“My Children Have Been Trained and Prepared for Such a Time as This”

“Among the many troubles which soon come, My righteous will shine brightly. You will see Me among the lives ruined by sin. Sorrow will rob many of hope and strength, but My resting place is in My Word.

Speak clearly, do not doubt and do not shy away or fear. Speak up. The enemy advances, do not be overcome by his tricks but covered in My armor. Pray daily, claim My provisions and seek a deeper walk with Me. My mercies are new every morning, great is My faithfulness.… [Continue reading...]

America Will Join Many Other Nations Which Have Fallen From Within

“I have spoken words to encourage and strengthen. Words to declare the goodness of your God should be of vital importance. They should be, but they are not. My goodness is overshadowed by things deemed important…. all petty distractions from satan to dissuade My children from glorifying and honoring Me.

America will join many other nations which have fallen from within. Walls have been breached, your guard is down and the enemy has been welcomed into the halls of justice. What becomes of a nation that forgets her God will become evident very soon.… [Continue reading...]

Your Election Will Be a Sham, Evil Has Taken Hold

The following is what I heard in my spirit on 1 March, 2016.  Confirmation of what T.D. Hale  saw and Rick Wiles reported?  Take it to the LORD in prayer.

“You do not see, your eyes have grown dim, the brilliance of the world’s lights have taken away the True Light from your eyes and now it has become difficult to distinguish the difference. With doubt and fear My children grope around in darkness. Seldom seeing the goodness of their God, blinded by the cares of the world.

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The Heavens and Earth Will Rebel Against the Violence of Sin

“Your eyes will see, your heart will grow faint at what will happen, but know this is My plan My purpose for a rebellious nation. What lies ahead will shock and grieve, but it must not destroy your faith in Me. Rest on My Word, stand strong and be amazed for great is the hand of your Creator and great is My faithfulness to My children.

The trumpets will sound, bells will ring as one after another of the redeemed of the LORD return to My flock.… [Continue reading...]

Much That Has Been Withheld Will be Withheld No Longer

“The days have been determined; not many remain. These days that are coming will be traumatic for My creation. Tell My people; ‘This is what happens to a nation that forgets her God’.

Much that has been withheld will be withheld no longer. The lights of heaven will shine brightly upon My people. There will be no need to fear for I AM holds all in the palm of His hand. Stand faithfully to proclaim My goodness. Dark evil attempts to extinguish My Light.… [Continue reading...]

Unholy Alliances Have Been Made by the Fallen Among My People

“The dates are set, times have been determined. You will see My hand sweeping across one nation after another as My judgments pour forth. Eyes will see and fill with tears for what is being done and what could have been avoided.

My people have chosen disobedience and rebellion and now their fate has been determined. Time after time after time I called, but seldom did My people hear or respond. In pursuit of the bobbles of this life they have ignored My still small voice.… [Continue reading...]

When You Walk Through the Fire, You Will Not Be Burned

As I seldom have dreams, I feel this dream was sent to give hope, strength and courage to the saints for the days ahead.

The following is a dream I had on January 30, 2016, a dream I feel is an exhortation, a word of encouragement from our wonderfully loving Abba Father to His children.

I saw a bald headed man casually dressed in jeans and a tee shirt walking down a path. As he walked, flames of fire surrounded him and appeared to consume him.… [Continue reading...]

Men’s Hearts Will Quake in Fear, but Repentance Will Not Come

“Swift tides sweep across nation after nation, tides of deceit and disobedience to My Word. The lies of the mainstream media have spread deception and false hope to millions. Governments set stumbling blocks before their people, bringing them to a place of complacency and submission.

Obama has led America down the path to great tribulation and turmoil. He has taken your nation to the precipice, caring not for the safety or welfare of the people, he remains focused on the goal of evil taskmasters; power, submission of the masses, and world dominance.… [Continue reading...]

Beginning Soon You Will See the Fallout Resulting from Unrighteous Behavior

“A great shaking has begun in the heavenlies. My warriors are beginning to prepare for battle. The foe has taken his place on the world scene, hiding no longer in the shadows. His plans for the destruction and terrorizing of My chosen vessels, My saints will shortly be evident. A mighty fortress is your God, a Shelter in the time of storm; and great will be the storm coming soon. Cataclysmic events coming quickly, great shaking, spiritual upheaval. Foundations will shatter that have been built on shifting sand.… [Continue reading...]

Seeds of Frustration Are Now Being Watered

“Harsh days coming upon wicked America. My children, the days have been numbered and determined. It will come to pass. As I have spoken so shall it be. My kingdom is not of this world and neither is yours. Your enemy’s attempts to kill, steal and destroy will be of no avail for those whose heart and mind is stayed on Me.

Beginning in March a great earthquake will shake the nation (I understood this to be spiritual, not a literal earthquake).… [Continue reading...]

Like Lambs to Slaughter, Millions Embrace All They Are Told

Following are words received on 23 November, 2015:

“There is coming a great day of destruction for the nations of the world. Germany has opened the gates of hell to her people. Finland too seeks to appease evil. Of those who have openly embraced wickedness, no nation will be spared, including America.

Like lambs led to slaughter, millions embrace all they are told. My children have been duped by false pastors and false teachers, by those claiming to speak for Me, by those who have a form of godliness, but deny The Power.… [Continue reading...]

Riots Will Soon Fill the Streets of Major U.S. Cities

“Riots will soon fill the streets of major cities in the United States. As they struggle to control the violence, it will grow worse. Officials will be powerless to maintain order; martial law will be declared to secure the peace. The people will demand it while refusing to see the evil behind the action. Small in its beginning, it will grow as riots intensify and spread. Without resistance, they will feel empowered and march forward in their desire to destroy.

False Flag!!… [Continue reading...]

Soon I Will Begin to Bring Down Pastors, First One Then Another

“Rebellion instead of righteousness fills My house. Pimps posing as pastors speak lies driving the lost further from Me. Soon, very soon, I will begin to bring down pastors, first one then another.

Pastors have taught the ways of the world, but NOT My Word. My lambs have been subtly led to slaughter by those trusted to teach and train them. False shepherds have given false hope to millions and millions have taken that false hope, let down their guard, and allowed lies to be spoken into their spirit from the father of lies.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Will Soon Settle Promises Made Long Ago


“Barack Hussein Obama feels pressured to move. Like a wild animal he will move to protect his territory, domain, name, position and power.

With pen and pad he will shortly settle promises made long ago. Backed into a corner, he will react against America to satisfy others who stand behind the scenes.

Valerie Jarrett reigns supreme only as she is directed by others. Both are pawns in evil hands. Great calamity is soon coming to your nation. What begins here will spread to other nations.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Will Soon Stick a Knife in the Back of the American People

I was given the following on 12 December, 2015 and was instructed it was to be posted on 2 January, 2016.

“Just as rebellious Israel was disciplined, so too shall America be disciplined. To whom much was given, much was required. You, America, have taken My blessings and twisted and turned them into an abomination to Me, a stench in My nostrils. Very soon America you shall experience massive attacks in both the physical and in the spiritual realm. Great catastrophic events coming soon will terrify those not anchored in My Ark.… [Continue reading...]

After the Holidays… Great Changes

A strong word of admonition from the LORD:

“Great will be the heartache of many. You have been given hard words, but these are hard times and My little ones roam unconcerned among the wolves. Continue to share. Do not be discouraged. Look up and watch out.

My children have little time to prepare for what is coming. Your future, though uncertain to you, is safe in My care, but you must be ready to face great obstacles in My Name.

[Continue reading...]

False Flag Event Will Move the Agenda of Evil Forward

“No nation will escape judgment because none have dared to stand for righteousness nor spoken truth. All have sold country and people to the highest bidder.

Noah saw the sin of his people and was grieved and dismayed. America’s heart has turned from Me to serve other gods while the majority stood in silent apathy. Quickly My wrath will bring to an end your pleasurable lifestyles. What has taken years to build will be destroyed in a moment. Fortunes will crumble, empires will fall.… [Continue reading...]

America Will Fall at the Hand of Tyrants

“Warn My people, NO longer follow man, follow Me. Your destiny is in My hands; be cautious where you place your faith.

Struggles are coming soon to My children. My chosen too will be greatly tested. Much affliction will come from demonic forces. By spring, military conflicts will begin to escalate. Nations join forces, one against another. These conflicts will lead to great suffering for America as many will die. Europe will once again suffer through war, but this time the battle will eventually come to the shores of America.… [Continue reading...]

Time Grows Shorter, Hardships for My People Will Soon Begin

“With pen and pad proclaim the goodness of your God. My mercies are new every morning. Great is My faithfulness. What times of testing, what times of woe, all designed to bring the lost to Me. Do not see what follows as My anger, see it as My love being poured out, giving one more chance for the lost to enter My Ark.

My wrath will come and I too will grieve for the lost among you, but all will have an opportunity to come to My fountain of life.… [Continue reading...]

My Redemption Has Drawn Nigh

“Glorious, joy filled days await the redeemed of the LORD. My children hear and believe. Your days have been shortened. My redemption has drawn nigh. Great anguish, but greater blessing is coming for those who will pick up My mantle.

Do not faint nor grow weary. Persevere in faith. Take up your cross and follow Me. Great will be the reward for those that do. The redeemed of the LORD must proclaim their redemption in My Son. None other can save, deliver, heal.… [Continue reading...]

Obama’s Plans are Working to Bring Down Nations

Without a doubt, there is more, much more behind the scenes to Mr. Obama’ speech to the nation tonight, 6 December, 2015. We must watch what comes from the Oval Office closely in the weeks ahead.

On 21 November 2015, in my spirit I heard:

“Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda is dominance of the world. All is done through cunning, deception and deceit. His plans are working to bring down nations. As a leader he was trusted. Now, too late the truth of Barack Obama is coming to light.

[Continue reading...]

Great Circles of Darkness Surround America

Into my spirit came a most troubling word. Following prayer for guidance regarding its release I read Denika Alston’s post dated 3 December, 2015. Again I prayed and felt released to share. Please pray and seek God regarding this word.

“Great circles of darkness surround America. Government officials planning events to shake the people, causing fear, turmoil and anxiety. What is seen is only a shadow of what follows. Agendas are intensifying to bring the nation to its knees that it might cry out for ‘a’ saviour.

[Continue reading...]

Obama Made a Pact with the Devil on Friday November 27

On Friday 27 November 2015 into my spirit came these words:

“Barack Hussein Obama made a pact with the devil today, relinquishing power and control to the evil one. This one act has and will set in motion much more coordinated efforts by the NWO to dominate and control Americans who choose to live godly lives – those who have seen the danger and are standing in prayer against these forces of evil.”

This pact with the devil could be connected with the shooting that happened on the same day at a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. … [Continue reading...]

Drastic Changes Beginning in January 2016

“The majestic character of a holy God rules the heavens and the earth. From sea to sea none escape My power. Such darkness, yet I rule. At My command the waves crash and the thunder roars. At My command nations rise and nations fall. I rule! And because I rule I demand obedience from My creation.

The winds and the waves obey My will, but man refuses to acknowledge My authority, My rule. Your refusal to obey has led to corrupt governments, powerful enemies and weak compromising christianity in your nation and around the world.… [Continue reading...]

Nation After Nation Will Fall From the Weight of the Evil

The day after the terrorist attacks in France on 13 November 2015, I received the following: “My eyes have scanned the nations. Watch My children, on the horizon comes another attack.”

Then on 20 November 2015 I read this news report: “At least eighteen people have reportedly been killed as armed gunman stormed a luxury hotel in Bamako, Mali on Friday morning. The attackers held 170 people hostage in Radisson Blu hotel, while it is reported that there are no more civilians in the hotel.” (See full report)

Then Holy Spirit spoke this:

“The rattling of chains that have held back the darkness sound across the nations.

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Disaster Has Come Upon the Nations, France First, Then Germany, Then Israel

As France is erupting in violence, I am reminded of the word I heard on 10/22/15 which was posted 10/25/15:

“Respect for authority will come to an end as immigrants rage across nation after nation. Hate filled, like uncaged wild animals they will refuse correction, demanding free reign, destroying, raping, murdering….”

On 11/13/15 I prayed asking Abba if He had a word for His people. I heard the following:

“Have I not warned you? Have I not spoken repent, return to Me, but you have not listened to My voice.… [Continue reading...]

America Will Experience an EMP Attack

Striving to be true to His calling, and being admonished by Holy Spirit to “be cautious to speak only My truth, to listen and learn to grow and obey, but do not remain silent” I feel it is time to release the remainder of what I heard in my spirit on 26 October and 1 November.

Test everything you read by the precious Word of God, accept nothing at face value. Pray and seek His counsel, then follow where He leads.… [Continue reading...]

Storm Clouds Darken the Sky

“Days speckled with sunshine mixed with rain, storm clouds darken the sky.”

“My children need not fear. I am your shield and your buckler, your great reward. Watch in the coming weeks for cracks in this administration. All is not as it might appear. Satan is making his move soon. More restrictions against My people are coming. Listen to words spoken by your government, but do not believe them.”

“Barack Hussein Obama and his administration plan great destruction for this nation.… [Continue reading...]

Great Persecution is Coming to My True followers

“The remnant’s strength is inadequate to face the onslot of evil and devastation quickly approaching. She must arm herself in My Word, in My strength. She does not understand what is coming, how powerful the pull of evil. Many will fall away, faith will grow weak, the task will be too great if they battle in their own strength.”

“Barack Hussein Obama has made a deal with the devil that will soon surface as a liberal agenda to silence voices of opposition.… [Continue reading...]

The Systematic Destruction of America Begins in September 2015

Holy Spirit gave me this word for America.

“Plans are being made this month that will affect Americans for many years to come. Evil forces will soon join to create their own idea of utopia, their own creation, forgetting I AM is the Creator.”

“This month of September 2015 begins the systematic, incremental destruction of America, slowly, over time, eroding the very foundations of this nation.”

“Forces behind the scenes are setting traps for the redeemed of the LORD. It will come through subtle persecution, job loss, loss of income, and sanctions against those who choose to take a stand.… [Continue reading...]

It Was Given to Him to Make War With the Saints and to Overcome Them

On the afternoon of February 23 2015, I saw myself standing in the Oval Office of the White House.

I stood before a desk at which President Barack Hussein Obama was seated. He was dressed in a black suit and I was in white. His expression was one of hatred directed at me as he verbally assaulted me. I could feel his anger, but I was not able to hear what he was saying. I made no response as he continued his verbal attack.… [Continue reading...]

Like Esau, Americans Will Weep Bitterly

“As the deer pants for the water brook, so my soul pants for You, Oh God. My soul thirsts for the living God…” Psalm 42:1-2

America pants not for living water but for bigger houses, wide screen televisions, new cars, condos on the beach; anything, everything but the living God. Blessed more than any other nation in history, America has taken each blessing and with arms outstretched reached for more. Americans race past the lost and hurting in their quest for bigger and better.… [Continue reading...]

Great is the Wrath Coming Upon this Nation

Throughout the day I had a feeling of heaviness.  Somehow I knew that today’s message from Holy Spirit would be a hard word. Here is what I heard.  PLEASE, pray over it, testing the word and do as you feel Abba Father would have you to do.
“The heavens declare the glory of God, the firmament  the work of His hand. But you, oh man, refuse to glorify or honor Me. You refuse to declare I AM, LORD of all. Because of your great disobedience year after year I will allow your enemies to consume you.
[Continue reading...]

Iniquity Rules in the Hearts and Minds of Millions of Church Goers

On July 27, 2015, thirty days after the SCOTUS decision to legalize same sex marriage shaking their fist at God, I began to hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to me.

“Weep not for what is coming upon America. Weep not for what has and will be lost. Rejoice that your name is written in heaven. Give ear to hear My Word of admonition.

Many have been called – but few have answered. Judgment has been pronounced upon America.

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