Going Into the New Year A Sudden Terror is Going to Hit America

brian_carn3A few days ago, Pastor Benny Hinn conducted a Miracle Service in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. One of the highlights of the service came when Benny Hinn introduced Brian Carn to minister in the prophetic anointing.

Brian Carn’s message is recorded in this video. At the 8:30 mark he says:

The famine is coming y’all. You may not believe it. You may can’t see it because we live in a country that has everything. We are greedy. We are wasteful. We can’t imagine going to Wal-Mart, going to the grocery store and they not having anything because you have never been there. When you’ve never seen it, you can’t recollect it, you can’t comprehend it. But you have to catch this. With everything that’s happening we’re getting ready to see a major collapse. I prophesied it and I told the people, things that were going to come.

Then at the 17:55 mark he says:

The Lord told me coming into the new year, mark my words. If you saw on my website, I prophesied and told you I saw Jihadi John getting killed before the year is out. It came to pass. The word of the Lord came to me. He said, “Going into the new year, a sudden terror is going to hit America where people are going to weep for days. But he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” (Source: BennyHinn.org)

The timing of his warning “going into the new year” does not identify the specific month, but it sounds consistent with what I heard regarding a one month delay in the coming economic collapse, which would mean by the end of January. See my previous post, Prophetic Dream Announces One Month Delay.

His timing is also consistent with what Bette Stevens was told, “After the holidays, after the holidays,” and with what Ali Winters saw, Drastic Changes Coming in January 2016.

Brian Carn’s description as “sudden terror” is consistent with how I saw an economic collapse happening very suddenly. He also used the word terror, which might refer to a loss of finances, but could also mean a terrorist attack that deals a blow to our economy similar to what happened on 9/11, 2001.

The good news is while darkness is falling, the light of God is rising on His people. Those who are close to the Lord have nothing to fear even when sudden terror comes upon the world.

5 For in the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle; in the secret place of His tent He will hide me; He will lift me up on a rock.
6 And now my head will be lifted up above my enemies around me, and I will offer in His tent sacrifices with shouts of joy; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord. (Psalm 27:5-6)

1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust. (Psalm 91:1-2)

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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Fat B
Fat B
February 22, 2016 3:35 PM

Not to sure but it does seem like the 23 of February might also be what Brian was told about. Going into the new year and a sudden terror was going to hit America sure seems like if he’s correct than it must be really soon. He also says, “people will weep for days.“ So not sure, but just looks like somethings up.

Lyn Leahz
December 12, 2015 1:10 AM

I used your article in my latest youtube video and my news article. Thanks for all the great information my friend! God bless you! http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2015/12/warning-a-sudden-terror-will-strike-america-as-the-new-year-2016-approaches-be-ready-videos-2475792.html

Fat B
Fat B
December 5, 2015 1:32 PM

James, do you think the economic collapse you saw was the same avent TD Hale saw when he was shown the riots where the people were just trying to get the food and water and passing the electronics? Or do you think that’s later due to the timing of your dreams about the USD/chf and 4 stages of the dollar dream and others?

Ayara Segun Babatunde
Ayara Segun Babatunde
December 3, 2015 9:45 AM

we are now fully moving into the time by which the True and Spiritual christians will be separated from the religious and heartful christians by the power of Almighty GOD of Host in their individual life.
Please let us move closer to JESUS CHRIST before it fully begins, HE is the only our HOPE OF GLORY.
Thank you LORD JESUS CHRIST the only SAVIOR and MESSIAH of this very sinful world.

Wiley Phipps
Wiley Phipps
December 2, 2015 11:12 AM

Yellen is going to speak for the Fed shortly… She is still hinting at raising interest rates. They are desperate to inflate the debt they created. If she does… then I think some of these financial bubbles will start popping… but maybe that is what they want. It looks like the timing for this could also line up for the first of the year.

December 2, 2015 10:36 AM

As much as I love and respect Prophet Brian, he also makes statements mocking the concept of storing freeze dried food. Pretty sure he did so earlier in this NYC visit (saw it on TV, not just a clip). Brian, listen to the word from the Lord, not the mocking from the flesh.

December 2, 2015 8:04 AM

Some of you may also remember John Paul Jackson’s prophetic headline that he received years ago that has not been fulfilled yet…”New Year’s Terror- Out with the new, in with the old” …
(http://preparingfortheperfectstorm.com/john-paul-jacksons-prophetic-headlines/ )
(14th headline down… also located on the headline video)

You may also recall the recent prophetic sign that Rick Wiles saw while visiting Atlanta a few months back… (http://z3news.com/w/rick-wiles-widespread-panic-december-2931/ )

“Widespread panic: December 29-31” ….it was in reference to a rock band performance in Atlanta but we all know what sadly happened at the last rock band performance featuring “Eagles of Death” in Paris… Not Perhaps the Lord may be trying to speak to those with an ear to hear.

Avi Laks
December 2, 2015 7:47 AM

Yesterday The Spirit Came (The Word of The Lord) He was telling me HaSatan(the satan) has his own spin doctor, that is the word that was used, l was taken back by the word spin doctor to me that is an earthly term. He went on to tell me when people say “why will G-d let this happen? durning or after a disaster it is the Hasatan/satan spin doctor laying the blame on Our Loving G-d.

Let us be very aware of the devil’s tricks.

December 2, 2015 6:21 AM

Europe, Britain, usa were super-blessed when they were bible-believing,,,,and good to the Jews and Church……………but when they turned against Jews and saints, they lost their blessings……………. Gen 12 …AMPLIFIED BIBLE…”And I will bless (do good for, benefit) those who bless you,
And I will curse [that is, subject to My wrath and judgment] the one who curses (despises, dishonors, has contempt for) you.”…………..in these endtimes , the world is uniting to murder Jesus and all He loves………in the endtimes, Jesus turns to save the Jews and Israel in Daniel’s 70th week.

Today, Jesus is sending 4 angels(spirits) to terrorize the world (the Quartet):
ZECH 1;18….AMPLIFIED BIBLE……… Then I looked up, and saw four horns (powers)! 19 So I asked the angel who was speaking with me, “What are these?” And he answered me, “These are the horns [the powerful Gentile nations] that have scattered Judah (the Southern Kingdom), Israel (the Northern Kingdom), and Jerusalem (capital city of Judah).” 20 Then the Lord showed me four craftsmen. 21 I asked, “What are these [horns and craftsmen] coming to do?” And he said, “These are the horns (powers) that have scattered Judah so that no man raised up his head [because of the suffering inflicted by the Gentile nations]. But these craftsmen have come to terrify them and make them panic, and throw down the horns of the nations who have lifted up their horns against the land of Judah in order to scatter it.”

Rebekah Farabaugh
Rebekah Farabaugh
December 2, 2015 1:55 AM

I wonder if there is a false flag in here some where James. The climate change summit now, (again), so much is happening here rapidly and all at once. This president wanted it this way, many things going on mass confusion so no one could focus on one issue for a long period of time. However, it all has to happen, living a life like this, you burn out. too much has gone on way beyond the boundaries. I’m ready. I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty tired of how we as humans have represented ourselves for quite awhile now. I’m ready for the Lord.