“Tell them… tell My people to come, I prepared it for them.”

I was just praying and thinking about Gods heart for us as His children. And suddenly, God took me into a vision.

I saw God do the most amazing healings in people’s hearts and bodies, inside and out. I saw Him move from person to person and release from His heart, exactly what each person needed to keep going. I saw people suddenly break through in areas they have been challenged in for years. Some actually ran around as if set free from a cage.… [Continue reading...]

This is a season of supernatural debt cancellation where there will be a transfer of wealth like never before.

God allowed me to stay awake all night, showing me many things. But as I was going to try sleep again, suddenly I felt an urgency to post this word. It’s a specific, very important word, for the children of God.

God showed me these specific instructions for each of us. This is the time to cancel in the Spirit all letters of accusation, things like words spoken out against us, including those we know about and even those we don’t, such as negative medical reports, financial letters of demand, and debt that we have literally had no choice but to go into just to survive, and everything or everyone who is accusing us, given to us from the enemy.… [Continue reading...]

This is the time the earth has been groaning for, the manifestation of the true sons and daughters of God.

I saw many eagles, like millions, flying in the sky, who had been hovering over the earth for such a time as this. These eagles were on fire, descending onto the earth, all over the world.

Then I found myself above the atmosphere, like in space. And these eagles were hovering out in space. I was on the earth seeing them come down, but it was as if I was taken back into time to see their origin.

Then I was suddenly seeing them from space and they all at the exact same time, as if they all heard a sound at the same time, which signaled their release, started propelling themselves towards the earth very fast, beak first, as if they were diving, like when they dive down to get their prey and their wings are back.… [Continue reading...]

“It’s for times like these you have ALREADY been trained!”

Hi my precious friends! As I was about to go sleep, I was just worshiping Jesus and I felt so strongly God saying that I must post this word now! It’s so spot on for these times! So once again, I humbly submit it to you. I believe these words are for so many of us….may God touch our lives deeply for His glory through it. Love Angie ♡♡♡

I was just about to go sleep and I felt God suddenly put the words, “sustaining power” into my heart!… [Continue reading...]

“I am so proud of you! Great is your reward, even in this life!”

There are so many things in life that we can be negative about! Everywhere you go people seem to be focusing on the negative! And in reality there are so many negative things happening all around us that cause fear and anxiety to grip your heart.

When I look around at what has happened in our lives over the years, I recognize that we have had many challenges and still do. But somehow within those challenges, I see how many miracles we have experienced!… [Continue reading...]

I saw a most beautiful vision of so many people who are right now feeling downcast!

I sense so strongly this is where God’s people are right now, inside South Africa and spread all across the world. I saw this vision and got this word some time ago, but as I was about to sleep, I felt God saying that I must post it now! So I humbly share this with you! Love Angie ♡♡♡

I saw a most beautiful vision of so many people who are right now feeling downcast! And they were standing waiting for something, but their heads were just hanging down looking into the ground.… [Continue reading...]

“My blessings are being released over your lives from places where they have seemed to have been stuck.”

Dear friends, as I was about to sleep, and I heard My Daddy God’s voice. I humbly share with you what He said. …Love Angie ♡♡♡

“In this transition time, My blessings are being released over your lives from places where they have seemed to have been stuck. I AM aware of those things that have been tearing at your soul and even your very character. But don’t despair, you have a unique ‘song’ to be sung! Your frustration has caused you to think your breakthrough is not going to happen, but this is a lie from the enemy![Continue reading...]

The Bride is Being Perfected by Love Through the Wilderness

Where are we finding ourselves now in these times as a child of God? I’ve been asking myself this question and seeking God’s heartbeat on where I am now and where He wants me to be. I sense God is maturing us all as His Bride, to be able to be ready to “stand” in these times, in great power and authority, until that day when He comes as our Bridegroom King to take us to Eternity!

Yet, many people are not understanding this process and are not realizing it is part of His preparation.… [Continue reading...]