“Those that plan to do harm to this country will now begin a reign of terror. Keep your eyes on Russia.”

I received this word yesterday.

The Lord says, “My son, set the trumpet to thy mouth and warn America. America has forgotten her maker and raised up cities of corruption and sin. I will send fire on the cities, and they will be as a ruinous heap. The wickedness and adulteries cannot go unpunished. The people scorn My Name, blaspheme My Name in My House. They mock My Word and change it to suit their needs.

I, the Lord, am angered, and the judgments spoken of will surely come to pass very soon. People laugh at My Mercy, saying, “Who needs that? We make our own way.”

Shepherds leading multitudes to hell, saying, “Who needs God? You are a God.”

My wrath will surely surprise the Church who will say that satan causes these judgments. Millions will pray, but I will not hear them, just as I did not hear the children of Israel who loved sin. Those that truly repent and turn from their evil ways, I will hear and I will forgive, but so many will not, because of pride. They truly believe they are just and not in sin. But I say, how much have they talked to Me compared to social media? How much time is spent watching American Idol compared to time spent on their knees seeking repentance?

You prideful and selfish people will know that I am God, the creator of all things. I can give and I can take away, because it’s all Mine.

My son, blow the trumpet of warning, time has run out to get their houses in order. I, the Lord, say this thing is now – the shakings will now get worse. These shakings will happen in multiple places all at the same time. Those that plan to do harm to this country will now begin a reign of terror. Keep your eyes on Russia. North Korea is but a distraction so you won’t watch Gog. The Middle East will erupt with bloodshed, and Israel will have to make several key decisions to survive.

My son, I have been patient with America, but now My anger is kindled, and she will not repent.

Author: Byron Searle

Byron Searle was in the US Air Force Security Service and worked intercepting and copying electronic communications.. He has been married for over 40 years to a wonderful woman who was also in the USAF.  Byron gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1981, but lately the Lord has led him into a deeper walk and is now revealing secrets.

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December 2, 2017 10:21 PM

I quote Steve Quyle..” Before the Lord God allow Russia and China to nuke America. He will reveal the sin of the government to the people and reveal the sins of the people to a mighty God. Well BELIEVERS all of that is been done now. Also Is real just attack Damascus. Ez 38 war is coming sooner then we think. Time is up for America. Prepare thy hearts and soul. Because 2018 and beyond is going to shock a lot of people who think we are in a reprieve….

Lydia Hodge
December 3, 2017 12:25 AM

Last night I received the following word, “Disaster comes quickly!”

December 11, 2017 9:26 AM

Yesterday I awoke singing a song that I didn’t think I even knew.
“Bless the Lord o my soul, oooh my soul, worship His holy name…”
then I had to look up the rest of the words to it. Here were some of the words:
“The sun comes up, its a new day dawning- whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening falls.” ( yes it will get very very dark)
Then I opened the word to Job 2:10
“What? Shall we receive good at the hand of God and shall we not receive evil? In all this Job did sin not with his lips”
I almost expected something to happen that very day!!!
Yes, it is very soon
And the only way we will be able to keep on singing and praising Him, when all this is happening, is if we get into his presence and stay there, with our eyes only on Him, and our ears hearing only His heart beat
Help us Holy Spirit to stay on the narrow path

Lydia Hodge
December 14, 2017 1:14 PM

Bless and thank you for what you wrote. I dreamed I was singing a song about being under the shadow of his wings this morning and awoke to a time of worship and repentance.
This scripture comes to mind.
Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides you. (Psalm 73:25)
The Lord has impressed upon my heart that what we have experienced thus far is minor foreshocks compared to what’s coming. He alone is our shelter now and forever more. Blessed are those who trust in him.

Brother Steven
Brother Steven
December 3, 2017 2:36 AM

Let us seek God for His wisdom in this hour to know what to do, what not to do, and what to pray and what to believe for, in Yahoshua’s Name Amen

Gary F
Gary F
December 3, 2017 10:45 AM

Amen and AMEN, Brother Steven! 😊

james kerry
December 2, 2017 9:55 PM

If God were going to destroy America (“very soon”), then He would not have honored the hundred’s of thousands (perhaps into the millions) of Christians that were on their faces in prayer and fasting begging our Lord, in the fall of 2016, to not put in Hillary and to install President Trump: knowing that the former being installed, would have brought swift judgment. He heard their prayers. So we have (at least some length of time) as a reprieve. Further, given the (national acts of “aligning with God” – the very definition of repentance – through our President’s actions), we as a nation are even further away (again for the time being only) from God’s judgment. What acts of “aligning with God”? There are many, many, not the least of which is Mr. Trump’s favorable actions on abortion; his actions on blessing and helping Israel (he’s even now planning on declaring Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel); his actions on helping Christians from their persecution of old Obama (govt. agencies); his actions on the public school system; his actions on allowing Christian pastors to speak about voting issues; his actions on installing (tens of dozens of Godly Federal Judges) in only but months in office; his actions on installing a Godly Supreme Ct. Justice…and on and on. Again, it’s all based upon the actions of “My people”. Praise God

James Bailey
December 3, 2017 12:35 AM

I agree, but I think Byron heard correctly because God’s definition of soon is not the same as ours.

December 4, 2017 2:52 AM

Soon is months years? I don’t think decades.. The birth pangs will increase in intensity and will become more and more frequent. John Haller talks about convergence of signs and about a prophetic window, which opens usually for a short period.
Time’s up America.

James Bailey
December 4, 2017 11:31 AM

Great question Miika. My only point was we have to be careful not to make assumptions about what soon means. We all have a tendency to rely on our own assumptions, even thinking God said something He didn’t say. He has given us the signs to watch and they have already started.

December 3, 2017 9:24 AM

God is giving us this time to repent. We have had so many signs, so many warnings starting with the eclipse. If we( His people) would repent and seek Him, he would lesson the judgments. (2 Chronicles 7:14). He is not asking this nation to repent, but us, His Church. He isn’t giving us these visions and dreams to tell us there is No Hope, but to warn us. We must wake up! People(of God) we can change this. Unless he specifically, told you to move or prepare in some way, your response should be to get on your knees and repent. Let’s change this. Our God has changed His mind before at the request of a few righteous people. Let’s intervine for our nation.

james kerry
December 4, 2017 7:52 PM

One word I should have added to my comment above, at the very beginning, is to say, “I believe” (“If God…”). To not have added that, is to presume (that I know) this to be true about God – when He’s never specifically revealed it to me. Even though I believe it’s true, and it’s consistent with Scripture, nonetheless, it’s something I never want to do. Praise God.

jerry rigg
December 3, 2017 1:52 AM

Agreed keep your eyes on Russia….however to survive now, today, keep your eyes on Jesus!

Bro. James
Bro. James
December 3, 2017 6:35 PM

This past week in the early morning hours the Lord said even as his people need to physically prepare it is more necessary for them to spiritually prepare now. He says His people need to come and repent before Him and be purged of those easily besetting sins. He will not dwell in unclean vessels and is preparing to fill those surrendered to Him with His grace and glory. He also said shortly He will shake this nation to her core. Many of His children will cry out to Him but will not repent “for they desire their sins more than life itself”. He said shortly after that there would be another shaking then another. Three judgments to shake this nation to her core. Only then will His people truly cry out in repentance in number. Let us pray now for our churches and families to be ready to do whatever He requires and be found faithful. God bless

james kerry
December 4, 2017 1:10 AM
Even though I believe our nation (is in this window of reprieve from judgment/destruction), based on further alignment/agreement with God that is being seen in America from steps taken by our president, as originated by the prayer chains and the praying church more than a year ago, some of which that I outlined above…I nonetheless also believe that the Lord desires a further (individual repentance) for the church. So I’m in agreement with much of what you said. To me the clearest sign for this desire of further alignment with God, was just that: a “sign” last August with the most unique total solar eclipse over America. (The Bible tells us these are for signs, so there’s no guesswork.) Then, within merely weeks, the most unprecedented series of three 4 and 5 level hurricanes struck America/territories (back-to-back). Followed up by the worst mass-shooting in America only weeks later. So yes, I too, believe further shaking is coming. This is also in alignment with Kim Clement’s prophecy (given about our next president almost three years ago), when he said that God said, “…I’ll bring this nation to its knees, and yet some more. And then, you’ll hear the sounds of great victory.” This is my hope: that the repentance becomes sufficient that (not only will we move out of the zone of vulnerability to God’s destruction, but go further, whereby God’s blessing actually returns (at least for a time) to America). Perhaps it (the blessing, if repentance is sufficient) would be for another five to ten/twelve or so, more years…at which point we’d be nearing (what I believe is a Biblical eschatologically-significant time), since it would be near the 2,000 year window of the death and resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ (as opposed to the 2,000 year time… Read more »
December 2, 2017 9:49 PM

Two big earthquakes will start it off. Then persecution by our own gov’t against Christians, then the war, started by the globalists – many of whom are American – who want to destroy both the U.S. and Russia, the two out of three countries standing in the Antichrist’s way to global gov’t. The satanists that run the west have backed the Russians (and the Chinese) into a corner. They will fight China at the end at Armageddon, but coming up now is Ezekiel 38 and 39 war. Once the war kicks off in the Mid-east, the traitors among the Americans will bring in the Russian army into our backdoor. We’ll wake up one day and they’ll be right there among us. Resist the urge to just sit there. The war will start in the south and it will end there in victory. If you can call losing most of your population victory.

What was it Killary Clinton said in one of her speeches to Goldman Sachs employees? Oh yes, it was “we’ll give the Chinese a red state.”

Oh no you won’t.

Stephen Gookin
December 4, 2017 3:38 AM

Sue, was woundering if you had a source for this, or was this word something you got? I wanted to look more into “The war will start in the south and it will end there in victory. If you can call losing most of your population victory.”

Julie Bucker
December 3, 2017 9:12 AM

I have had a lot to repent of the last 4 years, and I did struggle a lot with pride getting in the way. I am glad God kept working with me through it. Not that I am done repenting but I have come a long way. Why is it when you are wrong you are willing to do anything to prove you are right? I find now when I converse with others that if they are hardened in a certain belief, that they get angry in defending it and they close up their hearts. It is like, that protective anger always shows up when you start to find out you were wrong and need to repent. I guess because it is hard to admit your own beliefs or mind could be wrong.

Sujit Thomas
December 3, 2017 11:16 PM

Sanctification is usually a long walk, Julie. Even lifelong. The Lord Jesus is the vine, and those who believe in him are the branches. And those branches that bear good fruit, the Father prunes so that they bear more fruit.

December 4, 2017 1:40 PM

I call it a veil of sin. That veil keeps you from seeing the truth. I did a lot of repenting these last two years too.

Ken L
Ken L
December 2, 2017 8:41 PM

I have heard of others also prophesied that North Korea is just a distraction and God will take care of it, but we need to watch out for Russia.

December 2, 2017 10:51 PM

….As For Me, l Am Frightened Of Your Judgement.

As For Me And My House O’ Lord,
No Arrogance Within Me l Repent My Sins,
As For Me lf l Have Wallowed ln Sinfulness,
lf l Have Been Defiled By Guilty ln The Ways Of Uncleaness O’ LORD —-I Repent.

My Heart Cries Within Me,
And My Heart desolve Within Me Like Wax
Because Of lmpending Judgements,
ln Your Abundance Mercy,
ls The Hope Of My Existence.

For The Sake Of Your Glory!
l Repent LORD, Purified Me Of My Sins,
ln King Yeshua/Jesus l Pray.
No Arrogance Within Me.

Those Who Have Ears Heed These Warnings!
Tomorrow ls Not Guarantee.
Sodom Was Warned Once.
They Heeded The LORD’S Warning
With Fear And Trembling.

We ln America Does Not Have Time Yet.
America Has Developed A Heart Of Stone.
Like A Pile Of Dust,
America Stand In Front Of The Tempest,
ln Defiance. HA!


December 3, 2017 3:34 PM

America We All Could Do It,
Yes!, We Could.

America, Yes We All Know What That Is,
Is Another Act Of Humility.

Nineveh Was Warned!
Nineveh Relented,
Nineveh Repented.

The LORD WRATH Are ln All His Chastisments,
But lf Man Relented And Turn From Evil,
The LORD Goodness Is Much Forgiveness,
And His Mercy ls Towards The Sons Of Men.

In LORD Goodness He Gave Us His Son
As Atonement For Sin.
So That We May Be Purified.
And Be Gathered With The Holy Ones.

Call On The Name Of King Yeshua/Jesus
Be Wash ln His Blood.
Turn Away From All Inclination Towards Evil.

If We Don’t Relente And Repent.
The Gate Of Destruction Without End Is Open
Bitter Mourning Without End Await.
America Make A Choice Now.

America Make A Choice,
Bitter Mourning Without End,
And Groaning ln Bitter Lamentations.
Deliverance Without Ending Joy.

………America Make A Choice.

The Days Of Accountability ls H-E-R-E.
The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand.

December 2, 2017 10:01 PM

Our real enemies are within.

A. Ayer
A. Ayer
December 4, 2017 10:44 AM
I’d like to suggest that both of the things we’re arguing about here might happen–that we will be attacked, and damaged terribly, but that those attacks might begin the revival in our country. A few months ago, my daughter had a pretty traumatic accident, one that could have terribly disfigured her face. She is in her 20s and a strong Christian, but this was the first real test of her faith. After this accident happened, she got to see the body of Christ truly mobilize on her behalf. People began prayer chains that stretched around the world. She was surrounded by incredible, strong Christians, with meals and notes and gifts and prayers upon prayers. God put extraordinary doctors in our path through a series of what I can only call miracles. And while she is very scarred, the Lord gave her the best possible outcome in the situation. The disfigurement that all the doctors said was going to happen–as in they were SURE it would happen–did not. In short, my daughter got to really see what the body of Christ looks like in action. It has made all the difference in her outlook. It has really reshaped her understanding of her faith. Not long after that happened, God told me that “depth of character, understanding, and also God’s shaping and maturing, COMES IN RESTORATION. AND WE MUST BE FIRST BROKEN IN ORDER TO BE RESTORED. I have felt that this event was a sort of foreshadowing of the season we’re coming into now. That our nation will be radically broken, but the revival we are all waiting for will come in the RESTORATION. We saw incredible miracles. We saw all kinds of people who I know were not even very close to the Lord turn to prayer (family members). What… Read more »
William M.
William M.
December 4, 2017 12:15 PM

That is exactly how I see it too, for whatever that’s worth! As I wrote here months and months ago, if/when the U.S. is destroyed, it’s the most liberal cities (NY, LA, Seattle, SF, DC, Chicago). While the economy would surely crash and be utterly devastating physically and emotionally, it would also break the back of the anti-christian, progressive world order stronghold the power and media elites enjoy and use to their propaganda advantage. Surely revival would break out?! If anything, how could the US govt even retain power, let alone have enough anti Christians left alive in its military to round up the Christians, many of whom would also be their family members? Makes no sense and unlikely. So, if anything there, more likely we would be invaded by another ideologically left (communist) country like China or Russia due to the vacuum let behind and us already down. They would round up and take over who ever was left – that would be the non coastal more Christian US mainland – not because they were Christians per se (they wouldn’t care) but b/c they/we were Americans.