ezekiel found the dry bones.… [Continue reading...]