Trucker Reports Seeing Unusual Military Activity in Iowa and Wisconsin

U.S. Military Unimog Troop Carrier

U.S. Military Unimog Troop Carrier

The following comments were written by a truck driver who routinely drives from Texas to Northern Wisconsin. He shares some very interesting things he saw on his recent trip.

His screen name is John Gault, but his real name is not known. These comments were sent to me by a visitor to this site who prefers to remain anonymous. So I cannot verify anything stated here, but if it is true, foreign troops are here, plans are in place to kill the dollar this year, and DHS will be squashing any civilian resistance.

My screen name is John Gault. No not a misspelling of a fictional character. If you collect stamps you know this guy. Had to take a little trip. Did a little observing along the way. Got back Saturday.

Well…. On the way up north, I saw about lots of military equipment being moved around. Usually in the 1500 miles I will see some, almost always a little in Iowa. But it was unbelievable how much more.

Way up in the northwoods I ran into some strange looking vehicles, didnt have time to get my camera up, as I met them, but about ten miles later I came up on one going my direction, I havent had too much time yet to find out exactly what the vehicle is, as I have been swamped since I got back, but it looked like a brand new Unimog type troop carrier.

I followed it for a couple hours, hoping to find out where it was out of. And, I did. It pulled into a little reserve post in a small town in northern WI. They knew I was following them, not to hard to realize it as they were going 54 mph down the freeway, so I kinda stuck out following them. But I went back about ten minutes after they pulled into the post. The funny thing about it, the truck was desert tan, up there everything is dark camo. Desert tan up there might as well be blaze orange.

Well when I went back, there were about a dozen of them sitting in there. Along with all the normal equipment. So, I asked a few people to keep an eye on it and let me know if they can find out anything more.

The troops, it was hard to say for sure, but the uniforms were NOT ours. I have people checking on that too.

One of the most interesting things I found out though came from the most unlikely source I would have ever thought…. and it was good. I have a buddy up there, as liberal as you can get. Lets smoke dope and praise the earth kind of guy, Put it this way, when he voted for the homo, he said he couldnt wait to see what he did to change the country…. That type. Also, as anti military as they come. Well, his brother in law went into the Corps after 9-11, Did a couple enlistments, got out and went to work for dhs. He worked for them for about the last seven years. He usually comes up to see them every couple years. Well, about three weeks before I got there, he showed up without letting them know in advance. Now….. I am sure there are going to be some who question this, I am just saying what i was told….. He was stationed down here in Texas. He showed up with his SUV packed to the hilt. He told them that he quit the DHS and sold his house and all of his possessions that he could not fit in his truck and that he was heading to the mountains. He told them that he did not want to have any part of what was coming. He says, they are bringing in the ONE world currency, like soon, like this year. And that the DHS is going to be the enforcement arm that handles any problems. He is living out of his truck and staying off the grid. I really wish I would have been there a couple weeks earlier to talk with him. I have met him, and he is a stand up guy. And, it must have been convincing to my buddy, as I have talked to him more times than I can remember the last couple years, and he has always told me I was nuts….. Until last week, Now he has all kinds of questions… So whatever he was told by him, it convinced him that something is about to happen.

Like I say, I really wish I would have got to talk to him. I saw a ton of stuff. For the first time in Northern WI, I saw an F-15 fly over the cabin I was staying at, at probably 1200 or so feet. I lived there most of my life, NEVER saw that before…. Not there. I see it almost daily down here, but that was a first up there. So….. What the heck happened with all the cloning shittt? Man, I came on here saturday night and it was unbelievable…..

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is a blogger, business owner, husband and father of two grown children. In 1982, he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2012, he founded to broadcast the message of salvation by reporting end time news before it happens.

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October 3, 2016 11:44 PM
Im only 19, even i can see something is bad is is approaching in the horizon… up here in wisconsin, ive noticed large increase of military activity this past year and a half or so. APC’s, troop carriers, artillery, h**l i was nearly rear ended and killed by a woodland tanker carrying a flammable material of some sort, due to the “flamable material” signage. There were 2 convoys a few miles apart, all heading down US22 south, a 2 lane road where i was. Fort mccoy has also been practicing dog fights above my county, caused a major disturbance due to them breaking the sound barrier one day. Ive seen many convoys elsewhere, occasionally with 6 or more vehicles, ranging from oliv drab, woodland, or desert tan. I witnessed one with tires nearly as tall as the suv i was driving… Something is coming. Something big our leaders are preparing for, but the DoD, homeland security, and every major National security organization is withholding serious information from us as a nation. Ive told my friends about it, and they dont believe anything is going to happen, as if the world is all flowers and rainbows. The world is in chaos, every continent is suffering from unrest of some sort. The unnerving part is its only been getting worse as time has gone on, and theres no hope in sight within our near future. Our world, our way of life is upon the very edge of a vertical slope… all it needs is one push or a few small nudges and its a freefall toward our destruction… and theres nothing any of us civilians can do to help the world settle… The closest thing i can theorize as to why the public has been told nothing by the DoD, National security,… Read more »
James Grubbs
James Grubbs
June 6, 2015 9:08 PM

Here’s another story related to this one. Hard to ignore this stuff when we see these things unfold before our eyes.

May 18, 2016 6:14 PM

Thought I remembered someone posting this a while back. I seen a military train full tanks yesterday and got me thinking, last summer some here on z3 were getting nervous about leaving home for summer vactions and wondering if it would be their last due to civil unrest, anyone have any thoughts about leaving town for vaction this year.