History Appears to Be Repeating As Trump Makes References to Lincoln

During yesterday’s inauguration ceremonies, President Trump made specific references to President Abraham Lincoln. In many ways, history appears to be repeating itself as America faces similar challenges today as we faced then.

The night before the inauguration, Trump made a speech from the Lincoln Memorial. Afterwards, the U.S. Marines Choir sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic, which was written in 1861, at the start of the Civil War. How wonderful it was to hear a song played which honors God, and even more wonderful to know Trump chose it.… [Continue reading...]

Why I Believe Obama is Not Done Yet

With yesterday’s inauguration of Donald Trump, many have concluded prophetic warnings about President Obama staying in office were false. However, based on what God has revealed to me, I believe the accusers are premature because Obama is not done yet.

Things are not always what they appear to be. What we see today is only part of the picture. Yet, many comments have been posted by people who assume they know what is happening based completely on what they have seen with their physical eyes, as if that was all there was.… [Continue reading...]

Modern Day Pharisees Still Falsely Accusing the Lord Jesus

False prophets are among us, but often they are not the ones being accused of being false prophets. The real culprits are often the ones accusing others of being false prophets.

We all tend to perceive others through the filter of our own character, which is why everything appears pure to those who are pure, but everything appears defiled to those who are defiled (Titus 1:15). Therefore, those who accuse others are almost always guilty of doing the very thing they are accusing others of doing.… [Continue reading...]

“Danger, Danger… Stranger Danger… It’s Not Coming from Where You Think.”

Jennifer LeClaire, Senior Editor of Charisma Magazine, posted a video on her Facebook page yesterday saying she believes she received a word of warning from God.

Jennifer had just arrived in Washington DC to attend the Presidential inauguration. While traveling, she heard the Lord say, “Danger, danger … stranger danger… it’s not coming from where you think.”

Jennifer believes it was a warning that President Elect Donald Trump’s life is in danger, so she is urging Christians to pray for his protection.… [Continue reading...]

Former Journalist Whistleblower Found Dead

For anyone skeptical about our deep state tactics of controlling the mainstream news media and filling it with lies, here is another great example. Attempting to expose them recently cost one German journalist his life.

On January 13 2017, German news journalist Dr. Udo Ulfkotte was found dead, just ten months after going public as a whistleblower, exposing how the CIA and German Intelligence (BND) bribe journalists to write pro-Western, pro-NATO, lies and propaganda.

Dr. Ulfkotte is a former editor for the German daily newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).… [Continue reading...]

NSA Agents Openly Harassing Alternative News Sites at Increasing Rate

In a January 13 interview with Lyn Leahz, Pastor Paul Begley shares how agents from the National Security Agency (NSA) have met with him three times, including twice in 2016 and already another meeting in 2017. The 34-minute video is shown below.

In July 2016, two NSA agents met with Pastor Begley and his wife for a very intense lunch meeting. After sharing their credentials, they asked to know all Pastor Begley’s news sources. They shared their agency’s displeasure with all alternative news media sources and warned they have many ways to kill Pastor Begley, adding they would not hesitate to do so.… [Continue reading...]

Podcast: Prophetic Warning of Catastrophes Following Middle East Conference

On January 11 2017, Fernanda Menegassi-Lojac received a powerful dream and vision from God revealing great catastrophes coming upon the United States of America as a direct result of the Middle East Peace Conference now underway in Paris. She was shown what happens there would be done “underground,” in secret, hidden from public view.

Fernanda’s dream reveals this conference marks a major crossroad in world history, a turning point leading us into a new era. As the primary instigator behind the scenes in crafting and promoting the December 23 2016 United Nations Security Council resolution to divide Israel, the United States faces severe consequences ahead.… [Continue reading...]

Fancy Lady Shows Silver Prices Dropping Soon

On January 11 2017, I received a short vision in which I was in what appeared to be a large night club. I saw an attractive woman about 30 feet away walking straight towards me at a casual slow pace. She seemed to be in no big hurry as she was looking around as she walked. She had short blond-hair and was all decked out wearing a short white fur coat, a little longer than this photo, but still very short because it was showing almost all her bare legs.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Visions Fulfilled by Silver Price Movements

This provides an update on two visions, which I shared recently showing what I interpreted to be silver price movements.

Black and White Cat:
On December 15 2016, I saw a short vision of a black and white cat walking on a table approaching my white plate. Since cats are bullish dream symbols, I concluded the price would be moving higher, but not right away because he stopped to look around. I never saw him start eating, so it was just letting me know a move up was coming.… [Continue reading...]

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: Everyone Will Soon Be Assigned a Unique Unified Code

In Neville Johnson’s January 2017 newsletter, Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj shared some amazing new insights regarding the coming mark of the beast.

“Though there are many languages the world over, there will come a unifying code of communication that will unite the whole world as one. How is that possible? It is through telepathic communication through the microchip that will be inserted in every person (Revelation 13:16).

Today, everyone has a mobile phone. Even school going children carry mobile phones in their hands.… [Continue reading...]

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – Pope Will Join Hands with The Man of Sin

In my previous posts, I shared how God has not revealed to me the identity of the false prophet, the second beast described in Revelation 13, but I identified the Pope as a strong candidate. That theory gained ground today with the following word from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, which he shared in Neville Johnson’s January 2017 newsletter. Sundar is an Indian prophet who accurately saw the 2016 Presidential election victory of Donald Trump as well as many other events.

“On October 4, 2016, being the second day of Rosh Hashanah, as I was waiting on God, my spirit was caught up into the heavenly realm before the Council of Elders.… [Continue reading...]

Neville Johnson: Obama Will Seek Controlling Position in the United Nations

In his January 2017 newsletter, Prophet Neville Johnson shared this word about 2017 and President Obama’s plans after leaving the White House. Neville Johnson is founder of The Academy of Light.

“2017 is a milestone year with the beginning of a new major season in Gods  purposes for the church. The Feast of Tabernacles in 2016 marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new significant season on Gods calendar. This major shift will have far reaching ramification in the church and the nations of the world.… [Continue reading...]

Warnings of Shakings Starting in January and February

Several respected prophets have shared warnings recently regarding January. These words are all warnings of God’s judgment beginning in January or soon afterwards.

The following excerpt is from a prophetic word for 2017 from Prophet Phyllis Ford.

“Watch January and February. Things will move rapidly and there will be shakings. There are those who will not be shaken. For they will not move from their positions spiritually. They are rooted and firmly planted who will pray and cry out between the porch and the altar.… [Continue reading...]

Hard Facts Expose the Lies in Obama’s Farewell Address

An audience of 20,000 people gathered in Chicago two days ago to listen to President Barack Obama’s farewell address to the nation. Millions more watched from home as the crowd shouted, “Four more years! Four more years!”

How will the American people remember him? If the past eight years did not show them who he is, I suspect they will remain in the dark for years to come. As he leaves office, 55% of Americans approve of his job performance (Source: Gallup Poll of 1500 Americans, Jan 10 2017).… [Continue reading...]

Podcast: Warnings of War Coming in Israel in 2017

Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, founder of Jesus Ministries, recently shared some important revelations concerning Israel in the year 2017. He has a long history of delivering accurate prophetic words, including the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

On April 30 2014, the angel Michael brought Sundar a message about the future of Israel. He was shown numbers respresenting significant years in the history of modern Israel, including 1948, which was the year the nation was re-born, and 1967, the year they fought and won the six-day war, which was the first time they had regained control of Jerusalem in nearly 2,000 years.… [Continue reading...]

Phyllis Ford: “A Cleansing Fire Will Sweep Across the Earth”

Prophet Phyllis Ford recently shared the following word for 2017. She sees a great humbling coming across the land, and a cleansing fire burning up everything that is not of God.

“When I began to seek, study, and stay before the Lord, He laid an entire set of views before me. I found myself looking through a prism that carries many sides and facets to it each one unique within itself. These are the things that the Lord began to show and share with me.… [Continue reading...]

Doug Addison: “2017 is Going to Bring Not Just a New Season, But Also a New Era”

Prophet Doug Addison shared the following prophetic word for 2017.

“Get ready to cross over into a new season of your life in the exciting new year that is upon us.

Eyes to See

If you view things through your current understanding, then things will not make sense and might even look dismal.  But if you put on the glasses of faith and trust that God has your best interest at heart, then it is going to be a great time!… [Continue reading...]

Multiple Prophetic Warnings of War Coming Soon

Rumors of war have increased significantly in recent weeks, especially since the UN passed a resolution on December 23 2016 to divide the land of Israel.

A growing number of prophetic voices are warning war is coming soon. On December 29, Z3 contributor Phanuel received the following prophetic word for 2017.

“Things are going to be a lot different next year. It’s going to be upside down. Trump will help steady the ship, but it’s going to be rough.

A lot of chaos is coming next year, because of my inheritance Israel.… [Continue reading...]

Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare Mandates for Health Professionals

The more time passes, the more we learn about our federal government’s assault on our Constitutional freedoms passed by Congress in 2011 in the name of fixing our health care system, commonly known as Obamacare. It empowered the federal government with new ways to punish people of faith by taking away their freedom to follow their religious convictions.

Thank God for the righteous remnant of Christians across the nation who have stood against it, and for Texas Judge Reed O’Conner because he ruled against it on December 31 2016.… [Continue reading...]

“The Time Has Come to Deliver My People Israel!!”

At a time when President Elect Donald Trump has promised to drain the swamp of corrupt members of our federal government, God has promised to deliver His people Israel.

The recent UN resolution pits the world against Israel by demanding Israel halt settlements within their own borders and by forcing them to divide their land, including Jerusalem. Even their closest ally, the United States, betrayed them, but they are not alone because God is moving in their behalf.

On November 26 2016, professional violinist Maurice Sklar posted the following prophetic warning on his Facebook page.… [Continue reading...]

Mandatory Flu Vaccinations Now Being Implemented by Obamacare

The antichrist spirit operating through Obamacare is becoming more evident as the details of the plan are implemented.

As stated by former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when she was orchestrating the vote for Obamacare in the U.S. House of Representatives, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Thanks to her efforts and many other members of Congress, the American people are now finding out what was in it. American citizens are being forced to bow down to the spirit of antichrist by injecting harmful viruses into their bodies in fear of being cut off from the healthcare system.… [Continue reading...]

Silver Prices Now Testing Hurricane Theory

This provides new insights into silver prices received since my previous post on December 17.

God purposely gives only partial information as an invitation to seek Him and trust Him for more details (Proverbs 25:2). Perhaps as we grow up spiritually and prove ourselves trustworthy, God will provide us with a more complete picture. The process can get frustrating and even offensive, but I believe it is all by design, part of His sifting process, giving us opportunities to demonstrate whether or not our heart is truly seeking Him.… [Continue reading...]

Ominous Alarm Sounds Instantly After Fox News Correspondent Finishes Reporting UN’s Anti-Israel Resolution

Was it just a coincidence or an ominous warning? The instant Fox News reporter David Lee Miller finished making his comments regarding today’s UN resolution vote against Israel, a loud siren started sounding in the background.

Skeptics would call it a coincidence, but both Bible prophecies and historical precedents indicate God takes action against any nation who takes actions against Israel (Zechariah 12:3). The United States has a long history of suffering swift and severe destruction whenever we have pressured Israel to divide their land.… [Continue reading...]

Israel Rejects UN Resolution, Refuses to Adhere to It

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today called today’s UN resolution despicable and boldly declared Israel will not adhere to it.

“Israel categorically rejects the despicable anti-Israeli resolution at the UN, and will not adhere to it.” (Source: Times of Israel)

He continued his strong stand by pointing out the hypocrisy of the United Nations anti-Israel actions.

“While the Security Council does nothing to prevent the massacre of half a million people in Syria, it is shamefully singling out Israel — the only democracy in the Middle East.” (Source: Times of Israel)

Then he blasted the Obama administration for betraying Israel and cooperating with Israel’s enemies.… [Continue reading...]

United States Betrays Israel in Dramatic Policy Shift

In a dramatic shift in U.S. policy, the United States chose not to use its’ veto power to block a United Nations resolution demanding Israel “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.” The resolution also states Israeli settlements there have “no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under International law.”

The UN resolution makes an outrageous claim that Israeli settlements located within the borders of Israel have “no legal validity,” which is like telling American citizens they have no legal right to live in Kansas or Florida or any part of the United States.… [Continue reading...]

Pastor Ramiro Pena: “God Has His Hand on President Elect Trump”

Appearing as a guest on the Jim Bakker Show, Senior Pastor Ramiro Peña of Christ the King Baptist Church explained why he believes God has His hand on President Elect Trump.

Pastor Pena is a member of Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council. When asked what he believes Trump will do regarding the issue of immigration, Pastor Pena identified two things.

First, he believes Trump will succeed in stopping terrorists from crossing our borders. Pastor Pena has more reasons to be concerned about the borders than most Americans because his church is located in Waco TX, just 330 miles from the Mexican border.… [Continue reading...]

New Senate Report Documents Sales of Human Baby Body Parts

God is moving in our land to expose injustices and make wrong things right. Donald Trump’s election victory is just one example of a larger move of God preparing the way for the coming judgment. Other examples include the WikiLeaks release of thousands of emails from government leaders and the undercover videos released by James O’Keefe’s Project Action Veritas exposing criminal activity within Democrat campaign organizations.

Further evidence of this move of God comes from a new report released by the U.S.… [Continue reading...]

European Parliament Ignores Open Border Problems and Agrees to Increased Gun Bans

For anyone wondering why European nations opened their borders in recent years to an invasion of young Islamic males from Middle Eastern nations, the answer is getting clearer. The globalist agenda appears to be to first open the borders to increase Islamic attacks upon citizens, then use that as an excuse to ban gun ownership.

press release from the European Commission yesterday announced the European Parliament and Council has reached a political agreement to make it harder to legally acquire high capacity firearms in the European Union. … [Continue reading...]

Upward Price Move in Metals Interrupted by Pull Down

Today I saw a short vision of a Pittsburgh Steelers football player after he had scored a touchdown. My view was on the lower half of his body as he jumped way up high towards the fans in the bleachers. I saw the black, white, and yellow colors in his uniform. As he was moving straight up, a hand from below reached up and grabbed his ankle just above his white cleats. His upward movement was stopped by this hand pulling him back down.… [Continue reading...]

Silver Prices Expected to Turn Up Soon

Yesterday, I saw a short vision in which I was seated at a table, which was set for dinner with a white plate of food in front of me. Then a black and white cat came walking up to my plate on the table. When he got close, he turned his head to look around before starting to eat. That was the end of the vision.

Since cats are bullish symbols and white often represents silver, the white metal, I believe this shows silver prices are about to move up higher.… [Continue reading...]