I Saw What Looked Like the Beginning of a War

This is a vision I received on March 2nd, 2016. I was sick with pneumonia, so my sleep schedule was off.

I went to bed with my wife Tammy around midnight. It was dark in the room with hardly any light coming in from the window. We prayed together and afterwards, Tammy had rolled over and went to bed. Since I had been sleeping most of the day due to my illness, I just laid there and could not sleep. I was staring at the ceiling and praying intently, asking God why He showed me snippets of previous visions and what they meant to me.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Warnings of Attacks on Church Children

I dreamt I was at church for an event. My wife and I were sitting at a table in the main lobby and everything seemed to be going great.

I noticed two uniformed officers standing at the back of the lobby. They did not seem to be ready for work and looked like they were still getting their gear on. I noticed they put their ears to their radio and then started running down the hallway that led to the children’s area.… [Continue reading...]

Believers Transported to Meet the Lord in the Air

I had a dream where I was on the ground, then suddenly I heard the most amazing music. It is something that I have never heard on earth and is a bit hard to describe. Imagine every voice in Heaven and Earth as well as every single musical instrument in Heaven and the Earth playing/singing the same note and building it to a crescendo. It was so loud and overwhelming, yet so beautiful at the same time.

As the music played, I was suddenly transported up into the air.… [Continue reading...]

Believers Supernaturally Delivered from Great Trouble

I dreamed I was in a cold dark prison. I remember being separated from my family. I remember being filled with despair and anger knowing I could do nothing to protect them. I had no idea when or if I would ever see them again. Suddenly, it was as if we were Israelites being thrown out of Egypt. The doors flung open and the guards let all of us leave.

I ran to the outside and franticly looked for my family.… [Continue reading...]

Forced Redistribution of Wealth Coming to America

This dream was horrible. I remember I was in my bedroom and I was going through the drawers of my dresser. I was looking for anything of value and importance that we could use while on the road on our own. I knew that we had to leave the house in a hurry and that we could not take much. I remember feeling completely unprotected, mad, and without hope.

On my bed, I had a large sheet that I was piling things up on.… [Continue reading...]

Tsunami Coming to the East Coast of the United States

I had dream where I was on vacation with my family in a condo on the beach (in what felt like the east coast, somewhere between VA & Florida). I remember the front of the house that faced the water was all huge glass windows. I remember standing in the living room looking out at the ocean, when way off in the distance, I could see a dark line across the horizon that did not look normal.

As I watched, the dark line started to grow in thickness very rapidly.… [Continue reading...]

Florida Going Under Deep Water

Back in 2008 I was given a vision that was so real it frightened me to my core. My family and I were visiting with my parents in Fort Myers Florida for the weekend. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and hit the road to head back to St. Petersburg, which is about an hour and forty-five minutes away. We were on the road for about 15 minutes when my kids fell asleep in the back of the vehicle. My wife said she was going to lay her head back and try to get a quick nap.… [Continue reading...]

Nuclear Terrorist Attack Coming to Washington DC

My very first vision took place on 9/11/2001. I had just moved from Washington DC area to Fort Lauderdale for a job and I had only been there for about one week. As I pulled up to the office, someone came running out saying a plane had hit the Trade Towers in NY. My first thought was, “It must have been a small commuter plane as the big planes don’t fly near the city.”

When I got inside, I realized the scope of the event.… [Continue reading...]