Mandatory Injections Turning People Into Zombies

I dreamed I was at either a hotel or a hospital. At times it seemed to be both. The walls were greenish like a hospital, but nice enough to be hotel walls.

I was looking for a certain room, but the hallway was crammed with chairs of some sort down the middle with people being made to sit down in them. Nurses, or what seemed to be nurses wearing white uniforms were calling people’s names and as people came to them, I realized they were being given shots.

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Christians Flee from Muslim Men Demanding Sharia Law

On September 20 2015, I dreamed I was with this older couple who I went with everywhere. Everything was somewhat chaotic and I knew something was very wrong because we were running from place to place every few hours.

I kept seeing Muslim people, mostly men. I needed a doctor for some reason, so I must have been injured. We were in and out of buildings, grabbing food when we could, or clothing. The older couple was pretending I was their young daughter and I was calling them father and mother, but they seemed to be believers who were protecting me.… [Continue reading...]