Z3 News Headlines- December 18, 2017

Vladimir Putin calls Trump to thank him for CIA tip that thwarted bombings in Russia
The Associated Press reported Friday Russian authorities arrested seven people claiming to be members of the Islamic State who were planning bombings in St. Petersburg during the weekend. The White House statement said, “Based on the information the United States provided, Russian authorities were able to capture the terrorists just prior to an attack that could have killed large numbers of people. No Russian lives were lost and the terrorist attackers were caught and are now incarcerated.” (Source: washingtonexaminer.com)

Minnesota Journalist Provides Evidence of CIA/FBI Baby Sales & Child Sex Trafficking
Timothy Charles Holmseth turned over evidence to the Court that showed convicted ponzi schemer Scott W. Rothstein, the Florida attorney busted in a RICO investigation for a scheme involving convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein. The evidence showed the group was receiving support from CNN, State of Minnesota, State of Florida, and law enforcement. Holmseth’s evidence was extensive and detailed an international CIA baby sales operation and child pornography ring. (Source: sgtreport.com)

Power outage at Atlanta airport causes ‘pandemonium,’ grounds flights
According to FlightAware.com, 817 flights have been canceled at Hartsfield-Jackson on Sunday as of 6:15 p.m. ET. One person in the airport’s Concourse D told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she’s seen smoke in the area, which airport workers apparently tried to move people away from, while another woman said she smelled electrical fire-type smoke. One woman tweeted out that the “electric exit doors [are] unable to open,” and that “passengers can go nowhere!” (Source: foxnews.com)

UN Security Council draft resolution would render Donald Trump’s Jerusalem recognition ‘null and void’
The 15-member UN Security Council is reviewing a draft resolution that affirms that “any decisions and actions which purport to have altered, the character, status or demographic composition of the Holy City of Jerusalem have no legal effect, are null and void and must be rescinded in compliance with relevant resolutions of the Security Council”. The document was drafted by Egypt, and diplomats say it has broad support – though it will likely be vetoed by Washington. (Source: independent.co.uk)

Obama Protected Hezbollah Drug and Human Trafficking Rings To Appease Iran
The Obama administration is believed to have deliberately put the kibosh on charging numerous drug dealers and arms dealing, such as Hezbollah operative nicknamed the ‘Ghost,’ and Abdallah Safieddine, the terrorist organization’s de facto envoy to Iran. All the while both Hezbollah and Iran made massive sums selling “drugs, weapons and used cars, [along with] diamonds, commercial merchandise and even human slaves,” say ex-Project Cassandra agents. Many DEA agents are still bitter about the Obama administration protecting the Islamic terror organization to achieve a nuclear agreement with Iran. (Source: thegatewaypundit.com)

Alabama State Police Arrest 3 Poll Workers In Birmingham
Alabama State Police have arrested three women in Birmingham for allowing more than 3000 invalid votes for Doug Jones to processed through the polling station they had volunteered to operate. Roy Moore’s campaign, on the news that voter fraud was rampant in Birmingham and all of Applevale County, is standing by at the door of the clerk’s office to the 17th District Federal Court of Appeals to file an injunction against a single vote from the Democrat stronghold to be counted. (Source: americanrevolution.co)

Net Neutrality – The End of Google’s Biggest Subsidy
Lost in all of the theoretical debate about how evil ISPs will create a have/have-not divide in Internet access, is the reality that it already exists along with massive subsidies to the biggest bandwidth pigs on the planet – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Netflix and the porn industry. Net Neutrality took pricing of bandwidth out of the hands of consumers. It handed the profits from it to Google, Facebook and all the crappy advertisers spamming video ads, malware, scams, and the like everywhere. George Soros and the Ford Foundation are two of the biggest lobbyists for Net Neutrality. (Source: tomluongo.me)

CBO Report: DACA Amnesty Would Cost American Taxpayers $26 Billion
Under the DREAM Act, Americans would have to pay for at least two million illegal aliens who would become eligible for federal entitlement programs such as Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as “food stamps.” Newly amnestied illegal aliens under the DREAM Act would also be allowed to receive federal benefits to go to college, costing Americans a billion dollars just between 2018 through 2022, the CBO estimates. The most recent Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) report reveals that an illegal alien costs the American taxpayer approximately $8,075 each, totaling a burden of roughly $116 billion annually. (Source: breitbart.com)

Trump bans CDC from using words like ‘transgender,’ ‘diversity,’ and ‘entitlement’
George Orwell would have been the first to admit that by controlling language, you can control people’s attitudes. The government has been doing that for years. The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases – including “fetus” and “transgender” – in any official documents being prepared for next year’s budget. Ending liberals’ tyranny of language. (Source: americanthinker.com)

Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program
Within the $600 billion annual Defense Department budgets, $22 million is spent on the program. The shadowy program — parts of it remain classified, began in 2007, and initially it was largely funded at the request of Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who was the Senate majority leader at the time. Most of the money went to an aerospace research company run by a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Mr. Reid’s, Robert Bigelow, who is currently working with NASA to produce expandable craft for humans to use in space. Working with Mr. Bigelow’s Las Vegas-based company, the program produced documents that describe sightings of aircraft that seemed to move at very high velocities with no visible signs of propulsion. (Source: nytimes.com)

Over 200 US-Approved Textbooks Teach Palestinians To Kill Jews
Over 200 US-government- approved textbooks used in hundreds of Palestinian UNRWA-sponsored schools are reportedly teaching Arab children between the first and ninth grades to kill Israelis, and sacrifice themselves as martyrs to drive Jews out of the country. The Obama administration told Israel that it had checked out the school books and that everything is fine. (Source: jpost.com)

Helen McCarthy

Author: Helen McCarthy

After graduating with a BFA, Helen McCarthy spent over thirty years in the advertising and entertainment industries as a designer and illustrator. Part of her job required a fair amount of research. About six years ago, the Lord led her to research current news events and share her findings. During that same period she and her husband were led by the Lord to relocate to a new area. This time became an enlightened experience of instruction, correction and refinement which deepened her relationship with the Lord and her devotion to serve Him. One of the many blessings she and her husband received was finding a home church that expanded their relationships and extended their outreach to the community to grow in faith and share the word of God.

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Thank you for bringing news that some of us do not have time to dig up or never knew these sites existed. On the site of American Revolution.co does anyone know how to find out who owns, writes or posts. I was unable to find any information on anyone.

Christian Block
Christian Block

Just read this about the power outage at the Atlanta airport. ” For Monday, FlightAware is showing 570 cancellations in the U.S., most of them by Delta.” Interesting…. https://www.wsj.com/articles/electric-power-restored-at-atlanta-international-airport-1513601662