Vision of the Amazing Glorious Bride of Christ

I was driving with my 10-year-old, listening to her sing a country music song. Then I heard the Lord saying, “I wish My church loved Me this much.”

As I heard this, I got a glimpse of God’s glorious Bride.

She was wearing a white, gleaming wedding gown, which emitted a golden glow.

She was singularly focused on Jesus Christ. Her one thing was sitting quietly at His feet like Mary loving her Master (Luke 10:39), her Lord, and her closest friend. … [Continue reading...]

Violent Shaking is Coming

In November 2014 I had a vivid dream about a worldwide shaking.

In this dream I was inside the highest building in the region where I live.  I was meeting a friend of mine who is a CEO. It was during a typical business day. People were walking to and fro, like any normal day in their life. Little did they know what was about to happen.

I began walking upstairs to the top floor of the structure. I reached the top floor resting for just a moment.… [Continue reading...]

I Saw the Coming Persecution and Glory

One night in mid-2007 I experienced an unforgettable dream.  I have shared this only in certain meetings or conferences since then. Scroll down to see a 5-minute video presentation of my dream.

My dream is as follows:

I was on a train that was almost modern. It appeared to be a cattle car train but to my surprise, it was not cattle, but people  were chained up inside. They were mostly quiet, and all enslaved. Horror and shock filled their faces.

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