Destruction of Babylon is close, but God will give us a last moment warning.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” (Proverbs 25:2 KJV)

It felt like I had the same dream all night.  This is what I remember as I awoke on March 10th, 2018:

I saw the number 239 over and over again, even talking about it. Once, seeing the number on three white blocks, each with one number lined up in order to show 2 3 9 together.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic vision reveals supernatural protection of tortured believers

I had a terrible and amazing experience with the Lord several months ago. I had been troubled about a couple things specifically. One was that God would allow His people to suffer great pain and torment in death, and two that a child of God would not be given every opportunity to come to Him before death.

I can only explain it like this; it felt as though the Lord literally took me back in time to observe a place and time of torture of His saints.… [Continue reading...]

“The lines are in place. The traps are set.”

Write what I have to say to the nations:

(Scriptural references added in parenthesis to provide additional context.)

“You are a trembling pot ready to boil over. (Zechariah 12 & 13) Every scheme of the enemy has added fuel to the fire that burns nearly out of control.

A fear will arise out of the leader of the north. I will put a hook in his jaw and cause him to march out in battle against the leader of the south.… [Continue reading...]

August 21st Solar Eclipse Over America is Incredibly Significant

I know without doubt that the eclipse of August 21st that cuts across America is incredibly significant. Jewish tradition holds that a total solar eclipse is a sign of judgment and a warning to the gentiles. America is the greatest gentile nation in history and we are facing judgment. God is calling His people to the greatest move of repentance, unseen since Moses came down the mountain with the 2nd set of tablets.

Over two years ago the Lord pointed me to this event as recorded in my journal:

(July 5, 2015)
This morning I felt like I was hearing the Lord clearly speaking to my heart.… [Continue reading...]

“This fall the mighty fall will begin in earnest and there will be no slowing.”

The day draws near. It is so very near. You can feel the closeness of the hour that will come upon you like a thief in the night. (1 Thess. 5:2)

I will not forsake those that call upon my name. Now is the time to call out to Me and be redeemed from the lost sheep. (Matt. 15:24). Call out to Me and I will answer you. You were lost but now you are found. You have been found amongst a den of thieves.… [Continue reading...]

“The drums of war are beating. Will you come now, or will you wait to be ravaged?”

“To My children, I say this: Awake. Awake now. The time for sleeping has past. I am not calling you into labor, but into rest in Me. (Hebrews 4) You have been resting in the ways of this world, slumbering through this life. You forget that it was I that made you and it will be I that calls you to account for your life lived. (Romans 14:12)

I am raising up an exceedingly great army. (Ezekiel 37:10) Will you enlist?… [Continue reading...]

Angel of Death: “Woe to the Inhabitants of the Earth”

I’ve been holding onto this seeking the Lord for more understanding. I am feeling such a pressure in the spiritual realm. I’m on edge, though I am asking the Lord for peace.

After midnight on January 7th, 2017, I became so hot while sleeping that I was awakened. I opened my eyes to see what I believe was the “Angel of Death” standing before me in the corner of my bedroom. I heard the Angel say to me, “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth.”

I felt the strong presence of the Lord.… [Continue reading...]

“War is Coming. It Is At Your Doorstep”

I received the following word from the Lord at 10:00 pm on December 26 2016.

“War is coming. It is at your doorstep. War will rage not just across the seas, but war will touch brother and brother. Brace yourself firmly under my wing. (Psalm 91). It is the only way.

Jesus is coming again in body. He has already come in spirit and in truth. No lie will stand. Lies coming into the light – this is what will cause war – war of nations and war of brothers.… [Continue reading...]

“Demolition Will Be Going On at the Same Time as Construction”

“The sun and the stars cry out to me.  All of creation groans for the manifest sons and daughters to come into who they were created to be.  This is the time.  This is the season where new life breaks forth.

I am building My kingdom on this earth now.  At the same time, the kingdoms built by man in flesh will fall until they are all rubble.  Demolition will be going on at the same time as construction.

Some of the land (and the hearts) have already been prepared with proper foundations so that now we can build upon them.… [Continue reading...]

The Coming Latter Rain – “What Once Was Hard Will Now Be Easy”

As I was lying in bed reading around 8 pm last night, something caught the corner of my eye to the right. I looked to the doorway that leads to the hall way and had an impression in the spirit of a large angel who had descended to stand there. Then I felt like I saw him in my spirit come into the room and stand in the corner by the door. He continues to stand there.

I asked the Lord if I was seeing an angel and I heard yes.… [Continue reading...]

The Heavens Will Shake and the Earth Will Tremble, A Plea to Come Out of Babylon

Oh, the days ahead. So much change is upon your nation and all the nations of this world. Every high place must fall before I return to take my rightful place on the the throne. The Kings of this earth conspire to hold fast to power, but it will not be so. Not one king, one ruler, will be left when I am done.

A new “breed” of leader is rising even now, a people given over to My purposes – a people after My own heart, and I will bestow upon them the mantle and the head dress.… [Continue reading...]

“The High Places Will All Be Shaken”

The Lord woke me up around 4 am today speaking to me. I was laying in bed not fully awake and I heard Him speak about an earthquake that was “to go off Saturday.”

I asked Him if He meant this coming Saturday, September 3rd. I did not hear Him answer, so I am not certain but felt like it was for the United States and would be significant, not the normal 1-3 magnitude.

In the past, the Lord has spoken to me of only two earthquake zones, the New Madrid and the ones on the west coast in California.… [Continue reading...]

“The Greatness of the Power Accessible to This Generation Has Never Been Seen Before”

See that which is before you, a true path made with upright stones, each formed perfectly to fit one next to the other in beauty and in strength, forged in the heat of the fire. Black and marred from the heat and the pressure, but made beautiful in My eyes, transformed into My bride.

The wedding party readies herself with much preparation. The heavens await in bated anticipation of the celebration that is to come, less than a generation to pass.… [Continue reading...]

Trojan Horse Rolled Down the Street But No One Paid Attention

On July 27 2016, I dreamed I was in a city with lots of tall buildings walking on the street with a sister in Christ.

I saw a very large airplane fly very low overhead just over the tops of the buildings. It looked like a typical cargo plane. Then I saw many helicopters flying together like in a pattern. This was all very ominous.

Then I saw a huge horse structure that looked to be about five stories tall and I thought to myself “Trojan Horse.” It looked to be in the shape of an actual horse but was very tall and perhaps the length of a football field.… [Continue reading...]

“Those Who Have Allowed Me to Burn Away Their Flesh Have Been Made Ready for This Hour”

On July 16 2016, the Lord directed me to this scripture in speaking of His remnant who will be saved through the judgments that are coming on this earth.

16 Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honored his name.
17 “On the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty, “they will be my treasured possession.… [Continue reading...]

Though The Storm Will Rage, We Have Hope

The Lord just took me through this over the last two hours as a storm popped up over my city and blew through. So many of us have been watching the storm clouds approaching for quite a long time, even years. There is an understanding in our spirit that the time of waiting is nearly over for the dark clouds are now overhead and ready to be emptied.

The sky is so dark and what was once stillness has now turned to wind.… [Continue reading...]

“America as She Was Will Be Remembered No More”

I had this dream in the early morning hours on May 25 2016.  This was a new experience for me having an “open vision” while dreaming, if that even make sense!

I dreamt I was sleeping in my bed and dreaming when I was awakened by an open vision that began as a black and white television cartoon being played on my bedroom wall like a projector.  Eventually the cartoon characters faded away, replaced by a broadcast coming into focus.  I saw a parade of blue military tanks going down the road. … [Continue reading...]

The Systems of This World are Failing

On January 16 2016, I dreamed I was at an old hospital building with a friend and her family.  The friend was having a baby, but there were complications.  I went back to her room to encourage her.  I sat in the lobby with her family.  I found snacks and hid them away.

Then the hospital turned into a college building.  The Dean of the school asked me to come up to look at the building. I could see that it was sagging on one side.  … [Continue reading...]

I Am Pouring Out Upon My People My Spirit of Grace

I know in my spirit and have seen with my own eyes that the Lord is pouring out His spirit in greater measure day by day and I believe it is connected to His great grace!

I asked the Lord to tell me about grace. He showed me this scripture:

“And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication. They will look on me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son.” (Zechariah 12:10)

I then heard this word from Jesus:

“I am pouring out upon My people My Spirit of grace.

[Continue reading...]

Your Country Will Be Left Desolate, But My Remnant Will Be Safe in My Arms

Debra Walker’s recent post about the coming pestilences and the blood reminded me of this word that I heard back in May 2015.

Prior to this word, the Lord had given me an extended closed vision over 2-weeks time of an angel (10 feet tall with huge tree trunk legs and wearing a black suit) who was standing in front of what looked like a dam holding back a large body of water.  The dam looked like it was made of railroad ties and stood perhaps 15 feet tall.… [Continue reading...]

Three Days of Darkness in the Northwest, Swift Judgment in Eastern United States

Yesterday while in prayer I saw a brief picture of ash falling and covering everything below it. I was moved to tears as I felt the Lord’s sorrow for what is coming. The Lord has spoken to me about judgment coming to our country through the Yellowstone caldera.

The dream shared by Shawna Elizabeth, Warning of Large Plume Clouds After Eruptions in Washington and Oregon, might have been viewing this same occurrence. I have been praying for a dream to confirm the words I have heard.… [Continue reading...]

The Shaking I Have Warned of is Upon You, But My Sheep Must Fear Not

I received this word last night and feel it is something to Lord wants me to share.

I went to sleep and was startled awake when I dreamed that a large grasshopper landed right in front of me.  It looked like a typical grasshopper but it was oversized.  It felt very real and for some reason was a little frightening.  I am not typically afraid of bugs or grasshoppers specifically.  There was no dream surrounding the grasshopper, just its presence and immediately I was forced awake.… [Continue reading...]

I Am Raising Up the Josephs

On January 3 2016 I was awakened and heard, “See.”

I saw before me twirling figures as if dancing in another time with sacks on their backs. They were adorned by jewelry, fancy clothes, and had their hair done up.  I was made to understand they were joyful in the Lord for having listened and prepared.

Then I heard “I am raising up the Josephs. The date the famine begins is January 16th”.

I went back to sleep, but was awakened again and saw in the spirit a huge pile of mechanical bows, but no arrows to go with them.… [Continue reading...]

An Event Will Occur That Will Begin World War 3 and There Is No Stopping It

The spirit of the living God comes to you.  Write what I say:

“An event will occur that will begin World War 3 (without debate) and there is to be no stopping it.  All the planning and scheming has led to this.  Many will lose their lives.

It is important that you rest in the shadow of the Almighty, your refuge and your strength.  I come to you to harken you to listen to all that I have to say.  The underpinnings of this attack come not from afar but from your own shores. … [Continue reading...]

Prepare For Battle, The Time Has Come

On December 9 2015 at 3:‪03 am, I was deeply asleep dreaming of being asleep in this very large house that was grand and exquisite. It was better than any mansion I’ve ever seen on television.

I was in bed asleep in the master bedroom with my husband when I was awoken to knocking at the door.  It went on for a while. Eventually I nudged my husband go see who it was.  I was a little anxious like you would be if it had really happened. … [Continue reading...]

The Leader of Your Nation Has Done His Job Well

The clock strikes 3.  Three bells chime.

The clanking of the chains as they drag on the ground can be heard.  The “monster” from the depths has been released from the bowels of hell.  Know that it is all connected.  The forces of evil move upon this earth carrying out great and horrible schemes.  One leads to another and to another as the cacophony of chaos grows:

The eruption of fire from the depths will come not in just one place but many.… [Continue reading...]

Neighbor Will Rise Against Neighbor as Fear Grips the Nation

This is the word I received from the Lord last week.

“Write every word I have to share with the nations.

Fear not good and faithful servants.  I am protection in this hour.  I am preparedness in this hour.  Peace I call you to.  Rest in me.  Do not labor in vain for there is nothing you must do to be okay.

The old will pass away, and this has begun.  Governments will fall.  Kings and rulers will fall.  The castles and strong holds of the wicked will fall. … [Continue reading...]

Damascus Will Be Hit First, Then Iran Will Shake.

On April 14 2015 I saw a vision. I was awake, but my eyes were closed, so I saw this with my heart.

I saw Jesus usher me through a white threshold into a great expanse. First, I looked to the left and saw a scene taking place behind a wall where smoke was rising. There had been a major explosion, so massive it reminded me of a mushroom cloud.

I heard: “Death, destruction, embitterment, chaos, disorder.”

Then I heard the word “ka-yed”, which I initially thought was spelled Quayed.… [Continue reading...]

This is the Time When the Sheep are Separated from the Goats

I heard this word from the Lord on July 13 2015:

“My word is this: The cry goes out to each child of God, to those I sealed at the beginning of time. The bell tolls and your ears burn with the sensation of the tingling. I am making you new so that you may go forth and do the work I’ve ordained for you at this time in this season. Worry not, fear not for in all things My work is good.… [Continue reading...]

There Is To Be No More Delay

My heart is so heavy for that which is coming upon our nation and the world. I want to share a word the Lord gave to me and released me to share.

On November 1st I heard this:

“There is an event just in front of you that will change the direction of your nation for eternity.  It is time for America to experience the wrath of the one true God.  Every drunkard must sober up eventually.”

“There are no more curtain calls.  … [Continue reading...]

Three Great Shakings Are Coming Upon Your Nation

On the evening of November 14th I heard this word from the Lord:

“What is coming upon your nation (United States) will shake it to its core.  The selfish and prideful will perish for not seeking my face in this hour.  Men will rise from the rubble and call on my name.  They will lay down their own plans to follow me. The angels have been released upon the four corners of the earth.  The word has gone forth.”

“It is now time to draw nigh that you would be spared my judgment which comes upon this land.  … [Continue reading...]