Ten Disturbing Facts About Pope Francis

Pope_FrancisThere is so much focus on the antichrist that it is easy to forget there is also a second beast who will rule over the earth alongside of the first beast in the last days. In fact, the second beast, who is also called the false prophet, plays a very important role in upcoming events. For example, he is the one who requires everyone to take the mark of the beast.

The Bible reveals the second beast will have the appearance of a lamb, but will speak like a dragon. The appearance of a lamb means he will appear to be a follower of the Lord Jesus. He will disguise himself in the form of a lamb to mislead the world because if his true intentions were revealed no one would follow him. However, he will be an imposter, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He will speak like a dragon, which is Satan, which means he will be a liar.

Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon. He exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence. And he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed. He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men. And he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who *had the wound of the sword and has come to life. And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed. And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. (Revelation 13:11-18)

The Bible warns us not to be spiritually asleep like so many others, but be sober and on the alert (1 Thessalonians 5:5-6). So in my efforts to follow those instructions I noticed the following ten disturbing facts about Pope Francis. They are not listed in any particular order because it is only by putting them all together that we can see the bigger picture.

1. Warning from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is a prophet with an excellent track record. In December 2014 he was shocked to hear the Lord telling him, “Beware of the Pope! He is a hypocrite. He is a tiger clothed as a lamb.” See more details about this in my recent post, “Beware of the Pope.”

2. Prophecy from St. Malachy Claims Pope Francis is the Final Pope

St. Malachy’s 876 year old prophecy identified unique facts about every future Pope. History shows he was right about the previous ones. He claims the 112th Pope on his list, which is Pope Francis, will be the final Pope who will reign during a time of great trouble and the destruction of Rome.

If Malachy’s prophecy is true then we are now very close to the formation of a one-world religion, which would have no need for a Catholic Pope. That would mean the time of the second beast is at hand. I shared more details in my recent post, “St. Malachy’s Medieval Prophecy Claims Pope Francis is the Final Pope.”

3. Two Birds of Peace Devoured by Two Birds of Prey

In January 2014 while standing at an open window of the Apostolic Palace in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis appeared before a crowd of tens of thousands of people for his weekly prayer. He then released two white doves from the window representing birds of peace. However, the two birds were immediately attacked by two birds of prey, one by a seagull and the other by a crow.birds

The attack on both birds was either an amazing coincidence or perhaps a confirmation of St. Malachy’s prophecy that the 112th Pope will reign during a time of great trouble and the destruction of Rome, not during a time of peace.

4. He is Uniting World Religions

The Bible warns us to be on the alert because we don’t know the dates when the beast will arise. However, we can recognize him by what he does. The second beast will be a religious leader who unifies all the religions of the world into a one-world religion. He will lead the world to their destruction by getting everyone to worship the first beast.

And he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed. (Revelation 13:12)

If Pope Francis is the second beast then we would expect to see him taking actions to unite the religions of the world, which is exactly what he has been doing. If he is the second beast, then his claims of promoting world peace and unity are actually just ploys to move the world closer to a one-world religion that ultimately requires everyone to worship the first beast.

Since the start of his papacy in March 2013 Pope Francis has been on a crusade to unify the religions of the world. He has launched initiatives to reconcile differences between leaders of every major religion, including longstanding rifts between Christian denominations. I have documented his actions in my previous post: “Pope Francis Taking Unprecedented Actions to Unite World Religions.”

5. He is the First Jesuit Pope

The Jesuits are a worldwide Catholic organization formed in 1540 and based in Rome, Italy. Their official name is the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus. This group is controversial because of their long history of antisemitism and their assassinations of world leaders. For example, there is a lot of evidence that Jesuits assassinated President Abraham Lincoln and attempted the assassination of King James I of England and King Henri IV of France. So the Jesuits have a long history of being racists and murderers.

Some people believe the Jesuits control the new world order, which is operating behind the scenes to bring about a one-world government, economy, and religion. If that is true then the Jesuits are operating in the spirit of the antichrist. There are many conspiracy theories about this. So when a Jesuit was named Pope for the first time in history the alarms sounded.

Wikipedia documents the Jesuit background of Pope Francis:

Bergoglio officially became a Jesuit on March 12 1960, when he made the religious profession of the initial, perpetual vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience of a member of the order. He took the final fourth vow (obedience to the pope) in the Society of Jesus on April 22 1973, which added to the previous three. He was named Provincial Superior of the Society of Jesus in Argentina on 31 July 1973 and served until 1979.

6. Vatican Struck Twice by Lightning

lightningThe same day his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, electrical shocks went through the Vatican as St. Peter’s was struck twice by bolts of lightning. It could be just a freaky coincidence, or perhaps it is an omen of bad things to come.

7. Two Geophysical Events During His Two-Day Holy Land Tour

Pope Francis visited the Holy Land for a very short two-day trip from May 24-26 2014. During that short time, two freaky geophysical events occurred. First, the One-World Trade Tower in New York City was struck twice by lightning. How could a papal visit to Israel be connected with lightning strikes in the United States? They could be because of the strong connection between the United States and Israel as the only two nations to have made public declarations of a covenant relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This unique relationship makes America and Israel favorite targets for the devil. Perhaps the lightning strikes were another coincidence, but it is amazing it happened at the same time as Pope Francis was arriving in the Holy Land.


The second geophysical event was a 4.1 earthquake that hit Israel. The earthquake lasted for several seconds, and no injuries or damage were reported. Tremors were felt in central Israel, as well as in Jerusalem, Beersheva and even as far south as Eilat, and as far north as Beit Shean.

8. He Claims Atheists Go to Heaven if They Do Good

Pope Francis appears to have a different mission from previous Popes. Instead of focusing on the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, he has a much broader mission to bring unity to all the world’s religions, even including atheists.

He was quoted as saying, “Everyone can go to heaven, even atheists!” He claims it is not necessary to believe anything to go to heaven as long as we do good works. No wonder his message is so popular. He is telling everyone what they want to hear. No need to repent, no need to believe, just do good and you are on your way to heaven.

The fact that his statements contradict the Bible does not seem to matter to him. For more details on his outrageous claim, see my previous post, “Pope Francis Claims Atheists Go to Heaven.”

9. He Sees Nothing Wrong with Homosexuality

In 2013 Pope Francis was named Person of the Year by the American LGBT magazine, The Advocate, in recognition of his July 2013 comments regarding homosexuals, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge them?”

Pope Francis has historically supported the Catholic Church’s view that marriage is between a man and a woman, not for same sex couples. However, it appears his views on that topic are also negotiable. In 2010, prior to becoming Pope, he raised the possibility with his bishops in Argentina that they should support the idea of homosexual civil unions as a compromise position.

10. He Agrees with Evolution, Rejects Creation

On the question of origins Pope Francis is once again on the wrong side, opposing the Biblical view. No wonder he is so popular among unbelievers. He validates their anti-Biblical views.
In October 2014 while speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the official scientific research center of the Vatican, Pope Francis rejected the idea of creationism and agreed with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. He even criticized the Biblical account with this comment,

“When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so.”

He has also made comments showing he believes in the Big Bang Theory.

“The Big Bang, which today we hold to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the intervention of the divine creator but, rather, requires it.”


These ten points do not prove that Pope Francis is the second beast who will rule a one-world religion in the last days. However, I believe they prove he deserves to be on everyone’s watch list as a strong candidate.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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J. Johnson
J. Johnson
July 15, 2015 8:40 AM
Sir – great article, I agreed with everything you said – up till the last two points, which after reading have convinced me that you are a Young-Earth Creationist. First, the Big Bang Theory was first theorize by a Christian, or someone who claimed to follow Christ – a Priest by the name of George LeMaitre. The Big Bang and Genesis 1:1 say exactly the same thing – that the Universe was created out of nothing BY something. Genesis goes one step further and Identifies that something as God. The Big Bang theory is such a powerful evangelical tool and scientific fact, that the New Atheists are running away from it like the plague – now, atheists like Stephen Krauss are trying to “Redefine” the word “Nothing” because if Nothing, in the true sense of the word, existed before the big bang – then Occams Razor applies, and God Exists. Most young earth creationists don’t like the big bang because it also comes with the implication of a 14 Billion year old universe – which is like Acid on your tongue because “The Bible Says God Created the Universe in 6 days and rested on the 7th!” – No it doesnt… The bible states that God is not confined to our Idea of time – we weren’t created until the “6th Day” (Which I’d encourage you to read up on the Hebrew word “Yom”) – which means that “Adam” (Read the Hebrew meaning of the word Adam) or Humans, weren’t a factor by which to measure time before they were created. “To God a thousand years is like a day and day like a thousand years”. God has never been nor ever will be constrained by our idea of time. He still gets the Glory because its much easier to… Read more »
March 16, 2015 1:00 PM

Great points, James. I agree, we certainly need to keep an eye on the Pope. I was unaware that he made the statement about everyone going to heaven, even atheists. Apparently, Ephesians 2:8 doesn’t mean squat to him. Thanks for another great article.

Richard Schurz
Richard Schurz
June 27, 2018 1:47 PM
**DOES POPE FRANCIS COMPLETELY QUALIFY TO BE THE FUTURE FALSE PROPHET OF **666**?? ** THE AMAZING PROPHECY OF ST MALACHY IN AD 1139 THAT THERE WILL BE 112 POPES AFTER AD 1139 AND THAT DURING THE REIGN OF THE 112TH POPE THE END OF THE WORLD WILL COME. **POPE FRANCIS** IS THE 112TH POPE**!! St. Malachy was the Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland and a very good archbishop who always helped the poor. He claimed he experienced a vision while visiting Rome in 1139 AD. He said he saw every pope that would exist from the time of his vision until the last pope. The last pope would be the 112th from the time of his vision. Malachy also stated that the last pope would be a very evil pope and that God would judge everyone and the city of Rome would be destroyed during the reign of this last pope. When John Paul II died on April 2, 2005, articles were written pointing out that the pope who would replace John Paul II would be the 111th pope. Benedict XVI was 78 years of age when he began his papacy on April 19th, 2005. Because of his advanced age, it was obvious that his reign as the Bishop of Rome could not last too long. Everyone understood the next pope, according to St. Malachy, would be the last pope. Malachy also said the church would be judged, Rome would be destroyed, and implied that the end of the world would come during this final papacy. The question on everyone’s mind was: How long till the 112th pope? On February 11, 2013, Pope Benedict shocked the world by announcing his intention to resign from the papacy. This was the first resignation of a pope while in office in over 600 years.… Read more »
Rebecca Sterling
August 24, 2016 9:45 AM

Mr. Bailey, In the Vision entrusted to me from Yahweh, I clearly saw an old man as pope, and he WAS the False Prophet. He worked with the world leader (AC) to convince the masses to join in following him. He was NOT the AC, he was a helper, like the wizards of Pharaoh in Moses time. When they performed demonic tricks, it made the people pay attention and give credence the pretender. Respectfully sent, Rebecca

July 28, 2016 12:32 PM

You done well in the 4:48 minute’s about presenting the fact’s as they are.We all need to wake up while time is still there.I think we are already living on boroughed time as it is.Sinkholes I Never heard of when I was a kid, now they are popping up all over this Earth,Jesus Christ is Coming soon.

Karen Sue
August 7, 2015 3:00 PM
Kendra, I was thinking of a way to bring you to a greater understanding of world events through the lense of Christianity, in the sense of being born again, and discovery the nature of history and Biblical history. You may want to check out an internet radio program called Noise of Thunder, by Chris Pinto. He is a former Catholic, repented for his error, and ministers to many Catholics, while teaching others, and has a love for Catholic people, while renouncing the pagan traditions that have crept in and infiltrated the system. Many Protestant Christians have found the same to be true in their churches. It’s as if the it is the mother’s daughter, so to speak. I ask you this in love, who speaks for God, the Vicar of Christ, or Jesus Christ who is God? If you answer Jesus you disavow the one called the Vicar of Christ, if you answer the Pope, then you disavow Jesus, who is the Word made flesh, you disavow the scriptures, and you reject the truth. OK, let’s say that the two foremost powers in the world, and those two individuals that are in the foremost of the present are placeholders, timing of events tell us that it is very strong possibility that they are actually the ones to will fulfill prophecy, then very soon we will see a drastic change in course at the coming of the next two which will play out beast one, and beast two of Revelation. We are already seeing drastic departure in both both politcal and religious planks. Please, don’t react and become defensive without knowledge of scripture. Many have fled both the Catholic and Protestant Church when being admonished to come out of her my people. There is a remnant that are in a church… Read more »
July 30, 2015 1:56 AM

To add to my earlier post, revelation reveals that the 2nd beast will perform great signs, even making fire come down from heaven in the sight of men, however these signs will come from the devil. Already Pope Francis is known as the “miracle” Pope, as a miracle of the Eucharist has been attributed to him. It would be wise to watch what miracles are attributed to Pope Francis, I believe a future miracle involving fire from heaven attributed to him. I am a devout Catholic, and I see division already beginning in the Church between traditional Cardinals and Bishops and more liberal ones, as Pope Francis is on the more liberal side. If anything I think Pope Francis is breeding confusion among his flock as to what is sin, and what is not. Please pray for the Pope that he does not give himself over to the Devil as the 2nd beast of revelation!

July 30, 2015 1:25 AM

The first beast whose fatal head wound was healed was Pope Benedict who fell in the bathroom with a head injury. It was at this point that he chose to resign, thus giving authority to the new Pope, Pope Francis. I truly believe Pope Francis is the 2nd beast of revelation. He will unite all Christians and perhaps some non Christians into a one world religion. This will be a watered down version of the Catholic/Christian faiths that actually condones sin in the name of love, mercy, and peace. Sin seperates you from God, period, and is against Bible teaching. The mark on the forehead will be those who decide in their mind/soul to sin, and the mark on the hand is the actual actions of sin committed. To belong to the new world religion you will be accepting sin as part of your faith, because that is what will be accepted and preached. Beware, as the 2nd beast, if it is Pope Francis,is paving the way for the antichrist to take over his leadership of the one world religion!

Jim smith
Jim smith
September 28, 2018 11:02 PM

Yes the pope is the anti christ. I would even call him the son of the devil
He does the work of his father hopefully those lighting strikes at the vatican
One will hit its mark and all that will left after god smites him will be a burned beenie
And shoes

March 21, 2015 8:10 PM