Thrive DFT Duo: dual-action left/right adhesive application

DUO is Thrive’s most cutting-edge and innovative product yet. That’s saying a lot considering the company achieved over $1 billion in sales in under 5 years, is said to be the world leader in human nutrition technologies, and has already brought cutting-edge nutritional products to market such as: the Thrive 8-Week Experience, Derma Fusion Technology, Sequential Gel Technology…the list goes on.

DFT DUO is the next evolution of Derma Fusion Technology, offering a dual-action left/right adhesive application, resulting in a larger fusion footprint that provides a balanced release. DUO was designed to combine this innovative dual release/larger fusion footprint with DUO’s enhanced weight management formula concentration to deliver greater absorption. DUO’s purpose is to support lipid metabolism, providing all-day weight management and appetite support. This incredibly unique and effective product represents the next evolution of DFT from a technology, uptake, formula, and concentration perspective. Never before has there been a nutritional based weight management product as unique as DFT DUO.

DUO is one step of the 3-step Thrive Experience – combine DUO with Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules and Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, and you will push forward towards your long-term weight management and overall health and wellness goals.

DUO is here – don’t be left behind; join the millions of Thrivers experiencing the incredible results of DFT DUO.

Instructions for Applying Patches:

  1. Clean and dry skin on each side of the body where you wish to apply patches, preferably at lean areas such as biceps (inside or outside), shoulders, inside forearms, or top parts of buttocks.
  2. Peel the two DFT Duo patches from the backing and press the adhesive side of each onto the prepared area, one on the right side of the body, the other on the left.
  3. Try to rotate application areas every day or every other day. Example: Monday – shoulders, Tuesday – forearms, etc.
  4. Leave the DFT Duo patches in place for up to 24 hours. Replace with new DFT at start of each day. They’re waterproof, so they don’t fall off or stop working in the shower or bathtub.
  5. For Premium results, use Thrive DFT Duo patches daily with Thrive Duo capsules and Thrive Duo Shake Mix.

DFT Duo Patches Contain: Forslean 95, Chlorogenic Acid (Green Coffee), Satiereal, Guarana, Green Tea, White Willow Bark, Beta Hydroxybutyrate, CoQ10, Cosmoperine, L-Argenine, Limonene, Aloe Vera.

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