“Houston, you have a problem.”

In my early morning time with the Lord I heard, “Houston, you have a problem.”

Needless to say, my prayers were directed.

The Remnant of the Lord who remain in Houston (and environs) need to seek the Lord as to where to relocate, and do so while there is yet time. If they do not, soon they will merely be able to flee in the clothes on their backs.

Some have been (and remain) fearful, because they don’t see themselves has having the means to move.… [Continue reading...]

“I now bring blight and pestilence to the crops, and swarms of locusts and worms to consume that which remains.”

I received this from the Lord about five years ago, but did not have permission to release it then, nor instruction on how to release it — for I have no platform (blog, pulpit or public ministry) from which to speak. At that time, I stuck it away in the Bible I was reading; and there it remained while I turned to a new copy of the Bible, which my wife received slipcased with a historical version she had ordered.

Earlier this week, the Lord caused me to take that Bible from the shelf, to dust it off, and to return to studying it; and this morning He caused me to read again that which He had me to write then, and now to release it:

“Speak no longer of ‘weather wars’; for man’s machines have no effect, save that I permit it.… [Continue reading...]