Once and for all the sting of disappointment will be healed.

The Lord spoke to me recently from Psalm 60:6-7.

Then I heard the Lord speak in His holy splendor. From His sanctuary I heard the Lord promise: “In My triumph, I will be the one to measure out the portion of My inheritance to My people, and I will secure the land as I promised you.” – The Passion Translation

The Lord is now SECURING the new land He has promised you. Do not fear for the Lord is going to show you just how faithful He is to His promises.… [Continue reading...]

“I have sent angels to observe the ways of the Australian. And the report they have given is very grievous.”

The news headlines today, November 14, indicate Australia has voted yes to same sex marriage. (Source: 9news.com.au)

At present, same sex marriage is still illegal in Australia. The vote must now go to the Senate. If it passes in the Senate, a bill to legalize same sex marriage will go to the House of Representatives before Christmas. (Source: au.news.yahoo.com)

On Saturday November 4, the Lord began speaking to me once again regarding Australia.

“In Australia, there is a critical mass being reached.

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“Tell them… tell My people to come, I prepared it for them.”

I was just praying and thinking about Gods heart for us as His children. And suddenly, God took me into a vision.

I saw God do the most amazing healings in people’s hearts and bodies, inside and out. I saw Him move from person to person and release from His heart, exactly what each person needed to keep going. I saw people suddenly break through in areas they have been challenged in for years. Some actually ran around as if set free from a cage.… [Continue reading...]

“My revelation of who I AM is coming to My people.”

I received this last Friday.

“And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.” Is 40:5

You, My Beloved, My Betrothed One, will reveal My Glory in the not too distant future. I declared it before the foundations of the Earth, and My Word does not return to Me without accomplishing all that I have purposed. As The Father’s Glory has been given to Me, I have given it to My Church, My Body, Who is fitted completely under My Headship.… [Continue reading...]

“Your united surrender in brokenness will bring about the most glorious manifestations of My Kingdom the earth has ever seen.”

My people, draw close to Me now, as I wish to share more wisdom with you.

My Father allowed My heart to be pierced, all for the sake of love. My blood ran freely so that all would have the choice to choose Me as their Messiah and King, and live eternally with their Creator.

Love is what held Me to My cross, and it was in My time of greatest pain and anguish that My purpose here was fulfilled. It is crucial that you understand what I am saying.… [Continue reading...]

God is about to expose corruption schemes and “blow the legs out from under them.”

On November 2, 2017, I had a dream in which I was standing in the hallway of a building speaking to a friend. We were standing in front of a series of lockers, like high school lockers. The locker right in front of me was securely locked with a thick padlock.

Without warning, a powerful force came like a mighty, angry wind, but it did not shake nor move us. Without effort, the force blew the padlock completely off the locker.… [Continue reading...]

The place of deep refreshment is upon you in your intimacy with Him.

I have been feeling so strongly for a long time now that the Lord has been speaking about a time of rest coming to His people. It is a transition of the season from deep contending and battle into a deeper place of the rest, joy, peace and revelation of the love of God.

The Lord showed me where many have been fighting for their lives, they were now moving into such glorious breakthrough and IN the breakthrough there would be a new level of rest.… [Continue reading...]

“You are going to be in awe and full of joy at how the seed of promise I have released to you will THRIVE!

The Lord spoke to me to encourage many hearts right now, that the enemy is SQUAWKING. He is SQUAWKING at the seeds of promise God has given to His people.

SQUAWKING: To make a loud and harsh noise.

SYNONYMS: Shriek, squeal, scream, complain, protest, grouch, whine, grumble, wail, moan, crow, discordant tone (Google)

The Lord showed me that the enemy is SQUAWKING loudly at the seeds of promise the Lord has released. The enemy is SQUAWKING to bring fear and his lies.… [Continue reading...]

“Your season of waiting is almost over.”

In the 7-minute video shown below, which was published on October 25, 2017, Allyson Rowe delivers a powerful word from God. Allyson is founder of Kingdom Crowned Ministries and winner of the 2014 Miss Washington beauty contest.

The following provides a transcript of her comments from the video.

“I believe that we have been in a season where God is speaking. I believe all these natural disasters that have been happening across the world, God is speaking and God is trying to get our attention.

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“You won’t go round the mountain the same way again, you will go higher.”

The Lord showed me the winds of confusion blowing against many right now. These winds of confusion are an attack sent by the enemy to prevent a BIRTHING into a season of deeper, encounter with Jesus.

The Lord was showing me the NEW SEASONS that He is leading many in the body of Christ into. I believe we are in a new era in the body of Christ as a whole, and individually many are now transitioning into their new seasons.… [Continue reading...]

”The season shift has taken place to go deeper in the revelation of His faithfulness.”

There are about to be some dramatic, powerful, amazing demonstrations for many of the faithfulness of God.

I had a vision where I saw many lying facedown on the ground and they were SO tired of things being stolen, hindered, delayed and hard. I saw so many facedown in weariness, finding it hard to even believe again.

When suddenly I saw an angel appear and the angel was standing on the top of the mountain looking into the valley where all these people had fallen on their face in weariness.… [Continue reading...]

“As evil escalates in this world, so too will My Spirit.”

I woke up at 10:34 am on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017, and the Lord told me to write because He had something to say.

“As the wheat and the tares grow side by side, there will begin to be a difference in their appearance. It is hard to tell right now, but as evil escalates in this world, so too will My Spirit and when you look at mankind, you will be able to see a distinct difference between the children of the evil one and My children who are called by My name.… [Continue reading...]

“Where you have REMAINED, now you shall enter YOUR REWARD.”

There is great recompense upon the Pioneers in this season, I have been prophesying this for a little while, but over the last month or so, the intensity of this word has been building with me.

There is an increase of RECOMPENSE that is being released upon the Pioneers right now. Many of you have fought battles that are bigger than you ever imagined. Some of you have been in the valley deeper than you have ever been. Others of you have faced many difficult battles and trials, but are beginning to feel the relief of the shift in the season that is taking place.… [Continue reading...]

“The Mighty Wind I told you about several months ago is here.”

I received an email yesterday from Byron Searle, sharing the following prophetic warning, which he received recently.

My son, the Mighty Wind I told you about several months ago is here. Much damage will come from this wind. My spirit will come across this nation just as this wind blows. My judgments will happen, but at the same time, a mighty move of My spirit will sweep across this nation. My son, this nation will fall and great will the fall be, but greater will be the move of My spirit in America.

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The Lord has been speaking to me for a long time now about the new blueprints and strategies that He is releasing. He has been showing me that in this season of change and rearranging, there are new pathways He is opening up to His people.

Recently, the Lord whispered to me, “You will COME ALIVE in the NEW STRATEGIES.”

My heart was full of excitement, full of anticipation and expectation. The Lord showed me many who are receiving new strategies and blueprints from His heart for the NEW SEASON, but for some there has been some anxiety, some fear and some nervousness in stepping out into this new strategy because it’s completely new – haven’t been there before.… [Continue reading...]

5778 will see the separation and removal of the remnant from the defiled courts of modern-day institutional Christianity.

I have been listening to what the Spirit is saying about this year 5778 and putting the various aspects into a cohesive picture since August. I am sure He will unveil more as the year goes by, but I would like to share the puzzle pieces I am hearing so far.

On the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah, I had a dream in which I was informed that Christine Aguilera had fired all her coaches. As I was told this, I saw her playing tennis.… [Continue reading...]

“Where disappointment has caged you for so long, I now release you as a louder voice of hope!”

Recently I had a dream and the Lord showed me a root that was hindering and blocking many Pioneers and leaders in the body of Christ. It was the root of DISAPPOINTMENT.

I saw the root of this disappointment, some recognized it, others didn’t, but it had become a landing pad for the enemy to come in and to keep these leaders and pioneers caged and locked down.

The Lord is wanting to add increase, creativity, insight and the birthing of “new strategies” and “pathways” to these Pioneers and Leaders, but because of this root of disappointment, it was keeping many caged and unable to enter into a whole new realm of intimacy, insight, increase and innovation.… [Continue reading...]

“God is going to show Himself stronger than the battle.”

Last night I had a dream and this morning I felt the Lord tell me to share the declaration of this dream as a prophetic word for many who have faced incredible battles in this season and currently facing huge battles.

“God is going to show Himself stronger than the battle.”

I saw the intensity of the battle that many have faced and are facing, but the decree of the Lord right now is that He is going to show Himself stronger than the battle.… [Continue reading...]

“War is coming, but My children are not ready to face the enemy.”

On Monday the 23rd of October 2017, I dreamed I was standing with hundreds of people, all spread out behind a type of fort, defending it. It was a wooden wall that seemed not very strong, more like aged and weathered plywood with large open sections.

An enemy force was arrayed against us across the field and I knew we were all going to war soon. I could see movement, but I could not make them out. I started to worry as I realized I was not ready for battle.… [Continue reading...]

“Come out into the waste places that I might purify you.”

On Thursday, October 19, 2017, the Lord spoke to me again about His people in America. This word comes in the wake of the fires in California.

“I am speaking to the people of America. Every day, I speak, I warn, I encourage, I cajole. My mercy is never ending for these people. My patience is of old. For you see, I love them. So, I must lift My hand from this nation and therefore allow the elements to wash over them.… [Continue reading...]

“Man will long for the days of peace, but it will no longer be found.”

Little one, Oh how the mighty are falling! Do they think I do not know what they do under the cover of darkness? Man’s schemes of wickedness shall be revealed!

I have heard the cries of my little ones and I shall act on their behalf! I will no longer hesitate! The time has come for the sons of God to be revealed. All of creation has been groaning in expectancy for this moment. Am I not a God who judges the deeds of My creation?… [Continue reading...]

Over the next few weeks, the Lord will RESET the vision.

This morning I heard the words, “Reset, Refresh, Reboot.. FIRE” and I felt strongly that the Spirit of God is bringing about a RESETTING, REFRESHING and REBOOTING of vision. I had such a strong sense that the Lord is releasing REVELATION and CONFIRMATION of the VISION that He has given His people. I felt so strongly to watch over the next few weeks how the Lord will RESET the vision. It was such a STRONG sense of the Lord CONCRETING the vision.… [Continue reading...]

“He was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”

In the last few weeks, I have received three different dreams/visions that I believe all reveal an increase of demonic activity is upon us, much like satan’s angels, from Revelation 12, falling to the earth.

In a dream on September 30, 2017, I walked into a large room, like a conference hall in a hotel. There were many people, both male and female, walking around. They were wearing black and dark navy blue suits and were very business like. The room had no windows and there was no furniture, no speaker, no agenda, and no program, just a room filled with people walking around with blank looks in their eyes.… [Continue reading...]

This is a season of supernatural debt cancellation where there will be a transfer of wealth like never before.

God allowed me to stay awake all night, showing me many things. But as I was going to try sleep again, suddenly I felt an urgency to post this word. It’s a specific, very important word, for the children of God.

God showed me these specific instructions for each of us. This is the time to cancel in the Spirit all letters of accusation, things like words spoken out against us, including those we know about and even those we don’t, such as negative medical reports, financial letters of demand, and debt that we have literally had no choice but to go into just to survive, and everything or everyone who is accusing us, given to us from the enemy.… [Continue reading...]

“The winds of acceleration are meeting you in the wings of waiting.”

This word I felt was for those who have been in the “wings of the waiting” and have faced deep disappointment, trial, turbulence, opposition and darkness in the midst of their waiting.

I heard the Lord say, “The WINDS of ACCELERATION are meeting you in the WINGS OF WAITING.”

I felt the Lord’s heart so strongly for those who have been in the place of waiting and have wrestled with such deep darkness over the prophetic word and promise the Lord has given them.… [Continue reading...]

This season which has begun is like no other before it.

Tell them daughter, I am here and I hear all and I see all.

This season which has begun is like no other before it. I have placed you, My created beings in a finite and limited time and space in order to fulfill My design. Surely now however, it is clear, you are coming to the end of the age, the end of the ways of man.

I have allowed man to gain knowledge and understanding, and advance in ways that were never part of My original design.… [Continue reading...]

“When you pray, you sound like a song to Me.”

On September 24 2017, I awoke in the night and heard the Lord talking to me about prayer.  My mind was quickened, alive and sharp, the way it typically is when He comes to me when I am asleep.

He shared with me His desire for all people who come to Him in prayer.  He said, “When people come to Me, I love it when they come as their unique and complete self, for I created everyone uniquely and individually.”

He said He created each of us with all our unique attributes and personalities, so that’s exactly what He wants from us when we turn to Him in prayer.  … [Continue reading...]

“The fruit of your promise is being delivered.”

At the beginning of this week, I had a dream and the Lord spoke to me, “Protect the promise and the promise will protect you.”

There was a strong sense in the dream of the promises of God being released in accelerated, supernatural ways right now and the Lord is calling His people to protect the promises that are being released by cultivating an environment of faith and praise.

Don’t give in to the swirl of discouragement and confusion that is attempting to come alongside the promises of God being released.… [Continue reading...]

“I am going to take you out of that place you are living now and transplant you into very fruitful soil.”

You will no longer live in fox holes, going from one fox hole to another.  The ground you till will no longer produce thorns and briers. Your ground will be a fruitful ground.  Your wells will overflow. Your darkness is now past. Your true light will now shine forth.

You are Eucalyptus trees to Me.  Your rich fragrant oils are a pleasure to Me and to all who come to know you.  You are much sought after.  Your years of looking to a fruitless end are ending. … [Continue reading...]

The Lord is coming to do Business!

For several days, I’d gone through one trial after another, not realizing how fatigued I’d become, nor the amount of focus and attention I’d given the storms swirling around me.  But the Lord was very gracious, and soon to reveal the dangerous ground I’d stepped onto.

The morning of October 1st began with me joining a friend for prayer.  As we prayed, my mind took a detour, and I began to petition God about how I wanted several of the trials to work out. … [Continue reading...]

I was received up into an open heaven through a hole in the clouds.

This dream was given on September 19, 2017. Please note that we understand there are many current eschatological positions. I am not speaking for ANY particular one of them – whether you are a pre, mid, or post tribulation believer, this dream does NOT single out any one particular position. It does not matter, and the Lord made certain of that in the dream. This is simply for all who believe in the rapture itself. “Whoever hath ears to hear, let him hear.” This message is to take to the Lord in prayer.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dream reveals great end time battle

In a dream on October 7 2017, I saw WAR!

I saw mass casualties, but I could tell this was no ordinary war. It seemed to be truly “other dimensional”.

I saw saw the wounded, the sick, the weak, the lame, even those who were still in the fight yet trying to protect others still. I recognized some of these people as “first responders”. Being in law enforcement myself, I realized there are also “first responders” in the Spirit.

As I saw the fight ensue, there was weaponry I had never seen before.… [Continue reading...]

“I speak to you in a final warning. I am deadly serious.”

I received this word over two days. On the second day, I was in the kitchen trying to pry apart two slices of frozen bread using a small sharp knife. I snapped the tip of the blade off, losing it in the bread. I toasted the bread and ate carefully, finding the blade tip in the very last bite of bread.

Thursday 5th October 2017
In the morning, the Lord directed me to read 1 Corinthians 10. This is a very sobering read.… [Continue reading...]

This is a time for few words and fewer tweets.

Like you, I have been stunned and saddened by the tragic and senseless act of evil in Las Vegas. While continuously praying for the victims, first responders and all others hurt in so many various ways, I have also pondered what to say and what to do. So many people are saying and doing very unhelpful things. So, I went before the Lord again this morning asking for a word from Him about what I (we) should do or say.

Suddenly, I saw things moving very quickly in the spiritual realm.… [Continue reading...]

Fifteen things that must happen before the Lord returns

Many Christians today are looking for the return of the Lord and the rapture to bail them out of the troubles of this life, but God’s word reveals He is not returning for a frightened, powerless Church running for their lives, but a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle, holy and blameless. (Ephesians 5:27) It’s not hard to see the Church today is not there yet.

There is a popular teaching the return of the Lord is imminent, that He could come back at any moment, but that contradicts many Bible prophecies that must be fulfilled before He returns.… [Continue reading...]

“You cannot store enough for the days ahead. I must be your portion.”

 “I love you with an everlasting love, My children. Follow Me. I AM your Shepherd. Bless Me, sing praise to Me, I will bless you in return.

Love Me with all of your hearts. I AM MOST HIGH. There is none other than Me. Lay aside your cares and your worries. I have them in My hands. I have your days in My hands. Your days are short.

Turn to Me. I AM God. I will defeat My enemies. I AM a God of judgment.

[Continue reading...]

“The enemy’s soldiers may be well trained, but Mine are trained like no others.”

Z3er Robert W. shared the following amazing prophetic dream, revealing insights into America’s future and God’s plans for His end-time army.

I have been sitting on this particular dream for over a year now, not sure whether to share it or not. Just now, as I was reading some of the posts, I clearly heard a command from our Lord to share it.

I have had numerous dreams of Russian and Chinese paratroopers falling from the skies, but this dream stands above all the rest.

[Continue reading...]

“I saw a swirling black smoke of darkness sweeping the land.”

This dream/vision was shared with me from a very old friend, and very reliable source. I have known her long enough to experience that when she hears from God, it always comes to pass with accuracy. I have asked her permission to share this, and she said it was fine by her as long as she remains anonymous. She received this last week. I will let the dream/vision speak for itself as I feel that it does not need my interpretation.… [Continue reading...]

Massive tsunami coming to New York City

Dear brothers and sisters, I feel led to share a dream I received earlier this year. I believe this is important and our prayers may result in the life or death of many people.

I shared this dream on my YouTube channel in April 2017 on a video about the Gotham Shield nuclear drill that took place in New York City, but feel I now need to draw extra attention to it. My dream was short, but I believe it shows something very significant the Lord showed me will happen.… [Continue reading...]

The Judgment Sentence Passed Upon the Entire Earth – A Message from the Holy Spirit of God

It is September 20, 2017, and I feel so compelled to write this article from my heart and not my head today.  It is rather a build up from things I have been hearing from many of the saints of God.  The power and anointing of the Holy Spirit is here, aiding my hand in all I write.

Lately, I have been feeling an overwhelming, very deep grief moving within me.  I noticed it about a couple of months ago.  It goes a lot deeper than anything I recognize of myself. … [Continue reading...]