Severe Calamity Coming to New York City

911 The following prophetic word was given by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin at Messianic Temple Beth El on May 14, 2012 during the T’filla Intercessory prayer.

Thus said Elohim of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaacov,

The calamity that is coming will be so severe that it cannot be compared to 9/11. Many people will be caught in this calamity. Many people will die.

While she was prophesying, Rabbi Hadassah saw an open vision. And she said, “There will blood all over. Many men, women and children: young and old will die.”

My children, prepare for an impact. Prepare! I am warning you. I am warning you. Turn away from your evil, from your secret sins and run to Me. Run to the altar of Hesed (Mercy), Rachamim (Compassion) and Ahava (Love) for I am a  Compassionate and Loving Elohim.

Release your family to Me for you cannot protect them. You cannot save them when the calamity comes. For My judgments (My mishpatim) are very severe. They will fall on New York City for this city is the representation of America.

How would a parent feel seeing his or her child molested and abused? This is how I feel when my sheep are taken advantage of. My heart breaks when I see the shepherds rape and abuse My sheep. They have stolen everything from My  sheep, even their last hope. My little ones still cry to Me out of their last strength and I hear the cry of My children.

The local government in NYC is very evil. The Mayor and his office are very evil. You do not know what is going on behind their closed doors. They are selling NYC to the foreigners: building by building, block by block. It will not belong to the Americans anymore but will be in possession of the foreigners who will tear the city and the country apart with their evil purposes. Great evil has been done to My people behind closed doors.

The homosexuals are taking over the country. They are arrogant and boastful. THEY WANT YOUR CHILDREN. They want every boy and girl in America to become a homosexual. They already took over the media, interior design, art, hair and makeup, garment industry and Hollywood. They are taking over the educational system saying to your children, “It is ok to be a homosexual.” They have made a mockery of My Word. They have infiltrated the high echelons of society. They rule as businessmen, lawyers, doctors, nurses and educators in different levels of society. They already have taken over Hollywood.

They hate real beauty and purity. They are despicable in their sexual acts. They are not satisfied anymore by their sexual immorality for the demons (shadim) have already taken over their minds, souls and bodies. You will hear more and more about homosexuality and bestiality. They are arrogant and prideful, defying My Word. Many of them are dying of AIDS and there will be more to come. There will be new sicknesses and diseases, new venereal diseases that will come as a result of homosexuality and bestiality. The demons of sexual perversion are released upon the earth to attack people’s minds ​to desire an extreme sexual experience, for they are not satisfied sexually anymore, but only when they have perverted sex.

You will hear about children disappearing more than ever before. They are kidnapped by satanists, witches, sexual perverts and homosexuals to destroy the child for the rest of his or her life. You will hear more and more about dysfunctional children. This will be more than just autism that children are born with in America because of the union of evil people and/or generational curses.

The witches are hunting for good men. They receive their assignments from hasatan (satan) himself how to get them. They are sent to churches and congregations to “fish” for good men, men who are on fire for Me. They pretend to be born from above, they seduce these men, then they get pregnant from them and their seed will be great evil.

There is a great darkness that is coming to this country and the whole world. Stay united in My Ruach (Spirit). Stay together and love one another as I have loved you. Do not be hypocritical. Be genuine, truly become a Mishpocha (Family) to each other as I have put you together.

Seek My will concerning your employment so that you will work for Me. For very soon every institution will turn into a demonic establishment: every hospital, every school, every office, every bank, etc. So seek My face and I will guide you to a specific job so that you will work for Me and for people who are My children.

The banking system will collapse. The Russians, Chinese, Muslims and Communists are united together against this country. They want to avenge the blood of Bin Laden. They hate America and American democracy and the blessings I have bestowed upon this country. When this country will cry and mourn, they will rejoice and celebrate. It is coming soon and it is inevitable. Pray that in My wrath I will remember rachamim (compassion).

Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin

Author: Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin

Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin is a Jewish believer in Yeshua the Messiah and Rabbi of the Messianic Temple Beth El in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She has received many prophetic words and warnings for America, which she shares on her website Messianic Temple Beth El is a multicultural Spirit-filled end-time Messianic synagogue proclaiming Yeshua from Natzeret, the prophesied Messiah of Israel.

Rabbi Ryklin ministers personal one-on-one deliverance sessions to those seeking freedom from demonic oppression. She also trains a special intercessory group, “Warriors for Israel”, who do territorial and global warfare.

She proclaims the Revival of Repentance in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach to the Jew first and also to the nations. Her primary goal is to establish a Messianic Nation from the remnant of the twelve tribes of Israel and to make aliyah to Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel. Her YouTube channel is the same as her name – Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin.

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July 30, 2015 5:39 PM

When Michael mentioned a rat problem in the Freedom Tower I immediately thought about the work being done on the Twin Towers before 9/11. They used the work being done to hide what was really placed/installed (explosives)…….. This will be more theatre again with the gov claiming some terrorist group hauled all the explosives in without anyone noticing……..Yep, they just walked in and blew the place up. Right……. Anyone know how many records, bonds, and derivatives info is being stored in the basement ? Like what was stored at the Oklahoma bombing, Pentagon and Twin Towers. Amazing how everything was lost (including the gold!).

July 30, 2015 4:24 PM
Interesting but the fact that God doesn’t seem to have His facts right is proof this is at least partly the Rabbi is speaking from her own knowledge and not God. Not that the whole thing doesn’t ring true to a large degree but it is a bit strange that there are some real problems with a few statements. Bin Laden died of natural causes many years before the fake death that was put on for theater for the masses. But then again if the World is in complete deception about it then maybe the deceived Muslims do actually want revenge. AIDS is also a hoax invented by the CDC. People have never died of AIDS, they die from a typical disease and the medical science community don’t even really know what an AIDS virus looks like. Just a little bit of research exposes this hoax. God knows this as well. Another interesting add on at the end, “pray that in my wrath I will have compassion” This is an Old Testament concept of God dealing with people. God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus for all mankind. Judgment of Nations is different in that Nations have to be judged in real time because it is a corporate entity and is not the same as individuals. I don’t believe God needs us to ask Him for compassion in a judgment of nations in the NT. Judgment of Nations is about Justice and repentance. God already desires that no one perish but all would be saved. In His Holiness and justice concerning Nations in the dispensation of Grace His ways are higher than our ways. I believe there is some of this persons own words mixed in with God’s. This is the interesting thing about NT prophecy. It all has to… Read more »
Michael Perritte
michael perritte
July 30, 2015 9:41 AM

Rabbi Ryklin,
For the past year or so the Holy Spirit has been speaking to my heart about NYC as well as Washington DC, South Beach(Miami), Hollywood and SF. In regard to NYC I believe there will be an attack and that Freedom Tower which I call the Tower of Defiance will be hit. I had a dream in which I knew that I was in the lobby of Freedom Tower and I was ordering coffee. When I opened my wallet to get my American Express card it fell to the ground and when I picked it up it crumbled. I believe there will be a financial collapse before NYC is hit. In the second part of the dream I was riding away on the back of some type of vehicle and there was a pack of workers much like 9/11 going with soot on there face and work clothing on. As I was riding off I said ” what a pack of rats.” Interestingly I heard on a Rick Wiles broadcast of that Freedom Tower is having a rat infestation problem. I believe what occurs in these cities will be the beginnings of measured judgements in this nation. I also agree with you that NYC represents the United States and the very characteristics of Mystery Babylon.

Blake burke
Blake burke
November 17, 2015 5:37 PM

Can someone please explain the autism comment on here? Union of evil people? Generational curse?? I know many good families with a member of the family on the autism spectrum. Just find it hard to believe this comes from the Lord…maybe someone can help clarify

Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin
August 6, 2015 8:53 PM

Shalom Karen, The ONLY TIKVAH – HOPE that America has is TO TURN FROM ALL HER EVIL. It will be ONLY possible when the REVIVAL OF REPENTANCE goes forth that I am commanded and privileged to proclaim. I also urge you to go back to Abba for the interpretation of your dream about a baby girl “Tikvah”.

Karen Sue
August 5, 2015 6:49 PM
That makes me laugh. I have done a few prayer treks, and led to places that I never would have imagined possible, yet certain doors have been opened to me from time to time, not by my hand. Even in my work life I have been, at times, placed in the category of generalist, but they did not know the specialist that dwells within me. I am always a student, no matter what comes my way. I am always seeking the underlying significance of what is offered, and hopefully have come away with understanding and compassion. I’ll share this dream here, back in the early 90’s I had a dream that I will call Ha Tikvah. I was escorted to a small hospital, into a waiting room. I then heard the cry of a newborn and went in to the birthing room. Inside I saw the newborn child, a girl. I noticed that her eyes were beautiful, something special about them. I asked the physician, who was behind the curtain, about her eyes? He said, she has 50-50 vision. I would have thought that he would have said that she had 20-20 vision. So, then I was being escorted out as there was a rumble of military vehicles coming up the road, so I asked, what is her name? The he replied, her name is Tikvah. Sometime later I was led to a Messianic fellowship, under a Baptist Church. I recounted this dream to a woman who told me that Tikvah meant hope, and that Ha Tikvah was a national song of Israel, and it meant the The Hope. She said that it would be right that the chlld would have been a girl as nations are referred to in the feminine gender. How I understood that then in light… Read more »
Karen Sue
August 5, 2015 3:14 PM

Todah rabbah. Thank you very much. I will review the link to Sheila Murrell. I was given a great opportunity through an invitation by the pastor to attend for a season a Black fellowship.. I was the only non black, but was given the pulpit on several occasions to bring forth from the Lord. This particular church was in South Central LA, CA. I was blessed to enjoy deep fellowship there with the walls of separation dropped, as one in Christ. Likewise I was invited to a Jewish Temple by the Rabbi before that, back in the 90’s and attended adult education and Shabbat when I could. I lived an hour away so it became a precious trek for me. This was not a Messianic congregation, but I learned much about Yeshua there. I have experienced Messianic Jewish fellowship in the past and very blessed. I want to always be open to be sent where the Lord would have me go, I don’t want to stall at the gate, but walk with joy, in truth and in fellowship with the Lord to learn and love. As we are told by Yeshua, love one another as I have loved you.

James Bailey
August 5, 2015 4:19 PM

You really get around!

Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin
August 4, 2015 5:56 PM

Shalom Karen, Question 1 answer: Did you mean “kippot?” If this is the word, it is a Hebrew word for “kippah” and “kippot” is plural which means “head covering”. We have a line of ‘kippot” for women and men on http://www.lovelythingscollection” by Sheila Murrell. Sheila Murrell is a Black Jew who believes in Adon Yeshua. You can watch her interview on my utube channel “Black Messianic Jew in NYC”
Question 2 answer: As you said “ashes for mourning” and ashes of the red heifer has NOTHING to do with Lent season. You are absolutely right that Lent season is a pagan practice. There are many practices in the Christian faith that is linked to sun worship. A true and faithful believer and follower of Adon Yeshua (Master Yeshua) has nothing to do with these evil pagan practices. Shalom v’brachot/shalom and blessings

August 3, 2015 11:35 AM

Rabbi Hadassah, I did visit your site briefly and will return soon. Thank you for the invite. This may be on or off topic. I have a question about the word Klippoth? I know the basic information, but somehow this has a much deeper answer than a dictionary offers. I do think it relates to the above topic, though. Ok, then my second question as to do with ashes? I know the Word refers to ashes related to mourning, and also the ashes of the red heifer. I sense a connection there, but what I am pondering is the ashes of Lent, specifically. I have long thought about this, researched the practice from pre Church history, through Church practices and have learned that it was not a practice of the early church, but borrowed from pagan practices. From a Bible viewpoint, I don’t see where forty day Lent season is taught, but from a pagan practice it was practiced concerning the Sun God, which I think refers back to Osiris. These questions may seem unrelated s I stated, yet, to me it seems that the husk must be broken to reveal what is inside. I hope that makes sense? I thought that you may have insight. Todah.

Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin
July 31, 2015 5:03 PM

Shalom Karen, Thanks for your comments. The economic collapse is coming. It will affect not only the Wall Street and America, but the whole world. Stay close to Adon Yeshua. Blessings. Sign up for my newsletter at