Vaughn Clark: The World is About to Change

Vaughn Clark

Vaughn Clark

Prophetic Christian minister Vaughn Clark posted this message yesterday on Facebook. This man hears from God.

Vaughn Clark is a native of Dublin, Georgia. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a former educator and has been in traveling ministry since 1988. He is also a certified chaplain.

“Something really big spiritually this way comes….got any unfinished business with God? For the record, I ask forgiveness from anyone I have ever hurt or disappointed or sinned against. This has been heavy on my heart today. This next month of the Jewish calendar is something in the Spirit, and I am not up on this, but know it deeply in my inner man. The world is about to change.  We all need to be just as right as we know how to be.”

Update: Vaughn Clark posted this follow up comment on Facebook yesterday, “The whole world is poised to change forever….I heard the word ‘draft’ in my spirit today as I was praying.” When asked what he meant by draft, he explained that the military draft is coming back in America.


I believe Vaughn Clark is seeing the same thing so many others are seeing, which is major changes coming to America and the world. He mentioned this month on the Jewish calendar. It is called the month of Elul, which includes part of August and part of September. The month of Elul is dedicated to repentance to prepare for the coming holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which come in the following month. Those who are awake and paying attention can see it is no coincidence that we are now in a month dedicated to repentance just before major changes are coming. God has given us this time to prepare our hearts. Something really big spiritually is coming. Trouble is coming and the single most important thing we can do to prepare is get right with the Lord by repenting of anything that has come between us and Him. As he said, “We need to be just as right as we know how to be.”

I have personally attended meetings where Vaughn Clark ministered. He has an awesome prophetic anointing. He has also given specific words to me that I believe were from the Lord.

Here are just a few of the warnings from other people:

Fasten your seat-belts and prepare for turbulence ahead. As Vaughn Clark said, “We all need to be just as right as we know how to be.”

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Kim Calvert
Kim Calvert
November 4, 2013 11:42 AM

Brothers and Sisters,

Please in the coming days keep your eyes on the author and finisher of our faith who would be Jesus for He has whispered to me that is our salvation in the coming days and know He never leaves us or forsakes us. Spread this around that everyone would walk exactly in what God gives you to do so as to walk in obedience and be effective for Him.

In Him