Warning: Sexual Immorality Will Increase in 2013

sexual immoralityProphetic minister Patricia King, founder of Xpmedia.com, shares the following prophetic warning regarding an onslaught of sexual immorality coming in 2013. The purpose for this prophetic warning is to help people discern the times and understand how to prepare so they can avoid getting hurt by what is coming.

If prophetic warnings sound like a strange thing to you, the Bible contains many such warnings. In 2nd Chronicles 20:20 King Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Listen to me, O Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, put your trust in the Lord your God and you will be established. Put your trust in his prophets and succeed.”

The following is a transcript of the prophetic words shared by Patricia King. At the end of this transcript is a 20 minute video from which these comments were transcribed.


We are in the midst of a revolutionary shift and we need to hold the ground. There is a shift of mindsets that has already begun to come into the world. If this new mindset is left to itself it will get worse. With this new mindset there is a redefining of morality, of what is right and what is wrong.

Isaiah 5:20 says, “Wow to those who call evil good, and good evil.”

We would be naïve to think there is not a crisis of morality. Sexual morals are being challenged. If you just look at television programs, television commercials, and movies, you can hardly find a program without a sex scene in it. Young people can turn on the television at almost any time and get exposed to sexual images or at least sexual connotations. They are being bombarded with the message that it is okay for men and women to have sex outside of marriage, and okay for men to have sex with men and okay for women to have sex with women.

America used to be a nation where our foundations of sexual morality were sound. Today those foundations are being challenged. When the foundations are challenged little by little it has an impact on our mindsets. If the foundations were challenged in a major way all at one time people would reject the message. However, when the challenge comes little by little people are more willing to accept it, so it gradually erodes the foundation.

Our moral foundations are becoming more and more compromised. What I see in my prophetic vision is that there will be more perversity in 2013 than there has been in the past and things that used to be in the closet are going to come out and be exposed openly. We are going to be exposed to some things in the media, some horrific things exposed, that are going in behind the scenes that will be brought out even on the news channels. A lot of us will say to ourselves, “What? This cannot be happening!” It will be that kind of reaction at first but as it happens more and more people will just get used to it. That is the plot of the enemy. So beloved, I am telling you, do not get used to it!

The Bible has very strict guidelines on what is good for the body sexually, what is allowed and what is forbidden. We must keep that standard. We cannot compromise. We cannot say that just because of an emotional issue things are okay. The Lord is showing me that his church is going to compromise on sexual morality more and more because of emotional issues, because they know people who are in immoral sexual relationships.

For example, you might know someone who is in a homosexual relationship or in an immoral heterosexual relationship and you say to yourself, “Well, God loves them and they love each other so can it really be that wrong? That is just the way they are and we have to accept them.”

We need to know how to rightly divide that because definitely we cannot have hate in our heart. In 2013, there is going to be a group who will rise up in a wrong spirit, a judgmental spirit, which is part of a religious spirit, filled with hatred, and they will come against people who are committing acts of sexual immorality. But they are not going to give the church a good name because they will be handling it in the wrong spirit. Believers who know better are going to cringe and rise up against this group. So it is going to cause factions within the church. When these things happen, believers who know better should not go and hide themselves or run away from it or remain silent. They should just be determined more than ever to rise up in the right heart. Many believers are going to get so discouraged that they will actually walk away from the faith as a result of these things. So we are in treacherous times!

In 2013, pedophiles are going to push their agenda for Internet pornography, child pornography, and pedophilia. They are going to push to lower the age of sexual consent. They are going to push to legalize marriage to children. They are going to push to legalize beastiality and all levels of perversion.

In 2013, there are going to be stories in the news about well-known people in the church and outside of the church who are going to be exposed for committing some horrific immoral acts. The sad part about it is it will not bother people as much as it used to because they are getting used to it. It is becoming more acceptable. It is becoming more expected. Christian leaders are going to have a tendency to lower the bar. We cannot let that bar of morality be lowered.


We are in a treacherous time, but it will be the best of times for those who walk with God according to his kingdom and his righteousness and are committed to him because we will take and uncompromised stand and God’s blessings will be upon us. So there are some battles to fight but when you are on the winning team and you choose rightly you will be blessed.

In 2013, people will have to define themselves by deciding which Kingdom they want to be in. It is going to become increasingly harder to have one foot in the world and the other foot in the kingdom of God. We must have both feet and the kingdom of God. Compromise will not work.

Believers should pray for a moral revolution that is initiated by God where a spirit of conviction comes and a spirit of the fear of the Lord comes. Pray for a revival to bring us back into a good moral standing with a solid moral foundation. We have to pray for that and birth that. So when we see these difficult things happening don’t run, don’t retreat, don’t back off, and don’t let anything destroy your faith because ultimately the enemy is after your faith. He wants you to give up your faith and turn away from God and turn away from the word of God. Do not go there! This is the time to stand up and be strong and no matter what we see that might turn our stomach that we would stand for what is right.

The Lord is collecting a remnant of believers in 2013 who will not be moved by the horrific things that we see happening around us. We need to make it our aim to be part of that remnant of believers who stand firm against the immorality.

In his letter to the church at Ephesus, the apostle Paul instructed the believers to “put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.” (Ephesians 6:11)

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