Update and Four Warning Signs for the Coming Economic Collapse


This provides an update to my previous post, Prophetic Dream Announces One Month Delay, which was an update regarding the timing of a sudden economic collapse, which I saw in a prophetic dream on July 7 2014 and shared in my post, Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015.

The following provides a short summary of the original dream for the sake of those who aren’t familiar with it. For more details, please see the original post.

In this dream I saw all the countries of the world gathered together in a large banquet hall with representatives from each country seated at their own table. Then I saw the representatives seated on one side of the United States table all stand up at the same time. This caused increased tensions throughout the hall as representatives from other countries started yelling at the U.S. representatives, telling them to sit back down, but they kept standing. Suddenly, the representatives seated on the other side of the U.S. table, whom I was not able to see, pushed the table over and knocked all of the standing U.S. representatives down to the floor with the edge of the table pinning them down. They were unable to get up and nobody came to help them. Then I saw the representatives from China get very angry, get up from their table, and leave the hall yelling and making threats to declare war against the United States. Then the scene changed and I saw a certain ETF (symbol: FAZ) shooting straight up like a rocket.

I understood the ending of the dream revealed a sudden economic collapse because FAZ only moves up when the financial sector of the market moves down. The only way FAZ could shoot up like a rocket is if the financial sector crashes.

The dream seemed so urgent that I wrongly assumed it would happen within the next few weeks. By October 2014, I realized I had no clue when it would happen, so I finally asked the Lord. He immediately answered saying, “It will come next year during a time of increased tensions between the American people.”

So during 2015, I watched for the signs I saw in the dream plus the additional sign of increased tensions, but I did not see them happening. Then the first week of November 2015, I had another dream in which I heard a loud voice saying, “One month delay!” I shared this in my post, Prophetic Dream Announces One Month Delay.

I understood that to mean the December 31 2015 deadline was pushed back by one month to January 31 2016. The idea of a delay immediately causes some people to wonder if God would really change His mind, so let’s answer that question first.

Does God Change His Mind?

Does God really change His mind? So far, I have found seven examples in the Bible where He did exactly that. For example, He told Jonah to go to Nineveh to tell the people their city would be destroyed in forty days unless they repented. Jonah refused to go at first because he was concerned God would change His mind. He explained, “I fled to Tarshish, for I knew that You are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness, and one who relents concerning calamity” (Jonah 4:2).

So Jonah did not want to obey God because he understood God was likely to change His mind. Finally, after enduring much affliction, Jonah obeyed God, went to Nineveh, and announced to the people their city would be destroyed within forty days. However, Nineveh was not destroyed because God changed His mind.

In another example, God told the prophet Isaiah to tell King Hezekiah his sickness would end in death, so Isaiah obeyed God and told the king, but the king repented, so God changed His mind and added fifteen years to the king’s life (2 Kings 20:1-6).

Other examples include Exodus 32:9-10, Numbers 14:11-23, Numbers 16:20-35, Deuteronomy 9:25-29, and Amos 7:1-6.

So according to the Bible, God changes His mind. Personally, I am glad He does because it shows we have an important role to play in what happens in the earth. God listens to our prayers and responds!

Perhaps God purposely does things in ways that separate the wheat from the chaff, those seeking Him from those seeking something from Him, those trusting Him from those trusting themselves.

Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? And who may stand in His holy place?  He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood and has not sworn deceitfully. He shall receive a blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation. (Psalm 24:3-5)

So did the people of the United States repent? I don’t believe so because I have not seen any evidence of changes, but God does not require repentance from a whole nation to change His mind. He only requires it from His own people. If He could just get His own people to stop sinning and start praying, He could heal our land.

If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14).

So did God’s people repent? I don’t believe so because I have not seen any evidence of changes, which is why I don’t believe God has stopped any of the judgment He has warned about. I believe our nation is still on the path to destruction. However, in 2015 there was a lot of commotion among God’s people in response to growing concerns with the direction of our nation and well-publicized warnings related to the blood moons and the year of the Shemita. Perhaps it was not enough to bring widespread repentance, but I believe a remnant of believers responded by crying out to God, enough to have the judgment pushed back temporarily. I believe that because I heard “One month delay,” but also because God confirmed it through words He spoke to others.

For example, on August 17 2015, Doug Addison posted a prophetic word on his blog stating God had granted five months of grace. Doug did not give the specific starting and ending dates, but since he posted it on August 17, five months from that date would end on January 16 2016, which fits perfectly with the one-month delay that I heard.

Another confirmation came from a word posted by Rachel Baxter on January 4 2016. She was told a famine would begin on January 16 2016, and shared it in her post, I Am Raising Up the Josephs.

Another confirmation came from an email I received from Bette Stevens on November 17 2015. She said she was warned about darkness and destruction coming upon our land, “After the holidays, after the holidays.” Her whole message is shared in my post, Prophetic Dream Announces One Month Delay.

Another confirmation came from a word shared by Dave Rowland, Judgment Begins with Fed Interest Rate Decision. That word was posted on December 15 2015, which was the same day the Fed announced an interest rate hike that is now causing the dollar value to go up, which is causing problems around the world.

Another confirmation came from a prophetic dream received by Erik Kudlis, which he shared in a post on December 4 2015 called Growing Invasion of Consuming Activities Beneath the Surface Will Soon be Impossible to Hide. In this dream he saw severe trouble coming by the spring of 2016.

“While everything in the “natural lawn” of American life still looks green, beneath the surface there is a growing invasion of consuming activities that will soon be impossible to hide. As things get darker over the winter months, the growth of these devourers will accelerate to where it appears as a sea of troubles overtaking everything that was once green, ornamental, and a sign of the good life. This will happen very quickly. The multiplication of the worms was not prolific at first, but then became explosive.

By the spring, the devourers will be in full consumption of anything and everything that gives life and color to the world we live in. The problems will be so widespread and beyond number, there will be little anyone can do about it.”

Another confirmation comes from Ali Winters. On November 27 2015, she warned January 2016 would mark the beginning of a time of grave darkness falling on the nations.

“Beginning in January 2016 drastic changes come to the world. Those I sought to bless, now I will curse. A time of grave darkness and evil will fall upon the nations. Fear will grip hearts. Men’s minds will be unable to discern the wickedness. Lives will be forever changed by what is coming… America is unprepared and will be dealt a mighty blow.”

The key point is she identified January as the beginning point, not the fulfillment of every warning, but the start date for changes, which is consistent with the one-month delay that I heard. For more details, see her post, Drastic Changes Beginning in January 2016.

Four Warning Signs to Watch:

I believe God granted a one-month delay to the start of the events I saw in my dream, which means we have just entered into the beginning of scene one. The representatives at the U.S. table are standing up now. I believe that because I heard “One month delay,” but also because the signs He told me to watch for have started happening. It is no longer just by faith because now we can see it with our physical eyes.

In total, He gave me four warning signs to watch for, things that would happen prior to the collapse. Two were revealed in the original dream and two more came later on. So here are the four signs:

  1. The men standing up at the U.S. table represents the strong dollar standing above all other currencies, which means when we see the dollar rising up, gaining value compared to other currencies, we know we have entered the season of the collapse.
  2. The representatives from other nations were yelling for the men from the U.S. to sit back down, which means when we see the strong dollar causing problems for other nations, increased financial tensions throughout the world, we know we have entered the season of the collapse.
  3. In October 2014, God told me the collapse would come during a time of increased tensions between the American people, which means when we see that happening we know we are in the season of the collapse.
  4. On March 1 2015, God gave me another dream revealing another sign to watch for prior to the collapse. I saw a proposal given to President Obama for $200 million in military aid. Then I saw him increasing the amount to $1.2 billion and authorizing it. I shared the details of that dream in my post The Event Before the Event. When we see that happening, we will know the collapse is very close.

These four signs were given to me in the same order as listed above, so perhaps they will be fulfilled in this order too, but that is just a guess. Now let’s consider what has actually happened regarding each of these four signs.

First Sign – Dollar Standing Up Above Other Currencies:

The meaning of the beginning of the dream when the U.S. representatives stood up was not clear to me until I received another dream on December 10 2015, which I shared in my post, Wild Volatility Coming in Currency Markets. In that dream, I saw a certain currency pair, USD/CHF, starting at the price it was at that time, .988, and shooting up to 1.35, which is a huge move. This dream helped me understand the men standing at the U.S. table represented the U.S. dollar standing up above all other currencies in the world.

The rate hike announced by the Federal Reserve Bank on December 15 2015 caused the dollar to start rising. While other major currencies have been cutting interest rates and expanding their money supply to drive down the value of their currency, the U.S. has stopped quantitative easing and increased the interest rate, which has created a growing gap in currency values for many countries.

In the December dream, I saw the price of USD/CHF initially stayed close to the starting price of .988. Then it started making small moves up, followed by very big, very fast moves up, followed by big moves down, and then big moves back up. For more details, please refer to the original post. I only saw the prices with no dates, so I don’t know how long it will take for all of the movements to complete, but so far, the actual price movement has been consistent with what I saw.


When I had this dream on December 10 2015, I had no way of knowing the Fed would announce an interest rate increase five days later on December 15, but the rate increase was consistent with what I saw because Fed rate hikes generally increase the demand for the dollar, which puts upward pressure on the price of USD/CHF. However, in this case, the price stayed about the same until December 31 2015, which was consistent with how I saw it not moving much at first. Then the actual price started moving up on January 1 2016 and has continued a strong upward trend since then to the current level of 1.022 (as of the time I am writing this on January 31 2016), which is an increase of about 3.4 cents, which is a very significant move historically for this currency pair. So far, the results have been consistent with what I saw and support my belief the bigger move up to 1.35 is coming soon.

The Fed’s actions have caused concerns around the world, which led some analysts to think they would back off from their plans for a March rate hike when they made their latest announcement last week, on January 27. Instead, they announced they are not retracting their December rate hike and are still planning to increase rates again in March. So both their December and January rate decisions have been consistent with the upward movement in USD/CHF, which I saw in my dream.

Since they only announce policy changes every six weeks, the current rate will continue to stand at least until March and perhaps longer. So already, we are seeing the U.S. representatives taking their stand and refusing to sit back down.

Second Sign – Increased Financial Tensions Throughout the World:

The second sign was the representatives from other nations yelling at the U.S. representatives telling them to sit back down, which represents increased financial tensions throughout the world. We are now reading about their screams in news articles.

With sovereign debt at record high levels throughout the world, and $9.6 trillion of that debt denominated in dollars, the stronger dollar puts added pressure on other countries because it effectively increases their debt load by requiring them to come up with more of their own currency to service their debt. According to a recent report from the Bank for International Settlements, offshore debt denominated in dollars has soared to an all time record ($9.6 trillion). Of that amount over $7 trillion involves both offshore lenders and borrowers, which is important because without any involvement from U.S. institutions the revenue stream to service the debt is all coming from another currency, so it must be converted into dollars, which is adding to the cost of the debt. The more the dollar goes up, the more the cost goes up and these nations are pushed closer to default, which is called a dollar short squeeze. (Source: Telegraph)

The Fed’s policy of artificially holding interest rates at zero since 2010 is responsible for causing the surge in offshore debt denominated in dollars because foreigners have been able to borrow dollars at zero interest and lend them out for a larger profit margin. This is a great example of the unintended consequences, dangerous side effects, created by trying to manipulate free market forces. It reminds me of how prescription drugs alleviate one symptom only to cause new ones.

While the Fed was phasing out quantitative easing and raising rates, central banks of other nations made 25 rate cuts for their currencies. Just last week the Central Bank of Japan announced another rate cut for the yen. These cuts make the dollar stand even taller by comparison due to an ever widening gap in the rates and monetary policies.

The stronger dollar is also one of the major causes for lower commodity prices because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, which is used for all International commodity trading, which includes oil. This puts even more pressure on nations who depend on commodity export revenues. So the stronger dollar is a double whammy, reducing revenues while raising debt costs, which is causing suffering in major economies like Brazil, which is the world’s seventh largest economy.

Economic Crisis Rattles Brazil as Olympic Year Starts

“This year started with very bad news,” said Manuel Enriquez, an economist at Sao Paulo University.

“The economic outlook for Brazil is very bad for 2016 and also for the year after.”

The IMF said it expected Brazil’s economy to contract 3.5 percent this year and remain stagnant in 2017. It shrank by 3.8 percent in 2015, according to the fund.

Jose Luiz Pimenta Junior, a specialist trade consultant, said Brazil must diversify its exports beyond minerals and grain.

“The internal situation is complicated. The slowdown in China and the rise in US interest rates will take away capital and investments. How will we survive?” he said. (Source: The Economic Times, January 24 2016)

Brazil is feeling the pain of the dollar squeeze because their government has $160 billion in US dollar denominated bonds and Brazilian banks have another $140 billion for a total of $300 billion. The stronger dollar makes their debt harder to service because their income stream comes from devalued Brazilian Reals. (Source: Otterwood Capital)

Yesterday, news reports revealed Nigeria is also hurting badly because of the dollar short squeeze as shown in this headline:

“Time To Panic”? Nigeria Begs World Bank For Massive Loan As Dollar Reserves Dry Up

Having urged “don’t panic” just 4 short months ago, it appears Nigeria did just that as the global dollar short squeeze forces the eight-month-old government of President Muhammadu Buhari to beg The World Bank and African Development Bank for $3.5bn in emergency loans to help fund a $15bn deficit in a budget heavy on public spending amid collapsing oil revenues. Just as we warned in December, the dollar shortage has arrived, perhaps now is time to panic after all. (Source: Zero Hedge, January 31 2016)

South Africa is also suffering severe economic pain due to the strong dollar. Their currency, the rand, lost 25% against the dollar in 2015, and started 2016 down another 8% (Source: FX Street, January 21 2016).

Rand Meltdown Brings S. Africa Recession, Junk Rating Closer

South Africa is moving closer to a recession and possible credit-rating downgrade to junk after the rand collapsed and as investors lose faith in the ability of President Jacob Zuma’s government to stem the slide.

The currency of Africa’s second-largest economy crashed to a new record low of 17.9169 against the dollar early on Monday as market turmoil in China and a drop in U.S. stocks deterred risk-taking. The 9 percent slump in the rand was the most since 2008 and the biggest of emerging-market and major currencies tracked by Bloomberg.

Policy makers are running out of options on how to ease the crisis.

“With large parts of the economy already in recession, it looks like a certainty” that the economy will contract, George Herman, head of South African investments at Citadel Investment Services, said by phone from Cape Town on Monday.

“I have no doubt in my mind that we will be downgraded to sub-investment grade,” he said. “The reality is that our fundamentals, which were already under pressure last year, have now been pushed over the tipping point by the dramatic weakening of the exchange rate.” (Source: Bloomberg, January 11 2016)

President and Chief Investment Strategist Christine Hughes at Otterwood Capital sees a failure in one country causing a chain reaction that spreads to other countries. She made the following statement back in August 2015, “My concern is that we are in the midst, in the beginning, the early innings, of an epic squeeze in the U.S. dollar, and that this $9 trillion in debt will not be affordable for at least somebody, and that will lead to a knock-on effect (domino effect), a chain reaction in an environment where there is no lender of last resort.” (Source: Wolf Street)

The debt number she referenced has now climbed even higher to $9.6 trillion. She felt we were in the early innings six months ago, which was even prior to the Fed’s recent actions. The situation is far more serious now because as the value of the dollar continues to rise, the dollar squeeze gets tighter, which explains why so many news articles are now surfacing with very alarming headlines, like these:

US Interest Rate Rise Could Trigger Global Debt Crisis

The Bank for International Settlements said the wild market ructions of recent weeks and capital outflows from China are warning signs that the massive build-up in credit is coming back to haunt, compounded by worries that policymakers may be struggling to control events.

“We are not seeing isolated tremors, but the release of pressure that has gradually accumulated over the years along major fault lines,” said Claudio Borio, the bank’s chief economist.

The Swiss-based BIS said total debt ratios are now significantly higher than they were at the peak of the last credit cycle in 2007, just before the onset of global financial crisis.

This has set the stage for a worldwide dollar squeeze as the Fed reverses course and starts to drain dollar liquidity from global markets.

The grim implication is that emerging economies may face a monetary shock as rates ratchet higher, even if the liabilities are in their own currencies. (Source: The Telegraph February 1 2016)

It’s Not Just China, Davos Leaders Know The World Is In Trouble (Source: Forbes, January 20 2016)

Time to Freak Out: 4 Reasons the Global Economy is Completely Screwed

The alarming combination of plunging stock markets, sinking oil prices, collapsing emerging market currencies and the slowdown in China has left many market participants wishing 2016 was over already.

The renewed panic comes as political and business leaders gather in the Swiss Alps town of Davos for the World Economic Forum, which is likely to be dominated by the turmoil in global markets. (Source: Salon.com January 26 2016)

A Global Debt Time Bomb is Ticking

It’s not just the build-up in global debt that is disconcerting, but where the flows of debt — fueled and encouraged by the ultra-cheap credit created by central bank monetary policies since the crisis — have gone.

A lot of that increased in debt flowed into emerging markets in search of positive returns and into exposures to the commodities boom the phenomenal (until relatively recently) growth in China generated. China, where total debt (about $US25 trillion) as a percentage of GDP has risen from about 160 per cent in 2008 to more than 240 per cent last year, accounts for about half the debt in the developing world.

The potential for an emerging market financial crisis could represent the catalyst for another, very severe, European banking crisis.

Where growth in China and the other developing economies supported the weak global growth post-crisis, they now represent a significant and growing new threat to global financial stability and economic growth at a moment where central banks have virtually exhausted their monetary ammunition and where the build-up of government debt globally reduces fiscal policy options. (Source: Business Spectator, Jan 21 2016)

A Triple Whammy Is Causing Stock Market Jitters

A fundamental shift in three core global economic variables—China’s currency policy, oil prices and the U.S. monetary stance—has rattled investors and darkened the outlook for the world economy.

Put the three changes together, however, and they add up for investors to a world where the old certainties no longer apply. Hence the sharp fall in equity prices since the start of 2016. (Source: Newsweek, January 29 2016)

When I had the economic collapse dream in 2014, I had no idea the Fed’s policies would cause these problems for the rest of the world, but God saw it coming. Their cries grew much louder by the end of January 2016, which marked the beginning of the the second warning sign.

Third Sign – Increased Tensions Between the American People:

In October 2014, God told me the collapse would come during a time of increased tensions between the American people. So I watched for that in 2015, and saw some increased tensions from the following events:

  • Baltimore protests and riots in April
  • 31 Governors took a stand against President Obama by refusing to allow Syrian refugees into their states
  • Record floods in South Carolina in October
  • 14 people shot and killed in San Bernadina, California in December

However, I don’t believe we have seen the fulfillment of what I heard, but I believe we will soon because I was told to watch for it and because so many others have heard the same thing with more details than what I heard.

For example, on November 29 2015 Denika Alston posted a prophetic dream in which she was told, In Two Moons and Three Days It Will Come. There have been different theories posted in comments about what date that would be, but no matter how it is calculated we are now very close.

Another confirmation comes from prophet Brian Carn. In late November 2015, he shared this prophetic warning:

“The famine is coming y’all. You may not believe it. You may can’t see it because we live in a country that has everything. We are greedy. We are wasteful. We can’t imagine going to Wal-Mart, going to the grocery store and they not having anything because you have never been there. When you’ve never seen it, you can’t recollect it, you can’t comprehend it. But you have to catch this. With everything that’s happening we’re getting ready to see a major collapse. I prophesied it and I told the people, things that were going to come.

The word of the Lord came to me. He said, “Going into the new year, a sudden terror is going to hit America where people are going to weep for days. But he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

For more details, see my post from December 1 2015, Going Into the New Year A Sudden Terror is Going to Hit America.

Another confirmation comes from Rachel Baxter. On November 1 2015, she saw a tragic event coming to America that will cause mothers and fathers to lose their children.

“There is an event just in front of you that will change the direction of your nation for eternity.  It is time for America to experience the wrath of the one true God.  Every drunkard must sober up eventually.”

“There are no more curtain calls.  There is to be no more delay.”

“I have spoken and my angels shall be dispatched to the corners of the earth to release the punishment that has been saved for this day.  There shall be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Mothers will cry out for lost children.  Fathers will crumple with the loss of their sons and daughters.  Families will be ripped apart.  Hearts will fail with fear for the great and terrible day of the Lord.  Many will seek death, but not find it.  Many more will die an inward death no more to experience joy in their day.  All that was once considered gain shall then be loss.”

“Every eye shall shed many tears, but I have prepared my remnant to survive the storm through the power of my word in their ears.”

For more details, see her post, There Is To Be No More Delay.

Another confirmation comes from a word shared by Pastor Benjamin Faircloth in his post dated January 18 2016, In the Month of Red, Blood Will Be Shed. He was not shown which month this word refers to, but he believes it could be February since it is so strongly associated with Valentines Day. If so, we are now very close to seeing bloodshed in our country.

Another confirmation comes from a warning shared by Matt Smith in his post Prophetic Poem Reveals the Future of America in 2016 and Beyond. His poem includes the following warning,

December through February,
Winter finds itself here,
A sudden event will strike,
And many will be in fear.

Know then My judgment,
Has come upon this land,
God reigns supreme,
And deals with a heavy hand.

So Matt identified a sudden event that would strike sometime between December and February. Now that December and January are history, we know it must happen this month. His warning fits perfectly with the other warnings listed above. Many other warnings have been posted previously regarding Islamic terrorist attacks coming against our children.

It is hard to know exactly how these events will unfold, but the dangers sound imminent and likely to cause increased tensions between the American people as we demand solutions from our government leaders. With the Obama administration seeking our destruction, we can expect to see our country more divided than ever by these tragic events.

So the third sign has not been fulfilled yet, but sad to say I believe it will be very soon.

Fourth Sign – President Obama Authorizes $1.2 Billion

The fourth sign has not happened yet, but it could happen at any moment because proposals are often given to the President for approval. I was not shown where this military aid was going, but I saw it originated within the Obama administration, so I am watching any proposals, especially ones coming from the Pentagon. A new proposal was in the news today regarding sending increased troops back to Iraq to fight against ISIS. (Source: Foreign Policy, February 1 2016)

The same dream also revealed this event would mark a turning point in the markets. So this sign has a double meaning, letting us know the market drop has begun and the sudden collapse is coming soon.

Other Economic Problems:

To put these things into context, all of this is happening during a time of many serious problems in the global economy, creating the perfect storm. Here is a list of ten big problems happening now.

  1. The U.S. shale oil and gas industry is reeling with $5 trillion in debt as oil prices continue falling. Oil prices fell below $30 per barrel in January 2016, which puts further pressure on already struggling emerging markets around the world. 42 North American oil companies already filed for bankruptcy in 2015 resulting in 130,000 lost jobs in the United States. (Source: Economic Collapse Blog)
  2. Ukraine defaulted on $3 billion debt to Russia on January 1 2016.
  3. For the first time ever, the Baltic Dry Index has fallen under 400. The Baltic Dry Index, a measure of global freight rates and thus a measure of global demand for shipping of raw materials, has collapsed to even more dismal historic lows. (Source: Bloomberg)
  4. Within the first four trading days of this year, there were two emergency stock market shutdowns in China.
  5. The velocity of money in the U.S. has fallen to an all-time record low, which means money is now less likely than ever before to change hands, which means our economy is slowing down. (Source: Economic Collapse Blog)
  6. The U.S. stock market Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more points in the first three weeks of 2016 than any previous year.
  7. Puerto Rico defaulted on $72 billion debt effective January 1 2016 with no bail out package in place.
  8. Since June 2015, stocks worldwide have lost more than $14 trillion, or 20 percent, in value from a record last June amid worries over global growth and deepening oil declines. The pace of the drop has been so fast that it has already unraveled about half of the rally since a low in 2011 (Source: Zero Hedge).
  9. The too-big-to-fail financial institutions just eliminated 26,700 jobs according to reports from fourth-quarter 2015, including Bank of America, Citigroup, and JP Morgan Chase (Source: CNBC). Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, is also showing signs of bleeding, not only eliminating shareholder dividends, but also management bonuses, after reporting horrible numbers for 2015 (Source: Zero Hedge).
  10. Italian banks are now reeling from carrying too many bad loans. Risks of bank runs are high. As the world’s 8th largest economy, failure of financial institutions in Italy could quickly spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world (Source: Euractiv).


The magnitude of the event I saw in my dream was so big it tends to grab all of our attention at the expense of the other events revealed in the dream. The danger is if we focus too much on the big event, we can lose sight of the smaller events, which leads us to the wrong conclusion that nothing has happened yet. The reality is two of the four warning signs have already started and the third could begin any day now.

I believe the one month delay identified the starting date for the fulfillment of the dream, not the ending date and not the grand finale. I agree with the financial analyst from South Africa who said we have now reached the tipping point, but this is just the opening scene. I was not shown how long it would take for all of the events to be fulfilled from start to finish, but we have the benefit of knowing the signs to watch, which will let us know when we are getting close to the big event.

We post a lot of different warnings here, so it can be challenging to connect all the dots. Pulling them together gives us a clearer picture, like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Unfortunately, in this case it is not a pretty picture, but I find it amazing how much they confirm each other and also confirm what I saw. God is revealing the future things to His people, at least to those who are awake and alert.

His judgment is not for those who walk uprightly before Him, so we have nothing to fear. However, I encourage everyone to proclaim the blood of Jesus over every person in our family and anyone else dear to us, especially those who are not walking close to God. Our prayers can make an eternal difference!

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is a blogger, business owner, husband and father of two grown children. In 1982, he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2012, he founded Z3news.com to broadcast the message of salvation by reporting end time news before it happens.

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John Barry
John Barry
June 3, 2019 7:56 AM

Brother James for 3 days GOD has been reminding me of this word HE gave you and that HE has given us 4 years of mercy from when HE told you it was going to happen . As you look at the current situation & events , do you think / believe it lines up with what GOD told you then ? Blessings

Mark Innes
Mark Innes
February 28, 2016 12:29 PM

Hey Mr. Bailey,
Upon waking this morning my mind was enveloped in a couple more things.

“Beware of the Ides of March.” This expression was used in Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar.” And, in the play, as far as I remember, this statement was given by the an oracle or oracles as an ill portent/omen. And, the specific day is the 15th of March.

Also, in my cursory research on Mars (god of war, I wasn’t on the planet 🙂 ) I forgot to mention that some of the festivals/celebrations of this god took place in October. Then I thought of the Bolshevik Revolution that took place in October of 1917. This is known as Red October: this is where that submarine movie with Sean Connery derives its name.

I don’t know if the historical event of Red October is so famously named due to the violent uprise and bloodshed against the Czar that was so necessary as dictated in Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” or because red represents the communist colors. It seems that it represents both.
Anyhow, I had trouble sleeping and I wanted to disclose some more information that was on my mind.
The implications and ramifications of Pastor Benjamin Faircloth’s message are … I lack words but I am deeply bothered: “In the Month of Red, Blood Will be Shed.”

Mark Innes
Mark Innes
February 28, 2016 4:39 AM

Hey James I just wanted to challenge you somewhat on the “month of red.”
Valentine’s day is just one day and would seem somewhat insufficient to represent the month of red. This idea of the month intrigued me and I thought of how and where our months and days in Spanish and English come from; such as July and August (Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus). They come from Ancient Rome. Like Saturday, Satunelia comes from Saturn This led me to think of March cuz I know Martes (Tuesday in Spanish) comes from Mars, as in the Roman god of war. And, “The Red Planet” is Mars.

Thus, a quick look on Google and, sure enough the word/month March comes from Martius (Latin) for Mars (the Roman God of war).
I figured that they named the planet after Mars after the idea of war and bloodshed. But, I found another quote on Wiki: “The priesthood of the Arval Brothers called on Mars to drive off “rust” (lues), with its double meaning of wheat fungus and the red oxides that affect metal, a threat to both iron farm implements and weaponry. In the surviving text of their hymn, the Arval Brothers invoked Mars as ferus, “savage” or “feral” like a wild animal.[23]”

This conclusion seems to fit……….incredibly well, I am a …well, I am awestruck at the several meanings. But, it is also chilling and perturbing because of the implication of the vast lost of life!

Also, a little historical tidbit: september, october, november and december means 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th (months, one can see this easily in Spanish) and then later Julius Caesar and Augustus had to add to their calendar due to their “grandeur.”

Thank you for your service: I hope this helps,

February 11, 2016 3:24 PM

This is not directly related to your post, but I thought I would share something drastic for me that I am going through now. I have owned a company for 12 years with a partner and long time friend of over 20 years, the anniversary being Jan 21. Almost a year ago I shared a bible with my partner and on Jan 25 I asked for prayers with an undesired response. Prayers needed there if anyone feels led. The next day we ended up having a discussion that has now led to my business closing, which was a concern with slow to find new work, but not expected as its always been that way on occasion. I am not sure if those events are tied together or not and I am not sure what my new path will be as of yet. I feel drawn to do more for the Lord but have not been given a direction yet. I can’t help but wonder if this is in preparation for something coming. Prayers would be appreciated and thank you for your sharing of these dreams and this website.

February 10, 2016 10:28 AM

Obama just released his 2017 budget which has granted $1.2 billion to a USAF program that only requested $220 million. Is this the fulfilment we’ve been looking for?


Sujit Thomas
February 10, 2016 11:25 AM


The figures James saw in his dream were $200 million and $1.2 billion and it was to authorize spending for military weapons and equipment. So, I don’t think this qualifies. Perhaps, James should weigh in too. But, that was nice work you did in finding such a piece of news.

February 10, 2016 11:49 AM

It is part of the defence budget but I agree it’s not 100% like the dream.

Melissa Doll
February 8, 2016 2:32 PM

God has been pouring prophetic dreams on me lately, and one this past week speaks to this post. I won’t share all details, but I will say that in the dream, I was hit by a furnace blast so hot, intense, and unrelenting that I could not catch my breath. It was terrifying. Upon waking, the Holy Spirit’s presence was so strong, and He said, “This is what the coming wrath will feel like to those in the Church who have been playing around, to those not prepared. I wanted you to understand the depth of fear they will feel and experience their completely inability to function when the heat hits.”

As the Body of Christ, I believe it will be imperative that we stand ready and waiting to toss Life jackets to drowning souls calling “S.O.S;” that under Jesus’ direction, we enter spiritual burning buildings to save souls crying for rescue; that at His command, we conduct search and rescue missions for the wounded and dying. The water of Jesus’ living Word will restore life to many; the anchor of the Gospel of the Good News will steady lives who knew better but failed to prepare.

When the judgments come, may we not react with the “I-told-you-so” attitude Jonah hoped to employ, but was denied due to Nineveh’s repentance. Rather, may our hearts break. May we seek to bind up the brokenhearted in Jesus’ precious name.


Diana Pulliam
February 10, 2016 7:06 AM

Melissa, God is telling me the same thing. The Lord has a great work for the Body of Christ. We’re to stay in the secret place of the Most High, under the shadow of the Almighty. He’s placing us all in position to act in a moments notice, to bring in the greatest harvest in the history of the Church. God bless!

February 8, 2016 6:13 AM
February 6, 2016 8:51 AM

So James, if FAZ is to go up (due to bank problems – bad oil co. loans?) what will happen to oil (prices, market) over this period lolling ahead in 2016? ERX, OIL, etc. are near lows.

Gary Lee
Gary Lee
February 6, 2016 4:06 AM

I had a dream on January 31 2016: My neighbor (clueless) came over saying “Well, it’s here. They’re saying it’ll be 3 crashes before it’s over.” She handed me an old rusty coffee can with a fishing lure in the bottom and said “Maybe you could catch a fish in the lake.” The rest of the day while the people were watching the crash on tv, I began getting out supplies I had packed away. End of dream. After listening to Rick Wiles/Bill Holter on Tru News saying the crash has already start; the Lord impressed upon me to share this dream with Z3 brothers & sisters (it took 2 confirmations within 2 hours for me to act on it). As I was checking the date of the dream (1/31/16); James dream of one month delay came to mind ending on January 31 2016. I was more amazed by the timing of my dream than the dream itself!! God Bless all. Can’t wait to meet you all by & by. “Lord , especially bless James hard work and patience”

February 6, 2016 11:19 AM

Thanks Gary for sharing !

February 5, 2016 7:46 AM

So I listened to Bill Holter on Trunews and he confirmed what The Lord has been revealing. He believes the big crash is about 2-3 months from now. And he believes we are currently in the crash. By the mercies of God it was revealed in a dream I had on Jan 17, 2016 that the crash season began on Jan 17, 2016. It has also been revealed by the Grace of God that a big crash of over 1300 points will happen in one day. It has also been revealed that the danger zone is May/June. It has also been revealed there will be difficulty withdrawing money from the banks in June, and a bank Holiday. Bill Holter comes on at the 24 min mark.

http://youtu.be/kYfG66XXNLs Shalom!

February 8, 2016 6:01 PM


If what you say about Ben Carson is true, now that he is been rejected, and even worse, been rejected in favor of someone who was won the state due to spreading lies about Carson dropping out while claiming to be the ‘consistent christian conservative’ (despite his obvious flipflops), how do you think God feels about that?

February 5, 2016 12:05 PM

Thanks Phanuel for sharing ! Totally agree with you !

February 5, 2016 12:25 PM

God bless Sonia! they also talked about Bank runs and negative interest rates…”translation” means Bank Holiday. Shalom!

February 5, 2016 11:04 AM

Thank you Phanuel for sharing what God has revealed to you!

February 5, 2016 12:21 PM

The Lord bless Faith..Shalom!