“What has been written is unfolding before you.”

I received the following word on August 28, 2019.

“Turning the other cheek will become the test of your life. Laying down your life for another and laying down your life for Me will feel excruciating, but ‘be of good cheer’ will ring in your ears. Each trial you endure for My name’s sake will bring you closer to Me and transform you into My image. No more cloudy mirrors will you see, but Me in you doing the will of the Father.… [Continue reading...]

Podcast: Transformation of the world by 2036

In this 40-minute video, I share some amazing prophetic insights into the coming transformation of the world by 2036, fulfilling Bible prophecies and setting the stage for the 42-month reign of the antichrist. (Matthew 24:8, Revelation 13) Several prophetic confirmations are presented, including a prophetic dream revealing an older, stern-faced, bald headed Barack Obama returning to the White House.

If YouTube disables my video like they’ve done with my previous ones, please try the one below, which is published on Dailymotion.com.… [Continue reading...]

“I have drawn back My arm of protection and released the hordes of hell.”

Come close to Me little one. Listen to My words. I am the Keeper of your heart, and He who holds every tear you have shed. I know the thoughts of My people, I see their thoughts. I know their struggles and their pains. I have not turned a blind eye to all you are experiencing, as the darkness attempts to suffocate the hope you have in Me.

I have not delayed in coming for you. My ways are higher and they are perfect, and I am in control.… [Continue reading...]

“The rider on the black horse was galloping through the sky.”

Dusanka Petrova received the following dream on July 26, 2018:

I saw something in the sky that looked like a dark cloud; but very soon it appeared to be a man riding a horse. Both the horse and the man were black. In the dream, the rider on the black horse was galloping through the sky. I watched him through the window of the house where I was staying.

The rider stopped over a mountain, also black, which I could also clearly see through the window.

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“These birth pangs from 2019 will quickly change into strong contractions.”

On December 2nd, 2018, I asked the LORD about the upcoming year, 2019. This is the message I then received:

“2019 will be the time of judgments. However, just as 2018 was a time for preparation, I will extend that time into the beginning of 2019. Many said this year (2018) there would will NO DELAYS for the judgments, but see how they were wrong!

Did I not say that 2018 was a time of preparation for MY BRIDE? Did I not say that there would delays to the coming judgments?

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“The days of trepidation start now.”

Monday morning the Holy Spirit said to me, “The days of trepidation start now.”

He gave me this scripture:

Men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Luke 21:26)

I don’t know exactly how this might tie in, but this was all flowing together yesterday morning. Last year, the Holy Spirit told me, “It will start with a trickle, then a stream and then a torrent.”… [Continue reading...]

“The seals of the book of Revelation unfold before you.”

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)

He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (John 3:18)

My little rose, yes, it is I who would speak to you about this gift of faith.… [Continue reading...]

“Much travail is coming on the face on the whole earth. Those who hear My voice must get prepared.”

“Much travail is coming on the whole face on the earth. Those who hear My voice must get prepared. It is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is a catastrophe. It is huge. It is coming. No words to describe it. Many will faint just at its’ sound.

All eyes will be on the skies. Many will turn to Me at this time. This is a hard word, but true.

I AM the Great I AM, GOD ALMIGHTY, and there is no one above Me.… [Continue reading...]

“Happy days are not here, but the beginning of sorrows is here.”

1 The word of the Lord also came to me saying,
2 “You shall not take a wife for yourself nor have sons or daughters in this place.”
3 For thus says the Lord concerning the sons and daughters born in this place, and concerning their mothers who bear them, and their fathers who beget them in this land:
4 “They will die of deadly diseases, they will not be lamented or buried; they will be as dung on the surface of the ground and come to an end by sword and famine, and their carcasses will become food for the birds of the sky and for the beasts of the earth.”

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“As evil escalates in this world, so too will My Spirit.”

I woke up at 10:34 am on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017, and the Lord told me to write because He had something to say.

“As the wheat and the tares grow side by side, there will begin to be a difference in their appearance. It is hard to tell right now, but as evil escalates in this world, so too will My Spirit and when you look at mankind, you will be able to see a distinct difference between the children of the evil one and My children who are called by My name.… [Continue reading...]

“He was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”

In the last few weeks, I have received three different dreams/visions that I believe all reveal an increase of demonic activity is upon us, much like satan’s angels, from Revelation 12, falling to the earth.

In a dream on September 30, 2017, I walked into a large room, like a conference hall in a hotel. There were many people, both male and female, walking around. They were wearing black and dark navy blue suits and were very business like. The room had no windows and there was no furniture, no speaker, no agenda, and no program, just a room filled with people walking around with blank looks in their eyes.… [Continue reading...]

“This will come to pass. This is the Pestilence.”

In early August 2014, I received a powerful and vivid vision from the Lord. A short summary is provided here, but I shared more details in the 41-minute video shown at the bottom of this post, which is also on my YouTube channel.

My perspective was from a slightly elevated position, approximately a foot above the ground. It was winter time, cold and dreary. Where trees had once stood, only brittle dry brushes remained. Everything was mostly gray, eerie, and dark with no color anywhere.… [Continue reading...]

Journal Reveals Pattern of Prophetic Warnings

As I was looking back at my journal of previous words God has given me, I saw a pattern of several things. The following words are in part to show this:

4/18/16 – “I give you a vision today of tomorrow. The bomb will hit, the chaos will begin, and the disaster will be the road to salvation for many. I told you to be ready; I told you disaster would bring them. Preparation must take place.”

9/12/16 – “This hour so volatile, it is on the verge of collapse around the world.… [Continue reading...]

America’s Mission Possible Revealed in Isaiah Chapter 8

I received the following word on March 13 2016 during my preparation time for our Sunday morning service. My heart was heavy from the night before, having watched the chaos at the Trump rally. The whole campaign process of all candidates has turned my stomach. The scenes of fellow Americans acting in a riotous behavior showing glimpses of the 1960’s was very disturbing.

Having seen prophetically the future chaos in America, and knowing this current behavior is just the beginning, I shared with the Father how much it disturbed me.… [Continue reading...]

The Earth Will Reel To and Fro and Be Moved Off of its Axis as the Heavens Thunder

The just will suffer with the unjust as the fierceness of My wrath unfolds, but in My mercy I will protect My own. You see the intensity in which I come. You ask why, but I tell you it must be so, or I would not have spoken it if it was not true. These things must come to pass, for they will know who I AM. It is the only way.

The fires of judgment fall upon this nation just as I have foretold.… [Continue reading...]

Ancient Scroll Reveals the Future of All Nations

I have been contemplating this letter for awhile.

One night I saw a letter drop from heaven in front of me. For some reason, I was so shaken over it, that I didn’t pick it up. I felt that whatever was inside was so powerful that it would change and seal the fate of this nation, the United States.  I literally walked away and that was the end.

Fast forwarding to today, I had another chance to pick up the sealed envelope, but when I did, it dissolved in front of me and became an ancient scroll.… [Continue reading...]

Antichrist System is Now in Full Control of Your Lands

Several nights ago, I was shown a skeletal looking white or pale rider with a bow on a horse laid down on the horse in a riding position as if galloping. Praying for interpretation and revelation, this is what I received this morning while meditating.

“These distressing situations and evil manifestations that you are experiencing in your lands are indeed escalating yet many of you seem suprised at the intensity of these things.”

“I have spoken to you previously of having released many, many demons from under your earth at this time.… [Continue reading...]

Do Not Expect Things To Be as They Have Always Been

For days on end, from March through May 2005, I had a dark foreboding sense of urgency and yet, very little understanding of it’s nature. Great anguish and angst, a feeling of tribulation and suffering was on me as if I was about to die.

I believe I was in touch with feelings that are forthcoming to the global community.

I am compelled by my faith to share. I would rather be wrong and considered crazy than to be right and watch the torment of the trimming but, it is beyond my control.… [Continue reading...]

Global Transformation Process Begins on the Day of Atonement 2015

Based on what the Lord has shown me over the past several years, I don’t believe the day of atonement 2015 will mark the end of the current financial system, but the beginning of a transformation process in which the current system is eventually replaced by the beast financial system. Along the way, the world as we know it will be transformed into the dark planet described in the book of Revelation.

I don’t believe we will see one big event, but a series of events coming one after the other with each event contributing to the next like falling dominoes.… [Continue reading...]

Ten Signs We Have Entered the Season of the Lord’s Return

Time is short. The day of the Lord is coming soon. The events foretold in the Bible are already unfolding. We have now entered into the season of the Lord’s return.

No one knows the exact time of his return, but he told us the signs to watch for because he wanted us to know how to recognize the season of his return. Otherwise, he could have just left us in the dark like the rest of the world, but he didn’t do that.… [Continue reading...]

The Time for Buying and Selling is Coming to an End

Two nights ago I dreamed I was starting a company that was making chess games. I felt a sense of urgency to get the new business organized and operating because the time was coming when believers would no longer be able to buy or sell. Unless we could make them ourselves we would soon have no way of getting them.

Then I contacted a professional photographer to come in and take photos of our products. For whatever reason I thought we needed his help to get our business started, but it was a mistake because he was an outsider who knew nothing about our business.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Vision of End-Time Believers Exercising Great Authority

Great trouble is coming upon the earth, and especially upon America, but end-time believers are not victims who cower in fear. Instead, they are part of the greatest army ever assembled in history. These mighty ones will do amazing exploits, exercising great authority and releasing God’s supernatural power in ways that have never been seen before.

The  following prophetic vision is a great example of what the future holds for end-time believers. This testimony comes from evangelist and author Charles Carrin, who posted it on his website.… [Continue reading...]

The Rider on the Black Horse Coming in September 2015

The Bible reveals the world will enter into a time of birth pangs leading up to the end-time tribulation. During the birth pangs four riders on horses will release great trouble in the earth.

These riders are not sent from God. They are antichrist spirits from the devil. They are coming to steal, kill, and destroy.

My previous posts documented the appearance of the first two riders: The Rider on the White Horse is Now Riding Across America and The Rider on the Red Horse is Now Riding All Over the World.… [Continue reading...]

Proof the Four Horsemen Appear During the Birth Pangs, Not the Tribulation

The events happening in our world today are recorded in the Bible. Although we have not yet reached the end, we have already entered the birth pangs leading up to the end.

This post provides scriptural evidence that the four horsemen of the apocalypse appear during the time of birth pangs, which comes prior to the tribulation, along with links to my previous posts, which provide evidence the first three riders have already been released, which means the birth pangs have already started.… [Continue reading...]

The Rider on the Red Horse is Now Riding All Over the World

This post provides evidence the rider on the red horse has already been released in the earth and is now completing his assignment through Barack Hussein Obama.

This rider is one of the four horsemen who appear during the birth pangs preceding the tribulation period. See my previous post, “Proof the Four Horsemen Are Released During the Birth Pangs, Not the Tribulation”.  The rider on the red horse is the second rider to appear and he takes peace from the earth.… [Continue reading...]

Warning: Dimensional Boundaries Are Being Removed

You don’t have to search hard to see evil is manifesting all over the earth today. However, as bad as it is now it is going to get much darker before the end.

Jesus told us the trouble coming in the last days would be “such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will” (Matthew 24:21). That is an amazing statement considering the horrible times the earth has already endured. Jesus explained further, “Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved” (Matthew 24:22).… [Continue reading...]

The Rider on the White Horse is Now Riding Across America

Jesus repeatedly warned his followers to be on the alert because false messiahs would come in his name (Matthew 24:5, 24, 42-43, 25:13, Mark 13:33). He expected them to watch and discern the signs of the times. He rebuked those who could not (Matthew 16:2-3).

The Apostle John warned a counterfeit messiah would appear in the last days as a rider on a white horse. He would carry a bow and a crown would be given to him. Immediately upon receiving the crown he would go forth conquering and to conquer (Revelation 6:1-2).… [Continue reading...]

A Great Storm is Now Upon Us

On August 28 2014, I dreamed I was alone in a flat barren desert plain. I had no shelter, just a couple of couches outside under the open sky. Then the sky became very dark and ominous, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Dark clouds were swirling around as terrifying forces filled the sky from one end to the other until they were engulfing the whole earth. Then I saw long thin black strips floating in the air way up high in the sky, which was very creepy.… [Continue reading...]

Terry Bennett: 21-year Prophetic Timeframe 2008 to 2028

In December 2001, prophetic minister Terry Bennett was shown a 21-year timeframe, which began in 2008 and will end at the end of 2028. He saw this 21-year period divided into three periods of seven years each with each period having different kinds of shakings. Terry Bennett is founder of Terry Bennett Ministries.

A more recent interview with Terry Bennett has also been documented in my post: “Terry Bennett: You Will See 666.” I highly recommend that post because Terry shared important insights not covered in this post.… [Continue reading...]

Famine and Death Are Coming to America

Famine and death are not the will of God for America. He has a much better plan. However, His will is not always done on earth. If it was, Jesus would not have taught us to pray, “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

God’s voice has been almost totally silenced in our schools, our government, our news media, our public lands, our shopping malls, and even in our churches. He has not rejected us, but we have rejected Him.… [Continue reading...]