Is there any caffeine in THRIVE?

The Thrive Plus DFT Duo contains a very small amount of caffeine, roughly less than half the caffeine content of one 8-ounce cup of black coffee. As a comparison with other beverages, an 8oz cup of brewed black coffee contains the following caffeine levels:

  • Home Brewed – 143 mg
  • Starbucks – 180 mg
  • Caribou – 230 mg
  • McDonald’s – 109 mg
  • Dunkin Donuts – 132 mg

By comparison, the level of caffeine in Thrive is much less:

  • Thrive Capsules  = 20 mg per W-capsule (for women) or 25 mg per M-capsule (for men)
  • Thrive Lifestyle Mix = 25 mg per packet
  • Thrive DFT Patch = 0 mg

The daily Thrive Experience calls for taking two Thrive Capsules plus one Lifestyle Mix plus the DFT patch, so the total amount of caffeine per day is only 65 mg for women or 70 mg for men.

Thrive’s DFT Patch gives such an energy boost, it might fool you into thinking it has caffeine, but it contains zero caffeine. The ingredients include green coffee bean extract and guarana, which makes some people think it contains caffeine, but it only contains the antioxidant benefits from these plants, without the caffeine.

Natural versus Synthetic Caffeine:

Thrive contains only “all natural plant based caffeine” with no synthetic caffeine, which makes a big difference. Synthetic caffeine is commonly used in soda and coffee. It’s absorbed into our digestive system much faster than naturally occurring plant caffeine, so it gives a faster spike in energy, but also a faster crash, compared to the naturally occurring caffeine in plants, which provides a more balanced lift due to high levels of naturally occurring vitamins.

Synthetic caffeine is far more likely than natural plant caffeine to have negative side effects, such as difficulty sleeping, nervousness, heart palpitations, or nausea, because they don’t have the balancing effects of the entire botanical to help regulate the body’s reaction to the energizing properties of caffeine. (Source: Organic Authority)

Thrive is unique because it offers the best of both types of caffeine. Thrive’s DFT Patch provides a fast energy boost without the fast crash because the Derma-Fusion Technology bypasses the digestive system to get the nutrients quickly into the blood stream, yet it avoids the fast crash because it’s all natural caffeine, providing a balanced energy boost.

Unlike synthetic caffeine, natural plant caffeine has many health benefits. It is a great carrier of nutrients through the blood stream and it contains powerful antioxidants known to prevent cancer and might also help prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

How can we know which kind of caffeine we’re getting? It’s easy. Any product listing caffeine in the ingredients list uses synthetic caffeine whereas products containing natural caffeine list the actual plant sources, such as the green coffee bean extract used in Thrive.

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