“Tell My people that I am about to do a seven day turnaround”

Pastor Joe Dawson

On March 21 2017, Pastor Joe Dawson, President of Burn Texarkana Revival Center and House of Prayer, posted a powerful prophetic word on his Facebook page. The message he received sounds similar to the word posted yesterday by Julie Whedbee, “A Great and Mighty Acceleration is Upon You.”

Pastor Dawson believes God prompted him to tell people, “Prophetic acceleration is coming, a seven-day turnaround, where God will suddenly fulfill the promises in the prophetic words that people have been hanging onto and praying into for many years.”

God did not tell him the seven-day period had already started or was starting the same day he received the word, just that it “is coming.” He said God told him, “I am about to do everything I have told people in their private places.”

So the seven-day countdown might have different start dates for different people because it is something God is “about to do” concerning specific words spoken to specific individuals.… [Continue reading...]

“A great and mighty acceleration is upon you.”

A great and mighty acceleration is upon you. You are seeing and experiencing this, not only in the physical, but even more so in the spiritual. The days of Noah are here. Evil is heralded as good, and all that is holy is now openly mocked and profaned. Truly, these are the last days!

My Word has taught you, when you see these things, harken to Me, to My voice, and look up for your redemption draws nigh!

As great advancements are made by man in areas of science, medicine, and technology, the beast system becomes more acceptable and more desired, as the Creator’s ways will be considered obsolete.… [Continue reading...]

Anarchy is Coming to Your Streets, Government Reverting Back to State Level

I received the following word on Sunday March 26, “Anarchy.”

This word stayed on my heart until late afternoon when it begin to speak.

“Anarchy is coming to your streets. It will be likened unto a fire that burns and is fueled by hatred. It shall consume in the streets of your cities. For brother shall rise against brother. The political parties will be no more. There will be a new form of government arising at the state level. New boundaries shall be drawn.… [Continue reading...]

Potential Government Shutdown Coming on April 29th, Two Days Before May Day

This is a follow up to my Mayday warning for America, which was based on two prophetic warnings received by two different people, both pointing to May 1st as the day America enters a season of total chaos and great shakings. Both visions identified Sunday April 30, which is the day before May Day, as the expiration date for America’s last chance to bring justice to our land.

The plot thickened today when Michael Snyder posted the article shown below explaining why it now appears likely the United States federal government will be forced to shut down on Saturday April 29 due to a lack of funding, just two days before May Day.… [Continue reading...]

“I Have A Controversy With America”

On the 23rd March, the Lord began speaking to me once again regarding America. First He told me to read Hosea 4, which is shown at the bottom of this post. Then He said this:

“I have a controversy with America. She has a new leader whom I have set in place for this time. She has closed her borders, but inside already are the enemy, laying their plans. Plans for destruction from within. And I have allowed this to happen in My Wisdom.… [Continue reading...]

God Provides for His People During Total Grid Down

One night in the winter of 1981, I had a vivid prophetic dream of what it will be like in the last of the “last days”. I believe it is prudent to take heed.

It was more like a vision, sort of an “out of body experience”. I was in the spirit, moving from place to place, unobserved (most of the time). The setting was a time of catastrophe here in the United States, a total “grid down” situation. No one had electricity, natural gas, or any other means of heating or illuminating their homes–and it was a very cold winter.… [Continue reading...]

“Let Me tell you about this famine that is coming to America.”

I was up in the wee hours praying on Friday, and the Lord said, “Let me tell you about this famine that is coming to America.”

I grabbed my phone and started typing, as I had not yet gotten out of bed.

“I am the Bread of Life, but many people do not even know Me. I am able to feed my own out of thin air, just as I fed them with manna long ago. There was no food in the desert and there were many mouths to feed, but I fed them easily even through years of famine in areas all around them.… [Continue reading...]

Podcast: Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Prophetic Warning for America!

This is a Mayday alert for America. May 1st is commonly known as May Day. This year, it could mark a significant turning point in America’s future. Two different prophetic visions received by two different people both point to May 1st as the day America enters a season of total chaos and great shakings. Both visions identified Sunday April 30, which is the day before May Day, as the expiration date for America’s last chance to bring justice to our land.… [Continue reading...]

White Slavery is Coming to America

Wednesday as I prayed, I saw a very brief vision in the Spirit of a group of light skinned people being used as slaves. I knew the place it was happening was here in America, and what I saw was horrific.

About a week earlier, after praying many days to receive visions about the end times, I saw a very brief open vision of an infant being cooked rotisserie style over a campfire on a spittle at night, somewhere in a wooded area.… [Continue reading...]

Trump: the Sign, the Signal, and the Message

While having a conversation with a friend about what God is doing in various places on the earth at this time, I received a spontaneous revelation from the Spirit of God on a completely unrelated topic. It came with a prophetic message regarding President Trump. What follows is what I received.

Trump is a Sign:

  • He appeared on the scene in the Presidential race as if from out of nowhere, entering a race he didn’t seem to belong in.
  • He stands out because his ways and mannerisms are unlike those of his polished fellows.
[Continue reading...]

“Soon the Shakings Shall Affect All Who Have a Part in the World’s System Outside of My Will”

Word from the Father:

“My chosen ones, give ear to Me this day and hear what I would say to you.

Many of you think that this time of reprieve will be a time of ease.  I declare to you that it shall not be. For even though I have temporarily spared your country, the United States, judgment is still upon you. Howbeit, this judgment shall not be as severe as it could have been due to the prayers of My people.  … [Continue reading...]

God Healing Hearts of Those Who Have Endured Long Barren Season

This is a continuation of the word I shared before from Isaiah 54, Now is the Time to Sing a Song of Triumph Because You Will Not Be Barren Any More. Since I posted that, I have been really feeling the Lord’s heart for the heart sore and the afflicted.

I believe the Lord wants to minister to the areas of the heart for those who have been through a season of barrenness and desolation, a season when we don’t give birth and promises are not fulfilled and we endure long seasons of contending and lack and trials and tribulations.… [Continue reading...]

On March 1st, The Winds of Change Brought a New Direction in the Earth

On March 1st, the Winds of Change brought a new direction in the earth. The angelic forces poured into the earth to bring winds of refreshing, new strength, fresh revelation, and needed counsel to bring forth new strategies for regional and national advancements.

One of the hindrances being addressed right now is the lack of hearing in the Body of Christ. Specifically in hearing what the Spirit is saying to the churches, and in hearing what Heaven is doing all around them.… [Continue reading...]

You Will Be the Last Generation to Spread My Gospel to All Peoples

Great is My Peace upon My people. Great is My Peace upon you in this time.

It is this peace that will sustain you as the end comes and you see My Word fulfilled, to the last jot and tittle.

You have been chosen for this time, and empowered to do what you must do. You are My Voice in the earth, and I call the heathen to Myself through you.

You will be the last generation to spread My Gospel to all peoples. … [Continue reading...]

There Was an Instantaneous Shift and Breakthrough and the Enemy was Knocked Completely Off His Feet

This morning I heard the words “ROYAL FLUSH” and the sense of triumph and victory surrounded me.

I felt the Lord saying that the enemy has overplayed his hand. The enemy has been assaulting many with a level of opposition and force that they have not experienced before, but in that place, the enemy is revealing where God is about to break through, the area where the Spirit of God is about to do a powerful work.

The opposite of what the enemy has been saying, is what God is about to do.… [Continue reading...]

“Darkness Lurks Behind the Governments You Trust”

Treacherous times are upon you, My children, and what is coming will be far worse. The darkness and evil that awaits those who are not saved now will be worse than Hollywood’s darkest horror film, for Satan’s wrath shall be upon them.

The Door of heaven is soon to be closed and the grace upon My people shall be reduced. Everyday life will be more difficult and you will strive to keep your faith alive as everything in the earth changes.… [Continue reading...]

Great Champions of Faith Now Fighting Modern Day Goliath

In 1995, God put it in my heart to step out in a new direction, even though I did not fully know what it was. All I knew was it had something to do with starting a new business. So I walked away from the field I had been trained to work and had worked for thirteen years to pursue an unknown destination, simply because it was in my heart to do it.

In the natural, it made no sense, but in my heart, I knew God was telling me it was time.… [Continue reading...]

The Fullness of Our Salvation, That Perfect Man, is About to Emerge

In his March 2017 newsletter, Prophet Neville Johnson shared what he sees coming soon to the righteous remnant of the Church. Neville Johnson is founder of The Academy of Light.

“Winds of change are now blowing across the world and the church. This year will see enormous changes occurring across nations, affecting people and the church of Jesus Christ. Birth pangs are now beginning in earnest, with contractions coming more quickly. The whole of creation is groaning and this is a reflection of the battle between light and darkness.… [Continue reading...]

“Now is the Time to Sing a Song of Triumph Because You Will Not be Barren Anymore.”

When a woman is in childbirth, they often reach a time when they feel like they just can’t do it anymore, like they can’t go on, but that is the time when they are giving birth and the baby’s head is crowning.

I feel like that is where we are right now as a body and as a people. The head is crowning. This is the season of the Isaacs being birthed. This is the season that God’s promises, which he has put in your heart, are coming forth by His spirit.… [Continue reading...]

“I Have Made a Way Through the Darkness”

“Advance and be counted amongst those known as fearless. The hour is upon you, the time appointed in the earth for My true disciples to boldly establish My presence, worshipping in Spirit and in Truth.

The battles are fierce, I know, and seemingly relentless. The darkness is now even darker; I told you it would be so. I have been warning for so long. Not a single one will stand without Me as the Foundation, the Root, the Rock. Not one.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Decreeing Over You Rejuvenation. This is Your Season of Rejuvenation!”

I have had a word bubbling in my for a while and I felt the Lord wanting me to release part of this word today.

I had an encounter with Jesus recently where I heard the Lord say “I AM DECREEING OVER YOU REJUVENATION. THIS IS YOUR SEASON OF REJUVENATION!”

I looked up the definition of “rejuvenation” in the dictionary:

REJUVENATION: the action or process of making someone or something look or feel better, younger, or more vital. the action of restoring a river or stream to a condition characteristic of a younger landscape.

[Continue reading...]

The Coming Storm Will Hit Quickly and Unexpected

On the morning of March 3rd, 2017, I awoke at 3:53 am from a terrible dream. I believe it was from the Lord. I have a peace about it and I have increased in knowledge about it over time (it has become more vivid). It does not violate scripture and it agrees with the Rhema the Lord has revealed to His servants.

I was standing in a large formation of several hundred military personnel. It was summer. We were in a run-down industrial complex of some sort.… [Continue reading...]

“I Will Begin to Move on the Children for I Have a Special Work for Them”

“I have chosen the children of this generation to bear My name and make it great among the nations. I am arising out of My place to shake heaven and earth and to turn things upside down.

I will begin to move on the children for I have a special work for them. I will use them to bring revival, for their hearts are tender before me. I have chosen the weak things of the world to shame the strong. (1 Corinthians 1:27)

The enemy seeks to destroy the children, but I will turn things upside down and use them to bring refreshing times to My people.… [Continue reading...]

“Judgment Has Been Sealed for this Nation. It Will Not Be Reversed, and it Has Already Begun.”

I would like to share a couple of dreams that I’ve had over the last month or so. I chose not put them out individually due to the shortness of each dream or vision. However, I do believe they are all tied into the things to come.

About two weeks ago, around 3:36am, the Lord spoke to me regarding America. Now, I hadn’t heard Him speak specifically regarding the nation for a couple of months, and things seem to have been quiet, so I was taken by surprise.… [Continue reading...]

“You Are About to Enter into a Season of Increase Regarding Provision, Possession, and Prophecy”

In the 8:50-minute video below, Dr. Patricia Green shares a great prophetic word revealing what God is about to do. She is an author and founder of Joy Ministries Worldwide.

She shares how her eyes kept being drawn to 11:11 and certain other numbers, so she asked God about it and this is the answer she received from Him:

“I will reveal to you why you have been drawn to 11:11 as well as 111, 222, 333, 444, and 555.… [Continue reading...]

God is Doing More While You Sleep Than You Realize

I had a dream a few weeks ago and the Lord spoke to me that sleep is KEY right now!

Since that dream I have seen sensing the Lord is doing a deep work in the hearts, souls and minds of His people as they sleep. He is reaching the deepest depths of hearts and souls with His love and bringing deep refreshing, healing and restoration. Many deep roots that have plagued, tormented and caused God’s people pain and anguish will be removed by His love as they go to bed at night and sleep!… [Continue reading...]

“The Wealth of the Wicked Shall Be Yours in This Day”

The time is coming soon when what belongs to the wicked shall become yours. I have told you about a transfer, and that transfer is on the way. It is not yet, for My Word must be fulfilled exactly, but it is coming.

The day is coming, My children, when you will awake a pauper and go to sleep wealthy, for I will direct the wicked to give to you. I will cause situations which will bring what the wicked now own into your hands as your own.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Restoring to My People Some of What the Enemy has Stolen”

“The enemy has been stealing from My people for far too long. I am restoring to My people some of what the enemy has stolen from you.

Watch now as I bring back that which you have lost, which you never thought to see again.

For some, you have lost that which cannot be replaced, but I tell you truly, I shall bring you something even better, for I am a good Father, I am a Father who loves His children dearly.… [Continue reading...]

“Confusion and Calamity is Seen Upon the Very Steps of the White House”

“Set your guard as a watch upon your heart and home. For many strangers come and go. They come attempting to infiltrate and rid your home of peace. And yet, I the Lord, give you weapons to wage against the enemy.

These are the days of uncertainty for many. These are the days of turmoil and unrest. And yet I would say that I can give you rest. I can give you rest in the midst of the storm. I calmed the sea when my disciples were in the boat.… [Continue reading...]

Best of the Web – March 9, 2017

Islamic State Leader Abandons Mosul Flees for His Life

Amazing what a difference a new U.S. President can make in only a couple of months. The Islamic State is being driven our of Syria and now Mosul, Iraq too. Intelligence sources say Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has fled from Mosul for his own survival. He left behind his commanders to fight a losing battle. He now changes locations constantly, multiple times each day. ISIS is now expected to move underground.… [Continue reading...]