“I Am Now Releasing a Company of Prophets Who Have Been Through the Fire to Bring a Great Re-alignment in the Church.”

On the morning of February 9, as I spent time in worship, I heard the Lord say:

“I am now releasing a company of prophets who have been through the fire and carry the arrows of fire in their hands, to bring a great re-alignment in the Church.”

I saw the Lord positioning these prophets, who have been through the fire, these ones who have allowed the Lord to do a deep work in their hearts and souls and who really carry His heart. These ones have been through an incredible testing in this season, an incredible time of purification and pruning and now the Lord is releasing them into places of greater favor.

I saw the Lord hand them arrows of fire and as I looked at their mouths, I could see their mouths like normal, but at the same time, I could see a MEGAPHONE over their mouths. The sense surrounded me that the voice of these prophets is about to get loud.

The arrows of fire in their hands were the words that the Lord had given them. These words were words of purity, they were words burning with His love, but also SHARP. They were carrying revelation of the Word of God that was going to SEVER and SHIFT. It was going to SEPARATE.

“For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12)

The Lord is raising these prophets up who are so devoted to His heart, they live in a place of such deep revelation of His love. They live in a place of such yieldedness to Jesus and have now received a greater igniting by the Holy Spirit of TRUTH.

They are moving out in this season with an UNCOMPROMISED word from the Lord. They are moving out with the word of the Lord that not only IGNITES, but it PURIFIES and PURGES.

The Lord is about to expose the lies in the body of Christ. The Lord is about to expose the false truths. The Lord is about to expose the areas of mixture, the areas of contamination where the pure flow has been tainted.

The word of the Lord is going to come through these prophets with encouragement, love, and strong conviction of alignment.


As the Lord is raising up these prophets in this season, they are releasing what the Lord is saying, and these arrows were sent speedily to bring a greater alignment in the body of Christ to Jesus.

I saw the eyes of the Lord looking in the body of Christ right now and I saw a HUGE TARGET and written across the target were the words “MIXTURE and COMPROMISE”. The Lord is targeting these issues right now.

As these prophets release the words they have received from His heart, there is going to be a mighty wave of repentance that is going to be seen moving through the Church. His people will be awakened to lies they have believed, deep areas of unbelief and hunger and passion ignited for JESUS like never before.

There was such a deep sense of the Lord preparing His bride. Such a deep sense of the Lord working deeply upon His Bride.

“It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.” (Revelation 19:8)

These prophets are coming empowered and full of His love and His Word, and as they speak, a PLUMBLINE is being released to the Church.

God is using their words as a PLUMBLINE to see if there are any areas out of alignment in individual lives and in the body of Christ. It’s a beautiful thing, as the Lord is correcting those misalignments and bringing them back into alignment.

The message of returning to Jesus and the first love and the returning to the Word of God will be sounded loud and clear this year. This is a year of great returning, it’s a year of great breakthrough, and it’s a year of great harvest.

We are going to take ground like we never have before this year, but as the momentum increases, the Lord is rooting out mixture, compromise and lies.

He is setting His people on fire with His love, like never before. He is igniting a passion within the hearts of His people for HIM, first and foremost. A passion to hear His voice! A new depth of intimacy and clarity in hearing His heart. A greater hunger for TRUTH, His TRUTH.

We are moving into greater demonstrations of victory, increase, breakthrough and double portions like we have never seen. The momentum and acceleration is increasing, and He wants His people ready!

These prophets are coming with the words that will be like a plumbline igniting a deeper repentance in the Church, and a deeper returning to Jesus as the first love. It’s a great pruning, why? For greater fruitfulness, greater life, greater maturity.

We are not going backwards. We are going forwards, and we are at a crucial moment of taking more ground than ever before personally and corporately.

Lana Vawser

Author: Lana Vawser

Lana Vawser grew up in the Sutherland Shire, in NSW, Australia. She began her relationship with Christ in 1996, soon after which, she started to understand and grow in her prophetic gifting both to individuals and the greater body of Christ. Since then she has ministered in various roles in local churches, while posting prophetic messages through email lists or online. From 2014, Lana has been featured regularly on The Elijah List, The Australian Prophetic Council, and later Charisma Magazine.

Lana has a heart to encourage the body of Christ and individuals in their walks with Jesus; deeper intimacy with Him; and learning to hear His voice. Lana operates in the prophetic and loves to share the heart of God with others. In 2009, Lana wrote her first book titled “Desperately Deep – Developing Deep Devotion and Dialogue with Jesus”. She is a gifted prophet and teacher, and loves to see others grow in all that God has for them. She has her own blog site at Lana Vawser Ministries. She also has a Facebook page.

Lana has completed her Bachelor of Ministry through Tabor College, Sydney; and now resides in the Gold Coast Hinterlands, Queensland.

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Alison Pound
February 11, 2017 8:41 PM

Amen. Let’s take hold of this people of God. And you Z3ers with prophetic voices take hold of this, for this can be you. If you want it, you can be in this company of prophets being released. It’s not for everyone but if you want it. Begin to cry out for this. Allow the Father to complete the purging and testing in you that He has begun. The world needs this, the church needs this, the remnant needs this. Pray it in! Already God has released this, we need to take hold of it. Thank you Lana.

Phil V.
February 11, 2017 7:10 PM

Thanks Lana. I received my prophetic assignment back in 2015-2016. I was actually using the computer I am using now and a name came about in my thoughts. I thought it was an interesting name so I Googled it, read about him in the word, and the rest is history. The remainder of my assignment is below.

I am in the company of “Micaiah” (1 Kings 22 & 2 Chronicles 18) and my three Tribes of Israel are Levi (the priesthood), Issachar (recognizing the signs of the times and the seasons of life), and Joseph (receiving spiritual insight through dreams). My first vision was in 2007 where I was hovering above the earth and I saw the enemies plan for the world. There was fire and Radical Islamic Jihadists coming of the fiery water onto the shores of the United States from where the were originating in the Middle East. I have received hundreds of dreams, visions, and prophetic words since then and I am waiting patiently upon the Lord to show me how to release what he has stored up within me.

God bless and God speed to you all! The great and awesome DAY OF THE LORD approaches!

Lydia Hodge
February 11, 2017 11:57 AM

How I long to see the body of Christ return to her first love and take a righteous stand for Jesus. May God release within us all such a yearning for truth and his presence. I keep hearing I’m drawing the line you’re either with me or you’re not. The time of separation has begun. Thank you for this word. The Lord will ROAR from Zion.

Dave Donahue
Dave Donahue
February 11, 2017 5:16 PM

Lydia; Its going to happen sooner than you think. There are so many of us that are so full and just waiting for the Holy Spirit to realise us. Be ready.

Dave Donahue
Dave Donahue
February 11, 2017 10:11 AM

Lana, That message confirms what God gave me a few years ago, and it was about God building His Army in these last days. God is giong to release His Holy Spirit through ordinary people that do know their God and they will do exploits in these last days. I will submit that message to James for publication in the very near future. God Bless you Dave Donahue

February 12, 2017 11:14 AM

Thank you mamm, for that POWERFUL message from the Lord. May we all be found worthy to be his prophets in the lives of those whose lives we touch. I had a dream about an old girlfriend, really my first love. And in that dream she was calling me, her name ANYA appeared on the phone, and she had called three times before. First love, first love, first love, Jesus is calling.

February 12, 2017 8:34 AM

Such an encouraging word! The Father has been doing a deep work in my life. I appreciate what you shared concerning the plumb line. He has been speaking to me concerning this. First of all, He has brought His plumbline in my life! I am so thankful that He loves us enough to “correct those misalignments” as you said. He has to accomplish this first in our personal lives before using us in the body. He has been removing the logs out of my eye first and foremost. I do pray He can us many of us in the coming days to speak words of truth.

Ginger Barbare
February 11, 2017 8:51 AM

Thank you for sharing this post. It was a confirmation to a word that I received from the Holy Spirit on January 31st. The Holy Spirit told me that “Compromise is never the answer.”


Peggy A.
February 11, 2017 5:23 PM

Thanks for posting your blog link. It is a beautiful blog with beautiful illustrations and words…..awesome!

Doug Lussier
Doug Lussier
February 11, 2017 3:37 PM

Amen – good word. Satan does not give up his territory easily. Even he poses as an angel of light.

Mike M
Mike M
February 11, 2017 11:47 AM

“I am now releasing a company of prophets who have been through the fire and carry the arrows of fire in their hands, to bring a great re-alignment in the Church.”

Lana I have to say that this is basically the message that the prophet Alan Ross from Scotland delivered at our church last night. That we are entering into a season of reformation and that His prophetic ones that have been through the fire will be shining brighter to show the world God’s glory, as the darkness of this world gets darker and darker leading up to Jesus’ return. Alan will be here through Sunday evening. Typically the website will have the sermons posted following the conference.


Thank you Lana and God bless you mightily.

Christine Beadsworth
February 11, 2017 6:29 AM

this spoke so much to me personally