Z3 News Headlines- December 19, 2017

NOT GOOD: Iran officially launches their Tehran-Mediterranean corridor
Iran has officially begun using a land corridor through Iraq and Syria that stretches from Tehran to the Mediterranean, according to multiple reports this weekend. Some are calling it the Tehran-Damascus corridor, it goes all the way to Damascus, Lebanon, and thus to the Mediterranean. This corridor would pose a grave threat to Israel, as it puts Iran right on their borders – whether be the Golan Heights, the Lebanese border, or the Mediterranean.  (Source: therightscoop.com)

ANTIFA TERRORISTS Sabotaged Train in Olympia 3 WEEKS AGO – Today Train Wreck Kills 6
Since November 17, dozens of anarchists have been camping on the tracks to prevent trains from transporting fracking supplies from the Port of Olympia — however, railroad companies have stated that there were no such shipments scheduled. On Monday December 18, 2017, six people were killed when a train crashed in Tacoma. (Source: thegatewaypundit.com)

Eagle Scout rescued Amtrak passengers before 1st responders arrived
While most of the stunned onlookers in nearby automobiles stayed in place, no doubt making 9-1-1 calls for help, Dan Konzelman, an Eagle Scout – took a nearby exit and ran to the scene. Konzelman estimated it was about 25 minutes before first responders arrived at the scene. He said he and his girlfriend prayed with many of the injured and trapped passengers to comfort them and “let them know that God is with them.” “In a situation like this, you feel pretty small, but when you realize God is in control, it’s really calming, and there’s a lot of peace in knowing that,” he said. (Source: wnd.com)

IMF Wants A Global CASHLESS SOCIETY To Be Created Without You Knowing
The private sector de-cashing began earlier this year when VISA announced incentives for restaurants to stop accepting cash. If you go to an Applebee’s Restaurant and they have the table top “kiosk” for you order and, more importantly, to pay the wait staff, according to two different waiters we have spoken with, have a 50% quota for ALL paid transactions to run through the table top kiosk. (Source: thedailycoin.org)

World’s busiest airport finally restores power after fire causes 11-hour blackout, cancels 1,200 flights and strands tens of thousands of passengers
Even though power was finally restored at close to midnight Sunday, the incident continued to wreak havoc on holiday travel plans for thousands of people hit by airline cancellations extending into Monday and beyond. Georgia Power said it believes a failure of its equipment may have started the fire and in a written statement, the firm said: ‘This fire was located adjacent to redundant circuit cables and switching mechanisms serving the airport and those cables were damaged, resulting in the outage and loss of redundant service methods.’ (Source: dailymail.co.uk)

War in North Korea could break out ‘any time between now and March’, warns Chinese military experts as Beijing launches drills in Sea of Japan
‘The war on the Korean Peninsula might break out anytime between now and March next year,’ General Hongguang told Chinese state-run English language newspaper Global Times. Monday’s military drill saw the Chinese air force dispatched bombers, fighters and reconnaissance planes through the Tsushima Strait to the Sea of Japan to ‘test its ocean combat ability.’  (Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Heavily armored company of U.N. vehicles and equipment staged behind Maryland warehouse and are ready for rapid domestic deployment
Over 50 heavily armored United Nations vehicles and various pieces of equipment (generators, etc.) sufficient enough to support a small company of ‘peacekeeper’ troops are sitting on the deck behind a U.S. government-owned warehouse and appear to be ready for some type of rapid domestic deployment. On Sunday, the Cook County Commissioner (Chicago) recently met with the U.N. undersecretary in an effort to get U.N. troops deployed onto the streets domestically to quell the recent spike in violence.  (Source: intellihub.com)

Trump to remove climate change from a list of national-security threats
The president is set to announce the move Monday afternoon during a speech unveiling his new National Security Strategy, “Climate change is not identified as a national security threat,” an official said, pointing out this is consistent with Trump’s earlier decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord that Obama had signed. Trump’s plan will reportedly focus on four crucial national security interests: protecting the homeland and “America’s way of life,” promoting American prosperity, promoting “peace through strength,” and advancing American influence.  (Source: wnd.com)

Today’s The Day: Twitter To Start Purging Users And Prevent “Certain Content From Trending”
The new rules apply to whatever Twitter deems “hateful,” including “hateful images or symbols in your profile image or profile header.” While many conservative Twitter users have suffered unfair account suspensions, mysterious drops in retweets and likes on controversial tweets, overnight drops in follower count, and unexplained disappearances of trending topics which paint liberals in a bad light, Twitter’s new rules effectively allow the social media giant to openly engage in censorship without repercussion.  (Source: zerohedge.com)

Liberal Anti-Trump Activist Group Gets $400,000 In Taxpayer Funded Grants
Make the Road New York (MRNY), a New York City-based Latino immigrant group with nearly 20,000 dues-paying members, is closely linked to an $80 million dollar anti-Trump network and an approved funding group of the Democracy Alliance, a secretive liberal donor network. According to USASpending, a site that tracks federal government grants, MRNY was given $725,000 in grants in 2015 and more than $4.4 million in 2016.  (Source: americanlookout.com)

Ancient Biblical city ‘destroyed by earthquake 1,400 YEARS ago’ found INTACT underwater
Archaeologists have uncovered “mind-blowing” architecture almost perfectly intact from the ancient Biblical city of Corinth – despite being wiped out by a devastating earthquake 1,400 years ago. And new underwater excavations of Corinth’s harbour at the port of Lechaion have discovered wooden foundations preserved so well that they look new. The giant earthquake that hit the region caused huge layers of sediment to cover the artefacts and allowed them to barely be touched by decay, despite their age. (Source: dailystar.co.uk)

Helen McCarthy

Author: Helen McCarthy

After graduating with a BFA, Helen McCarthy spent over thirty years in the advertising and entertainment industries as a designer and illustrator. Part of her job required a fair amount of research. About six years ago, the Lord led her to research current news events and share her findings. During that same period she and her husband were led by the Lord to relocate to a new area. This time became an enlightened experience of instruction, correction and refinement which deepened her relationship with the Lord and her devotion to serve Him. One of the many blessings she and her husband received was finding a home church that expanded their relationships and extended their outreach to the community to grow in faith and share the word of God.

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December 19, 2017 7:48 AM
Here’s some other news that’s not been reported that we really need to watch for. A brother sent this email to Steve Quayle…… PRAY FOR THOSE IN THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY AND CALL YOUR REPS AND SENATORS,FLOOD THEIR EMAIL ,WRITE ARTICLES STAND UP FOR OUR TRUCKERS OR YOU’LL BE DECIMATED Well, here we are brother. Tomorrow, the ELD mandate officially kicks in, and the government takes absolute control of trucking. Tossing our constitutional rights to the side, and Expecting us drivers to become robot like. As of right now some 26 states are not ready on the enforcement side, and over half this industry isn’t in compliance. And the rumbling has just began. I have instructed all my drivers to head for home, and I have told my customers that my entire fleet will be parked. Many of my friends in the business have done the same with their fleets, and thousands of owner operators are heading home. Many will stay parked for the rest of the year, maybe longer. Over the next few days I will talk with my drivers, and customers, then decide what step to take next. After 30 years in this business, I never imagined a point where I may just hang up the keys and walk away. I hope your readers take this to heart, This IS Going To Affect you. The price and availability of everything you have, need, use, and come to rely on is about to change, and not for the better.—-SQ-EVERYTHING FROM ,FOOD ,MEDICINE ,CLOTHING -EVERYTHING WILL DISAPPEAR FROM THE SHELVES . RESULTING IN UNREST LEADING TO RIOTS AND LAWLESSNESS,WHICH WILL INCREASE-IT WILL TAKE 72 HOURS OR LESS FOR THIS TO HIT IF TRUCKING COMES TO A HALT. THIS KNIFE TO THE THROAT OF AMERICAS VITAL LIFE LINE OF TRUCKING, MUST BE… Read more »
Mark Shipowick
December 19, 2017 1:19 PM

I can see Antwon how this could end up being one of the biggest news events in a long time. From the days of the teamsters (horse drawn trucking) truckers have always had a lot of leverage and knew how to use it. You’re warning is well taken. Listen up and stock up Z3.

December 19, 2017 4:23 PM

Yes brother stock up and prepare.

December 20, 2017 12:00 AM

Helen posted this and another link on this story yesterday in the comments section of the 12/18 news headlines.

Kathleen Nelson
December 19, 2017 10:56 AM

Can I post your words on my facebook page
And I’m sorry for this happening
Lord give us all Grace

Mark Shipowick
December 19, 2017 7:53 AM

Helen, thanks again for your work. Please keep us posted on the first headline and if possible get more on this story – the Tehran-Damascus corridor. That is very significant politically and prophetically.

December 19, 2017 4:40 AM

This event: “War in North Korea could break out ‘any time between now and March’” could happen because I read some prophecy (if it is true) that this year is 70 years since start of torture in North Korea and that this year (which by biblical calendar ends in March 16, 2018) that will be finished (similarly as 70 years of exodus of Israel in Babylon). If start year is wrong, i.e. if start year is one year later then end year of torture in North Korea is finished in March 2019.

Christian Block
Christian Block
December 28, 2017 2:30 AM

Iran has been hit by several earthquakes in the past few months. The one in November was the deadliest of 2017. Today, there was another. There was 1dead and 57 injured. https://reliefweb.int/report/iran-islamic-republic/alborz-quake-kills-1-injures-57
Just another reason to keep an eye on the news regarding Iran

December 19, 2017 11:37 AM
Did anyone else catch what Trump said about space-based missile defenses and protection from electromagnetic attacks? I was glad to hear he hasn’t forgotten about it, and hopefully something can be done in the near future. As for North Korea Alex Jones had a major Davos insider Ted Malloch on December 8th and he said that Trump will be the one to use EMP weapons on North Korea, not the other way around. https://youtu.be/k_fD4WTkSGk The more I thought about it the more sense it made since that would easily cripple their nuclear facilities, command and control, communications, radar, and of course advanced weapons. While you might have mortar crews, old fashioned howitzers and unguided missile launchers (think WW2 Soviet era Katyusha), without supply lines, communication and anti-air cover they would be easy prey to US/SK aircraft and counterbattery fire in just a few hours. That then leaves Little Kim, his inbred general minions and the oft-forgotten but FAR more deadly biological and chemical weapons stockpiles. I can imagine any organized resistance up to the battalion or even division level can be wiped out with tactical nukes or even the totally-not-real-even-though-we-built-them-40-years-ago Neutron bombs which don’t leave the fallout carried by either strike craft (say F-15s or maybe F-22s) or heavy bombers (B1s, B2s, and B52s). Any deep bunkers can be taken out by ‘Rods of God’ or similar deep penetration weaponry that has been kept classified. The bio-chem labs will have to be either buried and or completely incinerated at high heat. Perhaps they can use neutron bombs on them to fry the bacteria that may get loose then clean up later. I don’t know much about that area. As for Little Kim… I think God might take care of him personally. Give him the ‘Sons of Korrah’ treatment methinks. Or… Read more »