Traders Looking Forward to Life After W


A giant W-pattern began forming in the stock market back in July 2015. Now eight months later, it is nearly completed. Technical analysts refer to this pattern as a triple-top reversal because it has often preceded major reversals in bull markets and marked the start of major downturns.

The final leg started forming in mid-February 2016, which is when I posted a warning because upward movement in the market puts downward pressure on inverse ETF’s like FAZ and UVXY. See my previous post, Triple Top Reversal Pattern Could Be Forming Now. Since hitting a bottom on February 11, the Dow Jones Index has moved up by a whopping 1,855 points, closing Thursday March 24 at 17,515 (markets were closed Friday). It is already plenty high enough to qualify as a completed W because it does not have to be perfectly symmetrical, but in this case it appears it will be because several prophetic words indicate it could move higher this week before reaching the top.

On March 17, Z3 visitor Francy shared a dream she had about FAZ reaching a turning point.

“I remember reading James Bailey’s positions… he was listing all his positions, but I only concentrated on his position about FAZ. I saw the number 38 (it looked like a bingo ball) and then I saw James stated he was placing a stop to sell at $38.83. So basically if FAZ fell under $38.83, James was going to sell his FAZ shares to minimize losses.

This represented the shift, the turning point when it will be turning inversely. If you notice the dollar amount I saw in the dream $38.83, 38 and 83 are the same numbers but inversed (in reverse). I just kept hearing- ‘the shift, the turning point’.”

Then on March 19, Z3 visitor Phanuel shared his insights, which confirmed what Francy saw.

“Francy, I also thought $38.83 was the lowest point of FAZ. I’m glad you received confirmation from the Lord. A dream within a dream represents a double confirmation. They are very prophetic dreams. During prayer time a few days ago I saw 206.86, and felt led to watch the SPY stock. So now we are watching for Dow 179XX, FAZ $38.83, and SPY 206.86. I believe if any of these signs happen, we are at the top. All three don’t necessarily have to happen though. Shalom”

To help connect the dots between these numbers, I looked at historical prices. On December 29 2015, FAZ closed at $39.19. That same day the Dow closed at 17,720.98, the S&P closed at 2078.36, and SPY closed at 207.40. FAZ is not directly tied to the Dow or the S&P, so this is just a rough comparison. However, it appears Francy’s $38.83 happens at about the same time SPY hits 206.86.

I also found Phanuel’s follow up comment very interesting:

“Let’s have some fun. Weather has talked a lot about the #22 being a sign of completion. well 38.83 (3+8+8+3=22), and 206.86 (2+0+6+8+6=22)…so for fun…Dow 179XX….17923 (1+7+9+2+3=22) or 17932 or 17950.”

In addition, Phanuel recently received the following two insights.

“I had a dream on March 23 about purchasing put options. I was looking at an iPad with the months Feb Mar written on it. I was showing it to some friends and then it started raining. So I told them to come underneath a canopy. On the iPad, the color to the left and right of Feb wasn’t green. The color began to get green after Mar. The further away from March the greener it became. I perceived in my spirit that end of March was a good time to purchase puts, the green light.”

So that dream confirms the market could still go higher since we still have four more trading days in March. It also confirms a downturn is coming after March. Then today, Phanuel sent me an email with the following new dream:

“Received another confirmation of market top. I dreamt I was looking at streaming quotes on my iPhone. The Dow rose by three digits steeply, at least 200 points, the S&P was around 2073, and SPY overshot my target of 206.86. The gains seemed over a day or two. The impression I got was when we see these numbers we were at the top. Shalom.”

Since Phanuel saw the Dow rising at least 200 points and the most recent close was at 17,515, that would put the top at 17,715 or higher. This fits with seeing SPY overshooting his target of 206.86, which equates to the Dow at about 17,720 (based on my rough comparison shown above). However, Phanuel saw it going at least that high, so the question is how much higher will it go.

Z3 Administrator and Missionary Rob Perrett has received a series of dreams showing him the future top in the Dow. He shared the following comments.

“Back in December 2015, I opened a sell order at 17900 and then on the 31st December I was given the following dream:

I also checked the DJI in my dream. I saw a blue graph that showed it was on its way down, but had spiked around 100 points up to 17900 and triggered my sell order, so I was now already in profit. It had gone past 17900 just a bit before going down again. I was quite pleased and I went to check my email for the sell order confirmation and saw it there also confirming my position. I also think I was wishing I had had a larger position as it only spiked before going down and thus it was the very top.

If from God as I believe they are, these dreams are a revelation showing the top of the market before it crashes. Now we know that after December 31, the DJI did not reach 17900, but instead started dropping quite rapidly.

I had shelved these dreams, but when James started talking about the W formation in February I started to feel that my dreams were for a later time and that time is now. Sure enough the market has continued moving upward since then, higher than was thought likely. As I was considering this and praying about it, last week I had two more dreams for confirmation.

On 22nd March, I dreamed the DJI had reached 17,900, which opened my current order and was now on its way down again so I was too late to add to my original position. I was then calculating margin, profit, loss, etc and trying to figure out how much more to add it to it now whilst leaving room for volatility.

In real life I had been planning to transfer more funds to my broker to add to my order, but hadn’t yet done it.

On 23rd March, I dreamed I was with some people on a grassy hill, mountain side which had a single dirt path coming down the middle. I was discussing with someone about sliding down this path, but it wasn’t smooth enough to do so. Then I noticed there was water piping along side the path and water had been turned on in parts of it. I thought this was amazing, the path would be like a toboggan track and you would be able to slide all the way from the top, really fun! However, there wasn’t yet enough water.

I started climbing up the mountain and had someone important (VIP) following behind me, I was ahead of them finding the path. We went into a building at the top of the mountain that was full of piping. I was walking through it trying to find the top or something (I forget what exactly). I was climbing over and under pipes and also came to one place that was a really small opening and I wasn’t sure if I would fit through. The guy behind me for sure wouldn’t fit. There was also a narrow ledge with a long drop below it. I was scared about falling off but navigated it ok, I had to be really careful in this place.

In general, I feel this dream confirms my existing plan to short the market at 17,900. I was getting ready for a big slide in the markets but it was not fully ready yet. The signs were showing, but it was not all in place yet. The water already flowing signifies the small drop we saw last week from 17,600 to 17,400. Climbing up means the market is going up still, so we’re not at the top yet. But I believe it also means this climb is the final one to the top.

The top we need to be careful about. There will only be a small window of opportunity to get in (confirms my previous dream), and plenty of options to get it wrong and miss out.

Until now, 95% of my dreams that contain vertical movement forecast immediate market timing.”

Since Phanuel saw the Dow surging up to at least 17,715 and Rob saw it reaching 17,900, I believe the top will be somewhere in that range. I have not been shown any numbers, but I saw a graph showing the movement of the Dow. Here is a rough recreation.


I was not shown any dates, but I believe it begins this week. Like Phanuel, I saw it moving up sharply to a top then dropping down sharply and gradually leveling off and beginning to move back up. It then formed a rounded top, recovering over half of the drop, maybe 75%, then gradually falling again.

Since I did not see any numbers, I don’t know how low it will go, but it might drop down closer to the 200-day moving average, which is currently at 17,131.

In a separate vision, which I shared in a previous post, I saw the Dow dropping straight down to 15,200. That graph was different from this one because it was a straight line moving almost straight down all the way.


Based on all of the above, I am expecting to see the market reach the top this week with a fast move up followed by a fast move down either late this week or next week. I am watching all of the numbers shared above, especially FAZ dropping down to $38.83. When that happens, I am also planning to purchase FAZ and UVXY along with some UVXY call options (very close to the money).

After the drop, my plan is to sell all of them and buy them back after the rebound. Then about a week prior to the crash, I will be taking my final positions.

I am preparing a separate post providing some great insights on what we can expect to see after the crash begins based on technical analysis and prophetic insights.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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April 25, 2016 11:21 AM

Dear James:
I like to ask your opinion according to your prophetic inside, or the Dow graph in this article — Traders Looking Forward to Life After W — that on 26 & 27 April , the Dow will still drop down of not? The reason I ask is that I am holding some number of call option expired on 28 April. Knowing this information would help me to decide wether to keep the option two more day or just sell now. Thanks.

April 19, 2016 3:11 PM

The graph did not happen yet right? Because DOW Jones right now is at 18000 + so it could still go up and maybe the initial fall might be apr 25?

Rex Pruitt
Rex Pruitt
April 12, 2016 10:21 AM

Hello James! This site is awesome…My wife and I follow it as often as we can (daily if possible). This will be my first post as I feel compelled to share a graph that I came across. Maybe it is not related, but I really feel like God’s Spirit spoke to me as soon as I saw it. Instantly, I recalled the graph you saw in your dream and posted on this blog. The graph tracks the % change in Revenue and Exports for a specific manufacturing industry that includes both Military and Commercial aircraft with dates that tracks actuals back to 2007 and a forecast to 2021. The graph is as of 12/31/2015 and may be a reflection of the timing that will play out when the repeat of 2008 hits this year. The dates might be a comparable trend timeline correlating to the ones missing on your graph? Can you instruct me on how to share the graph on this site if you think others might be interested in seeing it?

Stephen Gookin
Stephen Gookin
April 5, 2016 8:01 PM

In my quiet time this morning, I believe I heard the Market would reverse in 10 days. I saw a flash of a graph and sensed what it was of, but want hold it to see if I can get either a confirmation or more information. Besides I am new here, and want to make sure I am getting it right. -Stephen-

Bill Weather
March 31, 2016 3:21 PM

James, you mentioned last week of May as potentially the biggest drop, but have you considered that the last week of April would be the biggest drop? When the world wakes up monday the 25th to the headlines of Germany crashed, that alone would incite the biggest shock drop and possibly all that week to friday the 29th. I remember back in 2011, the Lil ole greece crisis was dropping the market hard. Imagine how much more the engine that runs it all, Germany!

March 31, 2016 9:49 AM

Are most waiting on FAZ to hit $38ish, UVXY to go down more and DOW 17900ish before buying or are you buying now? Buying stock outright or options?

March 31, 2016 9:03 AM

I bought Nov 55 calls. I see everyone is looking to buy much closer in. Can’t I just trade out of it when it goes up and still potentially do well?

March 31, 2016 7:17 AM

Weather I agree with James. And during prayer last night I saw the dow cross the 17,900 mark shortly. Confirming Rob’s dreams. Shalom!

Bill Weather
March 31, 2016 2:11 AM

Im,curious to check. Some of numbers were hit yesterday in Phanuel dream. Also France doesn’t mention that she drempt 38.83 on FAZ. Was that a dream or was Phanuel assuming it was a dream by Francy, because Francys quote above doesn’t mention if it’s a dream or a vision. The demons can give visions and also dreams, so I’m concerned that maybe Phanuel dream numbers came to pass yesterday, but we’re still looking for a higher high….. hmmmm, don’t want to miss this dip coming up

March 30, 2016 6:08 PM

When I read things like “FAZ will explode”, that doesn’t make me think $45 July calls. An explosion isn’t a ten dollar gain, its a multi-hundred fold gain. At some point, maybe the week of the 18th, I’m going to buy $95 calls with at least 10% of my allocation.