Republican Party Seeks a New Direction

After their loss in the recent election, Republicans are seeking answers. What direction should the party go from here?

So far I have heard just about every answer except the right one. I have heard Republicans need to abandon conservative principles, move more to the middle, be more like the Democrats. But isn’t that exactly what they did with candidates like Bob Dole in 1996, John McCain in 2008, and Mitt Romney in 2012? So why keep trying the same things and expect different results?

Today I heard an African American woman, who claims to be a Republican and a Christian, say the problem is Republican candidates are all too white and that just doesn’t work anymore in America. She said they need to be more entertaining to help get their points across.

I don’t think the problems have anything to do with skin color or how entertaining the candidates are. Those are superficial issues.

The correct answer is as far away from superficial as you can get. The correct answer has already been given to us in the Scriptures.

2nd Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Proverbs 14:34 says “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people.”

These scriptures connect the dots between righteousness and exalting our nation, between repentance and healing our land. You can’t have one without the other. This is the heart of the issue. America today has a sin problem and repentance is the answer. If we want to fix our country, and fix the Republican party, we must pursue righteousness. America must get right with God.

We must connect the dots. Talking about sin and repentance is considered taboo in American politics today. It is perfectly acceptable to talk all day long about our problems. It is even acceptable to talk about solutions as long as we don’t talk about the only solution that works. As long as we continue going down this road, our problems will continue to get worse.

But it was not always this way.

America became a great nation because it was founded by people who lived in right relationship with God. They boldly took a position standing on God’s side, aligning themselves with him and not against him. Because they did that they qualified for and received the blessings of God. It was God alone who prospered our country and made it great. Without God the revolution would have been crushed and America would never have been formed.

After losing nearly every battle during the first year of the American Revolutionary war, Benjamin Rush asked his friend John Adams if he believed they could win. John Adams said, “We can if we put God first and repent from our sins.”

These people knew the scriptures, believed them, and practiced them, even laying down their lives for them. They openly acknowledged God in the declaration of independence.

How many of our leaders today understand what John Adams understood? How many of our leaders today openly acknowledge God? I am not talking about just adding “God bless America” at the end of a speech. That is not enough. If you don’t have the courage to take a stand for righteousness then you don’t have the right to put God’s name at the end of your speech. That is hypocrisy!

When was the last time you heard one of our politicians say we need to put God first and repent from our sins? Their silence is deafening. Either they don’t know him or they are ashamed of him. God has become politically incorrect. God cannot put his blessings on people who take sides against him. America today has taken sides against him.

It is time for people of faith to demand and cry out for righteousness in our land. We must openly acknowledge and honor the God of our fathers. When we do that God will turn it around. He will fight for us. That is when we will prevail.

The blessings of God flow to those people who honor him and are not ashamed to publicly acknowledge him. We cannot be afraid of what the liberal media will say. When America returns to a right relationship with God, the blessings of God will again flow to America. That is the answer to all of our problems.

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James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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