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The Memo Has Triggered Civil War II
The current release of the #memo has triggered a withdrawal, by the elite of stock market funds, through sell-offs, which is causing the market to set an all-time record for losses in the same day. Make no mistake about it, this is a direct assault upon Trump and the American people. Even before the release of the #memo, we saw the Deep State attempt to pull off an attempted mass murder event upon a train carrying dozens of GOP members. Mike Adams (Health Ranger) has stated, ‘the long-term goal here has always been to thrust America into a civil war, install Obama as the head of the United Nations, then call for UN “peacekeeper” troops to disarm American citizens under martial law.’ There is nothing that the globalists will not do to prevent further exposure. (Source: thecommonsenseshow.com)

The Senate releases ‘Memo 2.0,’ and it should scare you
Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham have released a heavily redacted, yet very revealing copy of their criminal referral against ex-British spy Christopher Steele, the author of the dubious dossier we now know was parlayed into a FISA warrant by Trump-hating operatives at the Justice Department. Grassley and Graham tell us that, while working on a second dossier for Clinton opposition research firm Fusion GPS, Steele was being fed information directly from the Obama State Department and from Clinton allies as well as his usual, sketchy Russian sources. The Grassley-Graham memo goes on to say “it’s troubling enough that the Clinton campaign funded Mr. Steele’s work, but [worse] that these Clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding Mr. Steele’s allegations.” (Source: foxnews.com)

Bill Clinton Offered Lynch Scalia’s Seat During Tarmac Meeting – QAnon
Tuesday morning QAnon dropped two posts that suggest in their famous tarmac meeting, former President Bill Clinton offered to then-Attorney General Lynch the Supreme Court seat of murdered Antonin Scalia, in exchange for Lynch making sure the FBI investigation into former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email server be stopped, exonerating Clinton of any criminal charges. With Scalia’s seat still open, Hillary as president could nominate Lynch. QAnon suggests WikiLeaks is prepared to confirm either by a transcript and/or an audio tape of the Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting that the key move necessary to make sure Hillary Clinton would be exonerated was the offer to Loretta Lynch of Scalia’s Supreme Court seat. (Source: infowars.com)

Political Coup FAILED; Prepare For ARMED Communist Coup
Now that the attempted political coup against America has been exposed and halted, the demonic, deranged Left will move toward a KINETIC WAR/revolution that will unleash a civil war across America. They [globalist leftists] tried to stage a coup on election day…they tried this whole ‘Russia collusion’ conspiracy theory with the complicit mainstream media playing along as propaganda puppets, planting false stories that the FBI then cited in their FISA application, to DEFRAUD the FISA court judge in order to get approval for spying on Trump team officials. As Trump goes after these corrupt FBI officials, and as Congress seeks indictments against people like James Comey, the left will say that that’s a political coup taking place and they’ll call for a rising up of left-wing, brainwashed, zombie, people all across America to ‘take back their country.’ (Source: youtu.be)

Is the Market Crash More Related to Inflation Fears, Fed Sabotage or Deep State Players Caught and Not Brought to Justice?
Some experts are suggesting that the Fed is sabotaging the markets by threatening to increase interest rates hastily. Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, told TheStreet, “I don’t know if the Fed has much love for Trump,” he said, adding that the Fed had the markets’ back during the Obama Administration.” Since President Trump was elected the Fed has increased rates four times for a total of a percent. If they continue to raise rates they surely will kill off the Trump rally. However, the one material item that explains the market down turn these past few days is that the market may be responding to the corruption in the government embedded during the prior Obama administration and outed in Friday’s FISA memo. What is disturbing to the markets and the American people is that little is being done to protect America from the illegal activities that the Obama and Hillary team took to remain in power. (Source: thegatewaypundit.com)

Unprecedented Global “4th Turning” Unites The World Against Globalist Threat
A Fourth Turning (occurring approximately every 80 years) happens when national issues that have been boiling without resolution for years explode. During this revolutionary time, groups entrench themselves in the power structure to support it while others organize to resist it. Famous Fourth Turnings of the past include: The American Revolution (1773-1794), The Civil War (1860-1865), and the Great Depression and World War II (1929-1946). The revolution is against Globalists who represent a power structure that threatens all nations equally, at the same moment in history. It is this threat that binds like-minded traditionalist and nationalist individuals across the globe. Andrey Afanasyev, a Russian journalist stated that we are “…in a state of global civil war. It means that technically all the world now… is a battlefield of ideas…” between globalists and nationalists. (Source: oldthinkernews.com)

Pentagon Auditor Can’t Account For $800 Million In Spending
The Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has reportedly “lost track” of hundreds of millions of dollars it spent, said Ernst & Young, the accounting firm conducting the first-ever Pentagon audit. The first-ever audit, covering the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, 2016, signals complete incompetence about how the Pentagon handles its $700 billion annual budget. Back in January, the team of 1,200 auditors found some $830 million in “missing” helicopters as the audit kicked off into 2018. As the army of auditors penetrates deep inside the Pentagon’s financial records, we wonder what the 1,200 will find next as they descend further down the rabbit hole of decades of failed proxy wars, regime changes and dictator slush funds? (Source: zerohedge.com)

‘Falcon Heavy’ has finally blasted off from Cape Canaveral in a historic launch for Elon Musk’s SpaceX
SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy megarocket has finally blasted off from the launchpad at Cape Canaveral, carrying Elon Musk’s cherry red Tesla Roadster on a journey to Mars. Today’s successful launch marked the maiden flight of what’s now the most powerful operational rocket in the world. In another incredible accomplishment, the Falcon Heavy’s side boosters touched smoothly back down to Earth on two separate landing pads about 8 minutes in, after surviving the re-entry burns. ‘Meanwhile, the second stage is continuing its trajectory towards Mars,’ the SpaceX team said. (Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Winter Olympics security workers hit with vomiting illness; military personnel called in for backup
The organizing committee for the Pyeongchang Olympics has called in 900 military personnel after more than 1,200 security workers were pulled off duty because of concerns about the spread of the Norovirus. Later Tuesday evening, the organizing committee said 32 cases of Norovirus had been confirmed and those people were quarantined after being treated. The workers are largely responsible for checking credentials and screening baggage entering the venues. (Source: usatoday.com)

Cape Town braces for civil unrest as city’s water crisis continues to worsen
The city of Cape Town, South Africa is on track to be the first major city in the modern era to have its water supply chain switched off. Experts say this kind of drought only comes once in 300 years. Dam water levels are dangerously low, at an average of 25 percent. Long lines are forming at two wells in the city, where residents can get some water, about six gallons each. Barring a miracle, on May 11 – or sooner – most of the city’s water taps will be shut off. Experts say they foresee clashes between those desperate for water – and those hoarding it. (Source: foxnews.com)

Helen McCarthy

Author: Helen McCarthy

After graduating with a BFA, Helen McCarthy spent over thirty years in the advertising and entertainment industries as a designer and illustrator. Part of her job required a fair amount of research. About six years ago, the Lord led her to research current news events and share her findings. During that same period she and her husband were led by the Lord to relocate to a new area. This time became an enlightened experience of instruction, correction and refinement which deepened her relationship with the Lord and her devotion to serve Him. One of the many blessings she and her husband received was finding a home church that expanded their relationships and extended their outreach to the community to grow in faith and share the word of God.

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February 7, 2018 5:03 AM

“I will expose how evil Hillary Clinton is”. Neville Johnson quoting the LORD at 1:12 on You Tube (Come Lord Jesus Conference 2017).

February 7, 2018 4:59 AM

Listening to Lionel, I was surprised to hear that Carter Page (who was the subject of the FISA investigation and spying on President Trump) worked for the FBI as an undercover agent.

sister Ann
sister Ann
February 7, 2018 4:40 PM

Sarah Westall . Excellent interview