Z3 News Headlines- December 13, 2017

Devin Nunes Orders Investigators to Physically Remove Outstanding Documents From DOJ
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) ordered congressional investigators to physically remove all outstanding documents from the Justice Department on Thursday. “We have had an ongoing investigation into DOJ and FBI since mid-summer for both FISA abuse and other matters that we can’t get into too much. But it is very concerning,” Nunes said. “This is the government out of control.” (Source: thegatewaypundit.com)

Anonymous Hacks ISIS Accounts Finds Attacks Planned for US, Bomb-Making Plans
Sources within the Anonymous hacking community have hacked multiple ISIS associated accounts and found damning information. The hacking collective has compromised hundreds of accounts associated with ISIS and informed TFTP last week that they are monitoring these groups. Communicating in Spanish, Arabic, and English the terrorist groups are using the popular Telegram app to communicate. After their defeat in Syria, and with the ceasing of funding from the CIA, the Islamic State is seemingly reeling and could be trying to bolster support with new attacks. (Source: thefreethoughtproject.com)

The United States, Israel And Saudi Arabia Are Reportedly Pushing A Peace Plan That Would Create A Palestinian State
Last month, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas made a trip to Riyadh, and at the meeting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman presented a plan that would give Palestinians a state of their own but only noncontiguous parts of the West Bank. It is also reported that President Abbas was warned that if he did not accept the terms of this new peace plan that he would be forced to resign. (Source: endoftheamericandream.com)

Vatican Echoes Arab League Appeal for Meetings Concerning Jerusalem Status
On Wednesday, Pope Francis appealed for respect for the “status quo” in Jerusalem, after the United States announced the transfer of its embassy in Israel to the Holy City. “At the same time, I would like to make a heartfelt appeal for everyone’s commitment to respect the city’s status quo, in conformity with the pertinent United Nations Resolutions,” he said. On the same day, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano published an article titled “Trump Inflames the Middle East,” describing U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel as igniting a powder keg in the region. (Source: breitbart.com)

Soleimani Says Iran Is Ready to Back Palestinian Forces
Soleimani, commander of the Al Quds force, made the offer in a phone call late Monday with leaders of groups in Gaza, according to the Revolutionary Guard Corps’ website. Other forces in the region are ready to defend the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, Soleimani also told the Gaza faction leaders. The mosque is Islam’s third-holiest shrine and a frequent flashpoint for tensions between Israel and the Palestinians. (Source: bloomberg.com)

Trump signs nearly $700B defense policy bill
Though the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authorizes the military to add troops, ships, planes and other equipment, Congress has yet to pass a spending bill to make the buildup a reality. The bill authorizes $626.4 billion for the base defense budget and $65.7 billion for a war fund known as Overseas Contingency Operations. The money would also allow for a 2.4 percent pay raise for troops, higher than the 2.1 percent requested by the administration. (Source: thehill.com)

George Soros-Funded Group Behind Effort to Parade Out Trump’s Accusers
Brave New Films hosted the fake news conference Monday morning where debunked accusers were paraded out rehashing accusations against President Trump. According to the Brave New Films website, George Soros’ Open Society is one of their donors. Brave New Films has also partnered up with George Soros’ Media Matters. (Source: .thegatewaypundit.com)

Another Facebook Executive Issues Warning About its Disastrous Effect on Psychology and Society
Former vice-president of user growth for Facebook, Chamath Palihapitiya stated, ‘The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works… no civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth. And it’s not an American problem… this is a global problem.’ The human race is stepping into the perfect storm for disaster in our relationship with technology as advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and big data are converging to present us with unbelievable challenges. (Source: activistpost.com)

Bombshell: Evidence of CIA Role in Forging Obama’s Birth Certificate
Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Investigator Zullo have identified in the database breaches of known Hawaii government IP address accessed by known CIA IP addresses that were used in the breaches. Other data indicates the CIA also breached the University of Hawaii’s extensive records on Hawaii history and genealogy. On a number of occasions information was sent from the breached Hawaii computers, only to be routed to a sever located in Jakarta, Indonesia. On Dec. 15, 2016, Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Investigator Zullo held a press conference to announce the conclusion of their forensics investigation that established the long-form Hawaiian birth certificate that President Obama released in a White House press conference on April 27, 2011, was a forgery. (Source: infowars.com)

NFL to Host Workshop to Train College Athletes to Be Social Justice Activists
In conjunction with the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE) and Morehouse, the February 21-23, 2018 workshop will teach student athletes how to turn sports into “a powerful platform for advocacy,” NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent said. The workshop’s curriculum was created by social activists, academics, professional athletes, and sport administrators in order to “equip athletes with tools and resources to impact social issues respectfully and responsibly.” (Source: cnsnews.com)

Helen McCarthy

Author: Helen McCarthy

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