“Electroneum will go up and it will be wages for spiritual battle done for God.”

Dear brethren, I just woke up from a powerful revelation from God. Among other things, Electroneum will go up and it will be wages for spiritual battle done for God against the enemy.

This is what I was shown. The Lord says a worker is worthy of his wages Luke 10:7, 1 Timothy 5:18), the wages I was shown was for spiritual battles (warfare as a soldier of God).  The revelation of the spiritual battle was beyond my imagining. The enemy had cast an eternal illusion/battle and the only way to prevail was Jesus Christ, the Lord our God!… [Continue reading...]

“War is coming, but My children are not ready to face the enemy.”

On Monday the 23rd of October 2017, I dreamed I was standing with hundreds of people, all spread out behind a type of fort, defending it. It was a wooden wall that seemed not very strong, more like aged and weathered plywood with large open sections.

An enemy force was arrayed against us across the field and I knew we were all going to war soon. I could see movement, but I could not make them out. I started to worry as I realized I was not ready for battle.… [Continue reading...]

“Then those called aliens will capitalize on the war.”

Dear brothers and sisters, I wanted to share a dream I had on Monday the 2nd of October 2017. I woke up at 7 am and wrote this dream down as I believe it was from the Lord.

In this dream, I was in a waiting room adjoining an office for auditions for a movie or acting role. There were movie producers with their door open and they were speaking loudly. I overheard them talking and they were acting in a disgusting and vile manner.… [Continue reading...]

Massive tsunami coming to New York City

Dear brothers and sisters, I feel led to share a dream I received earlier this year. I believe this is important and our prayers may result in the life or death of many people.

I shared this dream on my YouTube channel in April 2017 on a video about the Gotham Shield nuclear drill that took place in New York City, but feel I now need to draw extra attention to it. My dream was short, but I believe it shows something very significant the Lord showed me will happen.… [Continue reading...]

“This will be the most evil man in all of existence once the spirit of satan has fully possessed him.”

I never paid much thought or interest to who exactly the antichrist is. I assumed he had not been revealed yet and that he was nobody people had seen so far. I was still of this opinion, but this changed recently.

I was seeing many of the brethren point to Barack Obama as the antichrist beast. I wasn’t sure of this, but I was open minded, but as I say I thought the antichrist would be somebody new. This was until my dream a week ago, about 4th Sept 2017, which I will tell you now.… [Continue reading...]