Cloud Formation Looks Like Message in Hebrew

I have a very dear sister in the Lord who sent me a picture of some writing that appeared in the sky over her home some months ago. It looked like some type of Hebrew letters. When trying to match it up with Hebrew, all we could come up with was judgment and war, but we left it alone to wait upon the Lord for further instruction.

Recently, she sent the picture to me again and immediately I picked up on it in my spirit.… [Continue reading...]

A Nuclear War Came Without Any Warning and Took Down One City

On October 13 2016, I was given two separate visions during the third watch of the night. The first is shared here.

Let me preface by saying that when a prophet or prophetess brings a word from the Lord, such as a warning, it is to be done in humility because with any warning or judgment also must come a remedy or solution. All prophets must adhere when giving a word or warning, that it is from the Lord, that it is within Scriptural boundaries.… [Continue reading...]

“This is My Time Now and Nothing Will Stop Me. I Will Conquer the Whole World.”

At 5:00 AM on September 30 2016, I received a dream in which I was up above the earth.

I saw an asteroid falling to earth. When it hit, the power was of such magnitude, it shook the earth with the force of a great earthquake, knocking out power lines and all kinds of power went down. It stopped traffic and all kinds of things.

When all was settled, I saw a few people who had escaped and were looking around, crying.… [Continue reading...]

I Have Numbered All Your Days as a Nation

I have been listening to the sound of drum beats. Then, this morning came these four words:

“Ambush” – meaning a surprise attack by people lying in wait, taken by surprise from a concealed position.

“Decoy Film” – meaning those in power are only going to let us see what they want us to see with no pauses or rewind buttons. They are planning to entice us and lure us into whatever is going to take place.

“Onslaught” – meaning a fierce or destructive attack or invasion.… [Continue reading...]

Weep and Wail for the Time Has Come

“The time is upon you now. Weep for what once was. Travail and wail for that which is coming. Adorn yourselves in sack cloth and ashes for the day is upon you when you will need to HEAR MY VOICE. The day is upon you when you will have to use DISCERNMENT.

Where are the Prophets? Do you run and hide because disaster is upon you? Where are My prophets of old that speak of these things? Have the wolves shut your mouths?… [Continue reading...]

I will Penetrate the Darkness, For All is Not Lost

“America, land of the deceitful and home of the fearful. Once you were great, a tribute to all who would see your light, a blinking lighthouse shining in the darkness so people could find their way home and know they were safe.

Once you were a land of milk and honey and O so beautiful. Once you thrived and worked, doing all for the love of Me.

A blessed land, a fruitful land, a well nourished land.

Now hear the word that you take so lightly.… [Continue reading...]

2016 Year of Much Chaos, Wars, Famine, False Flags, and Persecution

Judgment will fall quickly upon all those that scoff and mock the prophets and messengers that God sends.

2016 is the year of much chaos, wars, and famine, as described in the Bible.

Many false flags will arise causing fear among the people. Dominated by fear, many will voluntarily surrender everything in response. One false flag after another will arise in the form of chemtrails, annihilation of humans, and CERN. The purpose is not only to cause confusion, but to throw God out of the universe, if that were possible, which it is not.… [Continue reading...]

Judgment Will Fall on Those Who Voted in Their King (Obama)

I know this is going to be uncomfortable and some may even be offended, but when God speaks a RHEMA WORD you pay attention.

I was getting ready to retire for the night, when I heard a distinct knocking sound. I thought someone was at my door, but at that time of the night I wasn’t expecting anyone.

My hearing was very keen. I heard a rattling sound with footsteps. I didn’t hear anything else, nor did I see anything, but upon arising this morning, this word came fresh and it is heavy.… [Continue reading...]

This Year is the Judgment Upon My House

The Lord is saying, “This year is the judgment upon My house, meaning judgment has begun at the house of God FIRST.

You cannot command Me. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and judgment as I will. I will take some home with Me this year, and there will be those that I take out of here and they will enter eternity without Me. For I am God and there is no other.

I will first judge ALL United States prophets and pastors.… [Continue reading...]

Ancient Scroll Reveals One World United Against Christians

Just as I saw in a previous vision, which I shared in my post, Ancient Scroll Reveals the Future of All Nations, I again saw the same ancient scroll in another vision, but this time it was already opened and coming down from heaven following along a spiral staircase.

I knew what was written on it revealed events coming in the end-times. I knew it was meant for each of us because it was the story of our future, yours and mine.… [Continue reading...]

The Lion of Judah Now Roaring Over The Church

A few days ago, I shared Lamentations Are Surrounding America As the Bell Tolls. After seeing lamentations coming to America, I was then shown what is coming to the church.

“The bell tolls over this nation, America. The bell tolls as time is counting down to give it a funeral. Now the tolling bell is ringing over the church, to give it a funeral.”

I heard the bell toll as a type of funeral sound, then put the church to rest.… [Continue reading...]

Big Changes Ahead in 2016

None will necessarily be comfortable.

Time will accelerate as God IS shortening the days. The countdown of the shortening of days has begun. The clock has been ticking.

Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. (Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20)

A purer understanding of the Holy Scriptures will resonate within the remnant being called out.

Mockery and skepticism will increase. There will be heavy persecution and attacks against the church, but the increase will be phenomenal.… [Continue reading...]

Lamentations Are Surrounding America As The Bell Tolls

Lamentations are here. Weeping and wailing go before her, crying like a depraved animal.

A once bountiful nation that rose to the top, now hovers to go down, down, down.

A once sanctified nation has now spotted and wrinkled herself with atrocities and abominations. Her bloodshed is fresh and knows no bounds.

A type of fever has risen up in her and will not let her go. Her end will be destruction, the greatest and most sorrowful destruction that will ever come upon the earth.… [Continue reading...]

God is Now Calling Many to New Assignments

I sense an urgency in my spirit. Something is in the wind, so to speak, and it is going to come suddenly.

Many of God’s people are being called into new assignments, some are even being sent into the enemy’s camp. Ministries, not really well known, will now rise to the surface with an uncompromising spirit, a huge desire to serve only Him. These people will have such a heavy anointing over them that people will be drawn to them for truth and for the one who lives inside of them.… [Continue reading...]

All Things That Have Been Hidden Are Being Revealed

I just had an open vision of many souls falling into hell without God, and in my spirit came these words.

“Did I not say in my word that I would FIRST come to My house and judge, and yet many do not know that they are very close to My judgment and will go into eternity WITHOUT me. I am requiring souls now. Then shall they know who I am and that I am a king and a judge.

What is coming to your nation will come.

[Continue reading...]

The Terrorist Attacks in Paris Were Just a Front

Serious word for today… civil unrest is soon to play out. There will be bloodied territories everywhere and everyone will want a piece of the action.

I am finally able to release this word. It has been coming and coming. Very simply put, “After the holidays! After the holidays!”

I know this is short, but here is what we need to know. The “BIG” terrorist attacks in Paris were just a front, just a prelude to bigger things coming, which will not be just one event.… [Continue reading...]

Stand Your Positions and Get Ready

Last night the Holy Spirit came over me so strongly and so fast, it was like a whirlwind. He showed me coming world events and it was not far off in the distant future.

I was transported by the Spirit into a foreign land, where the battles had already begun. Then I heard the Battle Hymn of the Republic, but as I listened it became very foreign to me.

Then I was twirling around and I saw the word, “DANGER: Foreign Troops”.… [Continue reading...]

Many Will Miss the Kingdom Gate Because Their Thoughts Are Elsewhere

I received this reminder from the Lord:

“There are still so many following the gospels of men, based on speculations and news journalists. While it is good to know and prepare, in so doing many, many have fallen by the wayside in their devotion and prayers and spending time with Me.”

“Then I send messengers to the people and they act as if it does not apply to them, but yet all the news and worldly things My people will follow like they are gods.… [Continue reading...]

Ancient Scroll Reveals the Future of All Nations

I have been contemplating this letter for awhile.

One night I saw a letter drop from heaven in front of me. For some reason, I was so shaken over it, that I didn’t pick it up. I felt that whatever was inside was so powerful that it would change and seal the fate of this nation, the United States.  I literally walked away and that was the end.

Fast forwarding to today, I had another chance to pick up the sealed envelope, but when I did, it dissolved in front of me and became an ancient scroll.… [Continue reading...]

The Beginning of Something We Have Never Encountered in America

My husband and I have been sensing the spiritual darkness in most of September, but it did not manifest itself until October 1st.

In September, I watched and listened to the message of the Pope. The Lord had already made me aware of an underlying meaning to his message that if we didn’t listen carefully, we would miss. As I watched the Pope and the President come together, I heard these words:

The abomination of desolation. Secret meetings being done. Secret rituals having already taken place. 

[Continue reading...]

A Holocaust is Coming to America Like in the Days of Adolf Hitler

On August 13 2014, I was given a very detailed dream about the future of America.

In this dream, I was taken back to what appeared to be the 1930’s or early 1940’s. I was in a very quaint little town, just a run of the mill place, but it was bustling with activity. It seemed everyone there was busy doing different things. I was just watching them, but was not participating in what they were doing.

The town looked so ordinary.… [Continue reading...]

I Saw Obama Come Up Out of the Water Three Times

Back in 2009, shortly after Obama had taken office I was shown satan entering into him. Then a short time after that, I saw Obama come up out of the water three times, and three times I saw a dragon with the word ANTICHRIST written underneath.

Then I heard a voice behind me say, “Now do you understand?”… [Continue reading...]