Judgment Falls On America with the Death of Justice Scalia


The death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13 was not only a tragic loss for everyone who loves the United States Constitution; it was the judgment of God falling on our country. It was a symptom of our weakened spiritual condition and a warning of far worse things ahead.

To whom much is given, much will be required and America has been given much. Our forefathers had the light of God, but we turned away from it. They walked in humble repentance with their house swept clean, but we have allowed the unclean spirits to return with seven other spirits more wicked than the one who left (Matthew 12:43-45). We would have been better off to never have known the way of righteousness than after having known it to turn our back on the holy commandments of God. Because of this, our last state will be worse for us than the first (2 Peter 2:20-22).

No politician will say it. Very few Christian leaders believe it. Most of our country is oblivious to it. All of which continues to accommodate the advance of demonic hordes now marching across our land with almost no resistance. The spirit of antichrist has tightened its grip on our nation, now controlling the highest levels of our federal government. Darkness has fallen on our land. America is in great danger.

America the great has become Babylon the harlot who lusts after every unclean spirit, but despises the Holy Spirit of God. In our blind drunken stupor, the beast has come into our land and Christians have eagerly embraced him, not realizing he has come seeking to devour us. Authority has been given to him to make us desolate and naked, to devour our flesh, and burn us with fire. For God has put it in his heart to execute His purpose (Revelation 17:15-18).

The watchmen have been sounding the alarm for years, but the warnings have been rejected. Now judgment is here. No more delays. Prophetic warnings are now being fulfilled. Trouble has started and more is coming soon unless God’s people turn away from our sins.

Prophetic Insights:

The following provides prophetic insights into the death of Justice Scalia, which have been shared as comments posted in our other articles and emails sent to me.

Back in December, Matt Smith warned us about the death of Scalia in his post, Prophetic Poem Reveals the Future of America in 2016 and Beyond. The following excerpt from his poem reveals a sudden event coming by the end of February:

December through February, winter finds itself here,
A sudden event will strike and many will be in fear.
Know then My judgment has come upon this land,
God reigns supreme and deals with a heavy hand.
[See the full post]

On Saturday February 20, Matt was praying when God said to him, “It’s already here. You will know it before the end of February.”

Later, he asked the Lord if the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was the sudden event that would cause fear. God replied, “Yes, and you knew it already in your spirit.”

So it came to pass that he knew it before February ended. Then the Lord went into more detail:

“I am your Lord God. They wanted sin? They wanted the freedom to sin? Now I’m taking away all of their freedoms. I will pour on their heads seven-fold of the evil they desire. They desire so much evil; I will let them have it. And the results of their wickedness will be so horrendous, they will pray to me, and I will not answer them (Jeremiah 11:11). For this land wants to institutionalize sin? Well, I will institutionalize slavery, pestilence, diseases so great, famine, and death.

I am the Lord of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Sodom and Gomorrah has nothing on America. America has surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah. Did I not say in Revelation; she will get double portion of My wrath? (Revelation 18:6) I will utterly destroy this land.

For My people, I am the ultimate judge. No man-made law can be greater than My Holy Word. My commandments are to be kept everyday. Your judgment is here. I will take away your finances, and the only people who will survive are those who keep My commandments daily, and acknowledge My son Jesus Christ through their lifestyle. I have swung My gavel, and you have been found guilty.”

Then Matt asked the Lord, “What about the great fear in the land, which you spoke to me about?”

The Lord gave him this reply:

“The fear I told you to prophesy about came to pass. Many feared losing their freedoms and rights. I the Lord God will take these things away, but for My people who are called by My name, who keep My commandments and serve Me, there will always be freedom in Me.”

For where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

On February 27, Fat B posted the following comment making the connection between God’s judgment and Scalia’s death.

“I just noticed how the Lord gave Matt the word to use “judgment”. Notice the poem says “My judgment has come upon this land.” Wow!!! Justice Scalia was a good judge that America doesn’t deserve and was allowed to be taken out as part of GODs judgment upon our country. What are the chances of the word judgment being used? No where else in the poem do I see where judgment is used again. That was the clue to the event. Unbelievable!!!”

On February 20, Janie P also made the connection between Matt’s prophetic poem and the death of Justice Scalia. She commented:

“Could the “sudden event that will strike” be the death of SUPREME Court Judge Scalia who was found with a pillow over his face? An ER physician told me this week it is extraordinary that an autopsy was not done for someone who appeared to be healthy. Police were not called, there was no coroner at the scene, etc. IF it was foul play to end the power and swing vote of our most conservative 2nd Amendment supreme court judge, and the pillow a subtle “warning” to people in the branches of government that if he could be eliminated, then many insiders in government and the court system WILL be in fear.

Supreme is a key word. God reminds us He is supreme above any court. However, whether by foul play or whether Judge Scalia simply reached the end of his earthly days, we will see many liberties begin to erode should the court soon swing to a 5-4 liberal bench. That alone, in my opinion, will be a heavy hand on America.”

Ali Winters received the following word from God on February 14, which was the day after Judge Scalia died.

“Judge Scalia was a victim of his own decisions. He was dealt a mortal blow by hands whose hearts thirst for blood. His death was not an accident, but a tapestry of twists and turns that have been woven to create chaos and bring destruction to America.”

By saying he was a victim of his own decisions, I believe refers to his decisions on the Supreme Court. He consistently sided with the Constitution, which is the very thing the spirit of antichrist is seeking to destroy. By saying, “He was dealt a mortal blow” is the strongest evidence available that he was murdered. More evidence that his death was not an accident is presented in my post, Ten Disturbing Facts About the Death of Justice Scalia.

Ali Winters had previously posted a warning back on December 30 2015 saying, “Very soon you will begin to see subtle changes in your government. Listen and be aware of your surroundings. After the holidays it will happen – great changes.”

On February 20, Casey Toda shared the following word he received from God:

“When I was in prayer about a week ago, when notice of Justice Scalia’s death first was released, I felt the Lord say, ‘Pray for Justice for His Justice’. I believe that the play on words was both regarding Justice for Justice Scalia because it is clear he was killed. I also believe Justice for His Justice is regarding God’s Justice must be established once again in the land. This will be a time of His Judgments.”

On February 14, Scott K. shared this insight:

“JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA dead at 79… My heart dropped when I heard the news. I too thought it might be foul play but then a thought came up on the inside of me saying, “This is Judgment, God took him home. He was a defender of the USA”. Let’s not be surprised at similar events taking place. If it is truly God’s Redemptive Judgments, then they are just. (Proverbs 3:5-6)”

On February 22, I received the following email from Daryl Neergaard:

“The death of Scalia is a show of God’s power and judgment. A Christian brother and friend of mine last night finally cracked the riddle of a message that God spoke to my spirit on Saturday 2/13/16 at about 10:30 a.m.

At that time, God said (and later confirmed): “I am going to show you My judgment; I am going to show you My power.” I asked, “When, Lord?” He responded, “Tomorrow. Tell the people.” That same day I began the process of telling people what God told me, and on Sunday 2/14 I was glued to the news. I saw that Scalia had died, but discounted it because it had happened the previous day. It was only last night (2/21) that my brother in Christ pointed out to me that God said that I would be “shown” the news on 2/14, not that it would happen on 2/14. I don’t know how to interpret this, other than what God told me, that Scalia’s death is a demonstration of God’s judgment and power.”

On February 28, Phanuel sent me an email sharing a prophetic dream, which confirmed the death of Justice Scalia is the judgment of God upon America.

“In this dream, I was talking to my siblings about the coming judgments on America. They were very skeptical. I told them about the dream I had in April 2014 about the financial crisis this June (first confirmation). I then went into great detail of how the Lord divinely brought this dream to my remembrance in October 2015 (second confirmation). They were still skeptical. I then told them (passionately) Scalia’s death is a sign that the Judgment is here (third confirmation), and we should heed the warnings of those people who are saying further Judgment is coming this summer. I was specifically thinking of Benjamin Baruch (fourth confirmation). I was trying to get them to go with me to a Church gathering about the judgments on America. At the end of the dream I was at this church gathering.”


The prideful, sinful lifestyles of God’s people are bringing terrible calamities upon us. We have opened the door for evil to come in and it now has a firm grip on our nation. We have allowed the spirit of antichrist to rule over us, even celebrating it and proclaiming it is the Spirit of God. Compromise is in our camp, causing far worse things than the death of Justice Scalia to come our way.

Based on the testimony of these witnesses, I believe we have sufficient evidence to conclude the following:

  1. Scalia’s death was the judgment of God on America.
  2. Unless God’s people repent, Scalia’s death will be the beginning of more chastising ahead.
  3. Scalia was murdered.
  4. God wants us to pray for justice to be done, bringing those who killed Scalia to justice and bringing an end to the injustices of sin, which opened the door to this evil.

Unbelievers scoff at these warnings, which is understandable because they are unbelievers, but there is no excuse for the Christians who attack God’s faithful watchmen who sound the alarms. They slander us by calling us “gloom and doom prophets” or “false prophets”, which is nothing more than an attempt to discredit us to persuade people to stop listening to us.

I turned on God TV last night, which is rare lately. I only listened for one minute before the speaker launched an attack against the gloom and doom prophets, even claiming the Lord is not coming back anytime soon so stop paying attention to any of those warnings. This was not a traditional denominational leader, but a so-called spirit filled prophetic minister spewing forth this garbage. I turned it off.

Who would be behind such statements? They might look like a fine Christian leader. They might even have a big name ministry and a television audience, but whoever slanders the prophetic cries of God’s watchmen is speaking by the spirit of Satan himself. God will deal with them.

According to these all-knowing leaders, all is well in America. No harm or destruction is coming. Never mind the sin and compromise, God’s blessings will continue to flow unhindered. Meanwhile, disaster strikes, taking the life of Justice Scalia.

Judgment is here and things are happening fast now. Just consider all that has happened in the month of February. I have documented some of these things already because God told me trouble was going to start at the end of January 2016. Through a series of dreams, He showed me economic disaster is coming. He first told me it would happen in 2015, but in November 2015, He informed me of a one-month delay, which pushed the start date back to the end of January.

I would like to ask these fine Christian leaders to explain why all of our warnings are coming to pass. How are the gloom and doom messengers hearing things before they happen? These fulfillments are evidence proving the warnings are true. Even more evidence is coming soon. Eventually, the voice of these attackers will be silenced and all believers will be in agreement.

This is not a gloom and doom message. It is a call for repentance, which just happened to be the message of John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, the Apostle Peter, the Apostle John, and on and on.

The time has come when many have wandered so far away from God they cannot bear to hear the message of repentance, which is the message of the Bible. They only want to have their ears tickled with promises of blessings ahead. So when a word from the true God is delivered they go on the attack to discredit it. Do not tell us the truth! Tell us myths and fairy tales! Tell us God would never bring judgment because that was only for the Old Testament!

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,
4 and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. (2 Timothy 4:3)

Like it or not, God still brings judgment today and Scalia’s murder is evidence of that. The book of Revelation is being fulfilled in our generation and it is filled with the judgments of God.

Genuine humble repentance is the only solution to our problems. We can pray all sorts of prayers asking God to do all sorts of things, but as long as we continue to compromise with sin our prayers will not get answered and the judgment of God will continue to allow evil spirits to have their way with our nation.

God is a God of justice. He loves to make wrong things right. For our sake, it is far better if we make the necessary changes before He does.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is a blogger, business owner, husband and father of two grown children. In 1982, he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2012, he founded Z3news.com to broadcast the message of salvation by reporting end time news before it happens.

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Nancy Deming
June 18, 2016 5:21 AM

Thanks for this article. It answers the question I had about the part of the dream.

March 6, 2016 4:49 PM

So what yo you think will happen between March through June 2016, if Scalia’s death was the “sudden event?”? I thought this sudden event would be an earthquake that would happen in California by February and that since Matt’s said half of California would be destroyed, I figured this was what would lead into March through June 2016, where many would wonder about the dead. I guess if Scalia is the event, then what will happen between March through June 2016 that has to do with many dead people?

March 8, 2016 12:52 AM

It will be abortion. Matt poem starts out sort of like a parable.

“December through February,
Winter finds itself here,
A sudden event will strike,
And many will be in fear.
Know then My judgment,
Has come upon this land,
God reigns supreme,
And deals with a heavy hand.”

A Supreme Court justice member has died and now there is an even number of justices. (This effects the country greatly). The abortion ruling will be coming up in June. And if the justices vote evenly, the law will remain the same.

“From March until June,
The spring season shall arrive,
There will be many people,
Found not to be alive.”

Many people won’t be found alive due to babies being aborted.

“During this same season,
Another checkpoint will originate,
Then another crushing blow,
Will seal this nation’s fate.”

I believe that this “crushing blow” will be the ruling on abortion remaining the same. That is a smack in God’s face. Our country can’t continue to abort unborn babies and not be judge by God.

When God speaks a lot of the time we have to take what He says as is, and not navigate to our own interpretation. Matt’s poem doesn’t mention destruction, such as earthquakes, until the following year (2017).

Great question Anthony, and I hope this helps.

Michael McKay
Michael McKay
March 4, 2016 4:10 PM

I certainly appreciate this prophetic word. All I can say is I struggle with sin in my life every day. But, I am asking The Lord to search my heart and root out the evil. I believe from my reading of the Scriptures that He will honor that if I am steadfast and sincere in allowing Him to work.
The Enemy will attack us in our weakest point as well, so we must ask for a double portion of grace to ward off the sin.
I know that the coming judgement will be more horrific than anyone can imagine. I feel in my spirit that even though I struggle with sin, if I run toward Jesus after sin He will shelter me during this coming storm.

The Lord bless and keep you all,

March 5, 2016 8:23 AM

I believe that the best way to conquer sin and be inspired to corresponding Godly action is by spending significant daily time in THE WORD. We are helped greatly in conquering the flesh by pouring in the WATER OF THE WORD, overpowering the sin nature. Jesus is THE WORD!

March 2, 2016 3:06 PM

Another sign that was shown to me that Judgement had arrived is being fulfilled today….Ben Carson is dropping out…..http://www.cnn.com


March 2, 2016 3:18 PM

Phanuel, what do you think the symbolism is?

God gave America the chance to be redeemed by supporting Carson, but they rejected it, and so you will now see judgement?

Fat B
Fat B
March 2, 2016 12:41 PM

Disregard my last post. Janie P did.

Fat B
Fat B
March 2, 2016 12:34 PM

Did anyone else realize that in Matts poem the word, “Supreme“ was also used to describe the event during December through February? I believe the word was use as another clue just like the word “judgement“ was used. upreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee
March 2, 2016 1:54 AM

Dear brother and sister of America, there is still HOPE for America as our God that we serve is a merciful God. When God say He will judge a city not necessary mean that He will totally destroy the literal city, but is the spiritual demonic stronghold (a city that demon dwelt) above the city. BUT IF THE PEOPLE DIDN’T STAND AT THE GAP THROUGH PRAYER, THAN IT WILL ULTIMATELY MANIFEST IN PHYSICAL REALMS. That is what the devil want, if God want to destroy his demonic city, then they also want God to destroy the human city as well. Pray that let this judgement fall on the spiritual realms, so that it will set free the people from demonic influence and bring the great awkening.

March 2, 2016 7:50 AM

Great word Stephen ! Thanks for sharing !

Robert Adolph
Robert Adolph
March 1, 2016 2:21 PM

Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show just reported that the Counsel of Foreign Relations, a major part of our secret government, just declared war on Donald Trump and that they are likely to support Hillary Clinton for the presidency. http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/03/01/the-council-of-foreign-relations-declares-war-on-donald-trump-his-days-are-numbered/

February 29, 2016 8:31 PM

Hello dear James

Thank you for your February wrap up. I have been relaying posts to my husband who trusts God but not prophets until they are proven. I think this will satisfy him. He is working on a film to show the danger of same sex marriage becoming law in Australia. Australia will be holding a vote on “marriage equality” following the election this year. He is saddened by long time Christian friends who are cold shouldering him when he asks for their help. After speaking to law professors, he has found out that Christianity cannot coexist with same sex marriage and will be immediately outside the law. If any of the dear people of Z3 could pray for his help in the production of the film. He needs a cameraman and he needs protection.

Kyle S
Kyle S
February 29, 2016 7:43 PM

Was listening to the radio about the KKK rally in Anaheim where a counter-protester was stabbed. I felt a ‘snap’ in my spirit and heard the phrase from James’s posts ‘a time of increased tension’. Sounds like this may be on the rise, certainly the questions surrounding Scalia’s death add fuel to the fire.