“Atlanta will be the first to fall, followed shortly by Houston.”

Prior to this word, I had a vision of Atlanta, where I used to live for a while. I felt strongly the new stadium is going to be completely destroyed.

I received the following word on May 10:

“Little one, you know what I have shown you to be true. Atlanta will be the first to fall, followed shortly by Houston.

A dirty bomb will come to a city and the inhabitants shall have no chance to flee. All these things must happen to atone for the sins of this nation.

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“Man will long for the days of peace, but it will no longer be found.”

Little one, Oh how the mighty are falling! Do they think I do not know what they do under the cover of darkness? Man’s schemes of wickedness shall be revealed!

I have heard the cries of my little ones and I shall act on their behalf! I will no longer hesitate! The time has come for the sons of God to be revealed. All of creation has been groaning in expectancy for this moment. Am I not a God who judges the deeds of My creation?… [Continue reading...]

“Moves are about to occur that will make it clear that I AM.”

I received this word from the Lord on August 22.

“Little one, pay attention to the stock market. Moves are about to occur that will make it clear that I AM. I AM the God of money. It is from Me that all riches come. Those who trust in their riches for security, BEWARE. You cannot serve two Gods. Those that shall endure and enter My kingdom shall be those who serve Me alone!

Purify your hearts, cleanse your minds! Do not believe that your preparations and savings will keep you safe.… [Continue reading...]

“The world is wearing out and you are about to see things that cannot be explained by science.”

Yesterday, I was just starting to watch a documentary called “Chasing Coral” about the changing ocean when the Lord had me sit down to write this word.

“Little one, they call it climate change, but do not be deceived by labels. My seas are showing signs of the end of the age. The plants and animals are dying as a wake up call! I have sent these signs as a warning.

My people must repent and humble themselves before Me before it is too late!… [Continue reading...]

“I am filtering My believers into the school system.”

On July 11, I was washing the dishes and contemplating the fact that I have noticed many school counselors who are in the same online groups as I am are believers in Christ (I am working on my Master’s Degree in Counseling to become a school counselor right now).

While I was thinking about this, the Holy Spirit nudged me to sit down and write this word:

“I am filtering My believers into the school system. My heart cries out for the young children and I am directing people there.… [Continue reading...]

“Plans have been decreed. The elite are preparing for destruction.”

I received this word after asking the Lord about the post, Prophetic Dream Reveals Obama is a Vampire.

“Little one, there is far more happening behind the scenes than you know. Plans have been decreed. The elite are preparing for destruction. They do not yet sound the alarm for fear of others taking their resources. They operate in secret and in greed. They will hide in the rocks of the Earth.

Plans that have been decreed long ago have been put into motion.… [Continue reading...]

“Technology shall be the undoing of mankind.”

I received this word on June 12, around 11:30 pm Hawaii time. It’s probably pretty clear with how many times it is mentioned, but the sentiment the Lord clearly impressed upon me was His statement, “I have loved you with an everlasting love”. I felt so overwhelmed with love. I have children, and the kind of love I felt from the Father during this message was such a tender, proud parent kind of love.

“Technology shall be the undoing of mankind.… [Continue reading...]