Prophetic dream warns us to pray for America

On July 1, 2018, at 2:30 am, I had a terrifying dream that I was at an academy awards show in a large mega church. All the “Who’s Who” were there in the audience, all dressed up and glamorous.

Then the scene quickly changed. As I was standing in the audience, an usher frantically motioned to my husband to come upstairs. He frantically ran to the top of the mega church balcony stairs. I knew something was wrong so I quickly followed and ran as fast as my legs would carry me to the top of the stairs.… [Continue reading...]

Warning of School Shootings at the Start of the New School Year

On July 20 2016, I had a dream that I was in a very classy school. I was going into a high school science classroom to give an announcement about upcoming events and programs during the year. It was a very modern science lab on the third floor with large glass windows that allowed us to see the beautiful sunny day outside.

The teacher and I sat down at a large lab table with a small group of students. We were having fun, casual conversation with the teens while we waited for another teacher to bring back some printed literature to share with the students about the upcoming programs.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Transfer of Great Wealth to the Righteous

At 3:00 AM last night, while spending some time with the Lord, I began asking Him to teach me how to steward His resources well. I repented for any times when I was not a good steward over the resources that He entrusted to my family and I asked Him to help me to be faithful with everything that He gives us (money, time, ministry, etc). So while praying, I fell into a deep sleep and had the following dream.

I was in the lobby of a bank.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Diabolical Plans Against Our Nation

On May 8  2016, I dreamed I was with two officials who were taking me around to different public locations in a suburban city. They were showing me how vulnerable the locations were for attack.

Then the scene shifted and they took me into a crowed public library. People were sitting quietly at packed tables in study groups throughout the room. A tall man walked in with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder. He seemed to know the gentlemen I was with and he walked right over to us.… [Continue reading...]

Muslim Women Dispersing Bombs in Major Cities Across America

On March 21 2016, I was troubled by a strange dream in which I was closely watching two Muslim women preparing to disperse bombs across America.

They were dressed with dark gray headscarves and full body length shawls. They appeared to be in an empty garage or an old, empty warehouse. They were loading several tan and olive colored military backpacks with explosives. I understood they were planning to strategically place them throughout major cities in our nation.

They planned to detonate them in a staggered fashion over a period of minutes or hours.… [Continue reading...]

Racial Tensions Coming to Churches in America

Several days ago I dreamed I was in a large cathedral church with classic pews and stain glass windows. There were two sets of pews, one on the right and one on the left with a large aisle in the middle. I was sitting in the pews to the right. Directly behind me were old, conservative Americans.

I heard a commotion behind me, so I turned around to see what was going on. I saw a large group of young, Black Americans coming from the pews on the left side and standing in the center aisle.… [Continue reading...]

Severe Storm Warning for All Pastors

A local pastor recently shared with me a prophetic dream the Lord gave him and he felt like it was important to share with the body.

In the dream, he was driving down the street and I was a passenger in his car. As he was driving down the road, he saw a series of large tornadoes swirling together off in the distance. Then he suddenly said, “I want to stop and grab some doughnuts”.

I immediately turned to him and said, “We don’t have time to stop for doughnuts!… [Continue reading...]

Sixties Style Racial Conflicts Are Coming to America

Last night I dreamed I was taken to a secret meeting in the woods of a country town. It was the middle of the night and there were several dozen men in attendance.

The men spoke with heavy southern accents and I heard one yell out, “We gotta get them out of our town!”

They seemed to be frustrated with the African-American community in their small town and were strategizing an attack to terrify the town’s black community and force them out.… [Continue reading...]

My Bride is in Bed with Obama

Last night after fervently petitioning the Lord at 3:00 am and asking Him to reveal His heart to me in a dream, He gave me a very disturbing dream. I feel a release from the Lord to share it, but please be warned it includes content inappropriate for younger readers. I pray you will receive it from the heart of the Lord.

In the dream, I was escorted to a strange place in the heavenly atmosphere. It reminded me of a modern space station with rounded ceilings and tight quarters.… [Continue reading...]

Supernatural Protection from Great Shaking Coming to the United States

Last week I had a dream that I was on the third floor of a large mall in an American city. I was walking toward a store when suddenly the ground began to shake violently causing a large crack in the floor right in front of me!

I thought maybe I could jump over the crack and get to an exit but just as I went to take a step forward, the floor broke apart and the crack turned into a huge, gaping hole.… [Continue reading...]

“In Two Moons and Three Days It Will Come”

I had a troubling dream on November 29 2015. I didn’t want to share it because I was concerned about giving a date and I didn’t want people expecting some huge event while the Lord might simply be just shifting things behind the scenes on that day.

Well, in my dream I had an African man approach me with terror in his eyes. He said in his African accent, “In two moons and three days, it will come.”

That was it; that was the end of the dream.… [Continue reading...]

Four Waves of Warnings Ignored

On September 11 2015, I had a dream that I was at the beach overlooking the water from a two story balcony.

I was with some acquaintances and extended family. I was trying to tell them about a severe weather forecast that I saw, but no one would turn to me and listen. They all continued to laugh and talk amongst each other.

I looked out at the ocean and I noticed a large wave coming in. It landed and moved up the coast as a rising tide would.… [Continue reading...]

Finding Refuge from America’s Coming Oppression

On July 3rd 2015, I had a dream that I was walking with my children on the streets of an abandoned city. We knew something terrible was coming and we were looking for a place to find refuge.

A tall, friendly, “All-American” boy came over and began walking with us; laughing and joking with me. The college aged quarterback type reminded me a lot of Captain America, a Marvel movie character. We walked to a place where I thought (from a previous dream) that we could escape.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: Large Floods Make America Smaller

I dreamed I was lifted up above the earth’s atmosphere and it was like I was looking at a space satellite picture of the United States. The land mass looked different; it was significantly smaller because the oceans along the coastlines were severely flooded. It was almost like all the coast lands surrounding the US receded like a scroll.

I specifically saw the west coast, gulf coast, and Florida coast clearly receding. I also saw an unusually large body of water in the Mideast of the county that was not there before.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: We Must Know the Truth About Islam

I dreamed my husband and I were on a city street and I saw several Arab men fighting each other in the middle of the street. There was a rushing flood of water in the middle of the street, but it was only about knee deep so the men were able to stand in it and continue fighting.

Across the street, I noticed a large, older house. I wanted to go inside. I was surprised the Arabs didn’t attack or persecute this house, but I knew it was because they were too busy fighting each other.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: Civil War Coming to America

I had a dream that my husband and I were downtown on the streets of Atlanta walking with our children and a large group of people on the sidewalk behind us. I noticed there were troops lining up on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. They were dressed in old fashioned uniforms that resembled civil war veterans. They looked like they were lining up to prepare for a coming battle.

Suddenly, I saw three men on horses riding through in the middle of the street.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: Dark Tornado Approaching

I have had a reoccurring dream in which I was in a park with many people. There was a huge, dark tornado only about 50 yards from where we were!

No one saw it and the people were just playing and having fun in the park while the tornado was only moments from sweeping them all away! But I saw the storm and I began to yell for the people to run into this brick building that was an outdoor bathroom.… [Continue reading...]