“O America, America, I try over and over again to gather you under MY wing, but you will not stay.”

On March 26th, 2018, I had a vision and then received a message. In the distance, I saw a man sitting on the same white rock that I often see in my visions. As I walked up to him, my eyes focused on what was sitting on His lap, a white dove.

Earlier that morning, I heard from the LORD, “The call of the dove,” so this has become a sign for His messages to me.

As I approached the rock, my eyes remained on the beautiful white dove. I knew that it was JESUS’s lap that the dove was perched on. I sat down next to Him and asked Him if there was a message He wanted to give me.

Instead of answering, He took my hand and we started walking along the path next to the stream. I looked to the right and saw the beautiful, clear river stream, and in front of me, I noticed how it had turned to autumn, as all the colors were yellow and orange.

As we continued walking, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an image appear suddenly — a huge black bear! Just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared from my view. As I was wondering what that meant, I heard the LORD say, in my spirit, “This bear represents Russia.”

I was troubled when I heard this because it was the first time I had ever heard from the LORD, specifically, that the bear represented Russia.

After walking a little further, I looked down to my left at the stream. I saw schools of fish swimming furiously around and around in a circle, like a whirlpool in the shallow waters. I stopped to watch them, intrigued by the patterns they were making and enjoying the show.

All of a sudden, I saw another black bear standing at the other side of the river. Like me, he was watching the fish intently. He then started playing with the fish with his paw and started scooping them up one at a time and throwing them to shore. The pattern of fish was completely interrupted, as they scattered trying to swim away frantically into deeper waters. Some made it, some didn’t. As I watched, I then saw the bear got his ‘full’ and slowly walked away.

My attention went back to walking on the path, but now I noticed I was walking on an incline and it was no longer autumn, but the dead of winter. All the foliage was gone, the trees were bare and snow covered the ground and path in front of me. Instantly, I saw a white snow owl flash in front of me and then disappear. It was creepy and I felt all alone, as I sensed that JESUS was no longer there.

I kept on walking up the hill, not knowing where I was going or why. The path then ended at a dead end with nowhere to go. I then came out of the vision and received this very sobering message from the Lord:

“The road stops here. Winter is coming. You must prepare for what is coming. Those who don’t prepare will perish. Those who hide themselves under MY wings will be kept warm and safe. The end of all is coming. The warnings are going out through MY prophets and servants.

This is a call for repentance and a deeper walk with Me. If not now, then when? Do not say, ‘We have plenty of time to get our houses in order,’ for you do not know what day I come.

Sound the alarm, sound the trumpet, ring the bells. Alert all those around you…..get the warnings out!

O America, America, I try over and over again to gather you under MY wing, but you will not stay. Your wandering hearts have led you astray. MY mercy I keep extending, but you will have none of it.

What am I to do with such a back-slidden nation? Am I not to give it the full recompense of its actions? Should I not bring swift and sudden judgment upon its’ land? My mercy comes along side of My judgment in hope that some will be saved.

Repent, again I say repent!

Wake up, again I say wake up!

You are asleep and in a stupor.

Woe to America, woe to the world, woe to Babylon…

Your time has come and it will be no more…



The dove represents the peace and the new life that only JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT can bring us.

The first bear represents Russia. I believe the LORD will be using Russia as one of methods of judgment coming. This ‘bear’ theme that many people are getting in their dreams/visions are only reinforcing these warnings of what is coming, if HIS people don’t humble themselves, pray, seek HIS face and turn from their wicked ways. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

The second bear represents spiritual judgment that is coming on the household of GOD. The fish stand for the Christians/Church. They are swimming in dangerous, shallow waters instead of deep waters where they would be safe. The water represents the WORD of GOD. (Ephesians 5:26-27)

Since mainline churches are not teaching the true WORD, but only shallow, watered-down teachings, this makes them ‘easy pickings’ for the predator that comes. Not standing on the true WORD of GOD, leaves the door open to the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ to come and lead the flock astray.

The ‘deep waters,’ where some of the fish fled to, represent the power of the WORD of GOD in the believer’s life that can transform, protect and deliver. This is where we should be swimming, away for shorelines of this world and its’ demonic forces. We should be HIDDEN in the deep waters of the WORD.

Winter represents desolation and death. The snow owl represents evil, unclean spirits and witchcraft that can survive quite well in these frigid conditions.

Spiritually speaking, as the Church continues down the road to apostasy, it opens the doors for these demonic entities to slither in unnoticed.


The LORD is sounding the alarm, through HIS watchmen, that our enemies are waiting for the right opportunities to come and attack…..both spiritually and physically. Through prayer, fasting, studying the WORD and spending time with the LORD in that ‘secret place, we can prepare ourselves accordingly, lest we too be swept away in the coming judgments.

Author: Elizabeth Marie

Elizabeth is a wife, mother and special-ed teacher…..however, her most important role is as a follower and disciple of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. In 2010 she started receiving prophetic words and dreams from the LORD and frequently shares them on her LATTERRAIN333 Youtube Channel, as well has her LIFELINE LETTER Blog:

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Lydia Hodge
April 2, 2018 11:47 PM

Thank you Elizabeth. “ If not now, then when?” This really spoke to my heart. I believe God is calling us all to a deeper walk with him. I pray we hear, I pray I listen. I get so caught up in the affairs of life I don’t spend enough time with the life giver. Forgive me Lord, I repent. Turn our hearts back again. I believe the Lord is challenging us either we come out from among them and be a separate holy people unto him or we receive of the judgements that are forthcoming. God bless you my friend. You have blessed me more than you will ever know.

Krista West
April 2, 2018 11:34 PM

I deeply feel the confirmation of this message in my spirit.

April 3, 2018 12:11 AM

Me too. 🙁

April 3, 2018 9:10 AM
When I saw the picture that was used for this message, it reminded me of a vision I had years ago. In this vision I saw a hen on a dirt road and she was beating her wings so hard, that the dirt from the road was flying every where. As the hen was beating her wings, I began to notice that her chicks were running to her and gathering under her wings. As all this was going on , I heard the Lord saying over and over, “draw nigh unto me”. The vision itself had a serious feel of urgency to it . A little while after that, I heard the Lord say” I told the people to “draw nigh unto me” But they did not come! There are no words to describe the sadness I felt, when the Lord spoke these words. This vision was many years ago, but it still brings tears to my eyes today. I believe this vision is for right now. Also in another vision, I saw many events taking place, like I was watching many different events come to past over time. I saw events dealing with money. secret dealings in the governments, natural disasters, and at the end I saw two gold statues. The gold statues, look like they had just been made and the gold was sparkling for days. One statue was of a lion and the other statue was of a bear. The statues were made, so that the lion and the bear were down on all four legs and their heads were touching together as if they were butting heads. I believe the two statues are referring to Israel and Russia, and that this vision is for now as well. I believe we are to keep our eyes on… Read more »
Michele Renee
Michele Renee
April 3, 2018 6:29 AM

An added thought: I believe that in order to enter the kingdom of God (not just see it), not only do we need to overcome our sins, we must root out all the teachings of man that we have received as being the truth. The heresies (teachings and doctrines of the Harlot Church) are like white snow owls that that have brought in much deception and divisions in the body of Christ. I believe that traditional beliefs have roots so deep in some, that a true anointed word can not be heard… that is, until a realization comes that an anointing is needed on EVERYTHING we believe. … until God is sought with open-mindedness and fervency so that the errors can be revealed to us. How else can the body of Christ become ONE?? I pray 🙏that we will recognize that not only have we all sinned, we ALL have embraced errors… that we could be wrong when we think that we are “oh so right!”

Michele Renee
Michele Renee
April 3, 2018 4:59 AM

This is such a deeply stirring and anointed word of God. When a message is brought forth in purity, my spirit stands at attention like a soldier standing straight and tall saluting his commanding officer. Thank you Elizabeth for delivering such a sobering word from the mind and heart of God. I had these thoughts concerning the snow and the white snow owl: The owl often represents the wisdom of man which appears as light, but is darkness in which demons and evil dwell. The Holy Spirit leaves when man’s wisdom takes over- When we receive man’s wisdom as truth, we’re on our own with spiritual death as a consequence. A doctrine of “cheap grace” has infiltrated many churches in this day more than at any other time in church history. Isaiah 1:18 says that “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow,” and it’s true that all of sins are forgiven. Yes, God’s wonderful grace has been given to us, but if we leave out the teaching that we can not remain in our sins…. that we MUST overcome them, we will be like the Israelites who were told, “This land is yours!” but never entered into it. They DIED in the wilderness. So many Christians have not been taught that while our spirit is saved when we receive Jesus as our savior, the soul is not YET saved. We must work out the salvation of our soul with fear and trembling. (Phil. 2:12) God bless you Elizabeth for giving us such a powerful and untainted message.😘

April 8, 2018 9:02 AM

When I grew up, anyone seeing an owl meant someone was going to die
Lately when this happens, or even hearing owls, I will know to pray. Sometimes I know who it is for and sometimes I must pray in the Spirit

As for the bear
The dream the Lord gave me was of a Spring Bear coming to life, ready to destroy and kill. I took authority in the name of Jesus and commanded it twice and it obeyed. Also, none saw it , even though it was right in front of them
It laid back down, but I knew it was alive and merely playing dead, so as not to be noticed. Then it would later arise and destroy and eat much flesh

I believe this bear will raise its ugly head this spring. It will be a like a false flag, because no one will even know it was Russia that has done it. Then it will settle down again and wait for the Fall.
Does not winter show up in the scriptures speaking to pray that these things happen not in the winter? I believe this is showing us that it WILL BE during the winter that the hardest and worst will come then( the fallout/ after effects)

As to the golden Lion and the bear statues, head to head.
The Lion as the tribe of Judah, came to mind
Judah means praise
I believe that as we praise Him in the midst of all the terrible things that are coming, HE will fight the battle for us.
Even as a hen gathers her chicks, and protects them/us under her /His wings, so shall we be safe and protected
But we MUST PRAY for those who do not know Him- Those who will be killed in these attacks that are coming.

Jerome Popiel
April 2, 2018 10:41 PM

I am a little confused. The fish are the Church in the vision, and they are getting hammered because they are swimming in shallow water. But is this mainly their fault or the shepherds fault? A church will never be better than the quality of its leaders. Does not the Bible say that the teachers are held to a higher standard? Should they not be judged first? Secondly, before wrath is poured out generally, would it not be merciful to send revival or even enlightenment as we experienced in the time of Jonathan Edwards? I think if the Church could be the Church as in the book of Acts, it would truly change the nation. God would rather save people than let them perish.

James Bailey
April 3, 2018 8:26 AM

God holds each of us accountable for our deeds so if we stay in the shallow water, we have no one to blame but ourselves. God has already given us everything we need.

April 3, 2018 5:41 PM

We who have unlimited access to the scriptures–not all Christians in all countries do–are held responsible for what we choose to believe. The Bible commands us in 1st Corinthians 14:29 to “Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the others judge.”

In Revelation 2, Jezebel is a church-sanctioned, prophet/teacher. Yet Jezebel’s followers were judged by the Lord for following her teachings. It hardly seems fair that Jesus would punish them for merely following teachings allowed by the church. But these people were not using judgment to correctly discern its errors, as warned and commanded by the Lord. Instead, they chose to blindly follow Jezebel’s teachings only to suffer punishment afterward.

20) Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. 21) I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. 22) So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways.

April 4, 2018 12:42 AM

So good Susie. Many months ago the Lord made it clear to me that no “Christian” would have an excuse for not being ready. If we will hunger and thirst after righteousness we will be filled (a promise) and the Holy Spirit can teach us in seconds things that many who struggle to logically answer mysteries of the Bible will never get right in years of study. Put away the distractions of this world and walk with the spirit and mind focused, just like Jesus, solely on the Kingdom of God and the will of the Father. That is radical but, as Jim Hammerle put it, this life is not about living but learning to die to the flesh. This is a relatively short-term school period to prepare us for eternity. It is not just TV shows, sports, politics, career or a thousand other things that catch our superficial attention but nearly everything we learn from this physical world is to focus on YOU and to distract us from learning to focus on God. Read the sermons of John G. Lake and then the testimonies of his ministry. God does not want us to kind of resemble Jesus but to be so sold out to Him that we CAN do the works Jesus did and greater works (another promise) because we live each day, each moment solely focused on doing God’s will instead of our own natural desires.

April 8, 2018 9:07 AM

Praise God brother Tom
“God does not want us to kind of resemble Jesus but to be so sold out to Him that we CAN do the works Jesus did and greater works (another promise) because we live each day, each moment solely focused on doing God’s will instead of our own natural desires.”
Lord help us to be sold out to you

April 8, 2018 8:22 AM

Judgement must begin at the house of God
And you are right; the false shepherds and teachers and prophets, etc will be held at a higher accountability

Mark Shipowick
Mark Shipowick
April 3, 2018 8:07 AM

Elizabeth, I shared this dream below on your site a few weeks ago. I don’t doubt that the first bear is linked to Russia. I wonder though if it and the second one are also both linked to a bear economy. . . . . .

2-6-2018 I dreamed I was by a railroad trestle that had been damaged. A stretch of the tracks on the trestle about a mile long needed to be replaced and it needed to be done soon because another train was coming in a few hours. I told my friend and for some reason flagging the train didn’t seem to be an option so we decided to replace the track with whatever we could find asap. We had some sturdy oak lumber that was the size of rails and went to work with all our energy finishing it just in time for the train. The train came through safely but now I was concerned that the oak rails would probably not hold up for more than one or two more trains. . . .

Here is my take: I had this dream in the middle of the February market correction. The trestle is the US economy. It’s been damaged and no one knows how or has the moral resolve to fix it properly. It will recover briefly from the current market crash but not for long. The market did recover but yesterday’s stock market plunge may be the beginning of a long, severe economic downturn.

Nancy Trimble
April 3, 2018 3:47 PM

I saw two advertisements for two new shows last night, and part of what it showed were a person saying in each show, ‘war is coming’. Another warning from the powers that be letting us know what is coming.

michelle gibson
michelle gibson
April 3, 2018 5:21 AM

spot on Elizabeth

Deborah Thornton
Deborah Thornton
April 4, 2018 6:55 AM

1 John 2:27

“But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”

King James Version