“The Lord is sending His prophets in this hour with words of alignment.”

Recently, I had a dream that a person called “Judah” was going deaf. I began to cry and say, “Nooooo!! He can’t go deaf. It will effect his destiny! He is called to music, his destiny entails sound.”

In the dream, I was so distraught as to how I could fix his problem as I knew that if he couldn’t hear properly, he couldn’t walk in his destiny.


The Lord showed me this dream was speaking to the House of Judah.… [Continue reading...]

“Your holy dissatisfaction of unfulfilled promises is causing a pulling and Jacob needs you to pull!”

This is an Abraham, Isaac and Jacob move. God has kept you in the Abraham generation (age 70+) and the Isaac generation (age 40-70) for such a time as this. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t feel forgotten, or like you have missed it. No, for your time is coming now.

Oh yes… it’s a multigenerational move that the Lord wants to express Himself through and bring the kingdom through. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob generations are needed for the complete sound of the kingdom to have its fullness and shake what needs to be shaken and shift what needs to be shifted, and release on earth what needs to be released.… [Continue reading...]

I hear the decree of heaven resounding like a trumpet, “GAME, SET, AND MATCH!”

I recently had a vision of a tennis match being played. Five sets had been played and it was a very long game that had gone on for a long time. It was up to match point and had been going between Deuce and Advantage for the longest time.

Prophetically this picture was speaking of the threshold place where we stand before a breakthrough and it can sometimes feel like we are about to breakthrough, only to feel we have yet had another delay or backwards step.… [Continue reading...]

Destiny promotions like that of Joseph are taking place in this season.

I sense tension in the spirit realm right now where movement, advancement and ground taking is happening for Gods people, but there is an aggravation from the enemy as he seeks to provoke the saints into fights and battles where they would settle for natural weapons. Don’t take the bait, you cannot win a war with mere carnal weapons. I see the enemy laying all sorts of different traps and snares to lure Gods people into a fight where they would be tempted to engage in retaliation by the arm of the flesh or flight by fear.… [Continue reading...]

A Warning to the Plumbline Prophets

Today, I would love to bring forth a loving reminder to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, especially those who have a ministry platform. Especially even, to those who have eyes to see and may even hold a “prophetic” OR “apostolic” anointing, or office.

Oh, the responsibility that weighs on the lives to those who “see”, those who have prophetic revelational insight into the ways and purposes of God. Oh the responsibility that weighs on the life that even has mandates of reformation and carries insights of the restoration of the forgotten truths to the body of Christ.… [Continue reading...]

The Lord is calling His people back to TRUE NORTH.

I hear a question from the Lord to His people resounding in the spirit, “Who are you running after?”.

I sense the Lord is releasing His compass over the hearts of His people in this season. Firstly, to reveal to them the alignment of their direction, (the positioning of their heart and the direction in which they are running), and secondly, if they are found to be off course, to extend an invitation to return to TRUE NORTH.

Metaphorically TRUE NORTH is a navigational focal point that enables one to travel on the right path no matter where the destination may be.… [Continue reading...]

New Breed of Commandos Being Sent Forth with Prophetic and Evangelistic Alignment

I see a wave building even now of a move of God that is carrying and thrusting forth in this hour harvesters who carry and have been endowed with the Spirit of Elijah.

I see an amalgamation of mantles for the harvest that is before us in this season. The marrying of the Prophet and Evangelist. The Lord is adding to the prophets and evangelists in this hour. For those who stand in the Evangelistic office, I see a stronger prophetic thrust coming forth, a stronger prophetic angle and expression of release.… [Continue reading...]

“The Forgotten Will Be Forgotten No More!”

Last night I had a dream where the Lord was sending His word into the ears of those who have felt forgotten, those who have felt overlooked, those who seem to be in a place of feeling washed up and finished with. Those that feel like they are too old and they have passed the ‘use by’ date, like Sarah, for the promises of God to be fulfilled in their lives.

I see there is a place where many are, where many have resigned themselves to the fact that the season for those promises to be fulfilled in their lives has come and gone.… [Continue reading...]

The Lord says He is coming in this season and He is breathing upon those dry bones.

Can these bones live? I just really feel like this is the word of the Lord in this season. These are like the days of Ezekiel when the Lord is breathing upon the dry bones. He’s breathing upon loss. He’s breathing upon things that look shattered.

When Ezekiel went down into the valley of dry bones, it says the Spirit of the Lord was upon him and took him down into the valley (Ezekiel 37). Valleys represent times of trial, times of hardship, times of crisis, times of battle, and that is where Ezekiel found the dry bones.… [Continue reading...]

“Now It’s Time to Take the Plunge Out Into the Deep.”

In a time of worship I saw Jesus stand up from the throne, beginning to call out. It was “TIME”. It was a call to go deeper and a call to go Higher.

As I tuned into this call, I could hear it was a call to those who are hungry, to those who want more, to those who aren’t satisfied with a substitute expression of His presence via programs and tradition. It’s a call to those who are feeling confined and lidded, and say in their hearts “There’s got to be more”!!!!… [Continue reading...]

The Sons of Thunder Will ROAR with the Voice of God and Shake the Earth

On awaking in the early hours of the morning on April 1, the Lord spoke to me to release this word via written text. Although some of this content is in the last video post of “Divine Turnaround of Explosive Breakthrough”, the Lord’s voice boomed in my ears in the early hours of this morning, “Sons of Thunder it’s time to ROAR” and He prompted me to share this as a written post.

A week ago I had two dreams that coincided with each other.… [Continue reading...]

God Healing Hearts of Those Who Have Endured Long Barren Season

This is a continuation of the word I shared before from Isaiah 54, Now is the Time to Sing a Song of Triumph Because You Will Not Be Barren Any More. Since I posted that, I have been really feeling the Lord’s heart for the heart sore and the afflicted.

I believe the Lord wants to minister to the areas of the heart for those who have been through a season of barrenness and desolation, a season when we don’t give birth and promises are not fulfilled and we endure long seasons of contending and lack and trials and tribulations.… [Continue reading...]

“Now is the Time to Sing a Song of Triumph Because You Will Not be Barren Anymore.”

When a woman is in childbirth, they often reach a time when they feel like they just can’t do it anymore, like they can’t go on, but that is the time when they are giving birth and the baby’s head is crowning.

I feel like that is where we are right now as a body and as a people. The head is crowning. This is the season of the Isaacs being birthed. This is the season that God’s promises, which he has put in your heart, are coming forth by His spirit.… [Continue reading...]

“I am Releasing Ridiculous Favor”

As I was waking up, I heard the words, “Ridiculous favor.”

The Lord said to me, “I am releasing ridiculous favor and this favor I am pouring out is going to be so outrageous, My people will be laughing their way into their promises. It will spark hilarious outbreaks of My joy as I move in an unthinkable, astonishing expression of My favor that will catapult My people in their divine destiny.”

God is going to move in really different ways.… [Continue reading...]

Word for Australia: A Move of the Furious Fire of His Love

The Lord is changing the face of the Church in this nation from the face of fear to the face of Love.


He is stripping away religion and tradition, the stumbling blocks to a move of His Spirit.

He is stripping away the culture of performance that the Church in Australia has been deeply rooted in and He is bringing forth a nation rooted and grounded in his love.… [Continue reading...]

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

In a time of intercession today, I went into an encounter of travail. In this encounter, it was winter time and I saw the devil was having fun on a sled laughing and joyfully thinking he had won against God’s people. He was drunk with his own satisfaction of deceived victory against God’s people, as he was deluded in thinking he had prevented them from breaking through into the next season of blessing and inheritance. Next minute, his sled got overturned and he was toppled out!… [Continue reading...]