Voters Approve Homosexual Marriage

Four states voted on November 6 on the issue of homosexual marriage. This issue has been voted on previously in 32 states and has been rejected every time. However, this time the results were different.

Voters in Maine and Maryland became the first states to approve same-sex marriage by voter ballot measures. Just three years ago, voters in Maine rejected same-sex marriage. Yesterday, they reversed that position. In Minnesota, voters rejected a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage. However, Minnesota still has a state law which prohibits same-sex marriage. Washington state also voted on the same-sex marriage issue, but results are still pending.

The votes in Maine and Maryland make them the seventh and eighth states to legalize homosexual marriage. Over the past decade, six states have legalized it while 31 states have added amendments to their constitutions banning homosexual marriages. Iowa and Massachusetts legalized it through state supreme court decisions. Four more states legalized it through legislation, including New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. The District of Columbia has also legalized it. However, yesterday marked the first time voters have approved this perverted lifestyle.

CBN news reported today on what people were saying about the same-sex vote results. Maggie Gallagher from the National Organization for Marriage, pointed out that each of these states were deep blue states and that supporters of traditional marriage were outspent 8 to 1 by advocates of same-sex marriage.

Bishop Harry Jackson from Hope Christian Church in Washington state fought to defend traditional marriage. He says the efforts there were hurt by the lack of funding received from the Republican Party. He claims the GOP basically told the traditional marriage supporters that they were on their own. Even though the GOP platform supports traditional marriage, the party refused to provide any financial support. Bishop Jackson believes their lack of response and lack of engagement on these issues explains why they lost the election.

While many Americans reject the liberal, socialist agenda of the Democratic Party, They turned to the Republican Party because it is currently the only viable alternative. However, as Bishop Jackson points out, the Republican Party falls far short of taking a stand for any issues important to Christians. While the Democrats have taken a clear stand against God, the Republicans have taken a stand only for their own political power, which is equally as godless as the Democrats. The Republicans have taken the position of spineless cowards, afraid to stand for righteousness and afraid to say publicly that righteousness and blessings go together. Republicans have repeated this same mistake many times since the days of Ronald Reagan. Mitt Romney offered only a re-packaged version of former losing Republican candidates Bob Dole and John McCain. Romney deserved to be defeated and he was.

Yesterday’s votes mark a very significant shift in attitudes. It shows how increasing numbers of Americans are relying more on what society tells them and less on what the Bible says. The contrast between these two sources is clear. Our society says homosexuals are born that way and they cannot help it. The Bible indicates that homosexuality is a choice that we make, a choice that comes with serious consequences. If you would like to see for yourself what the Bible says about it, we have prepared a list of scripture passages on this topic.

In light of these scriptures, Americans are faced with a choice whether to fear God and obey Him or assume to know more than God and thus take a stand against Him. There are eternal consequences for our choices and the stakes could not be higher.

Too many Americans have forgotten our Christian heritage and the scriptural foundations of our country. In the absence of a close personal relationship with God and in ignorance of what His word says, Americans have become vulnerable to every sort of lie and perversion.

The Scriptures tell us homosexuality is offensive to God. By voting in favor of homosexual marriage, Americans have taken sides against the Scriptures and against God. Voters in Maine and Maryland have decided that they know more than the Scriptures and they know what is fair and right better than God does.

It is a sad day for America when voters have turned against God, foolishly and ignorantly inviting the judgment of God to come on our country. May God have mercy on us.

Author: David King

David King is an actor and author. Besides writing, he serves the Lord through preaching, teaching, and evangelism.

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