Warning to Canada: Your Water Will Become Undrinkable

canada_lakeWith 20% of all the fresh water supplies in the world, Canada is known for its abundant water supplies.

With such great supplies, Canadians might think they have no cause for any water concerns. However, two Canadian towns have already experienced water contamination and now the whole nation has been given a word of warning.

In the fall of 2009, prophetic minister John Paul Jackson spoke to leaders there saying, “You guys think you have all the water in the world but you are going to find out you don’t have all the water you are going to need because there is going to come something that will happen that will make it undrinkable. There is an element of poison or something bad that is getting into most of the lakes and the aquifers causing a dramatic reduction in the amount of water available to drink.”

John Paul Jackson did not see when these events were coming so he was not able to provide any dates with his word of warning. However, two years after giving that warning a 2011 report from the environmental group Ecojustice concluded that much of Canada’s tap water was at risk of contamination. The report gave the Canadian government an F for mishandling the water supplies, a record that continues to worsen. The report concludes the biggest threats are unprotected source water, climate change, and government spending cuts.

Canadians in Walkerton, a small community of about 5,000 people in the Ontario province, already know about water contamination. In May 2000, their water supply became contaminated with a highly dangerous strain of E-coli bacteria, which came from farm runoff. Seven people died from drinking the contaminated water and another 2,500, which is half of the total population, became ill.

A similar incident occurred in 2001 in North Battleford,  a small town of about 14,000 people located in the west central part of province of Saskatchewan. In that incident, the water was contaminated by a protozoan called Cryptosporidium and 5,800 people were affected. The main cause of the contamination was related to upset conditions and mismanagement at the local water treatment plant.

Then in October 2005, the Kashechewan Indian Reserve, which is a Cree Indian reserve of about 1,900 people located on the western shore of James Bay, 600 miles north of Toronto, had to be evacuated due to a contaminated water supply. The contamination there was caused by dumping sewage directly into lakes and rivers. The Indian reserve is located downstream from a sewage outlet.

Another threat is lurking. Because Canada’s water resources are so vast they have attracted the interests of huge global corporations who see exploitation of the water as a business opportunity. So in addition to threats of natural sources of contamination and mismanagement, Canadians must be on guard against the threats from corporate exploitation.

John Paul Jackson is a prophetic minister gifted in interpreting dreams. He is an author and the founder of Streams Ministries International. The comments shown in this post were transcribed from the “Joni Table Talk” television program, which originally aired on the Daystar television network on May 24, 2010.

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