Potential health dangers caused by nanotechnology

This post warns about the potential health dangers caused by nanotechnology and provides solutions.

Nano components are being sprayed on our environment from airplanes. These microscopic components are contained within other substances, which land on agricultural food products, water, soil, animals (including those we eat), plants, etc. These components, called nanotechnology, are then inhaled and coughed up as phlegm, which we swallow, sending it into the acid-rich environment of our stomach, which allows them to replicate as crystals, which grow filaments on the corners, resembling a tick, but comprised of a silicon base that becomes mobile in our body.… [Continue reading...]

Exposure to blue light could cause harmful health effects.

Exposure to invisible light called blue light could be damaging our eyes and cause other health problems. This post explains what’s happening and what we can do about it.

As shown in the illustration above, the human eye is only able to perceive one part of the light spectrum, called visible light, which is that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is seen as colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. There are other kinds of light, which our eyes are unable to perceive, but are just as real.… [Continue reading...]

“He is a deceiver, a deceiver of the elect.”

In the 10-minute video shown below, a lady shares warnings she believes God gave her regarding President Trump deceiving the elect. The video was published on January 19, 2019 on the YouTube channel of MrsWatchWoman.

She asked God why she continually gets warnings about Trump while so many other Christians are not getting that. She said God then instructed her to watch and listen to Donald Trump for three days. She did so and felt it was a strong confirmation of the warnings she received.… [Continue reading...]

Nail polish is bad for your health.

Many things in our food, water, products we use, and our environment are steadily harming our health. Key points from a recent study released about people that use nail polish shows they have:

  • Higher rates of cancer
  • More sleep disorders
  • More diet disruptions

Bottom line: Nail polish is not good for your body because dangerous chemicals in the nail polish are absorbed into your skin. For more details, see this post by research scientist from Stanford University, Thu Quach. The warnings are summarized in the video shown below.… [Continue reading...]

Obama signs order called, “The Extinction of the Christians.”

In the 44-minute video shown below, Gelzel L shares a dream she received earlier this year in which she saw what sounds like the beginning of the tribulation in the United States. This dream aligns with what I have been shown in my spirit.

In her dream, all phones started ringing at the same time. As we were answering, many military vehicles pulled up so fast, out of nowhere, with multitudes of military people who immediately started shooting and tasing people.… [Continue reading...]

New Aquaman movie promoting Elite agenda.

A nonstop war is now being waged for control over our minds. To that end, the Elites, the world’s wealthiest individuals, are using their wealth to control most of the world’s communications, i.e. TV stations, newspapers, books, journals, magazines, radio stations, etc. as they seek to control the narrative for what they want the masses to see, think, feel and act.

In SunTzu’s “Art of War”, one of the first strategies is to “Know your enemy”.  To that end, I pay attention to what the Elites say and do.  … [Continue reading...]

Christians, conservatives, patriots, and nationalists will be blamed for economic collapse.

Christians, conservatives, patriots, and nationalists are now being closely linked to President Trump and other conservative leaders, like President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil.

Bolsonaro won the recent Brazilian presidential election with the help of Brazil’s large number of Christians, similar to how Trump won the 2016 U.S. election. In both cases, the news media has made sure the masses know Christians support these leaders, setting the stage for them to be BLAMED for the coming economic collapse with the GOAL of a complete rejection of the VALUES that “led to the collapse”.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dream warns of Obama’s rotten teeth.

The 3-minute video shown at the bottom of this post presents a dream about Barack Obama’s rotten teeth, confirmed by two other Christians, including Beverly from Church in the Wilderness who has had many dreams of Obama as the antichrist, about having rotten teeth revealing that Obama is a liar, like his father, the devil.

I believe God continues to show those who are willing to see Obama’s true identity. I do believe Roma Downey, the Christian woman who made the History Channel Special about the Bible, was trying to “wake people up” (I was personally sound asleep then) to who Obama really is by choosing an actor to play the role of Satan that looked like Obama’s twin.… [Continue reading...]

Hurricane Michael reveals repeating pattern of 13’s

Biblical prophecy continues to come to fruition as many are sounding the alarm by showing how the spiritual world is now manifesting in the physical world.  One of my favorite Christian Youtube channels, called Many Fish, is sounding the alarm by decoding news articles and current events to show how current events reveal the times we are in.

In a recent video, shown at the bottom of this post, Many Fish shares interesting patterns manifesting through hurricane Michael, especially regarding the number 13.… [Continue reading...]