Watch Out for Global Economic Collapse Starting in Germany on September 25th

Angela_MerkelWell, this one should get some attention. It sure got mine.

I received two prophetic warnings in the past few days from two independent sources, both pointing to a global economic collapse beginning two weeks from today on Friday, September 25 2015. Their warnings are also confirmed by others presented in this post.

First Warning – Prophetic Dream:
The first warning came from an email I received from Louie McGeorge, Associate Pastor at New Promise Christian Fellowship and Phoenix House of Prayer.

Pastor McGeorge has walked with the Lord for many years. After a week of fasting and praying for our nation, he received the following short prophetic dream:

“In this dream I was with some friends in Kansas City. They were redecorating their home. Taking things off the wall in one of their back rooms and putting them on their wall in the main hallway. Then my old Pastor came in and someone asked him to tell us what he knows. He said, ‘There will be a crash in Germany on the 25th.’ That was the end of the dream.”

Pastor McGeorge shared his insights regarding his dream. He was visiting Kansas City because he used to live there. He moved away years ago, but still has friends living there.

He believes the items displayed on the walls have to do with the prophetic dreams, visions, and words of warning the Lord has given to his watchmen on the walls.

On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen. All day and all night they will never keep silent. (Isaiah 62:6)

The items on the wall represent the writing on the wall, which means the warnings the Lord has been giving to his people for years in our back rooms, our prayer rooms, are now being brought out into the open for all to see in the main hallway. In other words, everyone is about to see these events unfolding that were previously only seen by God’s people. We have come to the time when these events are going to happen.

I believe the word spoken by his former Pastor represents the word of the Lord. He said, “There will be a crash in Germany on the 25th.” His former Pastor did not say what kind of crash, but Pastor McGeorge felt the implication was a market crash. His former Pastor did not say which month, just the day of the month, but Pastor McGeorge felt the implication was this month, September 2015.

Second Warning – Watch Out for the Pope:
The second warning came from a Catholic prophetic website, They posted a prophetic warning that a global financial collapse will begin “while the Pope is at the world’s financial center”.

Excerpts from their prophetic warning are shown below. They identified the financial collapse will happen when Pope Francis is the United States, but to be more precise the financial center of the world is New York City. The whole world recognizes that fact.

Pope Francis will be in the United States for four full days from September 22-26, but he will only be in the world’s financial center for one whole day, Friday September 25. He will be speaking to the United Nations General Assembly at 8:30 am that day. Here is Pope Francis’s U.S. travel schedule:

  • Arrives in Washington DC at 4:00 pm, Tuesday September 22
  • Arrives in New York City at 5:00 pm, Thursday September 24
  • Departs New York City at 8:00 am, Saturday September 26
  • Arrives in Philadelphia at 9:30 am, Saturday September 26
  • Departs Philadelphia at 8:00 pm on Sunday September 27.

Before clicking the link to their site, please note their site immediately came under attack as soon as they posted this warning on September 3 and remains under attack today. I am not able to access it safely on my desktop computer, but I am able to access it on my iPad. Somebody does not want this word to get out!

The Locutions website posted the following warning on September 3 2015:

The collapse will not come before Pope Francis comes to America but it will happen while he is in America. I deliberately brought the Pope to America, the world’s financial center, to be here when it takes place. I want him to be part of the picture. I want him to be present.  His presence in America will be my sign that the Church is very important in saving mankind from its own follies.  Toward the end of his trip, he will have to shift his message and address the new world situation.  In this way, I will begin to exalt the Church as a beacon of light in the darkness.

During September, Congress will be voting on the Iran treaty. Terrorism and economic difficulties are the twin evils which will mark the years ahead.  All of these good and evil forces, papacy, economic collapse and nuclear war will be merged in a single unforgettable moment, as they all come together in September, 2015.

Four days later they posted the following warning on September 7 2015:

This collapse is not a temporary situation of a true economy, but the normal result of a false economy, based upon money that does not exist and the accumulation of debt.  All of this happened when the West walked away from God.  When the light of faith was left behind, mankind entered into darkness.

This collapse will be the final warning.  So that my message will be believed, it will take place while the Pope is at the world’s financial center.  After the collapse, many secular voices will be raised, decrying what has been allowed to happen.  These voices will be too shallow because they do not understand.

Although I don’t agree with the Catholic traditions or some of the other comments they share on their site, their prophetic word confirms Pastor McGeorge’s dream. I am also stretched by their support for Pope Francis, but I suppose all good Catholics are supposed to support their Pope as much as they can.

Watch Out for September:
Similar warnings have come from other sources. Neville Johnson saw the wheels coming off this month. Paul Keith Davis saw everything changing after the day of atonement 2015, which is September 23. Chuck Pierce saw a market drop happening this month. Mena Lee Grebin saw death to the finances from September to December 2015. However, none of these words mention anything about Germany or September 25, so they are similar but not exactly the same.

Warning from Neville Johnson:
In addition to his word about the wheels coming off this month, Neville Johnson shared another word in which he saw a devastating economic collapse starting in Germany. Here is an excerpt from his newsletter dated October 2013:

I saw another devastating economic collapse. Although the order and timing was not clear, I saw that Japan and Germany were some of the triggers in this. I saw an earthquake devastating Tokyo, which is also a trigger as the Tokyo stock market closed indefinitely. The USA was seriously affected by this. It was revealed to me that none of the banking safeguards, which were recommended after the last economic meltdown in the USA had been put in place. This economic collapse will be far more severe than the last one. Many churches and Christians organizations along with large corporations will fall into bankruptcy because of this.


David Wilkerson

Warning from David Wilkerson:
Back in 1973 David Wilkerson saw a global economic collapse would begin in Germany. He saw the crash starting in Germany then spreading to Japan and then to the United States. The following is a quote from a message he preached in 1973:

“I saw a vision this past April, so frightening it staggered my mind. For the past three months I have tried to shake it off, but I can’t do it. An economic recession is going to affect the lifestyle of every wage earner in the world. The world economists are going to be at a loss to explain what is happening. It is going to start in Germany, spread to Japan, and then to the United States. Large and trusted corporations are going to go bankrupt. Many churches are going to go into bankruptcy and some missionary projects are going to flounder.”

He also shared the same message in his book, The Vision. At the beginning of chapter one, he wrote:

“I see total economic confusion striking Europe first, and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada, and all other nations shortly thereafter.”

For more details, see my previous post, David Wilkerson: Global Economic Collapse Begins in Germany

Warning from Terry Bennett:
In June 2011, Terry Bennett received the following word concerning Germany:

The angel then pointed his finger to Germany and said that the German economy will stumble and that there would be exposure of wrongdoings at some high levels, such as banking, economists, and even government leaders. The angel also spoke of bad investments, like with Greece, that would be a factor in this stumbling.

He also saw the following newspaper headlines from the future revealing big trouble coming in Europe:

The Mission Impossible Mission: Helping the Woes of the Euro.

The Altered Landscape of Europe: New Nations Emerge from Chaos!

German and French Currency Unveiled; Others Consider Participation

Greece, Italy, Spain Join German and French Alliance of Economies (Editor’s Note: This will be called the AOE)

Watch Out for Germany:
german_flagEarlier this year, investors endured a default by Greece and uncertainty surrounding the new Greek bailout package. The markets remained relatively calm because investors believe the problems in Greece could be contained. That would not be the case if we see a crash in Germany. Investor confidence would be shaken to the core. Many would likely give up on the whole idea of the European Union because Germany is just about the only thing keeping it together.

Germany is the economic engine driving the rest of Europe. It is also the largest economy in Europe, so a crash there would be a huge blow to every nation in Europe. Since the 2008 collapse of the U.S. housing market, Germany has been propping up weaker European nations like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Italy. Without Germany’s support the people in those nations would immediately enter into a time of severe hardships.

Could Germany really crash? Yes, they absolutely could. Many investors currently consider them to be a solid rock, but here are the hard realities:

  • Their sovereign debt levels are now higher than ever after increasing every year since 2007.
  • Their largest bank, Deutsche Bank, is loaded up with exposure to 54 trillion euros in derivatives, which means any unexpected movement in interest rates could quickly wipe them out.
  • After years of loaning billions of euros to weaker European nations, Germany’s financial institutions are also carrying bad debts that will never be repaid. They have been playing the game called “extend and pretend”, but every year it has gotten harder to keep pretending.

Germany is a house of cards that could crash with the slightest shaking. For more details, see my previous post, Financial Meltdown Might Have Already Started in Germany.

Watch Out for Europe:
A crash in Germany would soon lead to the end of the European Union. So the problems just keep unfolding. This is not a one-time crash, but an ongoing series of crashes. A collapse of the EU would have enormous impact on the global economy and currencies of countries all over the world. The euro and the franc would be among the first casualties, but others will follow. The impact on all of Europe’s trading partners would be devastating.

Professional violinist Maurice Sklar saw the collapse of the euro would happen after Germany stopped supporting the weaker nations. The following is a quote from his website:

“There is an even greater financial disaster that is falling upon Europe that will collapse the euro, cause panic and chaos there. Germany will refuse to prop up the euro any more. Basic needs in the poorer European nations will be threatened. Many will lose their money overnight as the stage is set for the financial takeover of the Antichrist system. This is imminent, and the dollar will also follow, although it will survive for a season more.”

Watch Out for a Series of Events:
A lot of people seem to be expecting one big crash that flushes us all down the toilet, but I don’t believe that because over the past several years the Lord has shown me a sequence of economic events occuring over a period of years. So a crash in Germany could be one of the big events, but not the whole story.

I shared more details about what I saw coming in my previous post, The Final Four Season of the U.S. Dollar. When I wrote that post I explained we were still in season one and about to start season two. I identified two major events happening in season two, including a sudden devaluation of the dollar against the Swiss franc and a total collapse of both the euro and Swiss franc. I saw these two events happening fairly close together and for a while I did not know which one would happen first. Eventually I learned the devaluation of the dollar against the franc had to happen first because I saw it dropping very suddenly against the franc, which would not happen if the franc had already collapsed. So first comes the sudden devaluation of the dollar, then comes the collapse of the euro and the franc. A market crash in Germany could fit into this scenario as the trigger event that leads to the devaluation of the dollar and the eventual collapse of the euro and Swiss franc.

Watch Out for Increased Tensions:
On July 7 2014 the Lord gave me a dream in which I saw the world had entered into a time of increased tensions prior to a sudden crash of the U.S. stock market and devaluation of the dollar. A crash in Germany could fit this scenario because it would surely cause increased tensions throughout the world.

The tensions were already high when I saw the U.S. take a stand, which caused tensions to increase even more. Months later in a separate dream I saw the stand taken by the U.S. would be the authorization of military aid to a hotspot, which now appears to be Ukraine. I saw the sudden drop in the stock market happening soon after that.

A bill has already been approved by the U.S. House and Senate authorizing $200 million in lethal military aid for Ukraine (HR1735). I saw President Obama increasing that amount to $1.2 billion. So I am keeping an eye on that bill. It is currently in the final stages of being reconciled between the two houses and could be sent to President Obama very soon. I shared the details of that dream in this post, Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015.

Watch Out Forex Traders:
Several forex traders on this site have shared dreams and words about future price movements for USD/CHF, which is the dollar paired against the Swiss franc. Several people have seen the price moving down soon, which could happen next week with the upcoming interest rate decision from the Fed. Since we are still two weeks from September 25th we could see the price moving down between now and then. However, a crash in Germany would likely cause extreme volatility with the price moving up sharply because Germany is the backbone of Europe, which means the euro would likely drop sharply, which means the franc would also likely drop sharply. Even though the franc is no longer pegged to the euro, it still tends to move in the same direction.

The forex market is a lot riskier than the stock market. If the stock market drops, investors can hold onto their shares and hope for prices to move back up. In the forex market, a big movement in price could wipe out the positions of traders who are on the wrong side of it. Unless the Lord reveals more about what is coming, I am planning stay out of the forex market on September 25th to see what happens.

Watch Out for Fridays:
This next point might not be related, but I am putting it out there for consideration. A financial insider shared the banksters plans for a global economic collapse will begin on a Friday.

“It’s going to be another day like any other day. It’s going to be a Friday when it happens too. That is what they plan on doing. It’s going to be in the middle of the afternoon. The word on the street is that some of these guys are meeting over here and another meeting over there and not even their assistants will know where these guys are. Then they’re going to pull the plug. Markets will be shut down at around 12 o’clock or 12:30 and just leave them off because the collapse is going to be so quick.”

I shared more details about this warning in my previous post, Insider Leaks Details of Banksters Plans to Take Down U.S. Economy. So if the crash in Germany is the same event as what the banksters have planned, it could happen on Friday September 25th. The next available dates in 2015 and 2016 for Fridays landing on the 25th are as follows:

  • Friday, September 25, 2015
  • Friday, December 25, 2015
  • Friday, March 25, 2016
  • Friday, November 25, 2016

I find it interesting September 25th falls on a Friday.

Any of these prophetic warnings standing alone would be interesting, but putting them all together reveals a disturbing picture. Pastor McGeorge heard Germany will crash on the 25th, but was not shown which month. However, other prophetic words from other sources suggest it could be this month. I believe it would be wise to prepare for trouble coming soon, especially two weeks from now on Friday, September 25.

When it comes to prophetic ministry, date setting is the hardest part. Yet, I don’t think it is right to always disregard dates because I believe there are times when the Lord reveals specific dates, especially when it comes to warnings of trouble ahead.

Anyone who has followed the prophetic ministry for very long knows it can be frustrating because we all want to know what is going to happen and when, but the reality is we only know in part and see in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). Only God knows sees the whole picture. Now would be a great time to seek him and ask him what to do next.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is a blogger, business owner, husband and father of two grown children. In 1982, he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2012, he founded to broadcast the message of salvation by reporting end time news before it happens.

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September 29, 2016 2:50 PM

The latest Deutsche Bank crisis and stock plunge started over the weekend – Sept 25, 2016. Could this be a fulfillment of this word a year ago? From CNN Money:
Deutsche Bank stock slumped as much as 6.5% on Monday. The trigger appeared to be reports over the weekend that the German government has ruled out state assistance for the troubled bank.

Becca Slough
November 17, 2016 6:00 AM

I am wondering if the warning about the “25” isn’t this year 2016 on our Nov 25th “Black Friday” shopping day after Thanksgiveing. Its a huge symbol of the rampant materialism in this country. The 23rd is 777 days from the 1st blood moon and it is 77 days from the High point on the Global Dow? No prophetic word just thoughts. Lord Jesus bring down the wall.

Becca Slough
November 17, 2016 6:02 AM

In fact… if it starts in Germany on the 23rd and doesn’t hit US yet but spreads to the East over our Holiday and then reaches US on Friday… ?

October 2, 2016 9:08 AM
We could be close. Deutsche Bank has the fabricated DoJ settlement that seems to not be true. Merkel is saying she can’t bail out DB. If it is to happen on a 25th, it really could be Oct 25th. I don’t think it has to happen on a Friday. The Friday indication is not a prophetic source. Friday was floated as the day in the X-Files, so the insider may just be parroting that. Oct 25th seems a likely possibility with what is happening right now with Deutsche Bank and the fact that Murray/Kristiann said FAZ would be at $800 on Oct 28th. Not putting much stock in the site. That website isn’t even online anymore it appears so I couldn’t read the original source to measure it The Neville Johnson warning mirrors David Wilkersons prophecy, that jumped out at me, because of the dream I had recently about Tokyo. NJ adds an additional detail to David W’s word in that he indicates it is a major EQ that wipes out the Tokyo stock market. In my dream, I heard the words “Tokyo is gone”. NJ said the Tokyo stock market was closed indefinitely. These may be the same event Another factor to consider, is that in mid-Nov 2016, the Moon will be closest to the earth. The full moon of November 14, 2016 is not only the biggest, closest and brightest supermoon of the year. It’s the closest supermoon thus far in the 21st century (2001 to 2100). The moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034! The moon has not been this close to the earth since January 26, 1948! Major Earthquake are highly correlated with Full/New Moons. When adding those lunar phases to the actual orbital nearness of the moon the chances… Read more »
David lighto
David lighto
September 29, 2016 2:43 PM

The Lord Spoke through Neville Johnson . Matthew 10;41

January 30, 2016 1:54 AM

Thanks for sharing this nice article. I read it completely and get some interesting knowledge from this. I again thanks for sharing such a nice blog.

Bill Weather
November 17, 2015 12:56 AM

I don’t know where the snow fall dream is, but a Lil insight to it. When snow fall comes that deep, everything shuts down. No school, no travel… no economic activity! Crash!
We are watching for the crash to start in Germany next week. The McGeorge dream is indicating the 25th. If so, something before the 25th could cause the markets to crash. If you’re gonna be shorting the market on these prophetic indicators, you might enter before the 25th and when the markets looked topped on this present rally, maybe Friday or next Monday entry. God bless our decision making and hold on tight. This may be the start of it all!

November 17, 2015 8:33 AM

The dates for that post by Morton were nov 26 to nov27. There was a reverse from Christmas Eve to Nov 26, if I remember correctly.

Bill Weather
November 13, 2015 11:36 PM

With the France ISIS attacks, we have to consider that because Germany has ushered in so many of these refugees without background checks, that ISIS could be planning an attack in Germany. This could be the spark that brings this German crash to pass.

October 29, 2015 2:00 PM

Weather you are welcome. V is also is fellow Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, thats why I prefer him and “W” to the others. Also just remember the Lord didn’t show Mcgeorge a month. So if nothing happens in November it doesn’t mean the dream was false. God bless!

Bill Weather
October 29, 2015 1:12 PM

Thanx Phanuel. I listened to that youtube vid with V.
I realize he may be connected and I weigh what he says that there won’t be any crash this year, but his info is limited and he may not be inside enough to know if Germany gets a crash this year. I am watching hard for November 25th still because God knows all. V knows just some things.
I thought what he said about the middle east Syria controversy was quite enlightning.
I also like how he separated the real economy from the fake wall st economy. Thanx for the share.

November 3, 2015 1:42 PM

Bill Weather are you watching the dow? high of 17, 940 today…getting close to 17,958

November 3, 2015 3:05 PM

Hi Phanuel, I’m watching very closely!!

October 29, 2015 12:53 PM

watch from the 20 min mark.
God bless