Prophetic Dream: Dark Tornado Approaching

dark_tornadoI have had a reoccurring dream in which I was in a park with many people. There was a huge, dark tornado only about 50 yards from where we were!

No one saw it and the people were just playing and having fun in the park while the tornado was only moments from sweeping them all away! But I saw the storm and I began to yell for the people to run into this brick building that was an outdoor bathroom. I quickly instructed everyone to line up along the walls of the bathroom so they would be safe!

I believe this dream speaks of immediately warning people to get on the wall as watchmen and pray as they enter a safe place of cleansing and protection by the Holy Spirit! This dream, along with others, has always kept me stirred and passionate about sharing His end time message.

Author: Harvest White

Harvest is an author, wife and mother. She offers seminars and workshops on the importance of preparing our hearts and our homes for the coming storm.

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Karen Sue
Karen Sue
December 25, 2015 11:10 AM

people will be oblivious…as in the days of Noah

June 26, 2015 6:29 PM

About 20 years ago I had a dream about a tornado that was heading for our home. We lived in a rural area in Illinois and you could see for miles across the corn fields.

In my dream, my grandmother and brother were visiting my home. When I saw the tornado coming, I grabbed my two children and headed to the basement. My grandmother took a bit more time to go down there with me but she did come.

A pickup truck with blacked out windows entered our yard and began driving around our home in circles…wildly. And my brother, instead of coming to safety, jumped in that red pickup and took off.

My husband (now my ex-husband) continued watching out the window until the last minute possible and then joined us in the basement.

My interpretation was that the tornado was the rapture. I knew my children and I were safe. I had wondered about where my grandmother was at this point but am fully convinced now that she is in Heaven. My ex-husband finally yielded and sought safety in Christ. My brother took off with the devil.

Michael Perritte
michael perritte
June 20, 2015 8:41 PM

I had a similar dream. I was at a swimming pool with my youngest daughter and a cousin of mine that has had a stroke so she has limited mobility. We were sitting in pool chairs at one end of the pool with people all around us. I looked at the far end of the pool and just above the trees I could see a black tornado approaching . I tried to warn people but no one would listen. My daughter and cousin and myself went outside of the fence around the pool down a embankment for safety and that was the end. I felt my cousin with limited mobility represented God giving ample warning for escape to safety.