A Change in the Spiritual Climate is Coming

As I contemplate where the church is, in this post-modern culture, and where it needs to be going, I feel a change in the air.

I sense a new wind blowing through the church.  I am not smart enough to know what all that means, or to be able to predict the future, but the signs are there.  My spiritual senses tell me that a change in the spiritual climate is coming.

I’m not yet sure whether this is a storm, or the just the rains after a drought.  … [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Insights For France and Germany

The Father once again calls France;

“A nation now in chaos”.  But as an underground stream flows swiftly and quietly, so do those who have determined to pray and intercede with heart wrenching pleas for the Father to move within their land.

A spiritual passivity will begin to be addressed and shaken off of the hearts of fearful and hidden believers.

There will begin to be a few strong and ethical governmental leaders rise up who will begin to risk addressing the rapidly encroaching militant attacks against the people of France and its outlying regions.… [Continue reading...]