How I Learned to Enter Into God’s Presence

In 1997, while I was worshiping God in church, I heard the Lord say to me, “Seek God first, early in the day.”

David wrote in Psalm 63:1, “O God, thou art my God, early will I seek thee. My soul thirsts for thee, my flesh longs for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where there is no water.”

Solomon wrote something similar in Proverbs 8:17, “I love them that love me; and those who seek me early shall find me.”

Before getting that word, I had gone for long stretches of time when I had sought the Lord at the start of each day. However, I had wandered off course and was no longer consistently spending time with Him. So I determined to be consistent from then on. I have been having daily encounters ever since.

As I did that, a transformation took place in which the hunter became the hunted. Maybe it was that way all along but I just didn’t know it. The more I sought God, the more hunger He put in me to seek Him more. No matter how wonderful my encounter with Him was, the next day I would wake up empty and aching on the inside with hunger for His presence. I was addicted to Him and very glad to be because the addiction made it nearly impossible for me to stray off course again. It became an absolute requirement for me to spend my time with him. I could not make it through the day without Him.

My prayer time became encounter time. It became more about encountering God’s presence than about petitioning the Lord with prayers. The petitions and prayers became a by-product from the encounters. First and foremost, it became all about Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all of these other things will be added to you.”

I believe Matthew 6:33 provides an important key for encountering God. The Lord does not just randomly decide to reveal Himself to one person over another. Anyone who seeks Him first will find him. It is our seeking, our hunger that drives the encounter. This is why I have encountered Him daily for many years. His presence comes into the room where I am because I am hungry for Him to come. Everything within me aches for His presence. The more intensely I seek Him, the stronger His presence is manifested. Jesus said blessed are those who hunger because they will be satisfied.

You hold the throttle in your hands. How much of God do you want?

The truth is believers are already seated with Him in heavenly places. We know this because the Bible says so.

But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ ( by grace you have been saved), and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, (Ephesians 2:4-6)

That position in heaven already belongs to us right now, not after we die, but now. So we do not need to beg God or even ask Him for access to the heavenly realm because He has already given it to us. Why not just believe what He said in His word is true?

Knowing we have it is the first step, but there is more required because faith without works is dead. Even though it already belongs to us, we must stand firm in our faith to take possession of what God has given. Otherwise, the enemy will attempt to steal it from us. We must act on our faith to enter into what was promised. It will not fall out of the sky and land in our lap while we are watching another episode of Duck Dynasty. We must act on what we believe, being confident that His word is sure. He has not left us here on earth as orphans. He has promised to be with us always. He has promised He is in us and we are in Him. Now it is up to us to take possession of His promise.

On earth wars are fought over gold or anything of great value. Here we are talking about something far more valuable than gold, so we are kidding ourselves if we think there will be no resistance to entering into His presence. There will be resistance, but if we believe what His word says and refuse to back down, we can take it.

This is the most valuable commodity on earth. This is where all life and all blessings come from. This is the root source of every good thing. This is where all the true riches are, not temporal riches that will pass away, but eternal riches that never pass away. This is the place the devil works overtime to keep us from finding because He knows that anyone who finds this place cannot be stopped from entering into all that God has for them. Not only that, but He also knows the blessings that come from the encounters with God will overflow to other people. The word will spread and more people will discover this secret place. So anyone who thinks they can casually stroll into the presence of God without encountering any resistance should think again.

We must prepare for a fight. We must set our face like flint with determination that says, “I will take the land. I will take all of what God has given to me. I will possess it and I will not turn back until I have it in my hand.” That is the kind of faith that gets results.

Every day is a new battle. Will you take the high ground today or settle for crumbs down below where the very air is filled with anxiety, fear, torment, oppression, unbelief, and doubt nipping at you every moment of the day? You can settle for that if you want to, but I have found a far better place and I have learned how to go there every day. No matter what happens down here, I know I can take my place in the heavenly realm and all is well. Not only that, but the position I take there causes everything here to be well too. I refuse to settle for anything less.

The one who enters in is the one who refuses to take no for an answer. The attitude must be one that says there is nothing else that matters to me more than this. That is an important key to learning how to get drunk in the Spirit, but now let’s look at another key.

We need to understand what is going on here. We are not asking God to enter into our realm. Instead, He has invited us to enter into His realm. The Apostle Paul encouraged us with these words, “brethren, since we have confidence TO ENTER THE HOLY PLACE by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, His flesh, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.” (Hebrews 10:19-22)

So our mission is to enter into the realm of God, through the blood of Jesus. Our mission is to leave our realm behind and draw near to God. When we draw near to God, then He will draw near to us, not the other way around. He has already made the first move by Jesus shedding His blood on the cross. So now the ball is in our court. He is waiting for us to respond to His invitation by seeking Him and drawing near to Him. James 4:8 says “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

Here is the thing. To enter into the realm of God requires us to leave our realm behind. We cannot have one foot in our realm and the other foot in God’s realm. We have to leave the one to enter the other. I am not talking physically, but spiritually, in our heart. We will seek God and find Him when we seek Him with all of our heart (Jeremiah 29:13). 99% of our heart is not enough. To enter into His realm we cannot hold anything back.

So here we are living in this physical world in a physical body. This is all we have ever known. We have lived our whole life in this realm of time and space. Now we are invited to leave this realm to enter another realm, but how do we do that? Is there a map to follow? Is there a spaceship that takes us there? Should we Google it? Is there a secret portal that we must find?

Hang in there. It is not that complicated. We have already covered four keys to getting there:

1. We must know God has already made the way and invited us to come.
2. We must act on what He told us.
3. We must stand firm, fighting to take possession of what He promised.
4. We must seek Him with all of our heart.

The next key is just as simple as the others. We must leave the realm of time and enter the realm of eternity. We live in the realm of time, but God lives in the realm of eternity. So for us to depart from the realm of time and enter the realm of eternity we must completely let go of time.

Airports keep track of departures and arrivals. It is impossible to have an arrival without first having a departure. A flight from Atlanta to New York will never arrive in New York unless it first departs from Atlanta. In the same way, we cannot expect to arrive in a new realm without first departing from the realm we are now in. We are now in the realm of time. Our destination is in the realm of eternity. We cannot get to eternity without first departing from time. Departing must come first.

So how do we depart from this realm? We do it by abandoning all thoughts of time and all of the burdens that it puts on us. Whatever it was that seemed so urgent will just have to wait. Whatever it was that seemed so important will just have to take a number. Eternity has sent us a boarding pass and it is time for us to go. We must forget our clock and our schedule. Forget the appointments. Depart from the realm of time.

Someone might complain their schedule is too busy to allow them to do that. However, busy people must learn how to avoid wasting time. Trying to arrive in a new place without departing from the old place is a big waste of time. I am giving these keys because they actually enable us to save time by avoiding flight delays and cancellations. The best way to keep our flights on schedule is to learn how to depart right away and avoid getting stuck out on the runway. What a waste of time that is!

But here is the key point. The only way to depart from this realm is to completely let go of it. Trying to hold onto it will cause delays, frustrations, and even cancellations, which are all a big waste of time. Anyone who wants to enter into the realm of eternity must learn to abandon the realm of time. I wish church leaders would learn this simple truth! Trying to have a worship service on a guaranteed time schedule is like getting a seat on a plane that never leaves the ground. It is a big waste of time!

So I don’t have much sympathy for anyone complaining about being too busy. Most of us have already wasted decades of time. The keys given here can help us to finally do something that has eternal value, which is time well spent.

I can testify from personal experience that trying to hold onto time and eternity at the same time is a waste of time. The harder I try the more frustrated I get. So I have learned to adjust my attitude right from the start. I have learned to abandon the realm of time. I have learned to have an attitude that says there is no meeting on my schedule that I will not postpone. There is no meal that I cannot miss. There is no phone call that I cannot call back later. Let’s just settle this right here and now. This is non-negotiable. If I have to cancel my whole day to enter in then I will cancel my whole day. If I have to wake up two hours earlier then I will do that. I will do whatever it takes, because I refuse to miss my flight!

Now combine this key with the four previous keys and we are starting to get somewhere. Combine this attitude of abandoning the realm of time with the attitude of fighting to possess what God has already given us. Now we have an attitude that is a force to be reckoned with, a force that cannot be stopped, a force empowered by God that the devil cannot stop. This is the kind of attitude that says, “I will enter into what God has for me. I will take it by force. So take a hike devil because I am calling on heaven today and heaven is coming for me. Angels are coming through the mid-heavens, pushing aside powers and principalities of the air, coming to take me into the high places, to the realm of God, to the Most High God, into the very presence of God. That is where I will be and that is where I will stay.”

When we have that attitude, we will depart from this realm and quickly arrive in the realm of God.

Because I have been doing this daily for many years, I am able to enter in very quickly. Most days it takes less than a minute. But I still have days, like today, when for a long time I could not enter in. I am not moved by that though because I know I can enter in and I will. I will literally cancel my whole day if that is what it takes, but I will enter in. With that kind of attitude, it won’t take all day. That is the attitude that makes the devil give up and get out. So today it took me almost an hour before I really entered in, but then it was awesome because His presence is awesome.

When we consistently demonstrate that kind of attitude day after day after day, the enemy’s resistance grows weaker because the devil knows we will not turn back, we will not give up. There is nothing he can do about it, except leave. So there are breakthroughs that come as we continue in this way. Those who persevere and stay with it will receive help from heaven. Heaven hears the cry of our heart and reaches back to us on the earth sending us reinforcements. Help comes to us. Angels come to us. They are assigned to help us. I don’t see what they do, but I know they are there because the atmosphere in the room changes. What seemed like a struggle for me a few minutes ago leaves me and is soon far removed from me and totally forgotten. Fear leaves me. Anxiety leaves me. Peace comes to me. Joy comes to me.

When I enter into that realm, not only angels show up, but the Mighty God comes into my room. His presence fills the atmosphere in a way that is tangible. I can feel His presence. His presence is so wonderful and so amazing and so awesome that words fail to adequately describe it. All I can say is thank you Father God for coming to someone like me. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for your peace. Thank you so much. I love you so much!

It really doesn’t matter how big our problems are. It doesn’t matter how big the hole is that we find ourselves in. None of that matters because our God is so much bigger than all of that. When He is with us, all is well. All fears leave. All cares are removed. All burdens are gone. All that remains is a Father who loves us and our thankful heart loving Him in return. His perfect love casts out all fear. Heavy, saturating peace fills every cell of every fiber of our being. His peace roars within us like a cozy fire that we snuggle up to and never want to leave. In this glorious peace the cares of this world fade away. His peace abides, stays, remains with us, not just during our encounter, but all during the day. It rests heavy upon us like the ocean when the waters are so calm that the surface is like glass. It is so much peace that it makes us feel woozy, soaked, saturated, completely filled, satisfied, inebriated, drunk!

And we know what drunk people do. They get happy. They sing songs even when they can’t sing very well. They laugh at nothing. Their eyelids get so heavy they never quite open them all the way. 80% of the way is just fine with them. It is a happy place. Things that are not even funny seem so funny they laugh until their belly aches.

People who are filled with the spirit of God act like drunk people. But please don’t judge them for it because when you get filled with the spirit you will act like a drunk person too. That is why Peter stood up and spoke to the crowd that was gathered on the day of Pentecost. The crowd was amazed because the believers were speaking in other languages and acting so much like drunk people that many of them just assumed they had been drinking sweet wine.

And they all continued in amazement and great perplexity, saying to one another, “What does this mean?” But others were mocking and saying, ” They are full of sweet wine.” But Peter, taking his stand with the eleven, raised his voice and declared to them: “Men of Judea and all you who live in Jerusalem, let this be known to you and give heed to my words. For these men are not drunk, as you suppose, for it is only the third hour of the day; but this is what was spoken of through the prophet Joel:
And it shall be in the last days, God says, ‘I will pour forth of MY Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; even on MY bondslaves, both men and women, I will in those days pour forth of MY Spirit and they shall prophesy. And I will grant wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth below, blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke. The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and glorious day of the Lord shall come. And it shall be that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.'” (Acts 2:12-21)

Peter had to explain to them that these believers were “not drunk as you suppose.” The reason why they supposed them to be drunk was because they acted like drunk people act. They were not drunk with wine, but they were drunk with the spirit of God.

For years now, my daily encounters with God have almost always followed the same pattern with three parts to the encounter. This might be just the way it is for me and might not have any application to your encounters. He is a very big God and He created lots of different types of people with a wide variety of personality types. So please don’t think I am saying it has to be this way for everyone. All I can say is this has been working for me. Hopefully, some of the things I am sharing here can help you encounter God in a way that works for you.

So I will attempt to explain the three parts of my encounters. The first part is entering into God’s presence, the second part is what I like to call la-la land, and the third part is quiet time, or you could also call it soaking time. This is surely not a formula for everyone to follow. This is just my own way of doing it. Someone else might do it differently and find that works just as well.


At the start of every encounter, I always turn on anointed worship music and I like it loud. The music helps me escape the natural realm and enter into the realm of God. The lyrics are very important because they help get my mind focused on God. I like lyrics that come from scriptures and build my faith. I don’t like songs that tell stories or focus on ourselves.

The music is not just my idea. Psalm 100:2 tells us to come before His presence with singing. Then verse 4 tells us to enter His courts with praise. These are important clues telling us how we can enter into His presence.

If you are just getting started with entering into the realm of God’s glory, I recommend you start like I did in the standing position, or if you prefer to kneel down or sit down I think either would work great. However, I do not recommend starting in the laying down position until you have learned how to enter into the glory right away. Otherwise, you are likely to fall asleep in natural sleep before entering in.

For years I started my encounters in the standing position and did not change that until I got to where I could enter in almost immediately every time. That might sound strange to some people but it is totally possible. Eventually I started laying down right from the start because I knew I was going to be laying down soon anyway when the glory showed up. As the presence of the Lord enters the room and grows stronger and stronger, the heavy presence always makes it impossible for me to keep standing. The same thing happened to the priests in the Old Testament when the glory of God filled the temple that Solomon built (1 Kings 8). They were not able to remain standing after the presence of God came in. So I eventually decided to just go ahead and lie down from the very start, and that is the way I have been doing it now for nearly twenty years.

So I start by turning on the music and lying down. As I close my eyes and focus my thoughts on the lyrics, at first I feel only the aching on the inside, longing for His presence. As I begin to yearn for Him and call out for him, the presence of the Lord comes into the room and grows stronger and stronger. I am not referring to His omni-presence, which always covers the whole earth. I am referring to His manifested presence, which can be perceived not only with our spirits but also with our natural senses. This kind of manifestation is available to anyone who wants it, but we have to come to God on His terms, which I will explain later.

As His presence fills the room, it is manifested in the natural realm in a way that can be perceived with the natural senses. It usually starts with the air becoming very heavy. That is the best way I know to describe it. The air literally feels heavy, like it is weighing on you making you feel heavy too. As you breathe in this heavy air, each breath that you take feels heavier and you have to breathe a little deeper. With each breath, whatever is in that air gets inside you and begins filling every part of you. You begin to feel woozy, like being drunk. You also feel very weak physically, so even the smallest movements are a real challenge. The more you breathe the drunker and weaker you get.

There are many other ways that His presence can be felt in our physical bodies, which I believe are unique to each individual. For me, when His presence first enters the room, my head twitches for just a second. It is like when we shake our head to tell someone ‘no’, except the shaking is a lot faster than that. These manifestations should not become our focus or our goal. We cannot manufacture them even if we tried. They are signs and wonders, signs because they point us to another realm and wonders because they make us wonder. Whenever we reach out to that realm, we cause a reaction in which that realm reaches back and touches us. That is what causes the manifestation.

During this first part of my encounters, I have a wonderful time of fellowship with Him. If I have done anything to offend Him, we cover that right up front and get everything clean and clear. Then He gives me very specific insights on what I should do next with projects I am working on. If I have missed an opportunity in my business he shows me how to do it better the next time. If there is some important information I need to know about the immediate future he reveals it to me. We fellowship on all sorts of things. He shares His perspective with me to help me see what He is doing in my life and in the lives of people around me. In general He helps me along the way, teaching, instructing, coaching, directing, loving and caring. He is being a father, and a very good one, and the best friend anyone could ever have.


After entering into His presence, my encounters move on to the second part, which is me drifting off into la-la land. If someone saw me in this condition, they would assume I was asleep. However, I know it is not natural sleep for several reasons.

First, I am not sleepy because I just slept all night. Since I have my own business, I have the luxury of being able to sleep every night until I am done sleeping. I do not get up until I know my body is fully rested, which is usually 7 to 9 hours. So when I start my prayer time, I am wide-awake and ready for my day. Regardless of all that, I always drift off into this la-la land condition during this part of the encounter. It happens every time!

Second, there are scriptural examples of people having encounters with God where they lost contact with the natural realm temporarily, and they were not experiencing natural sleep. Both Peter and Paul experienced a trance during their prayer times. In Acts 10:10 Peter fell into a trance and the Lord showed Him a vision that changed the course of His ministry and the direction of the first century church. In Acts 22:17, Paul tells us of a time when He was praying in the temple and was in a trance. While He was in a trance, Paul saw the Lord instructing Him to quickly get out of Jerusalem.

Both Peter and Paul were praying when they fell into a trance. Peter had gone up on the housetop to pray. Paul was praying in the temple. In both cases, they had first entered into the presence of the Lord, and then they fell into a trance. In both cases, the Lord showed them visions. My experience is different from theirs because they both received visions when they were in a trance. I don’t recall ever receiving visions while in la-la land, so for that reason I don’t think I am experiencing trances but that might be what it is.

Trance is a spooky sounding word because it conjures up images of zombies and hypnotism and all sorts of weird stuff like that. However, there is nothing spooky about it. The Greek word ekstasis is translated into English as ‘trance’. This word is defined as a throwing of the mind out of its normal state. It can be used to refer to a lunatic or to a man who is transported out of Himself so that in this condition, although He is awake, His mind is drawn off from all surrounding objects and wholly fixed on things divine. In this condition, He perceives realities shown to Him by God.

The third difference from natural sleep is when I return from la-la land. I always feel covered and saturated with heavy peace, joy and love. Natural sleep does not cause me to feel this way. In fact, after a night of natural sleep I wake up feeling empty inside, hungry for God’s presence, even aching inside for more of him. While I am in la-la land, I believe my spirit is communing with the Lord at a deep level because of the heavy presence of the Lord that rests on my when I return. The hub of activity is in my spirit, not my mind or my body.

If you have not experienced the realm of God’s glory, it might be hard for you to relate to what I am sharing. The tendency is to dismiss it and re-write it to say what I did not say. So when I say I lay down and drift off into La-La land, the natural mind says, “Oh you mean you fell asleep.” But I am not talking about natural sleep. I am talking about being wide awake while the manifested presence of the Lord, by the Holy Spirit, enters into the room where you are. When He reveals His presence in that way, our spirit knows it immediately. Our spirit can sense His presence. As His presence grows stronger, our natural senses are impacted. We can actually feel the glory realm. The most common manifestations we can feel are the awesome peace, joy, and love of God. It is pure heaven on earth.

Natural sleep can be pleasant but it does not compare to the glory realm. Natural sleep does not bring us into a place of thick, heavy peace, joy and love. It does not bring the comfort that all is safe and secure. It does not lift off every care, every burden and every doubt. Natural sleep does not weaken your physical body to the point where you are not able to move and don’t want to. Natural sleep does not make you feel woozy, like you are drunk, so drunk that you cannot even sit up, much less stand up. Natural sleep does not continue to rest on you all through the day. Despite all of these contrasts, if you have never experienced the glory realm, our natural mind will try to re-write my experiences to make it into a natural experience that is familiar to us, but that is not what it is.


The third part of the encounter is the most powerful part, the quiet time. This part begins when I return from la-la land and realize the music is still blasting away. When I return, I have no idea what songs have played or how much time has passed. All I know is the presence of God is now on me so strong that I can barely move. If his presence is really heavy I am not able to even move a finger for 20 or 30 minutes. However, usually I can move if I want to, but I don’t want to. At this point the music actually annoys me so if I am able to move I turn it off. The music was important for entering in, but once I am in it is no longer needed.

Psalm 100:4 says we “enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.” So after we have entered in there can be a time now to quiet down, no more thanksgiving and no more praise is needed for this moment. This is loving time, heart to heart, just being together with our wonderful, loving, Daddy. All cares are far removed. All that is left is thick, heavy peace, so heavy it can be very hard to move at all. But that is okay because all I want to do is stay there with Him forever.

The heaviness of His presence varies from day to day. I believe it only varies by as much as my level of devotion varies. If I come to Him with whole-hearted devotion, totally abandoning everything else, there is nothing to stop His awesome presence from filling the room so much that I cannot move at all.

In that condition, time can pass very fast. What seems like a few minutes could be more like thirty, but who cares! Every moment in His presence is time very well spent. Not a single moment is wasted. We get so busy with our lives we actually waste most of our time pursuing things the Lord never intended for us to pursue. I have wasted not only years but decades. But spending my time with Him causes me to move closer to the things He created me for, which helps me avoid wasting time on other things, which makes my time with Him very productive.

My natural mind sometimes reminds me that a lot of time is passing and makes me think about stopping my encounter to get started with my day. The Lord helped me one day by telling me, “Your time is my time and my time is your time.” In other words, the time I am spending there with Him is not lost or wasted. He takes account of every minute and He repays me with His time. In the natural realm, this means He actually takes care of things for me. He puts it on the hearts of other people to do things for me to repay me for the time I sacrificed to be with the Lord. By faith, I believe God’s word to me that He is able to do this. I have lots of evidence that He has done this for me over and over again for many years.

In this glorious quiet time there is not a care in the world. I would have a hard time remembering my cares even if I tried. All of my cares were poured out during the first part of the encounter and washed away during the second part. Now they are all gone so I can just be quiet and enjoy His presence.

The presence of God and the peace of God can get very heavy during the quiet time. It is heavenly. It can get so heavy I cannot move, so I just lay there still and quiet, but that is okay with me because I don’t want to move. I only want to stay right there in His presence forever.

It changes me. It changes the way I think and the way I see things. His presence then stays on me for the rest of the day. It changes my whole day.


Sometimes my natural mind reminds me that I need to finish my prayer time and move on. So when that happens I have to make a choice to stay with the Lord until I know He has released me to go. I heard someone say that you do not enter into the presence of a king without the king’s permission and you do not leave the presence of a king without the king’s permission. You must be dismissed before you are allowed to leave. To leave without the king’s permission would be insulting and disrespectful.

This works exactly the same way with the Lord. Based on Hebrews 10:19, we already have His permission to enter boldly into His throne room. However, once we come in, we need to show respect for Him by not leaving Him without His permission. So we must learn to wait for Him to release us before we go. When we are all done, He gives us that release so that we can know with confidence we are done now and it is okay to go.

When I finally get the release to go, there is just barely enough strength in my physical body to sit up, then to slowly stand up. Sometimes I have to lay back down and try again later.

The glory and deep peace stays on me very heavy as I go and remains on me throughout the day, slowly, gradually lifting off. By the next day, I wake up with an aching hunger inside me for His presence. Then the whole thing starts all over again, day after day, week after week.


It is scriptural to feel drunk because of the presence of the Lord. This is why Peter had to explain to the crowds on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 saying “these men are not drunk as you suppose.” He said that because the crowds were assuming these men were drunk because they saw how they were acting. Even though it is far better than getting drunk, that is the closest thing from the natural realm to compare it with.

Our natural mind is not comfortable with things that we do not know anything about. We would rather grab hold of anything that we know than follow after something we do not know. However, in the realm of God’s kingdom we are instructed to become like little children, accepting by simple faith things we do not understand or have any first-hand knowledge about.

Don’t even try to figure this out with your natural mind because it is not possible. There are things happening in the unseen realm that we do not see yet we can feel their effects. There are definitely angels involved in ministering these manifestations of God’s glory. At this time, I have not seen them but just from knowing a little about God’s kingdom, I think it is safe to say wherever God’s glory is manifesting in the earth, there are angels there to administer the glory and apply it to the natural realm. That is a big part of what they do on the earth.

This type of encounter is available to anyone who wants it. However, I believe only a small percentage of people are experiencing this realm of God’s glory.

There are many believers who have experienced the glory realm, but many of them do not know they can experience it every day. I know people who wanted to experience the glory realm, but they were not experiencing anything because they thought it was all up to God as to where and when the glory would be manifested. They hoped it would come again like they experienced it before, but it never comes because they are waiting on God and God is waiting on them.

The good news is it is not up to God. God has already done everything He needs to do to give us access to His glory realm. Now the ball is in our court. If we want to go there, we can. God is seeking to find people who are are seeking Him. 2 Chronicles 16:9 says the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely his. God wants to reveal Himself to those people. There is no lack of willingness on His part. However, He requires us to come to Him on His terms. Anyone who comes to Him in that way will find Him.

Since an encounter is a two way meeting between you and God, you must come together on terms which are acceptable to both parties. In the scriptures, God has already laid out the terms which are acceptable to Him and those terms are not negotiable. Anyone willing to accept His terms can meet with Him. In John 14:21, Jesus said He would reveal or manifest Himself to those who prove their love for Him by their obedience to His commandments. Deuteronomy 4:29 tells us we will find God when we seek for Him with all of our heart and soul.

It is very good news to know God’s glory realm is available to anyone anytime. It is very good news to know we do not have to wait for God to randomly decide when and where the next manifestation of His presence will be for reasons we would never know. That is not the way it works.

God desires this kind of fellowship with everyone, but unfortunately not everyone meets His requirements. In His wisdom, He only reveals Himself to those who meet His requirements. To reveal Himself to people who do not meet His requirements would be bad for them because they are not ready to receive Him or to handle what He wants to give them. Then He would have to hold them accountable for what He gave them. He would have to judge them more severely for rejecting what He gave them. It is better for them that He hides Himself and waits for them to come to Him when they are ready.

Millions of people go to church regularly but how many of them ever encounter God? I believe most church going people never encounter God because they do not qualify. Either they are ignorant about how to qualify or they have chosen to disqualify themselves because the price is too high for them. It is much easier to just lower the bar by following man-made religious rituals than it is to make the necessary changes in your life to conform to what God requires.

Is God trying to make it hard for us to encounter him? No, He is sorting out those who love Him from those who don’t. God could reveal Himself openly to everyone on the planet. He could instantly put an end to atheism. He could make everyone bow down and confess that He alone is God. However, most people would not be bowing down because they love Him but because God left them with no other choice. God is not looking for robots. He is looking for lovers. He is seeking people who love Him for who He is, not using Him to get what He has. So He wisely hides Himself from the world and reveals Himself to those who are willing to come to Him on His terms.

People who have a lot of money have the same problem. Having all that money can make it hard for them to know who their true friends are. Some wealthy people have even concealed their wealth to sort out their true friends from people who are only using them to get to their money.

So while most of the world has decided to set their own terms for how they will come to God, God has quietly rejected their offer and withdrawn His presence from them. Meanwhile, He is revealing Himself to those who come to Him on His terms. These are the ones who qualify to have encounters with God.

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