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I’m against the vaccine and won’t be taking it, because I don’t experience peace from God to do so. However, a lot of times when vaccine critics come out with evidence against the vaccine I can just as easily find pro vaccine articles that refute all said critical evidence. Someone created the website and refuted all of Bridle’s claims with scientific citations.
This is why I don’t bother with the science anymore, because it’s essentially a ‘he said, she said’ story. So I just focus on God and follow what He says. His Word is more authoritative than any anti or pro vaccine science.

Philip - Sydney

I don’t Disagree with you Joel,
However the Salk Institute supports the claims in the article above. There is determined and orchestrated effort by social media giants and the MSM to suppress and censor any concerns about these experimental vaccines. Z3NEWS and a few other websites are prepared to courageous and provide information giving all readers an opportunity to assess the truth.. Diana Pulliam has warned that a terrible period of death is coming. If this is Vaccine related, a far Worse manufactured man made Virus or a major plate shift from Portland to California, we don’t know at this time. What we do know is Satan is working overtime and works on multiple levels in multiple Organisations.

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to register a Personal Domain name to damage Dr Bridle’s claims. Who is behind this website. We will never know.

God bless