Z3 News Headlines- November 9, 2017

US boosts missile defense against possible attacks on the US homeland by North Korea
A Defense Department official told NHK that the deployment of 8 more missile interceptors had been completed in the state of Alaska by Thursday. With this move, a total of 44 ground-based interceptors are now deployed in Alaska and California to counter the threat of North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles. (Source: nhk.or.jp)

Most Experts Claim World War III Is Imminent
‘The National Guard in all fifty states have been put on alert to be ready in 24 hour increments… Hospitals in north Colorado practicing triage techniques’. (Source: .thecommonsenseshow.com)

Military’s Known About Crime Reporting Lapses To FBI For Two Decades
A 1997 report that detailed massive fingerprint reporting lapses of military criminals with the U.S. Navy and the Navy failed to report 94 percent of cases. “The lack of reporting to the FBI criminal history files prevents civilian law enforcement agencies from having significant information on military offenders,” the report warned 20 years ago. (Source: dailycaller.com)

ISIS Hacks 800 School Websites Across the US
The hack lasted close to two hours, during which time visitors to the sites were redirected to a YouTube video with Arabic audio and pictures of Saddam Hussein. Text also appeared which read, “I love Islamic State (ISIS).” (Source: clarionproject.org)

Real Motive Behind Saudi Purge Emerges: $800 Billion In Confiscated Assets
Advisory firm Eurasia Group, which in a note said that the crown prince “needs cash to fund the government’s investment plans” adding that “It was becoming increasingly clear that additional revenue is needed to improve the economy’s performance. The government will also strike deals with businessmen and royals to avoid arrest, but only as part of a greater commitment to the local economy.” (Source: zerohedge.com)

Healthcare Spending Now Accounts For Almost One-Fifth Of The Entire U.S. Economy
Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, have increased. They are responsible for 85 percent of health care costs. Almost half of all Americans have at least one of them. They are expensive and difficult to treat. It is also being projected that the average rate increase for Obamacare plans will be 37 percent in 2018. (Source: endoftheamericandream.com)

Jeff Bezos Sold $1.1 Billion Worth of His Amazon Stock
Bezos sold the shares starting on Nov. 1 at an average price of just under $1,100 each. The sales could reflect caution about the future of the broader stock market, which has experienced a historically long bull run. Despite the lack of negative indicators, that endurance in itself has begun to invite questions about how much longer the good times can last. (Source: fortune.com)

The 50 countries where you CAN’T be a Christian in 2017
MILLIONS of Christians across the world are facing punishments including imprisonment, torture and death for practicing their faith, shocking new research has revealed. North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan are the worst countries to openly follow the teachings of the Bible, according to the study by Open Doors. (Source: express.co.uk)

Scientists are implanting tiny HUMAN brains into rats
Advances in science have allowed experts to connect tiny human brains with that of a rat. Scientists hope this will help us understand brain injuries or treat disease. But experts warn that the more human brain we implant into rats, the more human-like they will become. (Source: thesun.co.uk)

USA approves BACTERIA weaponized mosquitoes to fight dengue, yellow fever and Zika
The decision, which the EPA has not formally announced, allows the company which is based in Lexington, Kentucky, to release the bacteria-infected mosquitoes in 20 US states and Washington DC.(Source: strangesounds.org)

Helen McCarthy

Author: Helen McCarthy

After graduating with a BFA, Helen McCarthy spent over thirty years in the advertising and entertainment industries as a designer and illustrator. Part of her job required a fair amount of research. About six years ago, the Lord led her to research current news events and share her findings. During that same period she and her husband were led by the Lord to relocate to a new area. This time became an enlightened experience of instruction, correction and refinement which deepened her relationship with the Lord and her devotion to serve Him. One of the many blessings she and her husband received was finding a home church that expanded their relationships and extended their outreach to the community to grow in faith and share the word of God.

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John Barry
John Barry
November 9, 2017 9:25 AM

Been a while since I commented , but having studied history & military history for over 50 years . I can tell you this is building in the same pattern as WW 1 and WW 3 started when Russia went into Syria , all that has happened since are tactical moves by the combatants . The leaders of Russia , China , N Korea & Iran understand this , not sure how many of our leaders & people understand the war has already started ! If a person knows enough history , they can see this and are preparing as GOD leads . Blessings

November 9, 2017 4:26 AM

“Most Experts Claim World War III Is Imminent” – must be reading the bible

November 9, 2017 4:28 AM

i see james, that you now have ads here – hope your site wont get swamped by those very annoying pop up videos and ads that follow you all over the page. itll be a turn off if it gets to that stage.

James Bailey
November 9, 2017 5:07 AM

I agree Brian, I hate those annoying pop-up ads too. We still don’t allow ads on Z3, so nothing to worry about. I just made one exception for this product because it has been so amazing for my wife and I, giving us extra energy and helping us lose fat. I see it as a win-win because the product helps others while the sales help support Z3 News.

Sue C
Sue C
November 11, 2017 1:26 AM

Helen, thank you for the awesome Headlines news stories. It is a great work and is much needed!

November 9, 2017 7:52 AM

When Russia moved into Syria a few year ago, Russia’s economic situation was quite poor. Then China sign the oil purchase contract by pipeline with Russia, even give Russia advance payments for oil , thus injecting fund to Russia, supporting Russia doing the things in Syria , so that US put their own attentions in Syria, and leaving China alone. Thus China gain more peace time to develope their own economy.
And the oil pipelines actually lay the foundation for two countries’ cooperation or alliance.

The missiles in South Korea is not the threat to China and Russia. But the the THAAD radar is the threat to China and Russia. It is the red line to China that South Korea not to put the THAAD radar on their soil. ( China doesn’t against South Korea to put on other radar system. ) When South Korea put the THAAD radar on their soil, they are doing great harm to their national interests. With China is such a heavy weight country, when the war time comes, South Korea won’t be looked after by China.

Time has shifted. 20-30 years ago, China was not an important player in the World. Now even US cannot do it alone to go against China.

North Korea without China may not be a real threat to US at all. A lot people would understand that if indeed North Korea dare to shoot a nuclear bomb to US without the backing of China , it would certainly invite US to totally destroy NK.

US put the THAAD system on the SK, it may help to push China and Russia into alliance quicker.