Giving What I Never Had

Back in 1994 when I was still working for a living, I came home from work one day to get some lunch. My wife and two kids were gone somewhere so I was home alone. As I was about to start searching for something to eat, the Lord spoke this word to me, “Your father’s greatest desire was to give you the things that he never had growing up.”

I thought about it and it was true. My father grew up very poor. He never even knew his father. When he was seven years old he learned that the girl he thought was his older sister was really his mother. She blurted that out one day during an argument. He also never had much else since he was raised in a poor coal mining town in the Appalachian mountains of southwest Virginia.

But my dad determined in his heart that he would one day give his children the things that he never had. And he did. He sent all three of his boys to excellent schools. He even bought us cars and many other blessings. He gave me a brand new Mazda RX-7 sports car when I graduated from college.

The Lord spoke to me again and said, “You’re going to give your children the things that you never had growing up.” When he said that, I immediately remembered what I used to do when I was about seven or eight years old. Many nights when I went to bed, I would lay there and try as best as I knew how to pray to God. I thought I had to start crying to get really close to God so I would start making myself cry. At least the crying made me feel something, even if it was just my emotions. I didn’t know how to pray or anything else about God because I was never taught how to know God. My parents loved me and took great care of me but they did not know how to teach me to know God because they did not know him either.

Then the Lord showed me a vision of my son who was only three years old at that time. In this vision I saw him standing and looking at me and he was about seven or eight years old. I saw him look at me and then look up to God. Then he looked back at me and looked back up at God. Then he looked at me again and then back up at God again. And he kept on doing that until something changed in his heart and I saw him falling deeply in love with God.

My son, whose name is Wyatt, has always been very sweet and teachable, but he has not always been real interested in God. Regardless of how he has acted, I have held onto that vision as a promise that when Wyatt is seven or eight years old he is going to fall in love with God. Well, today he is seven years old and will be eight next month. Right now I see him looking at me and looking at God. And I see God doing something in his heart that I never had growing up. He is growing in understanding as he is receiving teaching from his mother and from me and from our church. Wyatt is learning things that I did not learn until I was 23 years old and had tried everything else and came up empty and hurting inside. By the grace of God, I am giving my son the things that I never had!

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