“I Have Shown You What Shall Take Place in This Next Season of My Bride”

I saw a fractured vessel, it looked like a jug and it was transparent, yet it was also multi-colored.

As I watched I could see oil was being poured into the vessel, yet it was so fractured it could not hold onto what was being poured in, but then I saw the fractured vessel being reconciled to its fractured pieces. Once this took place the whole vessel was restored, it was then reformed into a totally new vessel. Each broken piece (came together so it) made one beautiful vessel.… [Continue reading...]

We Are Crossing Over to the Other Side!

(After the Brexit vote passed) I heard the Lord say, “Rise up My church. Rise up My people. There is a storm forecast that is not sent from Me, rather the enemy would seek to stop you from reaching the other side for he knows on the other side, you will shift from seeing the ones and the twos saved, to seeing cities delivered, age old strongholds falling, and whole regions turning to Me!”

The transformation will be so fast and so extreme for some it will be terrifying. … [Continue reading...]

My People Have Entered a Season of New Mantles

I felt the Lord say: “My people have entered into a season of new mantles.”

“Many have served faithfully, like Joseph in this last decade. They have served and refused to be offended. They have taken rejection, misrepresentation, and even personal attack, yet they have stayed true. Some have suffered great personal loss, yet in all the testing they have stayed true to me and have refused to become bitter.”

“In this next season I’m releasing new mantles of authority and anointing. … [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Future of United States

I’ve held this word for quite some time. It came as a dream about the United States of America.

I found myself sitting in what can only be described as a frantic courtroom. 
I sat and watched as one witness after another presented their evidence. 
One came forward and shouted with tears, “Look at this wickedness!”

I looked and saw horrific pictures of dead babies and children.

Then another came and shouted, “Look at this greed!”

Then another shouted, “Look at this pride!”

Then another, “Look at this corruption!”

This went on as more and more irrefutable evidence of guilt was given.… [Continue reading...]