A Face-off of Three Presidents; Is Civil War on the Horizon?

This dream was given on October 2, 2017. It is now time to release it. I struggled with the interpretation, feeling what I wrote was not enough and there must be more to what I had received. I held it and prayed upon it. Yet, still nothing more. Then one evening, I received an email from Brook Ardoin, sharing a more in depth interpretation she got as she read it.

I immediately replied and knew that the Lord had passed the task of the greater portion of interpretation onto her.… [Continue reading...]

“When you pray, you sound like a song to Me.”

On September 24 2017, I awoke in the night and heard the Lord talking to me about prayer.  My mind was quickened, alive and sharp, the way it typically is when He comes to me when I am asleep.

He shared with me His desire for all people who come to Him in prayer.  He said, “When people come to Me, I love it when they come as their unique and complete self, for I created everyone uniquely and individually.”

He said He created each of us with all our unique attributes and personalities, so that’s exactly what He wants from us when we turn to Him in prayer.  … [Continue reading...]

“I am going to take you out of that place you are living now and transplant you into very fruitful soil.”

You will no longer live in fox holes, going from one fox hole to another.  The ground you till will no longer produce thorns and briers. Your ground will be a fruitful ground.  Your wells will overflow. Your darkness is now past. Your true light will now shine forth.

You are Eucalyptus trees to Me.  Your rich fragrant oils are a pleasure to Me and to all who come to know you.  You are much sought after.  Your years of looking to a fruitless end are ending. … [Continue reading...]

I was received up into an open heaven through a hole in the clouds.

This dream was given on September 19, 2017. Please note that we understand there are many current eschatological positions. I am not speaking for ANY particular one of them – whether you are a pre, mid, or post tribulation believer, this dream does NOT single out any one particular position. It does not matter, and the Lord made certain of that in the dream. This is simply for all who believe in the rapture itself. “Whoever hath ears to hear, let him hear.”… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dream reveals condition of today’s American Church

This powerful dream was given to me back on July 29, 2017. The Lord recently gave me clear instructions that I was no longer to keep this to myself, for it is not mine to hold. This dream is so powerful, there may be many more layers that the Lord may reveal to you. As always, take all things to the Lord in prayer.

My dream began with me walking in a beautiful garden-like setting with the same man (heavenly representative) that I have seen in most of my dreams from God. … [Continue reading...]

“I saw a swirling black smoke of darkness sweeping the land.”

This dream/vision was shared with me from a very old friend, and very reliable source. I have known her long enough to experience that when she hears from God, it always comes to pass with accuracy. I have asked her permission to share this, and she said it was fine by her as long as she remains anonymous. She received this last week. I will let the dream/vision speak for itself as I feel that it does not need my interpretation.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: U.S. Land Invasion by Chinese; Citizens Forced Out of Home and State

In a dream on September 14 2017, I saw my husband and I standing outside of our home.  Though it did not look like our area, I knew it was.  We were walking about, with a sense of knowing that we were somehow on our way out. As time passed, we slowly acknowledged that we were not going to be living there anymore, yet were perplexed and without direction.

As we walked around, not knowing exactly what was happening or where we were going, I suddenly noticed that Chinese people began appearing everywhere. … [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: The Sign of the Final End

On September 17, 2017, I was visited in a dream by the same heavenly representative that normally is present in most of the prophetic dreams given me by the Lord.

Once I awoke, I immediately knew this was an urgent message/warning not only for myself, but also for the entire Body of Christ. This is one of the most outstanding warnings given to me about the End Times we are living in. It is a serious matter that we must take to the Lord in prayer, that He may give us the discernment to have the understanding of this sign when it arrives, lest we risk missing it or the deception that comes by missing it.… [Continue reading...]

The Judgment Sentence Passed Upon the Entire Earth – A Message from the Holy Spirit of God

It is September 20, 2017, and I feel so compelled to write this article from my heart and not my head today.  It is rather a build up from things I have been hearing from many of the saints of God.  The power and anointing of the Holy Spirit is here, aiding my hand in all I write.

Lately, I have been feeling an overwhelming, very deep grief moving within me.  I noticed it about a couple of months ago.  It goes a lot deeper than anything I recognize of myself. … [Continue reading...]

“Trump Has Already Been Chosen Two Years Ago”

At the first of the month in January 2016, while I sat at the front desk at the private club where I worked, a prominent political figure came in for a private meeting. Many guests of the club are congressmen and senators. It is basically a Republican elitist club.

On that night, a secret service agent came to the front desk and stood there the entire time. The prominent political official who was at the time Speaker of the House came in for a meeting.… [Continue reading...]

China is Now Married to the Land

In a dream I received a dream on February 6 2016, I saw a very large construction yard with big structures a short distance away from me. They looked like commercial buildings, but they were framed up with metal and wires. I wanted to see it, so I walked over to take a look. As I approached, it was a typical construction setting with planks of wood that the workers walked on, lots of dirt, construction equipment, etc.

I saw something that caught my attention, a number of men standing around a big hole in the ground.… [Continue reading...]

Life As We Have Known It is Going to Change Suddenly

On January 31 2016, I dreamed I was in the mountains with lots of big pine trees and thick forests. I was staying in a quaint hotel. You know the kind. Old, cabin features, and charming. It was a sort of resort place with families getting in and out of cars, a typical American vacation scenario.

I was in my hotel room sitting on the bed and I knew it was getting to be that time where we had to go.… [Continue reading...]

Believers Being Gathered Together and Brought Out of Isolation

I dreamed I saw myself walking on a sidewalk in a big city at night.

As I walked, I noticed something I didn’t see before. A huge side of a mountain appeared right next to the sidewalk. And I mean it butted up right where the cement ended.

I stopped and looked at it thinking, “What is this? I didn’t notice this before. How strange that all of a sudden a mountain side is here.”

I stood there looking at it.… [Continue reading...]

The Great Shepherd Is Urgently Calling Many People Right Now

In a dream, I saw myself walking in beautiful country. It was a beautiful day and I felt light and good. I came to a beautiful park filled with many people. I stood at the edge of the park and watched all the people walking around, but I noticed no one was talking to anyone.

They were together, but not like we would expect, which made me wonder. Just then a man was standing at my side. He spoke to me and said, “I want you to enter into the park with the people.”… [Continue reading...]

False Bride Now Being Prepared to Embrace False Bridegroom

Long after I had left the organized church, I had this dream. I struggled in a way to share this, but it came to the surface strongly recently and when I awoke this morning it was even stronger. I prayed about it and felt led to type it out, so here it is.

I saw myself walking along a sidewalk. I came up to an enormous building made of big cement walls. As I walked along just about to pass by it, a door swung open.… [Continue reading...]

I Will Use the Despised and Rejected to Show My Greatest Light

I received this word from the Lord on January 26 2016.

“Many of My people know that I am coming again, the young and the old in the faith alike. Is it not clearer than ever? Yet I see many fearing the end due to radical changes in the earth and nations. My judgments are not for you. They are for the rooting out of Satan’s kingdom to establish My glorious kingdom. You are now living in the days of the beginning of My judgments.… [Continue reading...]

I Am Getting You Ready for a Swift Charge

“Things are beginning to fold up.

The inhabitants of this world, mainly the rich, are and will be hanging on to the very end to things that will, in the end, erase all their earthly joys and comforts. They are waxed bold before My face. They do not consider how swiftly they will eat the malnourishing bread of poverty and iniquity.

As of today, the sky may seem all is clear, but very quickly the sky will gather clouds, My thick black clouds.… [Continue reading...]

Supernatural Deliverance Coming at the End of the Day

In a dream I saw myself walking with some friends. It was the end of the day and the sun was starting to set.  The area we were walking in was near a park, a big beautiful park.

As we were walking I said to the people, “I need to go and see more of the park.”

They were against my idea and tried to convince me it would take away valuable time since we were on foot and the day was almost over and we needed to get somewhere.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Seated High Above the Earth with Master Control

In a dream I was walking along a street. A man came to me and asked me to come with him. He said he wanted to show me something.

As soon as I agreed, I noticed a ladder from the earth that stretched up into the sky. The man showed me the ladder and I knew he wanted us to go up to the top. I knew there was something up there he wanted to show me.

Instantly, we were at the top of the ladder.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Appears Dead But Is Unharmed and Gets the Last Laugh

In a dream I saw myself standing with a group of people. Standing in front of us was President Obama.

He was dressed in casual clothing, not in a suit as he usually is. He was making a speech to us regarding his last days in office.

He was saying he had done his best and saying goodbye to us as a nation. He was speaking many things about how much he had tried and how he thought he had done great things.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Will Be Caught Red Handed

I was in devotions one morning about a year ago at the beginning of 2015. I strongly heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “Right before Obama leaves the office, he will be caught red handed by the entire world. He will be exposed to the entire world.”

Then immediately in a waking vision I saw Obama like a thief in the dark. It was like seeing someone in our home sneaking around. Instantly, a glaring bright light shone upon him.… [Continue reading...]

Fiery Boulders Falling from Sky Engulf Land in Flames

In a dream I was in a car with a good friend driving down a two-lane road leaving a city. She was driving and I was in the passenger seat.

All of a sudden, the road ended and turned into a rocky dirt road, so she stopped the car and got out. We walked to the front of the car to see where the road had ended and to assess whether or not the car could handle the rocky dirt road.… [Continue reading...]

The Government Will Lay Siege to Homes and They Will Become Government Property

I dreamed I was walking along and the same man that always shows me things in dreams and visions came to me. He took me by my arm and asked me to come with him. I felt as though we were in a hurry.

We came to a housing unit and he knocked on the door. A young man opened the door, but he was in a hurry to go. He told the man that was with me, “I am sorry, but I cannot stay.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Giant Explosion in Southwest Texas

In a dream I saw myself suspended over the earth. I was so high up that I could see the entire curve of our planet. A man was with me at my right side, as in all my dreams. I looked and saw the position we were in was right over the United States. I could see the entire nation from shore to shore.

Just then I saw an enormous explosion. It was so great it reached up into the heavens.… [Continue reading...]

There Will Be a Price on the Heads of Christians

In my dream I saw myself riding in the passenger seat of a car driven by a man with two young women in the back seat. We were on a two-lane country road and it seemed like we were speeding and escaping from someone. I wasn’t quite sure yet, but I felt scared.

Instantly out of the blue, the driver swerved off the road onto a little rocky dirt road. I looked at him and he was leaning forward over the steering wheel in a sweaty panic and filled with fear.… [Continue reading...]

The Time to Gather Things and Get More is Over

The threshholds of hell are opening up against My humanity at an ever malevolent force. I have been warning for a very long time now.

The time to gather things and to get more is over. Everything everyone owns and holds onto is at risk. Major storms are coming, one right after another that will tilt this world and knock it off balance. People will act as though they no longer know each other anymore due to fears that are brand new to them.… [Continue reading...]

Armies of Heaven and Hell Moving Simultaneously Over the Earth

I had a series of early morning visions. Though they were seemingly random, upon awakening I realized they were like a quilt. Though the items and pieces were different, they were all one. I will do my best to write down the message I received rather than to go into details of my dream.

This year is the real beginning of the end. Both sides, heaven and hell are moving simultaneously at an all time high over the expanse of the whole earth, upon all mankind.… [Continue reading...]

In Me You Will Find a Quiet Restful Habitation of Peace

Your desire to serve Me has come to full fruition. There is not a lot of time left on the clock and calendar. Trust Me and follow Me. Shake off fetters of relentless guilt and remorse. Satan is holding the other end of the chains. Moreover, I have plans to use you. I have created you for me, for My distinct plans and purposes.

Soon nothing will be the same anymore. Time to spend on your shame will be gone. There will no longer be time to spend on yourselves that way.… [Continue reading...]

I Am Calling You to Walk in the Darkest Period of Human History

It is midnight now. I am now searching the earth with lanterns. I am making thorough searches. I will move suddenly. Everything you have learned from Me through these years was for the purpose of toughening you up for what will come upon the whole earth all at once.

Few will be able to stand up under it. Do not be fooled by those who seem to be strong in Me. Many will fall away. Some will return last minute. This will take everyone by surprise.… [Continue reading...]

Unexpected Dark Valleys and Magnificent Victories Coming in 2016

Your lives are about to take a turn. Do not be surprised by any sudden changes. The best way to be prepared is to stay prepared, like a soldier in a bunker. I have been watching you.

Dangerous courses as well as dark valleys are before you, but also some magnificent fields of victory long awaited, and sought out glory.

I see many of you drawing close to Me and returning to Me. But it won’t be quite the same way as former times.… [Continue reading...]

Many Christians Will be Brought Before Tribunals

In a dream I immediately saw myself in a court room, seated on the witness stand. In front of me was a long table with a panel of older, distinguished looking men all seated on one side of the table facing me.

Also in front of me a man was interrogating me. He began by asking me, “So then are you a Christian?”

I answered, “Yes, I am a Christian.”

He had a wicked smirk on his face as he asked me another question.… [Continue reading...]

God’s Judgment of America is Set in Stone

I dreamed I saw myself walking along the seashore with a man talking to me about some serious things. It was a stormy day with thick, heavy, dark clouds amassing. The wind and waves were kicking up.

I thought it was strange that we would be walking along the seashore with this storm brewing. As we were walking and he was talking, I looked around and saw the storm was rapidly approaching.

I knew it was not a normal storm. We stopped walking and he looked out past me and then back to me and pointed to a long jetty made of concrete and rock.… [Continue reading...]

The Noise of Horsemen Are Near, A Violent Shaking and Disorder

I received the following word from the Lord:

“The walls are beginning to fall. The noise of horsemen are near. A violent shaking and disorder. And this is only the beginning. It is about to get worse. Nothing will compare to it. Violent outbreaks will be everywhere, even in places never seen before or expected.

I will radically transform the landscape of this nation. I will plow it usunder. I will turn it into a furnace. I will burn up every foul thing.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Orders Beheading of Christians

In a dream I saw myself on an enormous stage standing before a throne. Two men were standing at my right hand side making accusations against me to the one seated on the throne. Their prosecution attacks were filled with angry vicious language.

Then I looked at the throne, which was about 25 feet in front of us. I saw a man seated on what looked like a classic white throne. It was a black man dressed in a business suit.… [Continue reading...]