The Day Honor Visited My Home

On July 12, 2001, I was in the spirit when I saw a person walk into the front room of my house. I immediately knew it was Jesus. The look on His face revealed his unwavering devotion to his mission to rescue lost souls. Nothing could distract him. He was full of truth and pure devotion. There was no sacrifice that He was not willing to make to rescue the lost. Whatever price he had to pay seemed to be of no consequence because his love was far greater.

Just looking at him brought immediate conviction on me and the others who were with me. We were in the presence of a far higher level of honor than anything we had ever known. Our shortcomings became glaringly obvious in his presence. I saw how I had allowed myself to be easily distracted from the great purpose that burned within him. I had treated lightly his calling to join him in this great battle.

Then He said, “I am Honor. I honor all those who honor me. My name is honor and my name is to be honored. If you want to honor me, honor my name and you honor me. My name is the very highest honor there is. Handle my name with great honor and respect. Do not seek honor for yourself. Instead, seek for me and you will find honor. All who seek me will find honor. I am the very highest honor and if you seek me, you will find the highest level of honor. If you give me honor, I will give you honor. If you take away honor from me, then I will take away honor from you. If you want to honor me then I will want to honor you. If you follow me, I, Honor, will follow you. I will go wherever you go. I will bind honor to your feet so that wherever you walk will be the path of honor. You honor me by seeking me. The more you seek me, the more I will honor you. When you seek me in the highest place, then I will honor you in the highest place. You honor me by abiding and remaining in my word.”

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